Nathan Horton rumor

First the news about the Nathan Horton rumor. I hate to even give credence to a report that doesn’t cite a single source — named or anonymous — but I know y’all are curious after the Ottawa Sun reported the Panthers are trying to trade Horton.So I asked GM Randy Sexton about it this morning. He told me “there is no shred of truth” to the report, that it was “absolutely” made up and that he hasn’t contacted teams, nor have any contacted him, about trading Horton.

And Sexton didn’t sound like an executive just throwing out the routine denial you often hear when there’s such speculation. He was vehement it wasn’t true. Personally, I believe him.

Horton has a goal in each of the past two games after going without a goal the first four games. Like Sexton, Coach Pete DeBoer isn’t unhappy with Horton. DeBoer said today Horton “has played some real good hockey here for us” and that the No. 1 line as a whole has played well even though Horton, Weiss and Booth don’t have many points to show for it and are a combined minus-16.

On to the news that’s actually news.

The Panthers had a tough practice today, with lots of skating. DeBoer said he wanted to push them a little bit after a couple of days off. Tough week coming up for the Panthers with Buffalo at home Wednesday, and then road games at Pittsburgh and Philly on Friday and Saturday.

With three games in four nights, you might see defenseman Jason Garrison get recalled from Rochester to give Bryan Allen, who’s coming back from major knee surgery, a night off. Garrison came up for one game — the second game of a back-to-back – on Oct. 10 so Allen could rest.

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  1. cam7777 says:

    hockeybuzz, but the prospect is not specifically said to be tlusty.
    we obviously lose the deal if tlusty is included.

  2. cam7777 says:

    They have been dealt an enormous string of bad luck.  I cannot recall a single favorable bounce from the entire season.  The referees were absolutely letting everything the Nucks did go last night, and actively searching out Leaf mistakes.  It's just what happens when you're team is perceived to be as bad as they are; it inflicts a bias regardless of the attempt to be objective.

    1.) Price absolutely steals a game
    2.) the schedule makers feed the Leafs to OV on opening night
    3.) TOR plays worst game I've ever seen against OTT
    4.) The Stanley Cup Champions
    5.) Team shits the bed against the Rangers

    and then Lundqvist and Luongo each rob us of a game single-handedly while their respective teams are horribly outplayed.  We do need a forward who will crash to the net, but the Leafs should probably be 2-4-2 this season, and not 0-7-1.

    Oh well, such is life.

  3. hockey_lover says:

    Yeah its not like they have

    – a starting goaltender who has a cup, a 40 win season, and has started off this season on fire (between goalies who have played 5+ games, he ranks tied for 2nd in wins, 5th in GAA, 7th in save% … where is the best goalie in the planet Thomas? oh right … not even in the top 20 in any of those categories)

    – a 3rd line center that is good enough to be any teams 2nd line center and some teams 1st line center

    – a young defensemen in Goligoski who is currently tied for 4th in scoring for defenseman and 2nd in +/- (since you love that stat so much)

    – a grizzled 1st line winger with 17 years of experience to help out the young guys (who also, coincidentally, is on pace to finish with more points than your "awesomely godlike" Kreji)

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