My Suggestions and Predictions for Gainey

Thus far, Bob Gainey has pulled off much of what I have been waiting for during the 06 off season. In order to capitalize on the offseason and produce an extremely strong team for the 06-07 season, Gainey needs a large centerman. Many habs fans had hoped for the Shannahan deal to go through, myself included, but when he acquired Samsonov he gained the teams offensive strength although we still lack size.

The two major faults in the lineup right now are lack of size up front and the lack of an extremely productive centerman. Now, as I see it Joe Thornton would be the ultimate goal to fill this position, but the odds of acquiring him and paying for him are slim to none. Another great centerman that Gainey should look into is Patrick Marleau, he’s big and has a lot of offensive ability and heart. Personally I think Gainey will acquire Scott Gomez from the Devils because of his offensive ability and despite his size he is firey.

Although we need a centerman badly, Gainey should get on the ball with signing Ryder because it is imperative that we keep our leading goal scorer and our first line together because the chemistry is amazing and it will only grow with time.

If Gainey keeps Ryder and acquires a large or fiesty centerman with high point potential, Montreal will be one of the top contenders for the Cup this year no doubt. Who we swap to acquire that centerman is up to Gainey, but I vouche for Ribiero because he is too much of a Nancy, he needs to mature and gain some grit.

That’s my two cents, enjoy and hope for the best in the upcoming season.