my NHL debuts. will it work?

Just minutes ago, the NHL debuted its advertising plan for the upcoming season entitled ‘my NHL’. Heres what its about. In this campaign, they do what no other sport does; they cinematized the game, to make it as appealing as possible. This campaign has 5 parts, each part taking place throughout a game. The part one teaser “Its Time”, showed a player getting ready for the game. It’s given a warrior feeling, to represent the toughness of the game. Some of the best filmmakers in the world were used for this campaign, and its customizable to each team. Overall, its supposed to show the link between the passion of the fans, and the beauty that is hockey. but will it work?

The actual teaser itself was in my opinion amazing. As an aspiring director, They make you feel the tension building up to the game. Each part of the 5 part series is in full lenth 5 minutes give or take, and will be released regularly as previews in movies, before games, etc. It’s very diversable, which is a good thing. The clip in full gets released the 26th of Sep., and I think it will be a huge success. It will make the game more appealing to casual viewers, and the die hard fans will anticipate the season even more. I couldn’t help but get pumped by watching 30 seconds of it, let alone the full feature. I think this was a good idea by Bettman to make the game more appealing to casual viewers, and to the fans who stuck with the game, It’s a thank you.

Opinions? If you watched it, what did you think of the actual cinamatography? I’ll see if i can post the teaser when it gets released again.