Naslund to Philly?

Reports state that the Vancouver Canucks are hot on BC native Kyle Turris, and who can blame them? He plays like Yzerman and Sakic, both BC natives. (Yzerman is Cranbrook born, Napean raised). So what will it take?
Naslund’s washed up, and Brendan Morrison is over rated, so here’s what I say happens.

To Vancouver: 2nd Overall pick, rights to Joni Pitkanen
To Philadelphia: Markus Naslund, Brendan Morrison, 1st Round Pick

Naslund and Morrison aren’t doing much for Vancouver right now anyways, and it gives them some space to bring in another forward. They also get a solid young defenseman, seeing as they likely won’t re-sign Brent Sopel and Rory Fitzpatrick.

To Flyers get a center they need, and a winger, which they also could use.

I know, Morrison isn’t exactly number one quality, but he was good enough for the Vancouver top line. Naslund and Morrison are also free agents at the end of the year, so they can make a decision on them, can re-sign them if they want, and if not, Thornton is a UFA next summer, along with Marleau and several other centers, with their space cleared up, and they can re-sign Naslund to a cheaper contract. Hartnell could play on the line with Morrison and Naslund. Lets not also forget that Richards and Carter are developing, and could be number one centers soon.

They’ll also have close to four million in cap space if the $52 million number previously reported.




I won’t go over Vancouvers potential lines, because Philadelphia would likely be done after a trade like this, and Vancouver would probably have much more dealing to do.

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  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    they need a no 1 center not a  washed up winger who will push gagne to the 2nd line.

  2. Have2BeLeaf says:

    Then Philly will have virtually the same problem Vancouver had with those 2 guys, deal doesn't make sense.

  3. papichulo71 says:

    They could make it interesting by:

    Vancouver removing Morrison
    Vancouver adding Bourdon
    Philly adding their first round pick next year.

  4. canucklehead_101 says:

    Phily would accept the trade without our first rounder…
    Canucks would choose Kane if he was left but also would take Turris as a chance.

    Canucks would have over 9.5 million in cap space then. Easy choice but Naslund wants to stay in Vancouver, but he may waive his no-trade clause.

    Canucks Lineup 2008/2009:




    Cap=32 Approx/58 MILLION  

    THIS is what would happen
    Mitchell & Ohlund for CBJ 1st Round pick 2007 (7th) (Sam Gagner) & Nikolai Zherdev

  5. richards18 says:

    You know nothing about the flyers this trade would not help them in anyway.    You have Richards as the 2nd Line Center..   Carter is the 2nd Line Center         Here is what makes sense Edmonton Likes Pitkanen and we can't afford to sign him, and a first line center so trade Pitkanen for Edmontons 6th Overall Pick or 15th which ever one they would part with.   I you can get the 6th pick select Karl Alzner or with the 15th Pick Get Brandon Sutter.  With the 8 million the Flyers have under the Cap Sign either Gomez or Briere and the Lines would look like this

    Extras      Downie and Giroux

    Extras Ryan Parent Randy Jones


    This is definetely a Playoff Lineup       
    Plus too great prospects in Turris/Alzner     Turris/Sutter

  6. UsedandAbused says:

    That trade would be flat out stupid for the Flyers to do. Why would we want washed up players? Not gonna happen!

  7. KingCanada says:

    Why would Phily trade their number 2 pick and their best young defencemen for 2 washed up players who are OVERPAID and a late first rounder, dont see it happenning.  Naslund is the only value there and phily seems to be giving alot more value in your trade proposal.  Not to mention the too wash ups are only have one year on their contract.  Vancouver needs to bite the bullet for one more year with these 2 and then let them walk.

  8. flyerjim says:

    it would be the 6 or 15 pick AND either Torres or Horcoff from what I beleive is the rumours according to TFP.  I like Torres…always have since his junior days.  He's an excellent energy guy who can play on either your 3rd or 4th line.  Also, Geoff Sanderson is still in the mix.

  9. vancity4life says:

    problems? point taken naslund was not as good as his 6 million contract, but morrison was a great player for vancouver considering he was not healthy and was playing injured most of the year and down the stretch. a healthy morrison is a good morrison,

  10. Gagne1286 says:

    I wouldn't even accept the trade with your 1st Rd pick, and you say we'll take it without. Your def a homer on this trade rumor. Why would Philly want 2 overpaid players and lose 2 young kids. This trade rumor is pure BS.

  11. Weidner says:

    I posted Philly's potential lines the other day when they made the deal with Nashville. This trade would not make sense. We do not need Naslund at the end of his career and as you stated Morrison is overrated. If they are not doing anything in Vancouver why would Philly want them? They had those issues last season with York, Baumgartner, Calder, Zhitnik, etc.

    If they want Pitkanen and Holmgren has decided he has had enough headaches with him deal him for the 6th pick or make it a conditional pick in next years draft and another prospect.

    The Flyer lineups proposed above are pretty good for the offense. The defensive pairings won't be decided until camp / pre-season to see who plays well with who.

    Don't forget about the possibility of Downie or Giroux possibly cracking their line up as well.

    Potulny was not listed on those either. He could start with the Phantoms, but also be a cheaper addition to fill out the roster.

    Holmgen may also look to move Gauthier or Sanderson if there is any interest.

  12. hero11 says:

    All the people posting that Naslund and Morrison are "washed up" don't know what they are talking about.

    Do any of you realize that the Canucks underwent a major change in the style of game they play last year?

    Crawford was all about offense.

    AV is all about defense. BIG change that the players had to adopt!

    With that in mind, also there were a lot of line-up changes.

    Naslund didn't have a set line to play with the whole year, yet he bought in to AV's game. his +/- was way better this year than last and he was also backchecking better than ever. Canucks fans all know that Naslund still has some game in him, whether he shows us in Van next year or with another team, he will prove some of you wrong!

    BMO has had some unlucky injuries which hindered his offense and speed, yet he still tried every game and was quite useful on the PK.

    If anyone thinks that Van's division title (arguably the toughest division in the NHL), most pionts in a season (franchise), and most wins in a season (franchise) had nothing at all to do with Nassy and BMO, you don't what you're talking about.

    Luongo and the Sedins are great, but they didn't do it by themselves.

  13. jonnygf40 says:

    Naslund /Bourdon / 1st Rounder 2007 (25th overall)


    1st Rounder 2007 (2nd overall) / 1st Rounder 2008 / Pitkanen

    That is interesting.

  14. jonnygf40 says:

    I don't think so buddy.

  15. BieksaForMVP says:

    yeah, but just because you want to sign someone it doesn't mean you will, so Philly might not get a center at all, so that's why the trade make's sense.

  16. BieksaForMVP says:

    Morrison isn't overpaid, and was actually very good in the 2nd half (when he wasn't injured) and he was bad in the playoffs, because he got a sports hernia. Naslund is overpaid, but could also make a huge impact, and regain his old form. It doesn't mean he will, but who knows. You take a chance on two guys who could be very good if they get chemistry, and a 1st rounder.

  17. BieksaForMVP says:


    If Luongo is the only reason the Canuck's wona division title, how come Florida not only didn't make the playoffs with him, but weren't even close. It's not like Luongo hasn't had an MVP type season (2003-2004).

  18. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Please do not pay attention to this idiot.  Not all Canuck fans are retards.

  19. passionch says:

    I would have to agree!

  20. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Ya, but it also goes to say, why would they give up assets to sign players like Nazzy, and Morrison.  Underachieving, overpaid players none the less.  Also do they even have enough to absorb their payrolls? Nazzy and Mo is approx 9.5 million rite there.  I thoguht the flyers only had about 8 million in cap space available.  Why wouldn't they make a run at Gomez, Briere or Drury, guys who are actually earning their paychecks.

  21. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    They aren't useless.  But why would they give up the 2nd overall pick to trade for them.  Nazzy and Mo havent been playing up to what they are getting paid for the past few years.  Why wouldn't Philli just sign a drury, gomez or brierre instead of going for nazzy,mo and keep the pick.

  22. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Honestly the only way I see this trade happening is if its Nazzy, Ohlund, 1st and Scnieder or Grabner for Philli's 1st and Pitkanen and a 2nd.  But even that mite be pushing it.  It will never happen tho.  I don't see Nazzy or Ohlund waiving their NTC's to go to Philli.

  23. vancity4life says:

    pardon me but why the ***** is hartnell taking priority over gagne? he wouldnt have got pushed back if you hadnt put hartnell on the first line in the first place.

  24. BieksaForMVP says:

    Briere is earning 7.5 million? They might not even get them, so you might as well, so that's why trade's work better.

  25. BieksaForMVP says:

    Because you probably won't get one of those player's. No less then 10 teams will make a run at all of them.

  26. Norman280 says:

    flyers do not have a second

  27. flyersfan21 says:

    This trade makes no sense at all. It would clearly put Philly way over the cap this year, Even with Pitkanen thrown in this trade does not bring us below the cap.
    The only way I throw Pitkanen in any trade is if he is used to bring Marleau or Lecavalier to Philly.

  28. TheStryker says:

    The Flyers have no need for another center. Carter, Richards, Umberger. You would rather have Morrison on your top line, eating up more ice time than those 3 young studs,  nut job

  29. TheStryker says:

    Why do you want another center ??????

  30. lynchmob540 says:

    The deal makes NO SENSE for the Flyers…but looks good for Vancouver. NO DEAL, HOMO!!

  31. Atomic_Wedgy says:

    Leafy, you crack me up.

    "Naslund's washed up, and Brendan Morrison is over rated, so here's what I say happens.
    To Vancouver: 2nd Overall pick, rights to Joni Pitkanen
    To Philadelphia: Markus Naslund, Brendan Morrison, 1st Round Pick"

    So if Naslund is washed up and if Morrison is over rated, why would Philly trade 2nd pick overall and Joni Pitkanen for them? 

  32. bernie1parent says:

    As a philly fan myself, may I say…


    First, how possibly can the flyers afford this?  This is the era of the salary cap, and maybe you might want to consider this.
    Secondly, Gagne is infinitely better in the status quo (present day, before you ask) than nasland.  Why would you demote an all-star for a has been?
    Thirdly, there are better options for center than morrison, especially considering that you'd sacrifice a quality young d-man like pitkanen and the chance to draft someone of the talent of  Turris, van Riemsdyk or Cherapanov.
    Forth, why would vancouver be dumb enough to pick a player based solely on where he was born.
    So, here's four reasons this is dumb.

    As per the note below it "this article is merely speculation… take it for what it is… a rumor".  If it is as unfounded–and dumb–as this, don't waste the readers time. 

    Signed, someone way smarter than you…

  33. bernie1parent says:

    and how many reasonably have the cap space to afford him and draw their attention.

  34. flyersfan21 says:

    Because we a legit #1 center.

  35. mtl_prince says:

    philly would never do that, ever!

  36. Glucker says:

    hmmm, and both Selanne and Smyth want to be Leafs for 1 mill each…interesting

  37. flamingsenator says:

    nah…im pretty sure nasland used to play centre a while back…..not sure

  38. Glucker says:

    and ppl say Leafs fans are bad…
    Buffalo's division title was the hardest, the NE division had more points then any other

    +/-…infront of Luongo…yea that's a stat that isn't in any way inflated…

    its interesting that they had the most points and most wins in their teams history… what changed…was it…Luongo?!?

    the Sedin's didn't do it, Luongo did

  39. Glucker says:

    They'll get sum1 like Gomez for their centre position, no need to give away their first when guys like Drury,Briere, or Gomez can be had… hell, even getting Peca would be better

  40. Glucker says:


  41. turdfergusson says:


  42. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    SO? if Briere hits 7.5 Million then whats an extra 1.5 if your paying that much alraedy.  I'd rather get a player who has been getting steadily better and posting fantastic numbers then save 1.5 million and get a overpaid underachiever.

  43. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Not to mention lose the 2nd overall pick and lose a chance to get a very good blue chip prospect.

  44. hero11 says:

    You're ignorant if you think one man did it all.

    It is YOUR opinion i agree, though ignorant!

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