New in Forum 1st Post…If i was J Fergie Jr…

Hey all ^^ I’m a new user but i’ve been reading/checking out what people wrote in here for awhile and I must say some are good, some are bad, but then again it’s all based on opinions. This is my first post =_). Feel free to agree/disagree with me or speak your mind. As the title says this is based on if I was Leafs GM, alot of posts out there like this but… i just wanted to start another lol… so this is what i would do if i was Leafs GM.

I read about people suggesting if the leafs should “give up” this season or trade to improve and push for playoffs. In my opinion, I’d do both ^^. We are around .500. I dont think we should give up already but the team we have now…let’s just say i dont want to see some of the players next year…*cough Belak *cough O’Neill.

With the current team, the “untouchable” players would be Sundin (re-sign him is a must ^^), McCabe (no-trade clause) i’d still keep him even without clause in my opinion, Kaberle (no brainer), wellwood (i see good potential for 2nd line centre), Kubina (his contract but also I still believe he’s a steady Defence Man), Kilger (he’s a good 3rd line Defensive/Pk guy), Peca (resign him same reason as Kilger), Coliacovo ( i liked him since we picked him thru the draft)and tucker (resign he wants to stay anyway, he’s gritty can score a pest). The rest are tradable bait.

I’ve read how many of you mentioned that the players we are willing to give up no one wants thats true…but if you read what i just wrote, alot of young leafs are tradeable in my opinion that still have some good value ie:Stajan,Poni,Steen,White,Bell. We gotta give up value to get back some value.

1st thing on my mind for trades is… GOALIE SITUATION. I don’t like raycroft… sorry folks. Giving up rask… was eh… i duno… i think that’ll bite our behinds later. Eventhough we have pogge, i wouldnt of gave up rask…should of gave one of our young Ds instead (we have so many and not enough spots for them). Anyway… so i’ll like to get rid of him. Some goalies in my mind that i dont mind seeing in a leaf uniform are:

CBJ: LeClaire (he’s young and in hitch*****’s dog house i believe)
Avs: Budaj (I think he’s ready to be a #1 in NhL)

If i was to make a deal with CBJ, the deal would look like this:

to CBJ: to Tor:
Antro LeClaire
(possibly a pick)

A deal with Avs, the deal would look like this:

to Avs: to Tor:
Aubin Budaj
a pick (3rd rounder?)

or maybe we can get Budaj with just a pick *shrugs

That would clear up the goalie situation, I’d pick Avs deal over CBJ, it seems more realistic b/c LeClaire was a former top 1st rounder. With that being said, our Goalie situation would be:

Raycroft + Budaj

You’re probably asking why is Raycroft still here. Well even if you werent the reason is because i’ve packaged him in a blockbuster deal. This 6 player deal will involve, the Flyers. Why? They are struggling BUT they have a group of solid young players who are underachieving this year but i see potential/rebound year to come. The deal would look like this:

To Philly: To Tor:
Esche (he’s currently injured) Raycroft
Carter or Richards (i kno carter is injured) Steen
Pitkanen White

Why did i make this deal? Well…Esche is going to be UFA. I kno before he was injured he was playing like crap but…I still have faith that he’ll do a descent job when he is 100% healthy. Also if he sucks, we can walk away and save $$ since we unloaded Raycroft. I like carter or richards potential over steen and Pitkanen, well he’s playing bad this year but… he’s young, has size, has a good shot. White i kno he’s playing really well but… i dont see him being better than Pitkanen. These 2 deals would give us a change of young players that need some change of scenery and a change of goalies. Remember that Esche isn’t in the future plans. Budaj is my future number 1. I’d do what SanJose is doing with their goalies. Alternate each game. I know I’m having alot faith in Budaj. His record is mediocre but his save percantage aint bad (.913) and GAA of 2.38.

My last and final deal would be to give a player Sundin can play with. Although he plays centre, i think we can place him in right or left which ever he wants. You guys can disagree. Well the deal i would make is with TBay. I dont know if he’s tradable but… and yes i’m talking about Vinny but… i would package a deal like this:

To Tbay: To Leafs:
Poni Vinny
Bell or Harrison or Kronwall

Maybe you think this deal is crazy Tbay wont do that but … let me tell you why i think this deal doenst seem to bull sh*t. Poni <-- he's turning into a good player, Stajan <--- still has alot of up + he's defensive side is good, one of the young D's i've mentioned, well they will be young and will get a chance to become a good nhl defenceman. I believe this deal will be the most contraversial to you all but fine if it does sound too bull crap , i'll toss a 1st rounder. Am i giving too much for vinny? I dont think so... he's a star while the guys we give up will be good but no star at all. After all those deals, the team will look like this: Forward lines:
Tucker – Sundin – Vinny
Carter or Richards – Wellwood – O’Neill
Antro – Peca – Kilger
Nash – Pohl – Odrus

Defence would be:
Caber – Kaberle
Kubina – Gill
Pitka – Coli
Spare: whichever one i didnt deal

Esche + Budaj 3rd string: Aubin

Once the season is done, find a 2nd line winger under UFA and say bye to O’Neill. I cant think of any deals to trade him away…cause frankly no one wants him LOL. And oh… i forgot to mention, WAIVE BELAK OMFG ! I know some of you guys have mentioned that already i totally agree. Send him to the minors and bring up odrus and nash. Send sug to minors too to see if he can develop some more (he’s doing jack in the nhl).

Well that’s what i would do if i was GM for this year. I know this post is long but… i wanted to explain myself. Whoever read it all the way to here i say thank you^^ for taking some time to read this. Haha. Feel free to comment!

GLG!! and yes… I BLEED BLUE AND WHITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

Btw… i’m not good with the salary stuff so maybe some of these deals wont work out thru cap but you guys can help me out wiht that thx ^^.