Nashville shopping wingers?

With the signing of J.P. Dumont, the Nashville Predators may be forced to trade a forward. Scott Hartnell’s name has been mentioned due to his UFA status next summer. Other possibilities include Martin Erat and Scottie Upshall, who play the same position (right wing) as Dumont.

“Dumont’s signing is likely to impact the other Nashville forwards in the near future.

The team currently has 14 forwards that would have to clear waivers before being sent down to the American Hockey League, and that total does not include high-scoring junior Alexander Radulov, who’s likely to make a case for an NHL roster spot as well.

“If you add up what would be (NHL-caliber) forwards on our team, you’d probably have 15 now and we’re not going to carry 15,’’ Poile said. “It’s up to the coaches now to decide the lines and who to give the opportunity, too. I think it will make for an interesting training camp.’’

So just who might be on the block if and when the Predators decide to trade a forward?

Scott Hartnell is sure to be the subject of speculation because he’s scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. On the other hand, Hartnell is a top-nine forward with the ability to play a physical game — something the Predators don’t have in great quantity.

Other trade possibilities might include Martin Erat or Scottie Upshall, both of whom generally play the right wing, the same position as Dumont.

Erat seems to be coming into his own in terms of talent, but is scheduled to make $1.6 million this season. Upshall appears ready to make his mark in the NHL and will be making almost $1 million less than Erat this season.”

As a Penguins fan, I believe in a strong possibility than our GM Ray Shero, who has already had multiple dealings with his former club for personnel both on and off the ice, could pull off another move at right wing. I’m thinking since it is looking like Anson Carter will go to the Wings or Leafs that Martin Erat could make a great fit on the Penguins. Or else Scott Hartnell (who played on the same Team Canada as Crosby this year) could also fill Recchi’s spot (either this season, or the next). What we would trade in return (draft pick and/or a prospect at center?) is debatable.

What say you?

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  1. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    I figured they would be making a trade with somebody. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Bruins traded for somebody there after the first ten games when Zhamnov’s contract is exempt and if somebody doesn’t fill that second line spot.

  2. bleed_penguins says:

    I completely agree. As soon as I saw the name of the article I thought about a Nashville/Pens trade. Shero has already made some deals with Nashville and I don’t think he’d hesitate to do it again. Pittsburgh is out of their conference and with a Gm that you know and trust, it makes the trade all the more possible. I recently asked Eklund in chat and he said that the Penguins are looking to pick up another winger for the first or second line. This may be where they get him from.

  3. goleafsgo1991 says:

    Right now they look like this:

    Kariya Arnott Erat

    Sullivan Vasicek Dumont

    Hartnell Legwand Radulov

    Upshall Nichol Tootoo

    I’d say Upshall deserves to be a 3rd liner, Radulov and Hartnell 2nd liners, and Sullivan a 1st liner…but we’ll see what happens

  4. goleafsgo1991 says:

    For a penguins trade…here’s the classic Preds school of thought take

    To Pittsburgh: Upshall, Tootoo, Weber, Sullivan, 1st Round in 2008, 2nd Round in 2007

    To Nashville: Malkin

    Then the Preds would look like this





  5. habs4eva says:

    malkin on the second line i would arnott with rad.

    and kariya wit malkin

  6. kamullia says:

    Are you saying in other words that pigs fly in Nashville?

    Pittsburgh is basically in the same shoes as Nashville, although Nashville’s players are more prominent. If a trade with that many players going to Pittsburgh happened, they would in an even worse shape with the waivers situation than Nashville is now.

    Regardless, for now Malkin is untouchable as far as Shero is concerned.

  7. kamullia says:

    I am not sure anything else will happen with Nashville, especially now that the Pittsburgh camp is just a few days away.

    Pittsburgh’s and Nashville’s problems have been present for a while, and the fact that a trade that could have benefitted majorly on both fronts has not happened yet, leads to believe that a trade between the two will not materialize

    For one, Shero acquiring Recchi for $2.28M and then making a trade for a winger with Nashville would not seem to make much sense (not that signing Recchi made much sense already, in my view). And in order to alleviate Nashville’s problem, there would have to be more players leaving Nashville (than coming in), or players with two-way contracts and picks heading to Nashville.

    More players going to Pittsburgh (and leaving Nashville), would put Pittsburgh in a similar if not worse waivers situation than Nashville is, and in the event they did clear waivers, Pittsburgh has now reduced space in WBS since they are sharing some of their AHL spots with Edmonton this year. It just does not seem like a real open option at this point. And the other option of two-way players and picks going to Nashville, might not be too attractive for Nashville.

    The Penguins did get Pivko from Nashville, and that might be the extent of the player dealings between these two clubs.

  8. BruMagnus says:

    I agree it is simply speculation.

    But here are the facts.

    1) The Penguins were most definetly interested in a top six right winger. Are they still?

    2) The Penguins tried to sign Carter, but he rejected them (I have my sources).

    So unless his failed signing has made Shero stop looking for wingers, which I doubt, he is still in the market for one. So where will he get one? I doubt he’ll sign Bondra, Dvorak or Bure. I don’t want any of them for our top 6.

    3) Nashville has an abundance of forwards.

    4) With the recent signing of JP Dumont, which occured much later than the Recchi signing, the Preds will need to dump a winger or two.

    Since it’s obvious Shero and Nashville have had dealings, it’s possible they would have further dealings. I believe that talks could reopen between these two clubs due to the JP Dumont signing. That’s all really. Signing Recchi and then going after Anson Carter didn’t really make sense to me either.

    The only question then remains. What would the Pens give up for one of these wingers?

    I agree more players won’t help. And that’s why I suggest draft pick(s) and/or prospects at defense. If it isn’t attractive enough, then I guess a deal won’t happen. Because we both know Pittsburgh won’t be trading NHL ready defensemen.

  9. BruMagnus says:

    1) Who would the Bruins give up? Nashville especially needs defensemen.

    2) What’s going on with Zhamnov?

  10. BruMagnus says:

    My sources tell me the same thing.

    I couldn’t quite figure out why we would go for Anson Carter, given the fact that if we did, guys like Christensen and Ouellet would seem to have no room on the roster (not to mention Andre Roy).

    But apparently Shero wants a stronger forward for the top 6. I really like Erat, though Hartnell could fit well too. Even if we don’t trade for one of them, there’s still a few UFAs left, and even if we don’t pick one of them up, there’s always trades to be had during the season. And even if we don’t trade during the season, the roster looks pretty decent. The young guys should be given a chance to develop, because these guys could become better than the Erats and Hartnells.

  11. Marky2Fresh says:

    What would the Preds need? They seem set on forwards, D and in Net.

  12. goleafsgo1991 says:

    I’m saying Pittsburgh needs a young up-and-coming centre and that their development system has lacked a franchise player. Also that I’ve read several places Ray Shero is of the philosophy that a bunch of good players are better then a few great ones…imagine when Crosby, Malkin, Fleury, Whitney, Welch, and Staal all become FAs and want 6 or 7 million each…I doubt the salary cap will grow and that’ll atleast give them more lee-way. Plus it would give Pittsburgh a NHL-ready young defensive defenseman prospect, a grinder, a young player who can still score now that would play on Crosby’s wing (Pittsburgh’s system lacks goal scorers and wingers) a currently good winger to play on a flank now, and some nice picks. Plus, I’d put Malkin on the second line to start out so there isn’t as much pressure and a better transition, and I’d put him with his fellow countryman and draft-mate Radulov.

  13. kamullia says:

    Carter would not be a long-term solution for the Penguins, just a temporary one, (requiring replacement) and therefore it would have made sense in that light, plus the fact that it would only cost the Penguins money to acquire him. In a trade you are giving up more than just money. Therefore the question becomes, is the player worth it in the long-term (3-6 years from now)? If the answer is yes, then it is a smart use of the Penguins’ assets, so long as the player is there when he is needed the most.

    If a trade would be made for just a short-term solution, unless a Stanley Cup is part of the equation (and it is not part for the Penguins at this point), the trade is nothing more than a loss of assets and money.

    As far as the dealings between Shero and Nashville, there certainly have been many connections between the two thus far, but most of them have been at the management level. Shero has hired plenty of people who were part of Management and especially of the minor leagues (ECHL and AHL) of Nashville. But players dealings involving Nashville have only been two: 1) Pittsburgh acquiring Moore (who was really a Predator for an entire, oh, two seconds) and Pivko (who has seen next to no NHL time with the Predators, regardless of Shero’s faith in his abilities); 2) Pens signing Mark Eaton in Free-agency (not really a Nashville dealing).

    And therefore we have to say that direct dealings with Nashville for NHL players have been next to none. There is always possibilities for deals with Nashville, but so far there has been only one deal that involved GM Poile.

    The Penguins are and will certainly look for help on the wings, but they are looking for long-term help, not a patch-fix. If Shero is able to find the correct wing for their needs, he will be willing to give up more than most believe. But unless the right player is available this year, I doubt Shero would make a trade with anyone that involves anything other than Penguins picks or people in their last year of their contract. The Penguins can simply afford to wait at this point.

    I think the Penguins, Predators, and a few others are all waiting to see what they can get from New Jersey or the ramifications that will come from New Jersey trading with another club. I am of the opinion that if Lamoriello had found the right deal, he would have made the inevitable changes he needs to do for the cap in New Jersey. And hence I estimate that the Devils will be involved in several trades, and/or a major trade that would involve at least 3 teams. I believe Shero is waiting for this to transpire, but he will not necesarily make deal because of it. It certainly will not be a shock to anyone if the Penguins start the season with what they already have.

    Now if they start winning and look solid enough to make the playoffs come January, then the situation changes…

  14. peataters says:

    that would never in a millon years happen

  15. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    1) Bruins have some good depth at defense. Maybe young defenseman Matt Lashoff and a draft pick or two for some forward.

    2) Zhamnov’s ankle is still broken but as of right now, I think it’s safe to say that he’s not going to retire. But, after the first ten regular season games, his injury will be a “long term injury exemption” meaning that his $4million contract will not be counted against the cap. However, once he comes back from his injury, we will need to make sure there is still those extra $4million available.

  16. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    I forgot to mention, they are actually believed to be willing to trade a young defenseman (probably Lashoff) for a forward. If it were a straightup trade we would have to trade for another prospect, but if we toss a draft pick in, we might get a proven NHL forward.

  17. bammer91 says:

    the only thing the preds need that i can see is another d-men but they already have good defence…..maybe a backup goalie?

  18. kamullia says:

    Young up-and-coming centers is ALL that Pittsburgh seems to draft (other than this year, where they only took one forward). I am sure you meant something else.

    I also do understand the philosophy of Shero, but a train of thought is not strict and unbendable. When we are talking players of the caliber of Crosby and what Malkin seems to be, you do not pass up on those. These are players that go beyond “great”. I could not imagine Edmonton, Pittsburgh, or Detroit having passed up on Gretzky, Lemieux, or Yzerman. However, if both Crosby and Malkin turn out to be as good as expected, there is good possibilities one might be eventually shown the door.

  19. Habroller says:

    That post shouldn’t be under Nashville Predators, but under Pittsburgh Penguins…

  20. thatleafsguy says:

    Hartnell to Toronto for Stajan and Harrison.

  21. CaptainInsano says:





  22. goleafsgo1991 says:

    *Sorry I meant all Nashville needs…

  23. goleafsgo1991 says:

    Hartnell is a LW, and supposedly Erat’s been prettty much quarenteed the First Line RW spot.

  24. goleafsgo1991 says:

    What about just pawning Jerred Smithson, Darcy Hordichuk (who’s expendable because of Tootoo) and Vernon Fiddler

  25. OldGoalie says:

    Why not just throw Crosby and Fleury in, too? You have a better chance of seeing a resurrected Maurice Richard in a Nashville uniform than you do of seeing Malkin there this year.

    You simply do not trade a player with Malkin’s combination of youth, skill, and relatively low salary for that collection of…whatever you want to call it. Age is an issue (Sullivan is 32), iffiness is an issue (Upshall has never scored more than 19 goals as a professional, even counting the AHL, while Sullivan has played 70+ games only three times in his career, and has only broken 30 goals twice in his career, with literally every other season falling in the 9-26 goal range), uncertainty is an issue (the Preds’ first rounder this year will be worth what again, exactly?) and expense is an issue(Sullivan alone is making $3.2 million this year).

    What in God’s name is the Pens’ incentive to get (1) older, (2) less talented, and (3) more expensive?

  26. OldGoalie says:

    You already know what I think of the Recchi signing, and I never really regarded Carter as a viable option.

    I do not, however, think that the Pens have any reason to wait on a New Jersey deal, unless you’re thinking in terms of them picking off a player or two from the team with which the Devils make their trade (assuming that they do so). Lamoriello is no dummy, and he won’t want to do anything make an up and coming team in his division any better.

    That having been said, the only Predator that has been mentioned in this rumor and that really interests me is Scott Hartnell. He has decent size…plays with a bit of an edge…scores his share of goals (25 last year)…and is not particularly expensive at $1.75 million. As for what to send back…how about Michel Ouellett? Same age as Hartnell…decent offensive skills…good powerplay guy…and he makes only $500k, so he’s $1.25 million cheaper than Hartnell. The disadvantage for the Pens, of course, is that I think Ouellet is on a 2-way contract…

  27. kamullia says:

    Yes, I know very well your thoughts on Carter and Recchi. And regardless, the bottom line is that I do not believe anyone will think as either as an intricate part of a future Penguins Stanley Cup run, therefore they are of no actual tangible positive consequence in the grand scheme of things. At least anyone with enough common sense and competent hockey knowledge, that is (I can think of one specific person in this site who does not match either criteria, hence the clarifying line).

    I do view any inevitable move by New Jersey as having possible ramifications for the Penguins and hence Shero (and many others) keeping close enough tabs on the situation. Possible trades can come from many sources, in this instance, not just from New Jersey and the team who they deal with, but also others. I feel there are several GMs in the league that have held off in moving some players, perhaps hoping to deal with the Devils, and if it doesn’t come to pass they might want to strike a deal with someone else. You are right that Lamoriello will try to avoid making a division opponent stronger, but depending on the situation he might have to do just that ever slightly in the long and/or short-term benefit of New Jersey. The chances are fairly decent that not all players that Lamoriello might be getting back on a big trade will fit in New Jersey, and Pittsburgh does have some players that play the style coveted by Lamoriello. It is just something to keep a close eye on, and I am sure Shero is doing just that. But I reiterate that this does not mean Shero will in fact necessarily make a move with anyone, since he can afford to wait for some other time and some regular season time to go by.

    Hartnell could be a long-term target, but he is not a perfect answer at this point. The Penguins would have to hope for some further development from him, I would think, but he is probably still on their list, even if not high on it. What to trade for him? Excellent question. I frankly am not sure. Ouellet I feel might be intriguing to some, but not really coveted, therefore probably something else would have to leave with Ouellet. I also think that he has a good chance to be put on waivers, and some teams might be just waiting for that, instead of sacrificing assets for him, therefore he might not be an option in the end. As far as the two-way contract, that helps the Predators who are loaded with people who have to clear waivers, but Ouellets waivers situation does not (I am quite certain he would have to clear to be demoted), and therefore he would not alleviate their waivers issues.

  28. BruMagnus says:

    You can think of just one person???

    Please, enlighten us.

  29. BruMagnus says:

    To whom?

    Pittsburgh wouldn’t want any of those bums. They have enough of their own.

  30. 4thNBroad says:

    Nashville’s need to dump isn’t just because of too many players. It’s the salary…we’re way above where Leipold wants to be–can’t even get in on the revenue sharing here. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if they dump a bigger contract for some draft picks. Is Erat’s big enough? My fear is that Sully is the one on the block. Injuries plus he doesn’t fit the Preds new mold of getting bigger. I hope I’m wrong and that Erat plus Hordy/Smithson/Fiddler can bring the cap number in line. I don’t think they’ll be getting rid of Hartnell. Then again, maybe they’re thinking *this is the year* and will go all out and keep a bigger salary for one year while Kariya and Vokoun are both still here? Doesn’t sound like them..

  31. kamullia says:

    Oh, I can think of several that match that, but one is particularly annoying. Or I should say was particularly annoying since I do not read his posts or articles any longer (there is really no point to read them, after all). No names. But I am quite positive and would be in shock if you did not know who I specifically refered to.

  32. Polecat says:

    Dude, you don’t know jack about the Preds and what they need. You act like this is some sort of buffet of hockey players where you just pick and choose what you want. Poile is not a dumbass and will make a deal if it is sensible. We don’t want your cast off bs players anymore than you do! I’ll let you get back to dreaming. Go Preds!!

  33. Polecat says:

    Yeah, tell me about it…Penguins wish list is more fitting.

  34. kamullia says:

    This is the kind of post that makes you burst into a short chuckle while you look to both sides over your shoulders.

    I have absolutely not a clue what you are talking about! The only possible explanation that I could gather was that you were actually meaning to respond to someone else and somehow ended up responding to my post instead. Being that I did not talk about any Predators of my own choice, but only merely (and quite briefly) responded to the mentioning of Hartnell by someone else, your rant is simply incoherent (specifically about picking of players). Add to this the fact that my point has been thus far that I believe there will be no trades between Nashville and the Penguins, and your post simply becomes psychobabble.

    I feel like my two-year-old neighbor came running across the street and yelled out “Cisscho pallabphle giauaranee mommy. Go Preds” and then ran back home, without the smell of his typically dirty diaper.

    If you are responding to one of my posts, feel free to elaborate coherently about hockey. Otherwise, I can point you out in the direction of one specific Senators fan who speaks your language and you two can play together with your dingleberrys (a.k.a. Klingons near Uranus) to your hearts’ content. And goo goo ga ga to you too.

    Pfft. *chuckling*

  35. Polecat says:

    You are a total blowhard. Your long posts are mindnumbing and totally speculative. You obviously don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Try basing something on fact instead of pie in the sky and what-ifs. I’ll let you get back to the Sci-Fi channel Mr. Spock.

  36. kamullia says:

    You are entitled to your opinion, and I respect that. However, I firmly believe that although I do speculate, as everyone that talks hockey does, when I do I base my speculations in actual facts and I do purposely mention the basis, for that reason. And my corresponding media always agree on this fact. Most certainly, I do not speculate nearly as much as it seems to be the norm on the site. It could certainly be that you prefer snuff and chants of “Go my team, yours sucks,” and that is your prerogative.

    The reality is that to the contrary of what seems to be your estimation, my rhetoric is not required reading. Feel free to roam somewhere where you can pick Iris for your obvious whipping purposes.

    I certainly am not a Star Walls/Trek/et al fan, but from your writing it is palpable that around you the line of “Beam me up Scotty. There is no sign of intelligent life down here” quite certainly applies. And on that note, no need for further mindless reading on my part, so feel free to write for someone else’s benefit. I will not bother with it.

  37. Polecat says:

    Get a job and a life!

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