My Realistic 2006 Solution

Too many time I come on here and see teams that people create that wouldnt be realistic in the old NHL nevermind the New one so heres my idea of what JFJ should do for next year.

1) Trade Jason Allison before this year is over so that they can get a bit of room under the cap without his bonuses comming in.

2) Fire Pat Quinn. He may be a good coach but he’s plain and simply not getting the job done. Bring Paul Maurice up from the Marlies and give him a fair shot.

3) Let these free agents take a long walk of a short peer:

-Ed Belfour

-Aki Berg

-Alexander Khavanov

-Ken Klee

-Clarke Wilm

-Marius Czerkawski

-Nik Antropov (He’s restricted so maybe trade for a draft pick or prospect of some sort)

4) I really don’t see ANY good prospects in the leafs farm system that any tallent can come back for so the rebuilding and reconstructiong of the team will be done through free agency.

5) Sign these players:

Yanic Perrault

Anson Carter

Teemu Selanne

Sean Hill

Ric Jackman

Wade Redden

David Aebischer

6) Your team should look like this

Tucker – Sundin – Selanne

Steen – Lindros – Carter

Ponikarovsky – Perrault – O’neill

Stajan – Wellwood – Domi

Kaberle – McCabe

Redden – Jackman

Hill – Colaiacovo









8 Responses to My Realistic 2006 Solution

  1. BleedinBlueTillDeath says:

    Why would you have hill and jackman over harrison and wozzy or kronwall? and why would you waste both wellwood and stajan on the 4th line? why sign perrault instead of playing pohl? selanne will re-sign in anaheim. i could see carter coming to TO, but the ‘nucks will press hard to re-sign him.

  2. The-President says:

    That Realistically sucks

  3. koolcory77 says:

    dumpng wilm, our best pk guy, and having stajan and welly on line 4 to play perrault on line 3 is ridculous

    only 1 of those extra that deserves to be an extra is belak…you need to watch the leafs before doing a report on them

    their are better options then aebischer, and with the leafs having a lot of cap room this summer because they were stupid in the summer (like philly giving 16 mil over 4 yrs to rathje!) they can sign a biron, fernandez, etc

    mccabe wont be back at 6 mil…keep kaberle at 3.5 to 4, and bring in chara, not redden

    play colaiacovo wozniewski as the 2nd pairing, then have another rookie as the 5th, possibly kronwall, or someone from the ahl marlies, or a low end witt…keep aki berg at league min 450 for 6th dman duties

  4. Aetherial says:

    The cap is going up.

    I have to think Ottawa signs both Chara and Redden.

    Aebischer? I don’t see him as any better than Tellqvist.

    Khavanov is under contract next year I think. Selanne will stay in Anaheim.

  5. goose says:

    These trades are good but dunt trade czerkawski

  6. goose says:

    So many teams are doing ausumn this year such as ottawa, carolina, ramgers, and many more, but the real reason is “THE LEAFS”. Next season i came up with some suggestions jfj (john ferguson jr.) should come up with some trades or free agemt signings.

    1. To Pittsburgh: Antropov, Khavanov, and a draft pick


    To Toronto: Jackman and Malone

    2. Fire ferguson cause we need a good manager to get our leafs going.

    3. Let the free agents make us a fortune.

    4. Sign these players:





    waive or free agents:






    Possible lines:






    extra: Domi, and Wilm





    extra: Wozniewski, and Kronwall




    Now if the leafs make it to the playoffs, then they’ll have a chance of getting far.

  7. UnclePauly says:

    As a huge Leaf fan I can honestly say that this years team BLOWS! Is it all Quinn’s fault? No. Should he go? YES! First, Quinn does not have much choice in the players he is given to use, since JFJ seems to keep digging up fossils for him to use, BUT, he does have ALL the say in ice time. So if anyone out there can tell me why Antropov and Allison just keep on getting huge minutes while guys like Oneill (ya he’s not having a great year but lets get him some confidence) and Stajan just sit on the bench! So I have noticed that some fellow Leaf fans have taken a crack at a solution here is mine.

    1) G- I will have to agree with everyone that Belfour has to go, not because he is old but Kaberle and McCabe need his money! So whats the solution? Let Telqvist play. He has played REAL well, plus we have 2 great prospects in Rask and Pogge.

    2) D- Does anyone actually think someone will bite on Aki Berg? c’mon, we have to sit and watch him for the rest of the year because well no one will take him. Ken Klee is over paid but the rest of the league also knows this so its no secret, hes ours too, although he is a good player just overpaid! The other D spots actually are taken. McCabe & Kaberle, Wozneiwski & Harrison (who both look great) And finaly Coloiacavo who might just one day be our top d man, so really that leaves room to try and trade Klee for basicly nothing and try and sign someone like Jay McKee, Aaron Ward or Colin White in the offseason, the Leafs need to stop[ trying for the guy who WAS good 10 minutes ago! And get a good fairly cheap HOCKEY PLAYER! Those 3 fit the bill real well. Khavanov, bye bye Kronwall back to the Marlies

    3) F- Up front is a complete mess this year: Where to start? Im not sure but not resigning several palyers is a heck of a start.

    4) Players to add in the offseason:

    D) Colin White is my choice to add

    F) Jeremy Roenick – Leafs need his grit

    Yanic Perrault – The best faceoff guy

    Mark Parrish – 30 goals, a sure thing

    Brendan Shannahan – I know I said stop signing old guys but he is still good and the Leafs sure could use a guy like him

    Plus we need a MEATHEAD – a guy like COlton Orr or Rocky Thompson, to be ready when they play Ottawa or Atlanta to due battle with these guys, cuz Domi and Belak dont want there job anymore and Kilger should not have to stick up gor anyone (Way to go Chad!)

    So the make-up of the team would look somthing like this:

    Goalies Tellqvist


    Defense McCabe Kaberle

    Coliacavo White

    Harrison Wozniewski

    Forwards Shannahan Sundin Steen

    Tucker Roenick Oniell

    Kilger Perraualt Ponikarvovsky

    Stajan Wellwood Parrish

    Scratchs Wilm & Meathead (not Tie or Wade)

  8. Leafs2005 says:

    Here is what the Leafs should do to improve their team for a chance to win the cup. They have to admit that this year they aren’t a Stanley Cup contender and trade some of their assets for prospects and then sign some free agents in the offseason.

    They should trade Sundin, Allison, Antropov, Domi, Belfour, Mccabe, and Kaberle for a couple of young players or prospects. Yes, I would get rid of Mccabe, Sundin and Kaberle because the leafs could get a lot for them. They are at the peaks of their careers and I don’t see them getting any better. The Leafs aren’t going to win the cup in 2005-06 so why not trade these assets this year before they become unrestricted free agents.

    Secondly, after the season is finished, fire Pat Quinn. He is way too loyal to Antropov(who he drafted), Berg(who he traded for when he was GM) and Domi. Bring in Paul Maurice, he isn’t shy to bring in young players into the mix and he will hopefully have the same line pairing for at least 2 games unlike Quinn. Quinn has been here too LONG.

    Thirdly, I would build the Leafs from net out. They have a very good backup goalie in Tellquist and I would go after a starting goalie like Manny Fernandez, Curtis Joseph or even Roberto Longo if they are free agents. They are capable of being top flite goalies in this league unlike “back problem” Belfour.

    Fourthly, By getting rid of Sundin,Mccabe and Kaberle hopefully we can get back a couple of young players, prospects, or even draft picks. They should seriously look into getting Redden, Brewer, Sean Hill, Morris, Markov or Mara (who are all free agents) The Leafs will have cap room if they get rid of Sundin, Mccabe and Kaberle.

    Last but not least the Leafs should build around Lindros. Sundin has been here for a lifetime and he isn’t heart and soul like Lindros. Plus he makes too much money to be a point a game player.

    My opening day roster would look like this:

    Goalie: Lungo/Fernenadez/or Joseph with Tellquist being the backup

    Defensemen: Redden, Morris, Markov, Harrison, Collickov,Wochiwesky, Kronwall

    Forwards: Lindros, Tucker, Ponderkswky, Kilger, Steen, Stajan, Wellwood, O’neil, Pohl

    Plus, I would also sign frowards; Anson Carter, Mcgratten (who can fight) Oli Jokinen and Elias who are all unrestricted free agents.

    Plus they would get addition players by trading away Mccabe(a defensive liability), Kaberle, Sundin, Belfour, Allison, Antropov, and Domi.

    Mr. Ferguson please trade these guys, the Leafs aren’t going to win the cup in 2005-06 season. Build for next year instead.

    They can afford to get Joseph, Redden, Morris, Markov, Carter, Mcgratten, Jokinen and Elias by not resigning Allison(3.5m), Berg(1 m), Belak(800k), Klee(1.9m), Khamnov(1.2m) , Belfour(4.5m), Mccabe(3.2m), kaberle(2.8m), Antropov(1m) and by trading Sundin’s(6m) salary

    Just imagine seeing Lindros with Tucker and Carter

    Jokinen with Elias and Pondersky

    Wellwood with Steen and Stajan

    Pohl with Mcgratten and Kilger

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