Nabokov, Bruins, Isle's, Habs, Swarm of Goalies, Toronto, Rucinsky, Thrashers

Those are my topics.

Nabokov; Sharkie migrating in Atlantic Ocean?

Bruins; How do you cram all that Grahame?

Isle’s; Last season a fluke?

Habs; Je nes parles pas francais, but I do understand that this team needs defense.

Toronto; Quinn, are ya KIDDing, or MAD?

Rucinsky; $3 million? Rethink again. $2 million? Rethink again.

Thrashers; Who are they thrashing again?Ok, so far the Sharks are 1-2-0-0. Plan A: Re-sign Nabokov- failed. Plan B: Play Kiprusoff the back-up- failed. Plan C: Plays Kiprusoff’s back-up Toskala- plan’s working fine. I’ve watched Toskala in two games and so far he looks solid. How did Nabokov get his chance? Shields was on IR, Nabokov got his chance and won the starting job. Nabokov is not signed, Toskala gets the chance and so far he has the starting job. If Toskala keeps playing well, and the Sharks start winning games, the talks with Nabokov will cool off.This could be a great thing for the Sharks because:

1: The can deal Nabokov for quality players in return.

2: They save money.

However, this is a gamble…because:

1: Toskala might not play well all season.

2: Sharks can’t be good forever, they must reach the Finals soon. If Toskala has a solid season, what about playoffs?

The situation is, the Sharks have now three goalies, Toskala, Kiprusoff, Nabokov. Once they sign Nabokov, Kiprusoff will most likely be removed. Though right now it’s all just a blur on the Nabokov saga, if he does get traded…this guy’s heading to Boston.

Are they the Boston Ruins? Grahame was having a solid start, and goes down with an injury. Shields hasn’t shielded that many pucks, and forget it…he can’t be the starter. He couldn’t beat Grahame for the starting job, he can he beat? Can Grahame rebound from the injury? We don’t know. The Bruins will definitely look into getting a goalie, but most likely a defenseman when trading Kyle McLaren. If the Nabokov story ends in San Jose, I say Nabokov to Boston for Roslton, McLaren, and a pick.

So far, not so good for the Islanders. Peca is missing, and is that the main problem with this team? Naaa, it can’t be! He is a key player but this team can’t be good with only Peca on the line-up. Asham as a top line forward? I recall the enforcer couldn’t even make the Canadiens 4th line. Mad Mike has got to pull a trade sometime soon. Though it was a HUGE plus tieing against the Flyers, the Isle’s are not as strong, and tricky, as they were last season. My doubts on them being a sure playoff team.

Theodore has a cold. No, not that cold, just a cold start. Hackett did fantastic against the Red Wings, beautiful way to spoil their home opener. However, that win doesn’t keep Hackett a Hab. The Canadiens need to upgrade their team. Their offense seems ok, not worth fixing yet, but their defense is on the weak side now that the clutch and grab startegy is disallowed. Expect the Habs to pull a trade if they are having trouble winning. How about now before any other team that needs a goalie will sign Dafoe.

Pat Quinn has a solid line with Tucker-Sundin-Mogilny. But, what’s after that? Not much at all. The Leafs have an easy team to beat on even strength. Three out of the five goals scored against the troubling Coyotes (no more clutch and grab!) were even strength. This team needs more. It needs a stronger 2nd line. Shifting Tucker to the second line and acquiring someone else for the first line should help significantly. This team is a chaos without Belfour. eird but true. Kidder played a poor game against the Penguins and the Rangers. Goaltending is still a big question mark on the Leafs.

Rucinsky is wasting his time. Rumors discuss that he will end up on the Devils, Blues, Rangers, or Toronto. Cross out the Devils. Rucinsky will be just a bit better than Kamensky was last season. He will be a waste of time on the Devils. Blues don’t need Rucinsky, and that will only put Pleau’s job at risk if signed. Rangers, as of now, are not interested in Rucinsky, not until they make a trade to have enough salary space left for Rucinsky. I doubt that will happen. Nedved’s been good with Lindros and Bure. Holik line is solid, but has yet to become a threat offensively. Right now Rucinsky is not needed in NYC.

So my pick is Toronto. Here’s an IF statement:

If Rucinsky turned his season around with Lindros and Bure, he should have a solid season with Sundin and Mogilny. He could be a perfect fit on that line, he comes in at less than $2 million, and Tucker is then shifted to the 2nd line, more depth.

Here are goalies that could be available (some already are):

Dafoe, Nabokov, Brathwaite, Johnson, Hackett, Noronen, DiPietro. What if the Blues sign Dafoe, where will Johnson go? Where can the Canadiens trade Hackett? Something tells me one NHL goalie will remain unemployed.

Nashville Predators are a solid team now. The Wild are a solid team now, The Blue Jackets will be a solid team. The Thrashers are taking a while to be a solid team. Sure, some good players on the team, like Kovalchuk, Heatley, Smehlik, Hnilicka, McEarchen….but that’s about it. What has Waddell been doing all this time? Ido have strong faith in former first overall Patrick Stefan, but what happened to the other drafted players in other rounds? Maybe it’s the coaching? The defense is almost non exitent on both ends of the ice. This team drafts poorly, only making no brainer first round picks. I’m sensing a new coach and then a new manager in a matter of two seasons.