My Spin on the Pens

All of you guys seem, like many of us, to be confused by what the Penguins are doing. I can understand why you feel that way, but the Penguins are doing the best they can with what they have. Mario Lemieux has said that in 2007 the Penguins are a “free agent”, when their lease is up with the Mellon Arena. So, they need a new arena. One way to get a new arena is to have a recognizable and popular face behind the bench, so they can get more public funding. That man is Eddie Olczyk, or “Edzo”.

Edzo has been calling Pens games for two years with Hall-of-Fame broadcaster Mike Lange. Fans have absolutely adored Edzo over that time, and he will more than likely sell tickets now that he’s behind the bench. I think the Penguins may have rushed their decision by a little bit, but since they have about 30-60 days to get the deal for the arena hammered out something had to be done.

I also like how the Penguins are marketing their young players such as Rico Fata, Ramzi Abid, Tomas Surovy, Mathias Johansson, Guillame Lefebvre, Dan Focht, Sebastian Caron and more. The Penguins will most definitely trade Martin Straka. In fact, he could be used to help the Penguins move up to the Number 1 spot in the Entry Draft. Rumor has it they absolutely covet goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury out of the QMJHL. Johan Hedberg is also probably on the market, but nothing has been reported. Some others who could probably be dealt are Jamie Pushor, Shawn Heins, Hans Jonsson, and Steve McKenna.

I also think Mario is going to come back because they need to have somebody who can draw a crowd. I don’t think this will happen, but a guy who I’d like to see the Penguins try and sign is Luc Robitaille. He’s played here before, and is pretty popular with the fans, if they could get him cheap I think they should. I think somebody needs to step up this season, perhaps Fata, Abid, or Mikael Samuelsson, for them to even think about being successful.

Finally, Aleksey Morozov needs to turn into a superstar this season, or he will be gone come the trade deadline.