My View of the Leafs

It kills me to see the leafs in such chaos right now. It kills me to even look at the boxscores when i see the leafs losing to a team like phoenix…. I’m very frustrated right now with the entire organization with their performances at every level: ownership, front office, coaching, players. The leafs entered the season with much optimism with expectations to make the playoffs, but all seems very dim now. I know that the leafs are out of 8th place by a few points and that it is only about 1/4 of the season, I can only hope that the leafs will change things around. Lets look at the levels of the leafs organization and how we can possibly fix it.

Ownership: FIRE RICHARD PEDDIE!!!!!!!!! Peddie and other top MLSE executives need to be one cohesive unit: no disagreement towards jfj and direction of the franchise. The top guys are making JFJ’s life as toronto gm a living hell: to win and semi-rebuild – a feat which is impossible for the leafs in their current shape. Unless youre the penguins or ducks, we won’t be going anywhere with this approach. Plus Peddie is an idiot who thinks he knows hockey but actually doesn’t, so we need to replace him with either a guy who cares but knowingly admits that hes more of a business guy rather than a hockey guy or a straight up hockey guy.

GM: I admit that JFJ is a bonehead, except not as big a bonehead as everyone else says he is. He and maurice are the guys who are getting crucified for the leafs problems, but actually its the owners faults. Prior to the lockout, he made very typical leaf moves: mortgaging our future for a guy past his prime and signing big name guys. But after the lockout, he entered a sticky situation: the owen nolan thing (which i wish fergie just paid nolan and we kept him), we were already were near the cap, and we had big contracts on our payroll. To describe JFJ in one word, he would be a gambler. A losing gambler. He is a creative GM, but they usually don’t pan out based on performance and how much they cost. I thought the raycroft and toskala trades were very intriguing and both could have gone either way (personally toskala’s trade status is still pending). He’s had pretty decent signings: peca, lindros, jason allison (most people called him garbage but he was so much better than anyone else who was available), chad kilger, bates battaglia, and boyd deveraux became solid contributors to a thin leafs squad. Finally, he’s drafted pretty well: tlutsy, rask, pogge, kulemin, strallman, and mitchell. Overall, jfj is an unlucky GM who has made many questionable but desparate moves just to save his job (mccabe, kubina, not resigning peca). When he was first hired, he was alright because he was guarenteed a couple of years so the team could head in his direction. I say that we need to either cut ties with him now and possibly hire wendel clark, doug gilmour,or lanny macdonald as gm or give him a couple of years to try and turn this mess around without any pressure from the execs.

Coach: The paul maurice hiring was supposed to be a good hiring. It diverged from the easy going pat quinn days so we could compete with younger faster players. What happenned to all the enthusiasm and effort mo was known for? It appears that it all went away along with the pride of the organization. Mo is known to be a to-the-point soft-spoken coach. He needs to shed that image and call out players who aren’t performing whether it be publicly or privately. If he can’t spark the players, he needs to be let loose and possibly replaced with pat burns, bob hartley, bryan murray, or even (this is gonna kill many) pat quinn.

Players: no comment… it’s like we’ve given up and we don’t care. changes need to be made.

here are some trades:
to make a run:
poni + 3rd to kings for priessing or brad stuart – we need d!
mccabe to islanders for sillinger + 3rd – we need grit
let jeremy williams play!

to rebuild:
sundin to sj/pitt for 1st + top prospect (this is what the thrashers got for tkachuck so its pretty acceptable)
mccabe to islanders for marc-andre bergeron (hes pretty solid defensively and way cheaper than mccabe)
kubina + raycroft to col for theodore + 4th round pick (theo has 1 year left on his conract and we can find a gem in the 4th round)


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  1. habsrock99 says:

    Marc-Andre Bergeron isn't all that good defensively, which is why he's been a healthy scratch most of the season. Bergreon's just a younger, less experienced, less talented McCabe.

    You'll likely never trade Raycroft as the goalie market is non-existent at this time. If Brian Burke couldn't get a conditional Draft pick for Ilya Bryzgalov, who is better then Raycroft, the Leafs aren't getting anything. Plus, Theo's playing relatively decent hockey but would be a complete mistake for any team to trade for him.

  2. 92-93 says:

    ok, i know a lot of us leaf fans are upset (not me!!! i'm happy to hear about changes that might be coming!!!).

    but maybe a leaf fan on this site should post a 'enough is enough' article on all the leaf articles here. dont get me wrong, there is a reason why there are so many articles about the leafs and in the leaf rumor sections. its great that there is such a devoted following. BUT, if you see other articles that speak to the same topic that you want to talk about, then post your long rant on THAT article, don't just start up a new one. 
    its getting really tiresome to read and click on so many different article. lets keep it more centralized leaf fans!!! (just my opinion, but i am sure there are others out there both leaf fans and non-leaf fans that feel the same way).
    on another note: check out this possible scenario (as far fetched as it may seems). much has been made about Burke being the GM of the Leafs in the offseason once his contract is up with the Ducks. i dunno how much stock you want to put into that speculation. but could the following scenario occur:
    – leafs fire JFJ during the season (my guess, in December 2007 or January 2008). a bunch of assistant GMs (Gilmour, Jackson, etc.) take over on an interim basis – fully aware of how temporary their status is, and with absolutely NO autonomy from the MLSE board – except for one issue: 
    the trading of one of the big defense contracts or Sundin at the trade deadline in Feb 2008.
    – Burke is also fully aware of the situation in Toronto as well as the potential of him taking over the most publicized hockey market in the world in the offseason. Perhaps he makes a deal at the deadline with the Leafs that he honestly feels would be good for both his current team (the Ducks) and their run for the cup in 2008, and his potential FUTURE team in the Leafs (and their long term goals).
    So Burkie swings a trade with the Leafs that sees Sundin come to Toronto (going the other way – i dunno, speculate on that if you will – maybe prospect MacMillan, 1st rounder in 2008 – from Edmonton, or another decent prospect? who knows).
    – so, Sundin is the 2nd line centreman on the Ducks for their playoff run (all of this is very much dependent on what Niedermeyer does of course) … the leafs get some future assets.
    – in the offseason, Burke takes over the leafs and then either RESIGNS Sundin or not, but now has a few more prospects/picks to work with – of which he knows quite a bit about.
    sounds crazy? perhaps. i dont think he would make a deal that would screw Anaheim because he is not that kind of GM. but i just thought it would be an interesting scenario nonetheless.
  3. lukeleim says:

    McCabe isnt going anywhere. Kubina is more likely to be dealt considering he doesnt have a NTC and he has more trade value.

    How about Mats Sundin for Jordan Staal and the Penguins' secound-round draft pick of 2008?… Staal has been having a terrible year but he'll likely turn it around eventually.

  4. 92-93 says:

    well if you are thinking from a GMs perspective, trading Kubina for Theodore would be an absolute crazy-dumb deal for the GM acquiring Kubina, and a crazy-good deal for the GM acquring Theodore.

    Kubina had 3.5 years left on his albatross contract.
    Theodore is a UFA this summer (meaning, that cap space that Kubina took up until 2011 or whatever, and that Theodore took up after the trade, is now COMPLETELY GONE and cleared).
  5. leafsrgarbage says:

    All u leaf fans out there have to realize that u cannot trade crap for anything good and u cannot dump a guy like Mc Cabe cuz of his crazy salary!! Who would want this guy?? And if there are any takers, they will give u their high salaried crap in return!!! Look at Montreal when they dumped Samsonov at 2.8 mill for Cullimore at 2 mill (only to buy him out.) U wanna get rid of Mc Cabe well then u can get Lapointe at 5 mill or some other overpaid guy. Its sad to say but the leafs are gonna enter a re-building phase soon cuz u have traded all ur assets for over-paid underachievers and lets face it u dont have anything in return besides Sundin,Wellwood, Kaberle, some young guys (all guys u dont wanna part with) JFJ is getting fired soon and then the rebuilding starts. The habs went through this crap since Roy trade and it really sucks but unless u dump those crazy salaries u will always be in the same viscious circle. I know u will all blast me for this but its reality. Would u want Raycroft if u were a GM from another team? Would u want Mc cabe at that price or O'neal?

  6. muckies says:

    I told you at the beginning of the season – they'll make a run at Yzerman who the Wings won't let go – and the Wings will end up letting Holland go and he'll sign in Toronto and have a clean slate.

    Trade Sundin, Tucker, Raycoft, Wellwood any D-man they can except Kaberle – keep ,  and spend 2 years rebuilding with an experienced coach like a Pat Burns or Dale Hunter that is good with kids and super tough so the media won't get to them – and just start over.
    Tlusty, Kaberle, Toskala, Steen as the core group and add some other elements through trades, drafting and sign 1 big free-agent each summer for the next 3 years and the team will be a legit playoff team. 

  7. leafy says:

    Clearly, with the status quo,  monkeys will rule the planet before the Leafs win another Stanley Cup.

    We might even see peace in the Middle East before the Leafs contend.

    A thorough house-cleaning is on order, from the owner down, followed by a knowledgeable GM being hired and building through the draft.

  8. rcichard03 says:

    we dont have o'neil anymore … so pay attention b4 u start ripping on the leafs you dumb*****

  9. markjohnston says:

    I hope the leafs lose 10 in a row and are forced to rebuild.

    it's the only way it will ever happen.

    our friends the coyotes showed us that last night.

    as for the trades suggested.

    sundin: sounds good to me. I would hang on until the deadline when a) a team can take on his salary and b) his value will be at the highest (cross your fingers for no injuries!)

    mccabe: no point in trading him unless you get prospects / decent picks. what's the point otherwise? saving money? for what? the leafs (assuming they rebuild) are at LEAST 3-4 years off. mccabe is sucking, but he will put up great numbers again. and THAT is when you trade him…not now…for nothing.

    kubina + raycroft: same thing I said for mccabe. if you can get some picks…do it.

    the only reason I would trade mccabe, kubina or raycroft for less than 1st or 2nd round picks (or prospects) is if by trading their salaries, you opened up another trade that did include picks or prospects.

    ie: san jose if willing to take kubina and will give you a 1st rounder and John Smith on D at 2 million…BUT you need to take Joe Blow and his 3.5 mil salary AND Blow Joe and his 2.5. so, you dump mccabe for pucks.

  10. leafy says:

    I've been saying it since the summer….the Leafs will never get anything of value for Raycroft.

    I wrote an article way back in July specifically on this, and many people on this site ridiculed the mere idea.  Needless to say, the article got hammered.

    Incredible how time changes people's thinking.

  11. 92-93 says:

    yeah, that sounds good.

  12. leafsrgarbage says:

    Well sorry but i dont pay attention to the leafs that closely, why would i?
    u can bad mouth me all u want but ur just frustrated over the facts!!!
    Evey team has made mistakes and overpaid some players but with the Leaves it has become routine and has really caught up with u guys.
     So Vive Les Canadiens and Vive Carey Price and especially Mike (make Mc Cabe look like a real clown ) Komisarek!!!!!
     Oh yeah!!!! Vive le Quebec!!!!!!

  13. habsrock99 says:

    I 100% agree with your statement about people's opinion's changing over time. I remember I stated a couple times over the summer that the Habs had a strong possibility of finishing ahead of the Leafs and making the play-offs, well every Leaf fan on this site said the Leafs were the only team in the Northeast that could challenge the Sens. They also added that Montreal was worse off now then they were last year. I had a feeling the Habs would coe out strong and I had a feeling the Leafs wouldn't, especially opening up against Ottawa the first two games.

  14. habsrock99 says:

    Dale Hunter won't leave the London Knights, and that I know for a fact. He's way too involved with the team and the surrounding community. It'd be stupid for him to leave.

  15. tancred says:

    I was reading some comments on earlier on the Coyotes-Leafs game, and there was a lot of disagreement on a certain issue.  So I was hoping someone could answer this for me.  I do apologize if this has already been hammered out or proven one way or the other already.  That said, do the Sharks have the Leafs' 1st round draft pick in the upcoming draft, or do they not?  

    Thanks to anyone who can settle this for me.  It was going back and forth with some of the posters at tsn, so I didn't know who to believe.
  16. OldNord says:

    Same statements was said about Brent Sutter….It only depends about what Dale want to do, coaching an NHL team is a hell of a challenge and I'm sure  (from a fan who followed his career with the Nords) that one day, this caracter guy will want to take the next step.

  17. lukeleim says:

    no they don't. they had the choice to choose between the leafs 2007 first rounder or their 2008 first rounder. because the player they wanted was still available in the pevious draft the opted to take the 2007 first round draft pick.

  18. leafy says:

    I'm proud to say that I never dismissed the Habs' chances before the season.  I stated that they could surprise people.  Having said that, I never expected the Leafs to have a major collapse like they've had so far.  Clearly things haven't worked out.

    I recall this one guy got ridiculed for suggesting that Anaheim would struggle to make the playoffs.  Well, the guy wasn't that far off, in retrospect.  The point is that no prediction is stupid.

  19. habsrock99 says:

    The reason why I say he won't leave is because he's put all this time, effort and money into making the London Knights franchise respectable again, why make the past 7 or so years a waste by leaving when you're teams considered the best dynasty in Canadian Minor Hockey? Not to mention he's put all the effort into making the Knights one of the most popular OHL franchises today. They sell out every game and have been selling out every game for the past 7 of or so years.

  20. tancred says:

    Ah, gotcha.  Thank you very much!  

    So, the Leafs could get a decent pick this year.  If they continue to be rather low in the Eastern standings, that is.  
  21. danielmacd says:

    This is the single most, totaly wrong thing I have ever written. 

    Ownership: It isn't richard Peddie's fault he is employed. He represents the teachers in MLSE. He is a lap dog that oes thier bidding. The only people to blame are the OTPP. IF you want ownership changes get at least 60% of the teachers to sign a petition saying they want the OTPP to sell thier controling interest. Richard is terrible and we would be better off without him but the base problem would still be there. the OTPP.
    GM: You have to be kidding. The raycroft trade was interesting????? It had train wreak written all over it. He has not made a single good move. If he were to have gambled as you said he would have won at least one of the hands he played. Of the 15 odd moves he made resigning kaberle was the only good one but that was handed to him on a plate. He is terrible at his job plain and simple.
    Coach: Maurice is a good coach. Coaching isn't the problem. You don't think he as chewed these guys out in private. Obviously. What is he going to do bench McCabe for Woz. Come on. And if he publicly ridiculed a player well that is jsut unfair. I mean that stuff flies in small markets but in toronto that is just cruel and would have no benifit. 
    Trades: McCabe and Poni for Stuart and sillinger. You are kidding. Why would any team do this? Raycroft + Kubina for Theo and 4th rounder. Theo is off the books by year end why would they replac him with 7 million on mediocrity that can be spend on a player that is acctually good.
    Single most wrong thing I have ever read on this website or any other by a contributor.
  22. 92-93 says:

    that is correct.

    i was pissed to not be able to get Eposito, Cherepenaov, and the others at the 13th pick overall, but also relieved that at least they didnt have this hanging over their heads into the 2008 draft.
    now, the leafs might be able to pick in the top 10 (a lot of solid defencemen in this draft) … AND, if they trade Sundin and get, among other things, a first rounder in return (an extremely possible scenario), they would have more options too. my hope is that they trade with Anaheim so that the leafs get Edmonton's first rounder, but that may be a long shot. 
  23. saint says:

    I honestly hope that the Leafs finish last place.  It'd be nice to have a draft pick near the top 5.

    and I hope we finally go into that rebuilding process I said we needed 5 years ago.

  24. 92-93 says:


    but rebuilding 5 years ago didnt make sense. sure, they could have been more responsible with trades and picks (hello owen nolan) …
    but this is a hindsight comment here.
    i would even say that rebulding coming out of the lockout wouldnt have made sense — IF Ferguson was going to make the right moves. and he didnt. and there is no point saying 'i told ou so about that' because he was hired and should have been given a chance.
    in reality, he was never given full autonomy. period.
    hopefully NOW the rebuild happens because JFJ had his chance (despite the stupidity of the owners). its over, time for a change.
    top 5 pick? oh i hope we have 2 top 5 picks (if we trade with Anaheim/Edmonton). that would be nice
  25. saint says:

    Now, if only Jonathan Tavares can be drafted next year….


  26. nosnow_here says:

    Yep, The Leafs do suck.  I was at the game and watched the Yotes throttle the Leafs.  I say not only find a couple offensive threats and a new goaltender, you may want to find a couple of fighters as well.  Your guys got pummeled.  LMAO!!!

  27. leafsarebad says:

    hey guys how are you guys all today. i am not to fond of the leafs becaust they are not going in teh right direction keeping there captain. he is to old to be playing with 20 year olds. but thats not the point, i think they should make some trades but i found aa very good website on some info on them i think everyone should check it out it is called another one i found good info on was 

  28. mojo19 says:

    Dale Hunter would be stupid to stay with London Knights if the Leafs offered him a similar contract to what New Jersey gave Brent Sutter (about $3 million a year) there is no way an OHL franchise could match an NHL franchise period, never mind that its the Leaf$

  29. mojo19 says:

    Lapointe @ $ 5 million ??? HAHAHA leafsrgarbage, you don't much about hockey do you? Lapointe made that when he was with Boston years ago, he makes $2.4 mil per season, dummy.

  30. mojo19 says:

    That would be a good move if they can get it. Sundin for Edmonton's 1st rounder from Anaheim. The Leafs would be sure to draft twice in the top 10. I like it, hope it happens, plus we'd probably get a decent prospect along with the pick too, all of this of course depends on Burke's interest.

  31. 92-93 says:

    yup. the NHL hockey team that i cheer for certainly did get pummeled didn't they.

    you are correct there.
    um … 
    anything else?
  32. 92-93 says:

    (drools, shorts out the keyboard)

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