My Plan At the Trade Deadline:

At Trade Deadline:

To Columbus: White, Stajan, Williams, Suglobov

To Toronto: Nikolai Zherdev

(Stralman will be coming over next season, so although white is a valuable prospect we’re going to need to make room for Stralman.)

To Dallas: Tucker

To Toronto: Jokinen, 1st rounder

To Calgary: O’neill, Kilger

To Toronto: 2nd rounder, 3rd rounder

To New York: Kubina

To Toronto: Prucha, Kasparitas
(They probably woudn’t accept unless we take Kasparitas, off their hands they want to get rid of his cap hit. We would just play him in the minors)

To Detroit: Antropov

To Toronto: 4th rounder


Steen – Sundin – Zherdev
Ponikarovsky – Wellwood – Prucha
Jokinen – Pohl – Devereux
Battaglia – Green – Newbury/Ondrus

Kaberle – Colaiacovo
McCabe – Bell
Gill – Belak


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  1. PaulK123 says:

     Jokinen and a 1st for Tucker? Why would Florida want Tucker if they are out of the the playoffs? Tucker will go to a team looking to go deep in the playoffs, I agree with everythung else on your article.

  2. splitend says:

    goleafsgo16 . Don't give up your day job.

  3. 92-93 says:

    well to stay on topic i'll propose my two suggestions: the first scenario is less realistic then the 2nd one but both are far-fetched because JFJ doesn't have the creativity to do it or has already backed himself into a corner:

    Scenario 1:
    McCabe waives no trad clause and is traded along with Bell to the Isles for Campoli and 1st rounder.

    That 1st rounder along with Tucker and Suglobov is traded to the Coyotes for Nagy.

    The Leafs also pick up Roberts for a mid-round pick (4th rounder they got from Phoenix for Tellqvist) and maybe a grinder like Ondrus or Westrum.

    Nagy-Sundin-Wellwood                 Kaberle-Kubina                   Raycroft
    Roberts-Stajan-O'Neill                  Coliacovo-Campoli              [Aubin]
    Poni-Steen-Antropov                    Gill-White
    Kilger-Green-Pohl                        [Wozniewski]
    [Belak, Battaglia, Newbury and Devereaux sent down]

    Scenario 2:
    Tucker and Bell are traded to the Oilers for a 1st rounder and Torres.

    That 1st rounder, along with Ponikorovsky and Suglobov are traded to the Coytoes for Nagy.

    Once again, the Leafs also pick up Roberts for a mid-round pick (4th rounder they got from Phoenix for Tellqvist) and maybe a grinder like Ondrus or Westrum.

    Nagy-Sundin-Wellwood                 Kaberle-Kubina                   Raycroft
    Roberts-Stajan-O'Neill                  Coliacovo-McCabe               [Aubin]
    Torres-Steen-Antropov                  Gill-White
    Kilger-Green-Pohl                        [Wozniewski]
    [Belak, Battaglia, Newbury and Devereaux sent down]

    In both scenarios, the Leafs don't lose a pick that they had at the start of the year. They get a long-term 1st line winger in Nagy, some veteran grit for a possible playoff run (Roberts), and there is no major exchange of prospects with the exception of Suglobov, who isn't really that highly touted. The Leafs do have to let go of a heart-and-soul guy like Tucker but that is made up by Roberts and Torres. McCabe's PP contributions are replaced by Kubina and Nagy on the PP. Poni is the only really significant guy that is traded from a youth standpoint, but in the first scenario, a top-4 young D-guy like Campoli is a huge acquisition.

  4. lukeleim says:

    jussi jokinen… it says dallas

  5. lukeleim says:

    I like every trade presented here but I feel your giving up way too much for a struggling Nikolai Zherdev. Possibly, Matt Stajan, Jeremy Williams & Aleksander Suglobov

    Darcy Tucker to Edmonton for Andrew Cogliano & Edmonton's first round pick of 2007.

    Jeff O'Neill & Chad Kilger to Calgary for the Flames' 2nd round pick of 2007 & the Flames' 3rd round pick of 2007.

    Pavel Kubina to the NY Rangers for Petr Prucha & Darius Kasparaitis

    Nik Antropov to Detroit Red Wings for the Wngs' 3rd round pick of 2007.

    Hal Gill, Erik Westrum & Andy Wozniewski to the Pittsburgh Penguins for the Penguins' 3rd round pick of 2007 & Kristopher Letang.

    Alexander Steen – Mats Sundin – Nikolai Zherdev
    Alexei Ponikarovsky – Kyle Wellwood – Petr Prucha
    Bates Battaglia – John Pohl – Boyd Devereaux
    Ben Ondrus – Kris Newbury – Wade Belak
    inj. Michael Peca

    Tomas Kaberle – Carlo Colaiacovo
    Ian White – Bryan McCabe
    Darius Kasparaitis – Brendan Bell

    Andrew Raycroft
    Jean-Sabastien Aubin

    2007 Draft the Toronto Maple Leafs will be in possession of plenty of draft picks.
    Let Darius Kasparitis, John Pohl, Jean-Sabastien Aubin & Bates Battaglia free
    Sign Paul Kariya
    Sign Chris Phillips
    Sign Curtis Joseph

    Paul Kariya – Mats Sundin – Nikolai Zherdev
    Alexander Steen – Kyle Wellwood – Petr Prucha
    Alexei Ponikarovsky – Andrew Cogliano – Boyd Devereaux
    Kris Newbury – Michael Peca – Ben Ondrus

    Tomas Kaberle – Carlo Colaiacovo
    Ian White – Bryan McCabe
    Chris Phillips – Kristopher Letang

    Andrew Raycroft
    Curtis Joseph

    If Raycroft stuggles slightly near the beginning of the 2007/2008 season, trade him!

  6. 42wellwood42 says:

    I really like that Darcy Tucker for Jussi Jokinen and a first round draft pick but I dont think that Dallas would give up a first round pick for a player that will be a UFA at seasons end. So instead of a first rounder it should be a 3rd rounder ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

    These are the trades I would like to see happen ๐Ÿ™‚

    To Toronto:
    Jussi Jokinen
    3rd round draft pick

    To Dallas:
    Darcy Tucker

    To Toronto:
    Ladislav Nagy

    To Phoenix:
    Hal Gill
    Chad Kilger
    3rd round draft pick

  7. mojo19 says:

    You had something interesting going on until you mentioned Curtis Joseph. Why would you want to bring him back? I'd sooner bring back Ed Belfour, hell I'd pull Potvin out of retirement before bringing back the talented but positionaly challenged, selfish and heartless Curtis Joseph.

  8. mojo19 says:

    1.O'Neil and Tucker to Calgary for:
     1 – 1st round pick
     2 – non roster player (Best prospect Calgary would be willing to deal for these powerful wingers)
     3 – Chuck Kobasew (just 4 goals this year, rumored to be shopped by Calgary)
    2.If he waives his clause, McCabe to NYI for:
     a – Ryan O'Marra  OR
     b – highest draft pick they'll give you, ideally a 1st rounder
    3.Trade Raycroft to anyone for whatever you can get.
    1. Offer big money to all of the following guys and see who is interested in playing for Toronto, making one of these players the new face of the franchise (along with Tomas Kaberle)

    2. Make offers to some goalies for short term as we wait for Pogge.

    3. Resign some of the guys. Heres my line up, the guys I don't include are not renewed. I'm going to use Datsyuk for example, but that could be Drury or Briere depending on how Buffalo reacts this offseason:

    Wellwood – Sundin – Steen
    Poni – Datsyuk – Antropov  (If a winger is signed and not Dats, Nik centres)
    Kilger – Peca – Stajan
    Kobasew – Green – Devereaux  *Jonny Pohl, Bates Battaglia

    Kaberle – Kubina
    Gill – Colaiacovo
    White – Stralman *Bell, Wozniewski

  9. sundinrocks says:

    why would u get rid of gill? he leads the team in plaus minus and is good on the pk especially on 3 on 5. sure he cant skate very well but he is good.

  10. sundinrocks says:

    chances r antropov will be in jured at the start next season anyways and then when he comes back… he'll get injured again so put pohl in lineup and the when antropov is in lineup he produces so while he is producing trade him for a brad richardson or something. and also keep raycroft cuz when he is on his game he is good so sign some1 to push him like biron. the rest of ur ideas are good tho.

    kobasew-green-battaglia *devereaux next in ine for injury


    raycroft #1 but biron pushes him*split year

  11. turkel says:

    this is probably what i would do.

    To Rangers:
    Bryan McCabe
    To Leafs:
    Marc Staal

    To Oilers:
    Tucker, Kubina
    To Leafs:
    Torres, Cogliano, 3rd Rounder

    To Kings:
    Antropov, 2nd Rounder
    To Leafs:
    Rob Blake

    To Predators:
    Raycroft, Green, 1st rounder
    To Leafs:
    Mason, 2nd rounder

    To Canadiens:
    O'Neill, Battaglia
    To Leafs:
    1st Rounder

    To Red Wings:
    To Leafs:

    Offseason Losses:

    Offseason Signings:




    ….Now that's a team!

  12. wingedim says:

    As usual you are the voice or reason. I agree with your assessment of JFJ (but stranger things have happened)

    Everything seems logical, however, as much as I'd like to bring Roberts back, my gut tells me he'll be like Nolan was when we got him at the trade deadline. Gary's had a rash of injuries this year and I could see him getting hurt for a long stretch just before the playoffs. Especially with the deadline backed up like it is now.

    I think it's time JFJ admit defeat, and trade away those players he can still get some decent younger talent for (Tucker, Sundin, etc) and start the painful rebuilding process that should've been done last year. I don't seen moving Gill, McCabe or Kubina anytime soon unfortunately, but if they could be moved that would be nice if only to free up the cap space. I know this is one of your biggest gripes this season.

  13. PaulK123 says:

     Two words for you, SALARY CAP!

  14. LeafsLegacy says:

    Impossible! LOL MCCABE FOR STAAL! haha, and Gill for Markov pfft. Not even NHL 07 would accept that.

  15. 92-93 says:

    thanks for the feedback.

    i do think that Roberts is a little different than Nolan in the sense that even if he does get injured, the leafs won't be giving up as much as they did with Nolan.

    i think the leafs have enough solid (maybe not great, but solid) youngsters, 3rd and 4th line depth, etc. that if JFJ decided to move those bigger names, the leafs would do absolutely fine down the stretch. they may not make the playoffs but they would still be close.

    and in return they would get picks, prospects, or simply younger players like Nagy or Torres or whoever.

    that's the point. if you are trading Tucker whose contributions have been good but look at his +/-, if you are trading McCabe, if you are trying to trade those guys along with Gill, etc. … the subtractions are already made up for by who is left behind and who is coming in.

  16. 92-93 says:

    and yes you are overvaluing Zherdev and giving up way too much for him.

    ESPECIALLY White, Stajan, and Williams.

    i'm not against trading a young player here or there – Poni, or Stajan, etc. BUT, all these guys at once, no.

    And Jeremy Williams is going to be awesome IMO.

    Stralman – he hasn't played a single game in NA and you are going on a report … he aint playing in the NHL next year and maybe even not in the AHL either.

  17. 92-93 says:

    and i just want to make one thing clear. even though i post trade speculations like everyone else on this site, that does not mean that i think that JFJ will do anything other than stand pat at the deadline.

    THAT is my prediction:

    JFJ will do nothing, except a few minor deals. Tucker won't be moved, neither will Sundin or anyone else major. McCabe won't waive his no-movement clause (why would he? he knows he screwed over JFJ and got a huge deal).

    there will be minor deals that will amount to a whole amount of nothing in the long term. no high-end prospects in return (and no, Suglobov isn't a high end prospect), no high draft picks,

    the opportunities that stared JFJ in the face last year are similar to the ones that stare him in the face this year … and he is going to stand pat.


    because JFJ is a lame-duck GM despite his contract extension because he knows if he doesnt make the playoffs this year, he might be fired (i say 'might' because MLSE might not be smart enough to fire him).

    pessimistic? yes. realistic? yes.

    look at history, look at the track record. look at the results. i want all the trades that i proposed to go down. and that is the hope. that is the goal. but it aint happening.

  18. koolcracker says:

    I don't like giving Tucker and a 1st rounder to Phoenix for just for Nagy.

  19. 92-93 says:

    i'd bet you a lot of other very good GMs would.

  20. Hoondog2 says:

    You say JFJ is a lame duck G.M. and then go on to say if the Leafs dont make the playoffs he will be fired……..If he trades all the big names (who also happen to be our best players) then one can assume they wont make the playoffs.  I'm not saying its right but it sounds like JFJ is damned if he does and damned if he does'nt

  21. 92-93 says:

    if he trades Tucker it does not mean that the leafs will miss the playoffs. that is an assumption on your part.

    JFJ got himself into this position and the blame also rests with MLSE for creating this mess too.

    he isnt damned if he does and damned if he doesnt IF HE REALIZES that he can trade Tucker and still make the playoffs (same thing with McCabe last year).

    but he thinks like a lot of other people: that if he traded Bryan or Darcy he would have missed the playoffs last year and same thing this year.


    if he stands pat his team won't make the playoffs as is.

    if he doesnt stand pat he has a chance to shakes things up.

    however, if he decides to make a move, my concern that he is going to make it out of desperation. regular-JFJ is not a good GM, but desperation-JFJ would almost certainly be worse.

    JFJ is a lame duck GM despite his extension. if he doesnt make the playoffs he will probably be fired. if he does make the playoffs he won't be because to the small minds at MLSE it will be seen as 'progress.'

    but JFJ thinks that if he trades anyone, they'll miss the playoffs and he'll be fired and he is wrong IMO.

  22. Hoondog2 says:

    I agree with trading Tucker but you cant replace a guy like Mats

  23. turkel says:

    it would probably work, we'd be giving up mccabe and kubina, guys who take up alot of cap space. not to mention hal gill and raycroft. we would have enough money for kariya, timonen and blake.

  24. turkel says:

    because they are OVERRATED! staal has the potential to be the best defensive defenseman in the league a few years from now. i'd be happy to get him in return for mccabe.

  25. polastem says:

    Thing is Roberts might wanna retire in Toronto, but Toronto has to first dump salary because they are already over the cap limit, and are only on that grace period thing. I can see them making moves by the deadline, but last year, the leafs were sort of in and sort of out and all they did was send klee to new jersey for suglabov.

  26. polastem says:

    I predict by next sease Darcy Tucker and Ryan Smyth will switch teams, since both are from each other's respected areas. Smyth is a Toronto boy, let's bring him home.

  27. 92-93 says:

    no i dont know about trading mats either. that is a whole other can of beans.

    an interesting article by Berger today on the Sundin situation on he is suggesting that the nastiness of Sundin lately on-ice reflects a bit of frustration from him in realizing that he probably wont be skating for a cup this year. Sundin himself has said that he wont be playing hockey at age 40, which i think is very telling.

    listen, i've always been the guy to shoot down Sundin trade rumors here on HTR and i would absolutely hate to see him leave. that being said, this year is waaay different from previous years due to Sundin's age, his contract status, and particular place the Leafs are in their evolution.

    its almost like a perfect storm is brewing here and it could result in a trade.
    my position is that the leafs shouldnt trade mats and instead try to trade the Tuckers, Suglobovs, Bells, Antropovs, McCabes (if he can waive his clause), and Gills. it will be hard to do (everyone but Tucker and Bell), but JFJ should try to trade them and not Sundin.

    BUT, at the same time, the situation is ripe for a Sundin trade. the return wont be as big as some people seem to think, but you could see a decent young player come the other way, along with a prospect and a high draft pick. the leafs could definitely use that kind of depth coming back the other way. but it wont be a repeat of the Clark-Sundin deal. thats not the way the cap system works. all this talk of Getzlaf or Perry coming to Toronto seems a little far fetched to me.

    in any case, i wont be as angry if i see Sundin traded this year compared to year's past (of course, that level of anger and despair does depend on who JFJ gets in return).

  28. Pony says:

    My god your lucky to see one trade and you have the entire team traded around like its your fantasy hockey team.

  29. mojo19 says:

    I think Devereux before Jon Pohl, but yeah, thats nice.

  30. jmapleleaf says:

    where is kaberle ,racine as back up? and deveraux will resign!!

  31. Kraut182 says:

    I don't really like any trade for Nagy.  He's a UFA at the end of the year, if we want him we can go get him then.  You can argue the, "We have so many exclussive days to talk to him", thing but that's not a guarantee of anything.  Willie Mitchell isn't still in Dallas, Brendan Witt isn't in Nashville, Keith Carney isn't with the Canucks, Samsonov isn't with the Oilers, etc.  If you look at the deadline deals from last year very few big names that were about to become UFA's stuck with the teams that traded for them.

    There's really no reason for Nagy to sign early when he can wait until he see's what everyones offering and get more money or pick where he wants to go.  If he does sign that's great, I think Nagy is a good player, but if he doesn't then the Leafs will have F'd up in a serious way giving Poni and a 1st for 20 games from Nagy.  Can you imagine the calls for JFJ's head if that happened?

  32. Kraut182 says:

    Smyth is from Banff and grew up cheering for the Oilers.

  33. 92-93 says:

    well first of all its not the Leafs' 1st rounder – its another team's. the leafs keep their 1st rounder.

    So that makes it Poni and Suglobov for Nagy … thats good for me. i'd take that chance in an instant.

  34. Kraut182 says:

    A 1st Rounder is a 1st Rounder, Toronto (in theory) gave up Tucker in order to get that 1st Rounder.  The fact that Toronot still has their own 1st Rounder doesn't make it any less valuable IMO.

  35. polastem says:

    LOL Then where did I read he was from Toronto? Dammit. Ah well, bring him here anyways, lol.

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