My Realistic 2006 Solution

Too many time I come on here and see teams that people create that wouldnt be realistic in the old NHL nevermind the New one so heres my idea of what JFJ should do for next year.

1) Trade Jason Allison before this year is over so that they can get a bit of room under the cap without his bonuses comming in.

2) Fire Pat Quinn. He may be a good coach but he’s plain and simply not getting the job done. Bring Paul Maurice up from the Marlies and give him a fair shot.

3) Let these free agents take a long walk of a short peer:

-Ed Belfour

-Aki Berg

-Alexander Khavanov

-Ken Klee

-Clarke Wilm

-Marius Czerkawski

-Nik Antropov (He’s restricted so maybe trade for a draft pick or prospect of some sort)

4) I really don’t see ANY good prospects in the leafs farm system that any tallent can come back for so the rebuilding and reconstructiong of the team will be done through free agency.

5) Sign these players:

Yanic Perrault

Anson Carter

Teemu Selanne

Sean Hill

Ric Jackman

Wade Redden

David Aebischer

6) Your team should look like this

Tucker – Sundin – Selanne

Steen – Lindros – Carter

Ponikarovsky – Perrault – O’neill

Stajan – Wellwood – Domi

Kaberle – McCabe

Redden – Jackman

Hill – Colaiacovo