Naslund to be Traded?

The team 1040 keeps bringing up a rumor that wont go away but may very well happen. The rumor is that Naslund will be traded to Philly for some youngsters(Jeff Carter,

and Mike Richards, this is believable because the Canucks will lose Naslund’s $6 million contract, and to boot there getting 2 great upcoming players.

6 Responses to Naslund to be Traded?

  1. moosehockey says:

    As a Canucks fan I wouldn’t mind the idea since depth is an issue at this point and Carter and Richards certainly have alot of upside. But doesn’t Nazzy have a no trade clause? Pretty sure he does… as much as I love Marcus it may be time for a change of scenery and a change of direction for the Canucks… Let the twins get top line ice time.

  2. sparkes1010 says:

    Yes Nassy Does have a no trade clause, and i don’t think he would wave it cause he love the team and city. If anything i think they should trade Morrison for someone that can produce with out nassy and bert.

  3. paul_dc10 says:


  4. peataters says:

    trade him to a team that needs him like the sens or pens

  5. leafmeister says:

    the twins arent that good with out bertuzzi nazzy is the only player they got

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