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Those are my topics.

Nabokov; Sharkie migrating in Atlantic Ocean?

Bruins; How do you cram all that Grahame?

Isle’s; Last season a fluke?

Habs; Je nes parles pas francais, but I do understand that this team needs defense.

Toronto; Quinn, are ya KIDDing, or MAD?

Rucinsky; $3 million? Rethink again. $2 million? Rethink again.

Thrashers; Who are they thrashing again?Ok, so far the Sharks are 1-2-0-0. Plan A: Re-sign Nabokov- failed. Plan B: Play Kiprusoff the back-up- failed. Plan C: Plays Kiprusoff’s back-up Toskala- plan’s working fine. I’ve watched Toskala in two games and so far he looks solid. How did Nabokov get his chance? Shields was on IR, Nabokov got his chance and won the starting job. Nabokov is not signed, Toskala gets the chance and so far he has the starting job. If Toskala keeps playing well, and the Sharks start winning games, the talks with Nabokov will cool off.This could be a great thing for the Sharks because:

1: The can deal Nabokov for quality players in return.

2: They save money.

However, this is a gamble…because:

1: Toskala might not play well all season.

2: Sharks can’t be good forever, they must reach the Finals soon. If Toskala has a solid season, what about playoffs?

The situation is, the Sharks have now three goalies, Toskala, Kiprusoff, Nabokov. Once they sign Nabokov, Kiprusoff will most likely be removed. Though right now it’s all just a blur on the Nabokov saga, if he does get traded…this guy’s heading to Boston.

Are they the Boston Ruins? Grahame was having a solid start, and goes down with an injury. Shields hasn’t shielded that many pucks, and forget it…he can’t be the starter. He couldn’t beat Grahame for the starting job, he can he beat? Can Grahame rebound from the injury? We don’t know. The Bruins will definitely look into getting a goalie, but most likely a defenseman when trading Kyle McLaren. If the Nabokov story ends in San Jose, I say Nabokov to Boston for Roslton, McLaren, and a pick.

So far, not so good for the Islanders. Peca is missing, and is that the main problem with this team? Naaa, it can’t be! He is a key player but this team can’t be good with only Peca on the line-up. Asham as a top line forward? I recall the enforcer couldn’t even make the Canadiens 4th line. Mad Mike has got to pull a trade sometime soon. Though it was a HUGE plus tieing against the Flyers, the Isle’s are not as strong, and tricky, as they were last season. My doubts on them being a sure playoff team.

Theodore has a cold. No, not that cold, just a cold start. Hackett did fantastic against the Red Wings, beautiful way to spoil their home opener. However, that win doesn’t keep Hackett a Hab. The Canadiens need to upgrade their team. Their offense seems ok, not worth fixing yet, but their defense is on the weak side now that the clutch and grab startegy is disallowed. Expect the Habs to pull a trade if they are having trouble winning. How about now before any other team that needs a goalie will sign Dafoe.

Pat Quinn has a solid line with Tucker-Sundin-Mogilny. But, what’s after that? Not much at all. The Leafs have an easy team to beat on even strength. Three out of the five goals scored against the troubling Coyotes (no more clutch and grab!) were even strength. This team needs more. It needs a stronger 2nd line. Shifting Tucker to the second line and acquiring someone else for the first line should help significantly. This team is a chaos without Belfour. eird but true. Kidder played a poor game against the Penguins and the Rangers. Goaltending is still a big question mark on the Leafs.

Rucinsky is wasting his time. Rumors discuss that he will end up on the Devils, Blues, Rangers, or Toronto. Cross out the Devils. Rucinsky will be just a bit better than Kamensky was last season. He will be a waste of time on the Devils. Blues don’t need Rucinsky, and that will only put Pleau’s job at risk if signed. Rangers, as of now, are not interested in Rucinsky, not until they make a trade to have enough salary space left for Rucinsky. I doubt that will happen. Nedved’s been good with Lindros and Bure. Holik line is solid, but has yet to become a threat offensively. Right now Rucinsky is not needed in NYC.

So my pick is Toronto. Here’s an IF statement:

If Rucinsky turned his season around with Lindros and Bure, he should have a solid season with Sundin and Mogilny. He could be a perfect fit on that line, he comes in at less than $2 million, and Tucker is then shifted to the 2nd line, more depth.

Here are goalies that could be available (some already are):

Dafoe, Nabokov, Brathwaite, Johnson, Hackett, Noronen, DiPietro. What if the Blues sign Dafoe, where will Johnson go? Where can the Canadiens trade Hackett? Something tells me one NHL goalie will remain unemployed.

Nashville Predators are a solid team now. The Wild are a solid team now, The Blue Jackets will be a solid team. The Thrashers are taking a while to be a solid team. Sure, some good players on the team, like Kovalchuk, Heatley, Smehlik, Hnilicka, McEarchen….but that’s about it. What has Waddell been doing all this time? Ido have strong faith in former first overall Patrick Stefan, but what happened to the other drafted players in other rounds? Maybe it’s the coaching? The defense is almost non exitent on both ends of the ice. This team drafts poorly, only making no brainer first round picks. I’m sensing a new coach and then a new manager in a matter of two seasons.

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  1. The_Baron says:

    I don’t understand why you think they should break up theSundin, Tucker and Mogilny line, they have great chemistry. Tucker is the perfect type of player to play with the skillful Mogilny and Sundin. You toss Rucinsky in and you mess that up. He’s just not as rough and tumble as Tucker. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If/when this line starts to stumble, then you might consider breaking it up, but right now, it’s one of the best lines in the league. One would be very foolish to alter it. Only problem I see with the line is that it isn’t very good defensively.

  2. mikster says:

    Four out of Mogilny’s 9 points are PP.

    Five out of Tucker’s 9 points are PP.

    Five our of Sundin’s 8 points are PP.

    Not so dangerous at even strength, especially before the Phoenix game, but great on the PP.

    A one line team will not last long, especially when the 2nd and 3rd lines are ineffective.

  3. cwhockey says:

    As most of us know, drafting in the later rounds is a crap shoot. You might get lucky, you might not. It’s extremely difficult to know which late round picks will turn into NHL players, and even the best GMs in the league will tell you they have gotten lucky with later round picks. This is one of the reasons I don’t believe that Atlanta has drafted poorly; after the first few rounds it’s pretty much luck.

    Nashville has been on the verge for a couple of years, but can’t break over the top. Solid maybe, but even contending for a playoff spot is a ways down the road.

    Minnesota plays a defensive system which will be hurt by the new rules. Still, they have a great coach and should play well but their time is not now.

    Columbus has a chance to be a solid team. But if you take a look at their organizational depth, their NHL players now better be amazing for the next 4-5 years if they have any shot at respectability.

    I have my doubts about Fraser. Maybe a new coach will help the Thrashers. But I think their GM is just fine. Look at their trade last year with Phoenix: Safronov and Zainullin for Hordichuk and a 4th rounder. Hordy is a goon who could turn into a decent defensive player, Safronov and Zainullin are skilled offensive players. Not as stupid as the Tampa Bay draft day fiasco, but close. Waddell is doing a solid job. The expansion teams of today entered a league with an already diluted talent pool. Unless you want to mortgage the future (like Florida did before), these teams need a lot of time before judgment can be passed.

  4. mikster says:

    1st, 2nd, and 3rd round are usually the ones where are strong. Look at Rangers’ Fedor Tjutin, 2nd round pick and he is listed as one of the top prospects.

    Basically….where are the 2nd round picks from Atlanta?

  5. Habs4ever says:

    Oh man the Habs need defense bad. Losing 6-1 against Buffalo? BUFFALO???????I mean losing 6-1 to Detroit or to Colorado would make sense but come on….I used to think Andre Savard had done a good job with the Asham/Czerkawski trade until I saw Czerkawski play. Oh man. Does he even have a shot on goal apart from the empty netter he scored against New York? I don’t like him. Bringing in McKay was good but we need more strength and grit. I would have liked to see Lapointe sign with the Habs 2 summers ago but waaaaay overpriced. Jody Shelley from Columbus would be good. But there is no way Columbus wants Hackett. Man….I had put the Canadiens as a sure playoff team, but I’m not so sure anymore. DEFENSE!

  6. cwhockey says:

    I could be off a bit on this one, but these are the second (and possibly third round picks) of the Thrashers:

    Luke Sellars

    Zdenek Blatny

    Ilya Nikulin

    Libor Ustrnul

    Michael Garnett

    Didn’t include this year, way too soon to know about them yet. But these guys are still young. Remember, the Thrashers have only had four drafts and, in most cases, it takes hockey players a while to get to the NHL level. Of those I listed, the bottom three are excellent prospects who just need a bit more time. The other two are iffy right now, but still have a shot.

    The recent expansion teams are just too young. Can’t expect these superstars every draft. One reason I think is that many hockey fans just don’t think that much about Atlanta outside the obvious names, which I can understand in many ways. You pay more attention to your favorite team and the others, especially a new and struggling team, doesn’t have much interest outside the big names. In my opinion, and this opinion is share by other with much more hockey knowledge than me, the Thrashers are in the top five in terms of prospects/organizational depth. Two years ago, their IHL affiliate won the title. Last year both their AHL and ECHL affiliates won titles. Time will tell if this means anything, but it bodes well for the future of the Thrashers

  7. Tradedude says:

    Great Article, i like the storyies and rumors on some teams and players. But i have a question, Is Rucinsky rumoured to the leafs? if so, does he want to join the leafs?

    and another thing, i dont think they should break up the MAD line, the corson line was fine in phoenix, should be O.K. in the future, maybe Rucinsky on the 2nd line with corson and mccauley, could be a good fit into this hockey club, how much is this guy want for money anyway?

    one more thing, I think Toskala should be a starter, i mean he’s doing great, if he can keep it up he should be a future star goalie (maybe even like theodore, but lets not expect too much, its only 2 games). I dont know, he has a cool goalie name, and should fill nabokov’s spot, FOR NOW!

    o.k. i guess, just ONE more thing (quit rushing me dammit, lol) For all you leaf fans out there that have seen Antopov play lately, Who thinks Antopov should be lifted to the second line with reichel and domi, (not only to see the size difference between antopov 6″5 and domi 5″8). i mean Hoglund was no good on the 1st line, nor 2nd or 3rd, so just through him away or through him on leafs’ 4th line. antropov has really impressed me scoring 2 goals in 5 GAMES, did anyone realize in the last minute of play in the game of the RANGER game on tuesday, when leafs pulled Kidd from the goal, they used Antropov as an extra attacker, i think Quinn is finally realizing he is making a slight adjustment to this leafs club and should play most of the games this year, and he is finally living up to his expectations of 10th overall draft position (if he continues his success, Ofcourse!)

    Well! that all, i have to say about this article, its a great article, and nothing else to it, im sure it took him alot of time and Thinking effort, and going to sites and all to find the stuff out,

    oh and can someone reply back answering the questions in the 1st paragraph of my rushed post! Thanks alot everyone for rushing me! :@ lol

  8. YingYan says:


    * runs over the hills in shame *

    Seriously nice post & i have to feel bad for the Bruins, i’m not antisemitic by any mean but they have stereotypical jewish super greedy owners that never got a clue that a winner brings dough on the table. It’s really bad that they ship Ray, he wins then they actually ask him to come back and… oh i give up with the Bruins, shoving talent outta window while overpaying Lapointe etc…

    What the?!?

    p.s. Again (just in case) i’m anti-bigotry, the jew stereotype is just too real this time.

  9. mikster says:

    It’s a possibility for Rucinsky to end up in Toronto. I just think that the MAD line might not last that long. Rucinsky is seeking $3 million but Sather just lowered his price tag at $1.5 million, so my guess is that Rucinsky is now seeking closer to $2 million. Rucinsky could be of use if put on the right line.

    Toskala should be able to get it going, especially if the Sharks play good hockey.

    Antropov made a few good plays against the Rangers, though Richter gently gave Antropov a nice rebound. I think he is just starting to play better himself, slowly….

    With someone his size, he has to plow to the net.

  10. HoCk03 says:

    I have to say about the Islanders, the major problem this season has been goaltending Osgood just hasn’t been that good. He hasn’t faced many shots and has still given up more then a few bad goals. As far as Asham is concerned I don’t care where he played last year so what he couldnt make the habs 4th line. Shawn Bates couldn’t make Bostons 4th line either 2 years ago and look where he is now some players play better when given a shot. Bates proved that. Asham has played solid for the Islanders no one expects him to score 40 goals but he is physical and not bad with the puck he made a nice play on Scatchards goal the other night. I’m not too worried about the Islanders I think come playoff time they’ll be right in the middle of things.

  11. aaron says:

    Hey, your “solid” Predators are 0-4 now, including getting spanked by the Blues like 7-2. Otherwise, great article.

  12. MyCaptain11 says:

    you mean the blue jackets, not the predators

  13. The_Baron says:

    Honestly dude, the Leafs have been on the powerplay a whole lot this year, like everyone else. I think your stat is meaningless. As well, against Phoenix, the Corson/Renberg/McCauley line scored goals. They’re not exactly a one line team like you think they are.

  14. Tradedude says:

    i heard that quinn has up to $10 million to spend, he could sign someone, he could trade for someone, rucinsky’s what? 31-32 years of age, another veteran added to the leafs. the MAD line might break up, but right now there on a HOT streak so things should continue to go well for that line. it might break up, but it be a slow process to do which, this line could break up do to injuries (mogilny) sooner or later, im predicting it will break up somewhere along the lines of 4/7 of the season, in that case, it will break up 4 months from now, approx. just a guess.

    and antropov, i agree is slowly turning into a scorer, i just would like tyo see domi, antropov and reichel together, that line (but with hoglund, not antropov) is doing better than expected, but hoglund is invisible on that line, the line could improve if antropov steps in.

  15. Tradedude says:

    im sure he means both the jackets and predz, if sanderson / cassels (sniper / playmaker) strike opponents better look out, if they sanderson can stay healthy..


  16. big_booty says:

    I highly doubt a third-string goalie will lead the Sharks to the post-season. Just because he is getting his shot in the same manner that Nabakov did does not make them equals.

    Nabakov won’t go to Boston, the tight-fisted Bruins just don’t trade for holdout players. The get rid of them. They didn’t even make Dafoe an offer, so what makes you think they would negotiate with Nabakov?

    Wow, we actually agree on something. The Islanders aren’t all they are cracked up to be. This team caught lightning in a bottle last year, and to expect that they will go on a tear once their beloved (and hated) Peca back is just plain foolish.

    I’m still not sold on Theodore. I think the Canadiens are doing themselves a favor by holding on to Hackett. Theodore had one good season in six, so we could see that he might be the second coming of Jim Carey. He’ll have a .500 season, mark my words. As for their defense, any GM that relies on the defensive prowess of Patrice Brisebois and Karl Dykhuis ought to be put in serious psychotherapy for treatment of paranoid delusions.

    Quinn has lost it, and his (and the rest of his staff’s) piss-poor attempts at playing the spin doctor are growing more and more irritating. He could be this year’s Bill Barber, picking stilletos out of his back after the season. I hope the Mats Sundin contract was worth it.

    What is your obsession with Martin Rucinsky? Face it, kid. He’s not coming back to the Rangers, and that’s actually a good thing for them. Rucinsky is past his prime, and in his prime he wasn’t that good. He wants too much money. Let him go play across the pond.

    As for trading goalies, DiPietro gets my vote. Mad Mike will push the panic button some time in December, when he realizes that his team needs more scoring. Hackett sticks around in Montreal as insurance, Nabakov will eventually head back to the tank, and the two-headed monster in St. Louis keeps plugging along.

    How can a solid team have nothing in the win column? Nashville is taking the long and winding road, paved with lots of losses. Nobody talks about the Wild, they’re just so boring. Blue Jackets? I have yet to hear that the vaunted Sanderson-Cassels connection is tearing up the league, and golden child Rick Nash just got his bell rung for the first time. As for Atlanta, they could be real good in a year or two, I don’t think a coaching change is in order. Stefan has been invisible, he won’t last. They need two more defensemen.

  17. mikster says:

    McAuley line had one good game against a struggling team that has been outplayed in almost every game, and Amonte hasn’t done much at all.

    Right now, the Leafs are mainly scoring with one line, and mostly on the PP.

    I think that when the Leafs can’t score much, they should go out and get Rucinsky.

  18. mikster says:

    I watched them again last night, and the Thrashers are really in trouble. First thing is first is firing Fraser. The team has no strategy at all.

  19. mikster says:

    DO NOT MAKE ANY COMMENTS ON ANY RELIGION. I already had some complaints regarding those type of comments.

    I am glad you agree with me, but leave the jewish thing out.

  20. mikster says:

    I always did like Asham, and it’s not that Czerkawski is doing well in Montreal either. But, the Isle’s really need Peca back. They don’t look as good. I really do think, however, that the first 20 games last season were flukes. Everyone played the Isle’s too easily last season, not anymore though.

    I am only going to judge this team once Peca is back. But, as of now….i do have doubts on them making the playoffs.

    As for goaltending, i think Osgood will start his engines soon. So far the Rangers goaltending has been ‘so-so’ too. Richter came in cold in Pittsburgh when Blackburn got hurt few minutes before face-off. Blackburn had a horrible 2nd period aginst the Sabres, but came back strong in the 3rd.

    So, i still think Osgood and Snow is a good tandem. However, this does keep DiPietro from being dealt.

  21. mikster says:

    B’Jacks lost 7-2 against the Blues.

    I still have a good feeling with the Predators, it’s only a matter of time before they get their offense going. They need an offensive leader though, much needed on the PP. I watched the game against the Devils and they almost beat them. Devils still didn’t impress me in their 3 wins, they haven’t dominated anything. The only reason why they win is because of their defense. Deja vu…..1995.

  22. destro909 says:

    I sincerely doubt the Sharks would go with Toskala as their starter after only starting a single game in the NHL. He didn’t even play all that well, he let in 3 goals on 22 shots, against an Oiler team that came out somewhat flat.

    You compare the situation with Toskala to the situation with Nabokov a couple years ago. However, that was entirely different. First, Nabokov got his chance as starter because Shields was injured. The Sharks knew that Shields would be back, so even if Nabokov started tanking it, they would still have a goalie that they could depend on (or so they thought then). In this case, Toskala only got the start because Nabokov is unsigned and Kiprusoff is not stopping enough pucks. They will not attempt to play Toskala as their starter because its a huge risk – they have no one proven to step up.

    Kiprusoff may have potential, but I don’t think he has proven himself as a starter quite yet.

    Anyways, the whole reason for starting Toskala was just to shake up Kiprusoff and the rest of the Sharks. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kiprusoff back in the net tonight. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Nabokov signed if Kiprusoff has another bad outing.

  23. mikster says:

    “I highly doubt a third-string goalie will lead the Sharks to the post-season. Just because he is getting his shot in the same manner that Nabakov did does not make them equals.”

    I doubt it too, but possibilities are always there.

    “Nabakov won’t go to Boston, the tight-fisted Bruins just don’t trade for holdout players. The get rid of them. They didn’t even make Dafoe an offer, so what makes you think they would negotiate with Nabakov?”

    Bruins will realize that they have poor goaltending throughout the season. Shields is just a back-up, and Grahame is just the type of goalie who will play 6 great games and 6 horrible games. Nabokov is young, more talented than Dafoe, and why not? However, the only reason why Nabokov isn’t playing is that Lombardi wants to keep him for 4,5 seasons, Naby wants 2,3 seasons.

    “Wow, we actually agree on something. The Islanders aren’t all they are cracked up to be. This team caught lightning in a bottle last year, and to expect that they will go on a tear once their beloved (and hated) Peca back is just plain foolish.”

    Remember when i made my predictions of last season that the Isle’s wouldn’t make the playoffs, or maybe end up 9th? This is exactly why. Obviously i’d only be right by the time Peca comes back, and then we’ll see the real Isle’s team. I say last season was a fluke, that 9-0-1-1 start made them reach the playoffs; that’s 19 points.

    For Theodore, he is too talented to consider him the next Jim Carey. You’re basing Theodores 6 season career on one game he played in 96, 16 games in 97, 18 games in 99, 30 games in 2000. Those shouldn’t be counted really. I think Theodore needs a better defensive corp in front of him. I say Michel Therien gets kicked, and Robinson comes in. Hackett should be traded, paying $4 million won’t help this team improve. At least try to get a solid 4th d-man for him.

    As for Rucinsky, i am facing it because it’s what i said. Rangers don’t need him at all right now, and i doubt he’ll come back. Sather will have to trade someone in order to sign him. That’ll only happen if injuries start coming along. Rucinsky is past his prime, but i liked how he played on the Lindros line. He worked well in the corners, and played very well in the neutral zone. So, my reasoning is if he worked well with E and Bure, he could work well with Sundin and AlMo. It’s a long shot, but worth storing the idea in your mind.

    DiPietro could be traded, since it is Mad Mike who traded many of his top rounders. However, one Isle’s fan said that Isle’s goaltending hasn’t been great (Snow did well against the Flyers), so i think that once Osgood gets his engines running faster, and Mike signs him to a new deal, DiPietro gets traded.

    I think the Predators are very underrated. Sure they haven’t won, yet, and i hope they lose to the Rangers. But, they have a good core of young players. Upshall is playing well, Hartnell is a good player, Arkhipov, Orszagh, Delmore, Hall, Legwand, and other good players. What they need is a leader on the offense, especially on the PP. They played pretty well against a very poor offensive team like the Devils (watched all three games and i am clueless as to why they won all three-very unimpressed with the forwards, beautiful defense though). Give them time, they’ll come together and finish well.

    0-3-0-1 tells me squat.

    Thrashers have a lonnnnnnnng way to go for them to be a decent team. After watching them twice, and especially last night, they look lost, playing w/o system. I have LOTS of faith in Stefan and so far he has 4 points in 4 games. He’s been very visible to me. This team has no defensive system, no discipline, very weak offense. They are a much lesser Rangers team of last season. Kovalchuk’s and Heatly’s goals/points mean nothing when they lose 8-5. This team isn’t going anywhere.

  24. mikster says:

    I watched the Sharks game and Toskala played very well against the Oilers. That 3rd goal was impossible to save because, i think on the PP< there was an Oiler open right in front of Toskala and he one-timed it in. Poor defense created those goals against. I think they will go with 10 games w/o Nabokov. It's a matter of how long they want the contract to be. Naby wants 2,3 year deal while Lombardi wants 4,5.

  25. acebailey says:

    “John Grahame, who was hurt in Vancouver on Wednesday night and has a second-degree right shoulder separation, will likely be out 2-3 weeks.”

    Am I the only person in the world who saw the Boston-Calgary game the other nite? I thought Shields was awesome. I have been watching Grahame for a long time, and I have a good feel for what he is capable of, I think Shields is the obvious #1 goalie. If you look at my previous posts on this matter, you will see I am no Shields fan, but I have to give him credit. Sure, I would rather see Nabokov in the Bruins net, but I think Shields might have what it takes. Shields stood on his head, and made some friggin amazing saves to keep that game tied. He was wicked awesome.

  26. habs_88_4life says:

    Dude, it is very evident you didn’t watch pre-season games because if you had you would of saw Czerkawski’s skill. He’s just on a cold streak as are many othe habs. Patience will show.

  27. mikster says:

    One game tells me squat. Shields has more to prove. He can be number one, but not a solid number one goalie.

  28. RageMan says:

    Hey YingYan, I’m “anti-bigotry” too … some of my best friends are black. You claim to be from Montreal, but a gratuitous slur like that could only come from a Rangers or Leafs fan. Burn in hell you Nazi pig. Go spread your racist drivel somewhere else. It has no place on a hockey, or any other civilized, site.

    Angry JEWISH Isles Fan

  29. mikster says:

    Sorry about that. It already happened once.

    We’d appreciate it if you would leave this, and forget about it, meaning we don’t want to see a ‘fight’ start.

    Sorry again,

    HTR Staff

  30. RageMan says:

    I had no problem with your initial post, but the cretinous response was ludicrous. BTW, I think you and many others underestimate the Isles’ team chemistry, which should allow them to hover around .500 pending Peca’s (early) return. I agree with you, though, that Milbury will eventually hit the panic button and unload DiPietro for scoring help. But losing a prospect — or established player like Isbister or Kvasha — for that help doesn’t excuse their failure to bring in a free agent scorer during the off-season.

  31. aaron says:

    Whoops, my bad. It was the Jackets. Ok, so both the Jackets and Preds are doing poorly. :b

  32. Habs4ever says:

    I’ve always hated Czerkawski. Even when I saw him in the preseason when he isnt consistent. One strong shift, 2 bad shifts. I hate this guy.

  33. The_Baron says:

    The problem with that statement is that you say “when” instead of “if” I don’t think you can be making these judgement calls this early in the season. You’re usually pretty good with backing up your points with evidence, this time though, you don’t have the evidence. I think there’s just not enough of it to base anything upon yet. As well, I don’t get your logic of faulting a line and trying to break it up because it’s playing VERY well.

  34. NYIchooch75 says:

    I’m not worried about the Islanders at all. It’s only 5 games into the season and they haven’t hit their stride yet. They have a lot of new players in the lineup an need time to gel. Torres, Mapletoft, Asham, Weimer, Timander, Gogard and even Martinek. Hey, any team that comes from behind on the road after playing a terrible game against Philly is doing something right.

    Yes, they do need someone to score and play on Yashin’s line, but guys like Scatchard and Parrish have pretty good and have stepped it up. And I’ll tell you what, the best young winger in the New York area right now is Torres. He’s playing awesome, and Mapletoft is playing pretty damn good too. Nice play on Lapointes goal tonight.

    So, look at the East, only Philly and the Devils are playing well so far. The Leafs look terrible and the Rangers think that a 2 goal lead after the first period is enough to win. Also, look at Tampa for Christ’s sake!POWERHOUSE! And is Buffalo really a scoring machine? How long is Pittsburgh going to ride their first line? It it waaaay to early to pick apart any team.

  35. acebailey says:

    Well I thought he was going to totally blow it. The glass is half full as far as I am concerned. Did you see Tim Thomas tonite?

    He gave up some bad rebounds, but he was better than Salo anyway. I like what I have seen from Thomas and Shields so far, but Thomas could be a #2 guys at best.

  36. acebailey says:

    OK. Tim Thomas got the start for the Bruins tonite against the Oilers. Is this just some strange happening? I don’t think so. Would Ftorek start a guy who has never played in the NHL, a 3rd string goalie, against a good team coming off a loss in their home building before they play on the road again… just for the heck of it??? Ummmm NO.

    There is somthing up. Here are my theories:

    1) The Bruins are considering a trade with Edmonton, perhaps some variation on the rumored Reasoner/ Marchant for Mclarren trade. Maybe the Oilers want a goalie, and they are trying to put togather a package, and the Bs were showcasing Thomas for the Oilers organization, who have had really no chance to ever see him play because he has been in Europe for the last 2 years.

    2) The Bruins are going to trade Mclarren for a goalie and wanted to see what Thomas could do, because the Bruins will have to cut someone loose if they get one more netminder. Or maybe they will trade Mclarren for a goalie, and want to incorporate one of their goalies, maybe Thomas in on the deal.

    What do you guys think? Either way, nice win for Thomas tonite!

  37. mikster says:

    It’s a hunch, some time this season the MAD line will be ineffective. Still dangerous, but not scoring enough and the 2nd line not scoring much at all.

  38. mikster says:

    Oilers are a struggling team, I just need to see more. I watched Thomas once, and he looks good, quite talented. I am still not convinced with the Bruins goaltending.

  39. mikster says:

    Oilers can’t afford McLaren, too expensive for them. Oilers need offensive and defensive help.

  40. The_Baron says:

    True enough, we’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

  41. acebailey says:

    Well their back up goalie is probably the most unrecognizeable names I have ever heard. I have at least heard of most of the back up guys in the league, but not this Finnish kid. And Salos game has been in the gutter since the olympics in my opinion. The Bruins have #2 goalies to burn if Grahame gets healthy again, and Thomas will probably retire after this year if he is not playing in the NHL, he intended to do this last year. They might as well get somthing for him.

  42. SoixanteSix says:

    would the bruins think about tommy barasso. he would come at a reasonably cheap rate and wouldnt cost the bruins any players. He played solidly last yr, temporarily winning ths starting job from arturs “like wall” irbe.

    i have to admit in posting this that i had completely forgotten about him till i read penguins q&a on the other day.

  43. acebailey says:

    No one seems to know if Barrasso has stayed in game shape, or if he has hung up his skates. The Bruins approached him when Grahame messed up his ankle a few years back, when Raycroft was put in as #1. Barrasso told the Bruins at that time that he wasn’t interedted unless it was a full time #1 position he would be getting. He had a different attitude with the Canes, maybe he would come back, but the current Bruins goalies look better and better every game. Too soon to tell for sure, but man they could be playing alot worse.

  44. Lapointefan says:

    If you are going to write about the isles,can you at least get your info right?Asham’s playing on the 3rd and 4th lines,not the 1st.Isles are working several new players into their lineup:Torres,Weimer,Asham,Mapletoft,Timmander.They are 2-2-1-0.One pt behind the rangers,2 pts behind the Devils.I like the isles chances of a playoff berth a lot better then the rangers,who looked awful against TB last night.

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