New HTR Game

Ok, I was talking to Trademan last night, and we were talking about the site’s progress (now reached another milestone 4500 members). I mentioned, “it has been a while since I have not come up with an idea.” And he replied “oh….yes…..yes it has.” Kind of like a Brittish movie. “Oh…hello…I was just visiting…”. “Oh…ok..I was just…setting up these matches.” “Oh…well….I think I am going to leave now….” “…Yes…I think you better have.”

Then the….….then the movie goes to Hollywood, re-edit it and it’s more like “Hey man, how da (beep) ya doin man? Ta (beep)’s goin on?” “Ah, (beep) I was watching the game, drinking a batch and scratching my jewels.” Then aliens come and totally new different story…

What the heck does that have to do with anything? Not a clue.

Anyway, we were talking about the ideas we came up for this site and it has been a while. The Fantasy Hockey League just didn’t happen, too complicated and we’re still going to work on it for next season.

I sometimes amaze myself. Just like a few nights ago when I was watching documentary on Stone Henge. Amazing, 20 feet wide…40 feet tall and other measurements as well! Before that there must have been a Wood Henge….then a…..Straw Henge…..

……no one even knows what the heck a henge is…

So! I came up with a pretty good idea, sort of a fantasy gambling game.

I have not fully structured it, but I can tell you the idea and you can tell me if it sucks, if it is cool. Don’t worry, I won’t be offended by your comments (*scroll all the way down, then continue reading from here*).

The idea is to bet points on games. For example, this is Division One:





Each member starts with 25 points. Each member has to choose a number of points to bet on which teams will win tonight, for example:

mikster bets 8 points that Tampa Bay beats Carolina tonight.


titans bets 24 points that Carolina beats TB tonight since his Eagles got cooked by TB’s football team.

Carolina beats TB (obviously, duh titans) so mikster wins the 24 points from titans and adds those 24 points to his original 25 points, totals up to 49 points. titans on the other hand loses 24 points so he now has only one point left.

That’s just the simple idea of it and I have yet to structure it better and make the rules. So, if you think it will be fun and YOU WILLL JOIN, THEN VOTE ON THE POLL, please…thank you.

If you have any questions, ask them and check back tonight for answers.

(*you will just get banned if you post offensive comments, that’s all…so you can be honest, ok scroll back up now to where you left of*)