My Maple Leafs

Following two preseason games I have made my lines of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Steen-Sundin-Antropov – Sundin is Sundin. Steen has a tendancy to throw the puck near the front of the net and antropov can have a tendency to be there.

Ponikarovsky-Wellwood-O’Neill – This line only works if O’Neill has a comeback season of about 25 goals which I believe he is good for. Fairly quick line.

Stajan-Peca-Tucker – Maybe be too much grit for one line? I think that this would be a fantastic defensive line that can really wear down the opposing lines through hitting (with the exception of Stajan).

Kilger-Pohl-Suglobov – Don’t expect Kilger to score another 18 but he tied the leaf lead for even strength goals, led then in hits and is defensively sound. I like Pohl and Suglobov needs a chance.


Kubina-Coliacovo (If Injured then Harrison/Wozniewski)

Gill-Bell – Gill wasn’t great in game one but in the second game he was very physical and looked pretty good. Bell is quick and the leafs despreately need speed.

Raycroft – He will start at the beginning of the season unless he gets injured.

Aubin – One good game from Tellqvist isn’t going to take away about 15 good games from Aubin just a few months ago.