My Real View!

The Habs are on a roll! 5 wins in the last 6 games; flashback to this previous fall? I think so! Habs are in a battle right now for 8th spot in the east and their young guys are stepping up and Jaro Halak, what an impact he’s had. I’m gonna predict, and I may be wrong, the Habs will finish in 7th. And as for the off-season, that’s not for another 4 months. We need to be concerned about now and making it to the cup. I can see this team being a repeat+ of the Oilers last year. Don’t laugh because its happened before. To all Habs fans: Go Habs Go! To all Leafs Fans: Outside looking in!

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  1. DeathCab says:

    I almost agreed with you, until the last line when you decided to take an article talking about the great Canadian turnaround and turn it into yet another anti-Leaf article.

    But yes, if guys like Halak can continue to play at this level, they will be very tough to keep out. 


    Tampa has          86 pts in 75 games
    NYR has              83 pts in 74 games
    the Canes have   82 pts in 74 games
    the Habs have     82 pts in 75 games
    Islanders have    81 pts in  73 games
    Leafs have          80 pts in 73 games

    So, although the habs look nice right now, they've played 2 more games than the Islanders and Leafs, yet only have 1 & 2 pt leads to show for it.  So the small lead they have could be quickly erased if the habs slip up at all in these final games.

  2. curtmang says:

    Yeah, I just had to throw that one in there, lol.  Nothing personal. But you know how it is, Leaf fans hate the Habs and vice versa. Sure, I'd love to see the Leafs in the playoffs, but as it stands right now, if the Leafs make it, the Habs may not. It's not an anti-Leaf article, it's just some foolish trash talk. My roommate is a Leafs fan, and I trash the hell out of him every time they lose. But, only time will tell.

  3. Les-Habitants says:

    8th place as of tonight!!!!


  4. curtmang says:

    Tie when it comes to points with Tampa Bay!!! 86 points each. Go Habs!

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