My Thoughts On The Emery/Gerber Issue

Funny how much changes in a year.

In fall 2006, it was All Hail Emery! Ottawa’s Saviour! Down With Gerber!

And now the tides have turned. Gerber is proclaimed as our number 1, and Emery is left in the dust.

Where once most of Ottawa’s trade rumours involved dumping Gerber, now Emery is on the proposed trading block.

It is truly sad, all the bandwagon jumping that is going in.

I won’t get into excuses for Emery’s play. No, he has not been at his best.

I actually have a theory on that. Last year, Emery was number 1 in GAA for much of that start of the season. This was when the Sens were playing horrible, and Emery was one of the few Ottawa players not struggling.

And then the Sens got good again, as a team. And Emery’s brilliance faded. Maybe this was because of his injured wrist. But maybe not.

I have also noticed that when the Sens are up by a few goals, in full control of the game, Emery tends to start letting in soft goals. And not just this year, I noticed this a lot last year as well. Again, maybe it’s due to fatigue from his sore wrist..but maybe not.

I have a feeling that Emery is a big-game goalie. He plays his best under pressure, when the stakes are high and the score is close, or when his team is struggling. On a strong team however, he gets complacent and doesn’t play up to his ability.

Gerber is the exact opposite however. He thrives playing for a good team. If he has confidence in his team, he has confidence in himself. He can’t be pushed or pressured.

So, we have two radically different goalies. And though the price is a tad expensive, I think that this is vital for our team. They both are good in different situations, and can pick up if the other struggles.

So why trade either? We have a great asset, one that could help us win the Cup. Why ruin that? We have enough scoring. Alfredsson is in his prime, Spezza is one of the top 4 play-makers in the league, and Heatley is Heatley. Vermette and Fisher are coming into their own as top 6 forwards. We may have the best 3rd and 4th lines in the league.

So, at least until next summer, and maybe beyond, I say we stay true to both our goalies.