Nessessary Changes For The Leafs Off-season

First things first, I have to point out some of the Leafs faults during this season.
First: Not being able to bounce back after a big win. Yes I know how much this frustrates you but it is true the leafs have a serious over confidence issue. Think about anytime beat someone by a 5 or more goal difference they lost the next game.

Second: Honesty the only Leafs who can hit are Tucker and Kilger. Poni and Antro can get the odd good hit in but no one else. Facing a hard hitting team wears them down and they have a hard time winning.
Third: THEY CANT BLOCK SHOTS! now this problem dispite the caps lock is not as big as the others but it needs to be taken care of. If they just got someone like Jay Mckee they could easily not have this problem anymore.
Fourth: Inconsistant special teams, one game the penalty kill will be perfect the next they wont kill a penalty. That is probably the biggest problem ive mentioned so far. Same deal with the Power Play.

Now for realistic moves:
To St. Louis: Andy Wozniewski and a 3rd rounder
To Toronto: Jay Mckee

To Boston: Bryan Mccabe, Matt Stagan
To Toronto: Glen Murray, Andrew Ferrence
Yeah its questionable but Boston needs a hard shot from the point besides Chara and Mccabe could be the answer, also because of Charas presence he wouldnt be relyed on so much defencivly. Stagan has good potential, but doesnt have a carreer in Toronto.

Now for Signings:
Let go of Perrault and O’neill (Peca if nessessary)
Sign Drury 4.5
Kirk Maltby 1.0

The lines would look like this:

Kilger-Peca(If cap wont allow him to stay Move Steen as centre)-Antropov
Steen(Or Deveraux)-Pohl-Maltby



Peca(or Drury)-Maltby-Mckee-Kubina
Drury(or Steen)-Kilger-Ference-Kaberle

That Team is vastly improved from this year. Someone tell me if I got the Cap right I dont know about my calculations.
The Peca stuff can get some what confusing but im sure youll get it.