Nash won't change his list of teams.

The whole hockey world understands that he is the biggest name, and most talented player, available as the NHL trade deadline looms. The deadline is Monday at 3 p.m.

Nash was asked whether the specter of it had any impact on the team.

“We’ve got such a tight group of guys in here, a good bunch of guys, but everyone realizes there is a business side to this,” he said. “There have been so many rumors, so much speculation.”

Saturday, Nash’s agent, Joe Resnick, tried to nudge forward negotiations for a deal involving Nash by saying, essentially, that the Jackets would be doing themselves no favors by waiting.

“We’re hopeful a deal can get done prior to the trade deadline that is fair and equitable for the Blue Jackets,” Resnick told TSN. “However, if a deal is not reached, then the list of acceptable teams will not change at a later date.”

Nash was asked whether he agreed with his agent’s assertion that it would be better if he were moved before the deadline. “No comment,” Nash said.

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