My Lockout Solution…And Drafting Sidney Crosby…

The NHL Lockout… :(

It gets more depressing every minute of every day as it carries on. Today marks day 123 of the NHL lockout, thus so far cancelling 640 games. My solution is very similar to the TSN solution, but just a few minor tweaks:

(1) A hard cap of $6 million on individual player salaries with no cap on how much teams may spend on total payrolls (TSN)

– I would change this. No one would be making six million. Maybe $4 million at maximum. Teams would have a hard cap of 40 – 50 million dollars. This allows a few superstars to make up to $4 million, and the average player to get less than $1 or 2 million. A scale like the one below:

100+ Points Per Season – $4.0 million

080+ Points Per Season – $3.5 million

070+ Points Per Season – $3.0 million

060+ Points Per Season – $2.5 million

050+ Points Per Season – $2.0 million

040+ Points Per Season – $1.5 million

030+ Points Per Season – $1.0 million

20 or less Pts in Season – $0.5 million

This does not work because what about the guys like Adam Foote (as an example) are just as valuable to his team as Joe Sakic or Hedjuk, and they just don’t get the points? They have a defensive value?

And players who get 20 points getting half a million should be rewarded better than the player who may get 1 point or even no points. $500,000 for no points?

Something alone those lines…

(2) A dollar for dollar, or 100 per cent, luxury tax on all team payrolls in excess of $40 million with the tax monies to be redistributed to those teams with payrolls of less than $40 million but more than $30 million. (TSN)

Luxury taxes don’t effect the big markets, i.e. Flyers, Leafs, Rangers, Wings…it really won’t hurt them. If they want to go out and sign Forsberg (example) for $4 million and only have to pay a tax, do they really mind? And why should the big markets be punished and have to provide money to small market teams like Florida, Carolina, Tampa??? We have a big fan base, so we should lose money? That isn’t fair.

How about something simple? No sharing of revenue. Just because a team can’t generate a good fan base shouldn’t punish the others.

(3) A revamped salary arbitration system that allows the teams, as well as the players, to file for arbitration and baseball style “final-offer” arbitration


This may be the best one on the list. How nice would it have been for Leafs (example) not to wait out the last year of Reichel and/or Renberg’s contract? It was too expensive to buy them out of bench them, so they had to play them instead of using inexpensive youth, who love the game, not the money. Stajan or Wellwood for example could of had excellent playing time.

(4) Liberalized free agency with the age for unrestricted status moving to age 30 or after 10 years service in the NHL, whichever comes first. (TSN)

I don’t agree with this. Move it to 18, when they are drafted. If they are given a one year deal, they can be signed when they are 19! Why not? I don’t like signing all these almost-ready-to-retire-and-I-will-sign-for big-bucks guys, who usually don’t even care about the game anymore!

(5) Qualifying offers to be 75 per cent of the player’s most recent salary level (TSN)

Good Rule. No Change.

(6) An entry-level salary and signing bonus cap of $850,000 per year, with no more than 25 per cent of that amount in signing bonus, plus allowable performance bonuses to another $850,000, effectively capping entry-level salaries at no more than $1.7 million a year. (TSN)

This rule also is good. Fine, no change.

I hope this fixes the games. It still may need some tweaks, but as long as we get hockey…

Now, to spice up the game, as it has gotten somewhat boring.

– Goalie Pads Should be only 1 inch (or less) thicker than the goalies actual leg, so it does not create a virtual wall for the puck

– Move the nets back

– Remove the Red Line

These three alone with make huge changes to the game.

Once the lockout is over, I think the NHL has to take cutting back some teams into perspective. How many teams can this league possible have where the ice doesn’t even form outside of the rink?

Cut Teams:

1. Anaheim

2. Washington

Relocated Teams:

1. Pittsburgh (Winnipeg)

2. Carolina (Quebec)

Division A:








Division B:

New Jersey






San Jose

Division C:

Tampa Bay



St. Louis




Division D:







Los Angeles

Maybe a few teams need to be moved around to make the cities closer together, but I think this would make it more challenging for a playoff spot, (Division A+B = Conference 1 , Division C+D = Conference 2). Then they can have something like a fantasy draft to divide Anaheim and Washington’s players.