My Suggestions and Predictions for Gainey

Thus far, Bob Gainey has pulled off much of what I have been waiting for during the 06 off season. In order to capitalize on the offseason and produce an extremely strong team for the 06-07 season, Gainey needs a large centerman. Many habs fans had hoped for the Shannahan deal to go through, myself included, but when he acquired Samsonov he gained the teams offensive strength although we still lack size.

The two major faults in the lineup right now are lack of size up front and the lack of an extremely productive centerman. Now, as I see it Joe Thornton would be the ultimate goal to fill this position, but the odds of acquiring him and paying for him are slim to none. Another great centerman that Gainey should look into is Patrick Marleau, he’s big and has a lot of offensive ability and heart. Personally I think Gainey will acquire Scott Gomez from the Devils because of his offensive ability and despite his size he is firey.

Although we need a centerman badly, Gainey should get on the ball with signing Ryder because it is imperative that we keep our leading goal scorer and our first line together because the chemistry is amazing and it will only grow with time.

If Gainey keeps Ryder and acquires a large or fiesty centerman with high point potential, Montreal will be one of the top contenders for the Cup this year no doubt. Who we swap to acquire that centerman is up to Gainey, but I vouche for Ribiero because he is too much of a Nancy, he needs to mature and gain some grit.

That’s my two cents, enjoy and hope for the best in the upcoming season.


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  1. habsfanAV says:

    First time posting but have been reading the posts for quite some time now.

    Most of you people kill me. Do you really think other GMs are so stupid as to trade a big top line center like Patrick Marleau for instance for Ribiero? Why would they give us their stars for our scrap?

    Remember people, to get talent you must give talent. Ribiero is not enough to get a big top line center.

  2. Habroller says:

    I guess he meant that Ribeiro should be included in such a deal. Obviously, to get Marleau, we’d need to put also 1 established player (Souray or Aebisher), a prospect (Perezoghin or someone younger) and a good draft pick.

    But that’d probably not even work for someone as skilled as Marleau. What a shame…

  3. habs_fan_in_korea says:

    Montreal is the best i’ve seen them since 93′. If we dump a salary and trade away for a solid d-man, we’d be set.

  4. Les-Habitants says:

    Like you said, our problem is in size and Gomez, for all his fire, isn’t the solution. If he wins arbitration, his price tag is going to be too high. If he loses, he is staying with the Devils for a little while, at least.

    Marleau, unfortunantly, is not going anywhere. The captain of SJ is a great center, and I can’t see why the sharks would break up their two really good first lines for any reason. They are a powerhouse, especially since they have a #1 goaltender to trade which could only improve their team.

    Gainey’s next goal will be, like you said, to sign Ryder, who is looking for a substantial raise. Since Gainey gave a 700k raise to Ribeiro (why??), Ryder will most likely get his 2 mil in arbitration…and a 30 goal season, even if he had Koivu as his center, helps his case. Much better for everyone if he is signed before.

    What trade assets do we have, worth trading? Aside from Abby, not much. Ribeiro hasn’t been playing well, so despite his skill we won’t get all that much for him. Zednik is gone, who again has scoring potential but underperformed last season (he’ll do better in washington).

    So, what is my opinion? Glad you asked. I think we are done trading and signing, simply because there isn’t anything left in the UFA that would help the Habs (unless Eric Daze’s back magically heals, but he is looking to retire) and the goalie market is kinda saturated (although Detroit might be opening up). Realistically though, Abby will be with the Habs on opening night…as well as the rest of our current roster.

    Go Habs Go!

  5. leafhater says:


  6. desmondwolf2 says:

    I too require, for my own peace of mind, for Les Glorieux to stomp the sad, pitiable Leafies into the ground, like the sorry dogs they are. What continues to gall me is that the Laffs, who haven’t won a bloody thing since 1967 (for God’s sake!) have fans who actually (would you believe it?) walk with swagger and talk in arrogant tones. Amazing. It’s just amazing how this is possible, how a Leaf fan could do anything apart from walking around with a paper bag on his head. Incredible! So, let’s do a little tally of Cups since 1967, shall we? Montreal, let’s see, won the Cup in 1968, 1969, 1971, 1973, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1986 and 1993. That makes one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, TEN Cups since Canada’s 100th birthday. Now, let’s count Toronto’s. Here we go………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  7. Mainer87 says:

    Right on man.

    The first Hockey Night In Canada this year is:

    Habs vs. Leafs In Toronto

    Of course it can never be in Montreal because CBC wouldn’t want their leafs to start off in anywhere but TO. Don’t worry fellow Habs fans. We will beat them into submission and when we r done they will have to ask us for permission to take a piss LOL


  8. Drifter says:

    Actually no, I don’t think GM’s are stupid enough to trade a center like Patrick Marleau, I just said he would be the kind of guy we are looking for to solve our problem in the habs lineup. Ribiero is definately our scrap despite his talent potential he hasn’t performed to his ability. The key there is talent, he has talent, he’s shown it and because of the environment in Montreal , ever since that Bruins series he’s gone downhill and still has potential to perform elsewhere. Another thing GM’s like to consider is the salary cap. I was just saying that I think a relatively decent card would be Ribiero although I think it may take Ribiero and Aebischer to pull off a trade for the center we need. We don’t need a top line center, we need a second line center. I was just giving an ideal. Thanks for replying to my first post though.

  9. TheWho says:

    Joe Thornton got traded, why wouldnt Marleau?

  10. passionch says:

    There’s always a possibility, just not in Montreal.

  11. passionch says:

    I agree, Montreal is pretty much done with deals and ready to start the season once they decide which one of the young guys is going to crack the lineup.

  12. Les-Habitants says:

    First of all, the Joe Thorton trade was in my mind was the worst trade of the season, and simply one of the worst period.

    But Boston was also in a tail spin to the bottom of their division, they had to shake something up…they were desperate. Why in the world would they trade Marleau? How could the Sharks possibly improve?? I mean, the guy is a legit #1 center on any other team!! Unless SJ is running into some SERIOUS cap problems, which they aren’t, or are really desperate for another player, which they aren’t, then they might trade.

    They have two amazing goaltenders to trade, straight up, for whatever they might need. Marleau is staying put, if he does get traded I’ll eat my sock.

  13. UpPaL says:

    In response to those who believe Ribeiro is good trade bait – he is not. Sure he’s alright, but how many GM’s plans have room for a guy like Ribeiro? The main bate here is Abischer. If we hope to get anything good for him, he would likely be accompanied by Ribeiro or a prospect, a decent one! Unless there is a big salary dump to take advantage of, we might have to consider the horrible reality that landing a big centre would require losing a workhorse like Markov, or one of our few top liners. The possibility of Lang or Gomez is intriguing, but don’t expect anything to happen until the season starts. I mean who knows if Danis is ready for the NHL???

  14. Habs_to_the_top says:

    I think Yann is ready. And with Belfour being passed over by Detroit I’d like to see Abby go there with Ribeiro and a prospectdraft pick for Lang and a draft pick. Just what I’d like to see. But in my opinion there is no way they should have signed the underperforming, undersized Ribeiro for so much money. Make it tough for other teams to want him in a trade deal. Just my opinion.

  15. HabsAK27 says:

    How is Danis not ready???….the few games he played in last year he was amazing….and when they sent him down that made him much better

  16. TheWho says:

    Why not Montreal? Montreal is probably one of the teams that is in one of the best positions to make a deal without giving too much on the roster and in depth with our prospects.

  17. Leafs93 says:

    Habs fans must seriously be taking dope because, these posts are all retarded. Especially this one by Drifter… must know jack about hockey because that was idiotic the chances of the habs getting thornton are none not slim to none, they wouldn’t get joe for any combination of up to 4 players on this roster get serious…secondly if u think Gainey or “Mr. Productive” this offseason is gunna get Marleau or Gomez you need to give your head a shake mister. WHo in the hell to the habs have as trade bait for either of those guys you clown. And this is for all of u jokers who think the samsonov signing was the best thing since sliced bread, he played a minor role in edmonton and will not tally more than 65 points this year mark my words. And in conclusion the habs will not only miss the playoffs but they will sit in the basement of the northeast for the duration of ths season. Keep dreaming you jack@$$es

  18. TheWho says:

    All this coming from a Leaf fan? Please – you’re just a pathetic jealous loser that can’t even accept the fact that Montreal is an improved team and is definately a playoff a team. If they were last year, they definately will be this year too.

  19. Leafs93 says:

    you are the pathetic one pipe dreams the habs are a joke and huet will not play half as good this year. Secondly, the two top teams in the division last year haven’t weakened a considerable amount and the leafs and bruins have vastly improved. You cannot base anything on how last season went. Will Koivu return his old form? Will Huet play as well now that he has earned himself a multi year contract? It is going to be much more difficult for the habs to beat any team in their divison, especially the leafs. The Habs are undersized and it will become a lot harder for their small forwards to penetrate the leafs d with the likes of gill at 6’7 250 and kubina 6’5 230, not to mention the newly acquired defensve specialst mike peca. Now i was just trying to stir things up and I’d rather see the habs in the playoffs before the sens or sabres but I honestly cannot see the habs making the playoffs over the leafs and if they make the playoffs period they will not be making any significant run thats for damn sure…Now I am not iggnorant to reality and the leafs do hjave a lot of ifs as well however if the leafs remain healthy i think they can finish in the top four in the east and possibly make it past the first round at the very least

  20. camerak says:

    Um, we’ve already spent almost 41 million of the 44 million salary cap (according to the tsn salary for the Habs ). After Ryder (2-3 million), that doesn’t leave us with anything. If Gomez was to get the 5 million he’s looking for, we’d have to ship off more than just Riberio and Abby. I really can’t see this happening at all. Abby will be our backup starting in Oct. As much as I want Huet to play as well as he did last season, I still want a backup capable of walking right into the job and playing well. Sure Abby didn’t start off all that great last year, but he was 29-17-2 last season.

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