My Maple Leafs

Following two preseason games I have made my lines of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Steen-Sundin-Antropov – Sundin is Sundin. Steen has a tendancy to throw the puck near the front of the net and antropov can have a tendency to be there.

Ponikarovsky-Wellwood-O’Neill – This line only works if O’Neill has a comeback season of about 25 goals which I believe he is good for. Fairly quick line.

Stajan-Peca-Tucker – Maybe be too much grit for one line? I think that this would be a fantastic defensive line that can really wear down the opposing lines through hitting (with the exception of Stajan).

Kilger-Pohl-Suglobov – Don’t expect Kilger to score another 18 but he tied the leaf lead for even strength goals, led then in hits and is defensively sound. I like Pohl and Suglobov needs a chance.


Kubina-Coliacovo (If Injured then Harrison/Wozniewski)

Gill-Bell – Gill wasn’t great in game one but in the second game he was very physical and looked pretty good. Bell is quick and the leafs despreately need speed.

Raycroft – He will start at the beginning of the season unless he gets injured.

Aubin – One good game from Tellqvist isn’t going to take away about 15 good games from Aubin just a few months ago.

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  1. rollinfatty says:

    I don’t hate Antropov but other than Pohl I don’t like him more than any of those players.

  2. rollinfatty says:

    Alot of explanation but the lines I posted had that balance of scoring/defensive players but that doesn’t matter.I like your forward lines. I would rather have Suglobov than Ondrus but that’s me. Maybe against Ottawa when there will be a fair amount of fights we could call up Belak/Ondrus.

    Defense is good but I read about White being great on the right side (that is IF you were considering dominant playing sides) and I’m also iffy about coliacovo’s health. I think he should switch back to his junior playing style rather than going for big hits he should focus on powerplay skill. I’ve been very impressed with White but I would consider putting him with a big, poor puck mover like Gill and put Coliacovo with Kubina. Though I think I had the exact same defense of you, seeing these things makes you think.

  3. rollinfatty says:

    I think Suglobov would be a good addition but on after the horn last night they showed a reel of all the mistakes he made which were ample. But I think he would have good chemistry with any young guys and give the team alot of energy. Plus he would be very good on the shootout. Who knows how good he would be under pressure when it really counts.

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