my NHL debuts. will it work?

Just minutes ago, the NHL debuted its advertising plan for the upcoming season entitled ‘my NHL’. Heres what its about. In this campaign, they do what no other sport does; they cinematized the game, to make it as appealing as possible. This campaign has 5 parts, each part taking place throughout a game. The part one teaser “Its Time”, showed a player getting ready for the game. It’s given a warrior feeling, to represent the toughness of the game. Some of the best filmmakers in the world were used for this campaign, and its customizable to each team. Overall, its supposed to show the link between the passion of the fans, and the beauty that is hockey. but will it work?

The actual teaser itself was in my opinion amazing. As an aspiring director, They make you feel the tension building up to the game. Each part of the 5 part series is in full lenth 5 minutes give or take, and will be released regularly as previews in movies, before games, etc. It’s very diversable, which is a good thing. The clip in full gets released the 26th of Sep., and I think it will be a huge success. It will make the game more appealing to casual viewers, and the die hard fans will anticipate the season even more. I couldn’t help but get pumped by watching 30 seconds of it, let alone the full feature. I think this was a good idea by Bettman to make the game more appealing to casual viewers, and to the fans who stuck with the game, It’s a thank you.

Opinions? If you watched it, what did you think of the actual cinamatography? I’ll see if i can post the teaser when it gets released again.

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  1. marcs797 says:

    heres the actual unveiling: that has the making of the series and the trailer

  2. Nemix says:

    My NHL, My Word…Like it was MY COLORED stripe on puck and like it was MY robots introducing the score on fox… Not my nhl , More you make it like a cartoon, More it is going ot be treated as one… Sell the game, remove the annoucers who seem more preoccupied about talking about a funny thing Roenick said while a beautiful goal is scored top shelf. Get serious with it.. Bottom line , get real. Sell the game to people who love the game, sell that intensity to people..

  3. beefer says:

    I had no idea NHL players had women in the locker rooms dressing them.

  4. BLACKNGOLD248 says:

    All the NHL has to do is show a 1 minute clip of “the Great 8” Cam Neely. Fightin’, Hittin’ and Scoring against les Habs.(pardon my French).

  5. 93213 says:

    I hope these cheezy gimmick don’t start controling the game.

    It’s already bad enough as it is. It’s a lot harder to watch hockey lately with all the commercial breaks in a game. I realize the reality of the need, but I remember watching when they only went to commercial once dureing each period and it was so intense. You felt the build up and the tension so that when the play started you were about to explode.

    Now it’s like, I’m screaming during a power play chance and all of a sudden the puck hits the catcher and I’m watching Tampon commercials. Then when we come back they’ve already faced off so I try to figure out who’s on the ice.

    Everything they are doing is taking the viewer further away from the game.

    Bettman is a moron. He is sacrificing die hard fans so that he can convince HillBilly’s to watch.

    Like this whole talk about people not coming back to hockey after the lock out? Who are they? Everyone I know is like a junkie during a heroin shortage right now. The CBC is on strike and we might not have comentary and be stuck with crappy camera work for a while. I don’t know anyone who won’t be watching. Instead of taking advantage of the amazing sport hockey is, Betman is trying to turn it into something he feels is more marketable.

    Bettman is trying to make the NHL presentation like the NFL or NBA but it won’t work. Those are slow games. Hockey is too quick for all the flashy graphics and stats between plays. Plus hockey players are less flashy too. Look at the premadonna’s in American sports. I hope that Hockey players never act that way.

    And as an aspiring director you should know what’s going on. It’s like in the film industrie in the 80’s when the focus shifted from ‘How do we make a great picture?’ to ‘How to we make more money on this picture?’. It’s the same thing wioth hockey now. People who don’t know and love the game are milking it and changing it to line their own pockets.

  6. Hanzo says:

    Lame. After seeing that, people will think that hockey is a bunch of zen guys dressed by half-naked chicks who will commit sepuku after a loss.

    Hockey is about passion, commitment, i rather see a clip showing a bunch of guys in the locker room getting ready for the game. Crap they should just get footage of a locker room before the Stanley Cup Final Game 7.

  7. Flyer_Dman says:

    Get realistic. They gotta make money. And I’ve been watching hockey for a long time, and I don’t ever recall one commerical per period. That could NEVER happen now-a-days, in any sport. Commercials are part of everything now, its a fact of life.

    And you contradicted yourself. “[Bettman] is sacrificing die hard fans…” “”Everyone I know is like a junkie during a herion shortage right now.” I agree with the second statement. He is not sacrificing anybody, he is just trying to bring more people in. The diehard fans aren’t going anywhere and they aren’t being sacrificed. The NHL has a long term goal to grow, and they are following through with it. It won’t happen over night, things like this never do.

    The whole “leave my game the way it is and go find yourself something else to watch” mentality is why teams are losing money, why owners are losing money, and why there was a lockout. If the owners were overpaying players but making money there would not have been a lockout.

    The game is changing for the better. The more people watch the better it is for the growth of the game, on all levels. It is the best sport in the world, and more people should realize it, including, as you put it, “Hillbilly’s.”

  8. 93213 says:

    Yeah sorry. You’re right. The sacrificing die hard fans should read ‘taking advantage of die hard fans’

    I’m not saying leave the game the way it is and that they shouldn’t have hockey anywhere south. All I’m saying is that it’s a great game and people will watch it given a chance. what my qualm is, is that Betman seems more interested in modifying the game in order to attract new fans who may or may not respond. What I’m saying is that he should concentrate on what is good about the game and advertise that.

    Look at Dallas. Everyone said that there was no way a team could do well in Texas. Now they are one of the biggest teams in the league. Why? Not because they used lots of flashy firworks and brought in celeberties like Tampa and Anaheim, but beacuse from day one they put a quality team on the ice and concentrated on winning. Fans like winners.

    Look at Tampa, they had to get to game five of the finals before they managed to sell out a game. We’ll see how the fans respond now.

    If they come back, it won’t be to see Hulk Hogan or the firework show. It will be to see their team compete.

    I’m not sure the game is changing for the ‘better’ I do agree that it is changing to better compete with other sports in the market place. I do agree that the more people who watch it the better. But the fact remains that some people will never wnat to watch it, and a lot of those people happen to be in Florida where we for some reason have two teams and in california we have 3. That’s 41 home games per team to sell out. That isn’t even easy in good markets like Philly and Minnesota right now.

    The idea of if you build it they will come may work for baseball, but in certain areas I think it would be better to build the game and then attract new franchises when the city’s interest is at least there. Would this be better that having 6 teams sit in the red for years, losing season after season and never building a fanbase because no one pays to see their team lose?

    Look at Chicago. They even lost their fanbase (I kno that will change this season) but what I’m saying is that even in a market where hockey is watched, unless you’re competitive no one will come no matter how many epic commercials you make.

  9. cecilturtle says:

    Cam-er can also act pritty good and has lots of chrisma. I hope one day he coaches the Rangers. Or maybe be Messier’s assistant coach. I would personally show his slap shot in the playoffs against Buffalo “in addition to the hab’s highlights”… That was by far the best slap shot I have ever seen.

    Cecil Turtle

  10. Flyer_Dman says:

    The Hulk Hogan thing was pretty bad. They will learn how to promote the game. Marketing isn’t easy.

    But there are people out there that could care less about hockey, even if their team is winning, yet could see a pretty cool commercial that sparks their interest. And that is all you need. Even if the only thing it does is come up in cool commerical comparisons. The more people talking about the game the better. The fact that the entire hockey community already has an opinion, good or bad, about “my NHL” is good. People are talking about hockey.

    What happens if a non hockey fan catches the commercial on his way out the door, over hears a hockey conversation in a 7-11, then goes to a party where there is an intense hockey debate going on in a corner, then comes home to catch his team just win in a shootout? That stuff happens a lot. It is a slow process, but it will work. I just takes time.

    But your right, the on ice product is what matters most. A lot of people only watch/follow their team if they are winning. A huge majority of the people at the games on Oct 5th won’t be there because of a commercial. But 5 years from now, I don’t know if I could say that. Marketing and growth create a snowball effect. The NFL did not become that big over night. They set out on a game plan to bring the game to the fans 20 years ago, stuck to it through thick and thin, and now are reaping the benefits.

  11. 19Yzerman says:

    Good Point!!!!

    I say quit trying to do to many things to try to help the game and just give us the game itself.

  12. 93213 says:

    Yeah I agree.

    The NFL is a truly amazing business.

    I guess what needs to happen is that they need to learn how to properly promote the NHL to grab the American television audience.

    They need the cash and that’s a fact. I just hope they don’t change the game so much that it hurts it.

    I like the goalie pad regulation, but I don’t like the goalies not being allowed to leave the net. I don’t mind low scoring games. I love a 2-1 game when I’m watching it. although I hate it for my pool…. and beyond that it’s hard to promote a star who only has 40 goals a season. But somehow soccer manages to do it.

    I think that wth the red line gone we’ll see more scoring, but I don’t think we should imped the goalie from doing his job.

  13. RaGsHoCkEy88 says:

    i think it woulda been a great idea if they took footage of some of the in-game faces players make like after scoring a goal…then slow it down and u see the true emotion. throw in some hero sounding music and we might have ourselves something to work with….but really dont bash what they made…the add sent chills down my spine. im CRAVING hockey just like the rest of us but if this campaign happens to work ill be happy cuz i wont have people telling me that hockey sux everywhere i go. i wanna be able to turn around and talk to someone about hockey instead of them saying who r the san jose sharks

  14. Kyleton says:

    I was actually really disappointed with what i have seen. As a film student at school, i will say that yes the commercial did look really good cinematically. However as a hockey fan i found that it put me off rather than drawing me in. To me it does not seem to fit at all with the sport. Yeah i can see them trying to make the link between hockey players being warriors and such, but making into a samurai setting does not fit. It does not fit the culture of hockey at all in my opinion.

  15. Linden_Rules says:

    Why all this cinematographic crap when they could just pick out highlight film stuff, clean it up (like those NFL shows where the highlights from the last week look better than the real games) and show it with an NHL logo. You could tailor it for each market by selecting highlights from their team. I’m thinkin stuff like Kirk McLean’s awesome pad save in overtime in the seventh game against Calgary back in 1994 or the bure goal that won the game. Even shots of fans going to the game and freaking out…

    Why all this artsy fartsy crap when the NHL already has so much to use to promote itself?

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