My View of the Leafs

It kills me to see the leafs in such chaos right now. It kills me to even look at the boxscores when i see the leafs losing to a team like phoenix…. I’m very frustrated right now with the entire organization with their performances at every level: ownership, front office, coaching, players. The leafs entered the season with much optimism with expectations to make the playoffs, but all seems very dim now. I know that the leafs are out of 8th place by a few points and that it is only about 1/4 of the season, I can only hope that the leafs will change things around. Lets look at the levels of the leafs organization and how we can possibly fix it.

Ownership: FIRE RICHARD PEDDIE!!!!!!!!! Peddie and other top MLSE executives need to be one cohesive unit: no disagreement towards jfj and direction of the franchise. The top guys are making JFJ’s life as toronto gm a living hell: to win and semi-rebuild – a feat which is impossible for the leafs in their current shape. Unless youre the penguins or ducks, we won’t be going anywhere with this approach. Plus Peddie is an idiot who thinks he knows hockey but actually doesn’t, so we need to replace him with either a guy who cares but knowingly admits that hes more of a business guy rather than a hockey guy or a straight up hockey guy.

GM: I admit that JFJ is a bonehead, except not as big a bonehead as everyone else says he is. He and maurice are the guys who are getting crucified for the leafs problems, but actually its the owners faults. Prior to the lockout, he made very typical leaf moves: mortgaging our future for a guy past his prime and signing big name guys. But after the lockout, he entered a sticky situation: the owen nolan thing (which i wish fergie just paid nolan and we kept him), we were already were near the cap, and we had big contracts on our payroll. To describe JFJ in one word, he would be a gambler. A losing gambler. He is a creative GM, but they usually don’t pan out based on performance and how much they cost. I thought the raycroft and toskala trades were very intriguing and both could have gone either way (personally toskala’s trade status is still pending). He’s had pretty decent signings: peca, lindros, jason allison (most people called him garbage but he was so much better than anyone else who was available), chad kilger, bates battaglia, and boyd deveraux became solid contributors to a thin leafs squad. Finally, he’s drafted pretty well: tlutsy, rask, pogge, kulemin, strallman, and mitchell. Overall, jfj is an unlucky GM who has made many questionable but desparate moves just to save his job (mccabe, kubina, not resigning peca). When he was first hired, he was alright because he was guarenteed a couple of years so the team could head in his direction. I say that we need to either cut ties with him now and possibly hire wendel clark, doug gilmour,or lanny macdonald as gm or give him a couple of years to try and turn this mess around without any pressure from the execs.

Coach: The paul maurice hiring was supposed to be a good hiring. It diverged from the easy going pat quinn days so we could compete with younger faster players. What happenned to all the enthusiasm and effort mo was known for? It appears that it all went away along with the pride of the organization. Mo is known to be a to-the-point soft-spoken coach. He needs to shed that image and call out players who aren’t performing whether it be publicly or privately. If he can’t spark the players, he needs to be let loose and possibly replaced with pat burns, bob hartley, bryan murray, or even (this is gonna kill many) pat quinn.

Players: no comment… it’s like we’ve given up and we don’t care. changes need to be made.

here are some trades:
to make a run:
poni + 3rd to kings for priessing or brad stuart – we need d!
mccabe to islanders for sillinger + 3rd – we need grit
let jeremy williams play!

to rebuild:
sundin to sj/pitt for 1st + top prospect (this is what the thrashers got for tkachuck so its pretty acceptable)
mccabe to islanders for marc-andre bergeron (hes pretty solid defensively and way cheaper than mccabe)
kubina + raycroft to col for theodore + 4th round pick (theo has 1 year left on his conract and we can find a gem in the 4th round)