My Lockout Solution…And Drafting Sidney Crosby…

The NHL Lockout… 🙁

It gets more depressing every minute of every day as it carries on. Today marks day 123 of the NHL lockout, thus so far cancelling 640 games. My solution is very similar to the TSN solution, but just a few minor tweaks:

(1) A hard cap of $6 million on individual player salaries with no cap on how much teams may spend on total payrolls (TSN)

– I would change this. No one would be making six million. Maybe $4 million at maximum. Teams would have a hard cap of 40 – 50 million dollars. This allows a few superstars to make up to $4 million, and the average player to get less than $1 or 2 million. A scale like the one below:

100+ Points Per Season – $4.0 million

080+ Points Per Season – $3.5 million

070+ Points Per Season – $3.0 million

060+ Points Per Season – $2.5 million

050+ Points Per Season – $2.0 million

040+ Points Per Season – $1.5 million

030+ Points Per Season – $1.0 million

20 or less Pts in Season – $0.5 million

This does not work because what about the guys like Adam Foote (as an example) are just as valuable to his team as Joe Sakic or Hedjuk, and they just don’t get the points? They have a defensive value?

And players who get 20 points getting half a million should be rewarded better than the player who may get 1 point or even no points. $500,000 for no points?

Something alone those lines…

(2) A dollar for dollar, or 100 per cent, luxury tax on all team payrolls in excess of $40 million with the tax monies to be redistributed to those teams with payrolls of less than $40 million but more than $30 million. (TSN)

Luxury taxes don’t effect the big markets, i.e. Flyers, Leafs, Rangers, Wings…it really won’t hurt them. If they want to go out and sign Forsberg (example) for $4 million and only have to pay a tax, do they really mind? And why should the big markets be punished and have to provide money to small market teams like Florida, Carolina, Tampa??? We have a big fan base, so we should lose money? That isn’t fair.

How about something simple? No sharing of revenue. Just because a team can’t generate a good fan base shouldn’t punish the others.

(3) A revamped salary arbitration system that allows the teams, as well as the players, to file for arbitration and baseball style “final-offer” arbitration


This may be the best one on the list. How nice would it have been for Leafs (example) not to wait out the last year of Reichel and/or Renberg’s contract? It was too expensive to buy them out of bench them, so they had to play them instead of using inexpensive youth, who love the game, not the money. Stajan or Wellwood for example could of had excellent playing time.

(4) Liberalized free agency with the age for unrestricted status moving to age 30 or after 10 years service in the NHL, whichever comes first. (TSN)

I don’t agree with this. Move it to 18, when they are drafted. If they are given a one year deal, they can be signed when they are 19! Why not? I don’t like signing all these almost-ready-to-retire-and-I-will-sign-for big-bucks guys, who usually don’t even care about the game anymore!

(5) Qualifying offers to be 75 per cent of the player’s most recent salary level (TSN)

Good Rule. No Change.

(6) An entry-level salary and signing bonus cap of $850,000 per year, with no more than 25 per cent of that amount in signing bonus, plus allowable performance bonuses to another $850,000, effectively capping entry-level salaries at no more than $1.7 million a year. (TSN)

This rule also is good. Fine, no change.

I hope this fixes the games. It still may need some tweaks, but as long as we get hockey…

Now, to spice up the game, as it has gotten somewhat boring.

– Goalie Pads Should be only 1 inch (or less) thicker than the goalies actual leg, so it does not create a virtual wall for the puck

– Move the nets back

– Remove the Red Line

These three alone with make huge changes to the game.

Once the lockout is over, I think the NHL has to take cutting back some teams into perspective. How many teams can this league possible have where the ice doesn’t even form outside of the rink?

Cut Teams:

1. Anaheim

2. Washington

Relocated Teams:

1. Pittsburgh (Winnipeg)

2. Carolina (Quebec)

Division A:








Division B:

New Jersey






San Jose

Division C:

Tampa Bay



St. Louis




Division D:







Los Angeles

Maybe a few teams need to be moved around to make the cities closer together, but I think this would make it more challenging for a playoff spot, (Division A+B = Conference 1 , Division C+D = Conference 2). Then they can have something like a fantasy draft to divide Anaheim and Washington’s players.

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  1. cgolding says:

    relocating pittsburgh isn’t going to happen with mario there… in any event the better option is simply cutting teams from the league, not moving to markets that have had and lost teams… as much as they might be able to support a team in a new CBA world… let the league heal some before they try again.

    and MAYBE some of the teams need to be moved around for the cities to be closer together? San Jose having to come to NJ, Philly, NYI, Buffalo and Columbus… hell, that’s a lot of travel for Minnesota to even consider? you do realize that San Jose is in california right?

    talk about racking up FF miles.

    i’d have to think on divisions for a while before i’d come up with them, but the LAST thing i’d do is breakup Flyers/Rangers rivalry, and that’s not even considering the metro rivalries you are splitting up.

  2. cgolding says:

    clarify the cutting… a lot more than 2 teams… get down to like 24.

  3. electroreturns says:

    TABARNAC!!! Why would Quebec have to be in the D Division? That make no sense uh. They would still win de coupe, no?

    My friend had a very similar suggestion to your possible solution. His of course was based upon his season of EA Sports NHL 2005 with no icing, red lines or offsides.

  4. electroreturns says:

    what about cutting 27 teams?

  5. simplyhabby says:

    Nice to see some different soloutions being prosposed but unfortunately is flawed. Now I am not saying I can come up with a better one but this is an opinion web site.

    1. How would your point system reflect d-men and goalies? What about injuries? Scott Stevens in is prime would be luckly to hit 30 points a year but his defensive value is so immense. You did make mention of this but if you mentioned this conflict, then why propose it.

    There is no way this proposal would work based on that premise. That aside, what about injuries? Should a player be punished? (specially a power forward type player who is proned to injury)

    Just to make it simple, do the cap at 6 million for individuals and rely on GM/agent discussion with the other restraints put in place.

    2. I love this system. It is the best supporting structure for the league. What is even funnier that a team like the Rangers who can’t make the playoff’s would be supporting the runner up champion Flames. You have to love that irony!

    3. I would take the arbitration on step further. A player or team can file for arbitration at the end of the contract. No limits on how many times a player can go!

    4. That is just an awful idea about letting a 19 year become a UFA. I agree the age should be reduced to 30 but you being an obvious leaf fan would want this cause you guys have no draft picks to build quality prospects beyond the few that you have. The owners want this in place and I agree with it. You have scouts for a reason and that is to draft and develop youth for the long term.

    5) Agreed. The leafs got hosed with Antropov. (why do the leafs still have this bum?)

    6) Agreed. Rookies should not be making unreasonable demands before they even played an NHL game. Just like the rest of us working stiffs, you have to work your way up!

    7) I hated it when they got rid of the old Whales and Cambell conferences. i don’t mind realignment but to perfrom another radical change is really just pointless.

  6. wizard36 says:

    flyers/rangers. it takes evenly matched teams for a good rivalry. try flyers/devils.

  7. cgolding says:

    TRUST ME i know about the flyers/devils… in fact i wrote a long thing about it prior to the devs series.

    for a good rivalry try NYC/Philly… Lindros/Flyers… History? trust me… that is another great rivalry, including one of my favorite moments when we made gretzky’s kid cry during the playoffs.

  8. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I like the players proposal actually. Except this is how the league would work (This is what I posted earlier)

    How to World Wide Market the NHL

    Cut Down to 20 teams


    Montreal Canadiens

    Hamilton Bulldogs

    Ottawa Senators

    Boston Bruins

    New York Rangers

    New York Islanders

    Buffallo Sabers

    Philidelphia Flyers

    Quebec Nordiques (Formerly Tampa Bay)

    Hartford Whalers (Formerly Carolina)


    Calgary Flames

    Edmonton Oilers

    Vancouver Canucks

    Winnipeg Jets (Formerly Phoenix)

    Detroit Red Wings

    Colorado Avalanche

    St.Louis Blues

    Chicago BlackHawks (Can’t let go an Original Sixer)

    Minnesota Wild

    Toronto Maple Leafs

    (Finally Three teams in Ontario instead of California!)

    Play by international rules. Except no shoout out.

    Play 72 games, I would say seventy, like in the 60’s but I figure if it’s seventy two then we could have eight games against each team. Maybe say seven games against everyone, then seven against a rival from the other conference, so it could be seventy games. Like Toronto would still face Ottawa, or Avs vs Nordiques. (awesome game)

    Host a tournament at the end of each year. Like this (there are some predictions too!!)

    NHL Champ

    vs ——————————–NHL

    Russian League Champion


    Swedish League Champ

    vs ——————————-Sweden

    AHL Champ


    German League

    vs ——————————–Germany

    Swiss League


    Czech League

    vs ——————————–Czech

    Slovakian League

    Or maybe an all-star team. It would increase European popularity, so we could have more fans world wide. (Honest to god, City TV during the playoffs always interviews Leafs fans who come from all over the world, like that guy from England and lady from Chicago! Oh and then there are more people in Moscow watching Habs games then Montreal!)

    Finally, revenue would go way up if there were more card deals. I love the cards. I’d love more of those packs where you get an autograph in every pack. Ussually you just get like Geoff Sanderson, but I got Ryan Smyth.

    Could use some minor tweaking, but I think it works. Cards make kids more interested, and if the NHL was world wide marketed, oh that would be so awesome. Just no European teams. I wonder if inter-league trades would work, and if the WHA succeeds some how, would they be in this big tournament?

    Speaking of international tournaments, did any one hear Bob Nicholson said NHLers would be aloud to go to the World Championships? Sounds cool. Another major tournament, but Canada has no major injury problems…. unless… whatever happened when Heatly got hit in the eye?

  9. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Hey Electro, how ya doin? I don’t think it mattered how good the team was, after all, Columbus ahead of the Stars?

  10. koolcory77 says:

    I can’t wait to Sidney Crosby is drafted!

  11. rojoke says:

    Cut Down to 20 teams? Got $1 billion lying around? ‘Cos the NHL doesn’t!

  12. donkey_kong05 says:

    I think the teams should stay where we are but we should move the cities. I’d move the Devils, but they don’t have a city, just a parking lot they share with a bunch of overripe deadheads and some Kiss fans who lost their car keys back when Ace Frehley could still play.

  13. hockeyhead says:

    yes cut down to 20 teams…..the nhl is basically on the same level as the WNBA and MLS which don’t have 30 teams…….with less teams you will have better quality. quality over quantity.

  14. rojoke says:

    What makes you think that instantly cutting 1/3 of your teams will suddenly boost offence? If the game is called the same way, it will be played and coached the same way. If the clutching and grabbing are consistently and all season, season after season, then eventually the coaches will change their systems, the guys doing the clutching and grabbing will find themselves in the minors, and more skill players will find spots with all the teams.

  15. rojoke says:

    Wish granted. Their in the beginning stages of building a new arena in Newark.

  16. hockeyhead says:

    cuz i am from the old school when the nhl was 20 teams and everything was grand. guys scored 50 60 70 and 80 goals a year. remember rookies selanne and mogilny scoring out of their minds. it was not until expansion when we started to see a decline.

    if each team has three lines of solid quality gifted players…why will coaches need to play a trap. i think it came about because some teams had a jeff lazaro as their second line winger and they had no choice but to clutch and grab.

    i don’t know, maybe it won’t change, but i think that the league needs to reduce anyway because too many teams are losing money at the very least.

  17. leafyluca says:

    people have got to start posting more realistic things….i mean all these ideas would be amazing if they happened…i wish there was 8 canadian teams again…but why would they remove Tampa Bay for Quebec…and why would they add a hamilton team when hamilton cant even support a WHA team?…thats what i thought…The NHL is dead….bring on a new league….players should just leave Bob “Queer”now and Gary “Fag”man in a motel so they can finish their problems there..if you know wat i mean

  18. simplyhabby says:

    What do you mean stating Hamilton could not support an NHL team? They sold like 2/3 of Copps for season tickets when they were proposing and NHL franchise.

    Its the proximity the the Leafs and Sabres that nulled the deal!

  19. KingsFan says:

    Moving Hockey out of Los Angeles is the dumbest thing I have ever heard! The Ducks not so much appauled, but they still make money. With an Orange County population that dwarfs the entire population of Canada, its not that hard to make money or gain interest. On the other hand has it diluted the talent of the NHL? Possibly, but it makes me laugh when others including canadiens who make comments they know nothing about concerning cities other than their own. Just accept it as being our sport too, not just yours “canada”!

  20. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Yes the LA kings who needed Wayne Gretzky to attract any attention from fans. It is our game ass hole. If it is ANY other country’s game, it’s not the States, maybe Sweden, Czech (they’re really good eh) Finland, Russia, Quebec, but NEVER America’s game. Sorry guys but most of you don’t care as much. ALL SIX CANADIAN TEAMS ARE MAKING MONEY EXCEPT OTTAWA!!!

  21. hockeyhead says:

    marcel dionne, charlie simmer, luc robitalle, roggie vachon, jimmy carson, bernie nichols?????????????

    first of all eh, hockey is just a ripoff of field hockey put on ice….look up the history….it should be a scotish ireland game…..don’t think that canada is the all high and mighty cuz they modified an already existing game.

    curling can be your game. don’t dis america…..who wins all the medals in the olympics????? for all sports.

  22. simplyhabby says:

    Ahh Hockey head, flexing that american attitude….I love it. Yes hockey was originally played on a field but it was British soldiers that decided to play it on ice with a dung puck which occured in the Maritimes (Canada). We did after all refine it, marketed it and excel at it so you can definately say it is a Canadian game despite the original nation sport being lacrosse.

    As for your Olympic argument, in the Winter olympics, per capita we do beat the US in the sports. (We suck in the summer so I won’t even argue.) Our goal for Vancouver 2010 is to be number one in medals and that is a reasonable target at this point considering our current successes on the world stage.

    There is no doubt the the Great One was needed in LA to rejuvinate the game in the US if you like it our not.

    Now your comment regarding high and mighty…did you know that it was a student at the University of Toronto that was playing soccer back in the 1800’s picked up the ball (ran to the wrong end of course) and that started the evoloution of Rugby and American Football. The US thinks they are high and might at Football because they are really good at it and deservingly so. The argument can be applied to Canada and hockey as well.

  23. hockeyhead says:

    dont forget habby…..i have french canadian blood…..

    i didnt mean to sound harsh…just a little frustrated….it is not like i am using the passion of a bruins/hab debate.

    i agree with you on gretz helping hockey grow when he went to LA but i clearly believe the kings have a sound place in the nhl and their history is rich as any hockey fan can see with the players i listed above.

    i love canada and the usa. i just hate when we fight about what sports belong to whom. why do they belong to anyone. americans in cold regions can play as well as canadians or anyone else…leetch and modano are some of the best players ever.

    no question that canada has great athletes representing all sports. tennis, golf, basketball. canadian football certainly belongs to your country.

    i love canada pride…..i think we can agree that one sport that belongs to new england and canada is candlepin bowling which i love.

    one thing tho (for you wrestling fans)…..let the brett hart thing go….i mean how long can you be mad at the heart break kid LOL.?????

  24. simplyhabby says:

    I understand your position. When a shot is fired, I just fire back.

    BTW its not HBK its VM that screwed Hitman. Hitman paved the way for so many new canuck wrestlers that his legacy will live on for quite a long time.

  25. hockeyhead says:

    something went wrong with that match, it was strange. toronto fans the other night were constanly booing shaun michaels.

    and as a wrestling fan i can say that canada is well represented with the likes of chris benoit, chris jerrico, edge, christian and of course the very stunning trish “the dish” stratis

  26. hockeyhead says:

    and speaking of canadian pride…..the segment of raw the other night where Kane choke slams trish stratus….was not broadcasted on TSN.

  27. GilaMonster says:

    anyone who thinks that la should be contracted or relocated needs to wake up. they CAN support a team they HAVE been supporting a team and are constantly in the top half in attendance. in fact they were 10th in 2002-2003 a year in which they DID NOT make the playoffs!!!!

  28. Aetherial says:

    The style of play has nothing to do with the number of teams.

    The fact is, players are bigger, stronger, faster, and smarter and they are coached for DEFENSE and SYSTEMS.

    Good systems beat good teams.

    In addition, those systems are successful because the NHL refuses to actually enforce the rules.

    It should be that:

    as soon as someone intentionally lays a hand or a stick on a player in front… penalty,

    as soon as a player intentionally obstructs in any way an opposing player who does not have, or is not about to receive, or did not just give up the puck… penalty.

    If these rules were enforced strictly… eventually some bright coach would get the idea that he can succeed by building a team of speedy talented guys and crushing the other team on the power-play.

    Forget the rule changes like removing the red-line… cure the PROBLEM; don’t mask the symptoms.

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