Neidermayers to sign in Vancouver? is reporting that both Rob and Scott Neidermayer could be interested in joining the Canucks as unrestricted free agents this summer.

It is reported that their agent was on the Team 1040 radio show in Vancouver and mentioned that the brothers could be interested in playing for Canada’s West Coast club.

“The Niedermayers, natives of Cranbrook, BC, are unrestricted free agents once the signing period begins on July 1 and a return home could help provide the Canucks with the first answer to a the laundry list of questions they are facing regarding their roster.

“Before they signed in Anaheim that was definitely a big discussion. But at that time, it was difficult because Rob was in a situation where he was still one year away from being an unrestricted free agent, so he still had a year left to stay in Anaheim,” explained Kevin Epp, who represents both players. “In Scott’s case, he was unrestricted, and considered very much playing in Canada for the Canucks or Calgary or somewhere near his off-season home and staying out West. I think everyone dreams of playing near your hometown or in Canada or in British Columbia.”

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  1. futurebruin says:

    could be good for the canucks

  2. muckies says:

    If you're a Canucks fan I would be absolutely going crazy to get Scott Neidermeyer. That would instantly make them Cup contenders if they could resign the Sedins. Scott will probably be Captain of Team Canada at the Olympics.  The hockey gods will definetly be on the Canucks on this, first Luongo, now Neidermeyer.  The best Goalie and Defenceman in the league on your team. GO CANUCKS

  3. Kyleton says:

    Second or third best defenceman. IMO anyway. However I agree it would be a HUGE boost. 

  4. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Anyone know what the Canucks cap situation is going into the summer?

    Can they afford to resign the Sedins AND get the Neidermeyers while still keeping Luongo and resigning their RFA's and filling in for any departures (Sundin)?

    If this happens, what's with the Canucks and brothers? Will they go after the Staal's, the Kaberle's, and Lunqvist's and the Schenn's (after Brayden gets drafted)?

  5. pezzz123 says:

    real well! he said the Canucks OR CALGARY.



    screw Bouwmeester! 😉

  6. lukeleim says:

    Sign Scott Niedermayer one-year contract 6 million
    Sign Rob Niedermayer three-year contract 3.6 million
    Sign Marian Gaborik one-year contract 6.5 million
    Sign Travis Moen three-year contract 3.6 million
    Resign Shane O'Brien three-year contract 4.5 million
    Resign Mats Sundin one-year contract 4 million

    Alex Burrows – Mats Sundin – Marian Gaborik
    Mason Raymond – Ryan Kesler – Pavol Demitra
    Travis Moen – Cody Hodgson – Steve Bernier
    Darcy Hordichuk – Ryan Johnson – Rob Niedermayer

    Scott Niedermayer – Willie Mitchell
    Alexander Edler – Kevin Bieksa
    Sami Salo – Shane O'Brien

    Roberto Luongo
    Cory Schneider

  7. wayne2 says:

    If the canucks are able to sign the Niedermayer brothers its good for them.They get great leadership and one of the best NHL defensemen.If they also aford to keep the Sedins its a bonus and they would be a stanley cup contender IMO.

  8. VCRMillionaires says:

    Cranbrook is closer to Calgary then Vancouver right?

  9. VCRMillionaires says:

    Sudin won’t resign and it’s a stretch to add all those FA’s

  10. VCRMillionaires says:

    I hope it's not a package deal like the Sedins cause i wouldn't want to sign Rob. But if we have to sign Rob to get Scott then sure.

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