Nashville talking trade with Anaheim for Hiller?

LeBrun: The Predators have given up a ton of goals since Pekka Rinne went down; not really a big surprise. Carter Hutton, kind of an unknown commodity, has not answered the bell so the Predators and the Anaheim Ducks, I’m told, have had discussions regarding Jonas Hiller.

But what the Predators have told the Ducks is that we need to know about Rinne’s health before we decide whether or not we have to make a goalie trade. If they get good news, maybe they could hold off and survive but if it looks like it’s going to be longer than they thought, than maybe they’ll have to make a trade, and Hiller – as we’ve been saying for a month – is very much available from Anaheim.

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  1. reinjosh says:

    This is a weird trade rumor. Doesn’t make too much sense to me. Nashville already has a goalie for the long term, so Hiller doesn’t make sense that way. He’s a UFA to boot, and the Preds are 3 last in the West, and 6 points out of the Wild Card spot and 7 out of a Central playoff spot. Plus the bigger issue they have is scoring.

    I just don’t see what sense going after Hiller makes to the Preds. They’d be better off conceding this year, getting a high pick.

    A core around Josi, Weber, Jones, Rinne is an attractive start to a team’s future. With Wilson and Forsberg up front, they have a nice start at forward. Adding a top 10 pick to add a forward to those two would be very nice. MAybe even look for a trade this year to add another forward piece too. Patience is key right now for the Preds.

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