New Jersey Devils solutions

The Devils woes began after a 2-0 win on 12/13(or 14) against Philadelphia. That was about two weeks after Jamie Langenbrunner went down with his knee injury. The Devils survived until that point doing fairly well. Then reality came knocking. Without Jamie’s scoring, the Devils went into a funk (consider a Devils funk is losing a couple of games in a row) and then lost Stevens to his PCS in early January. The Devils have been above .500 w/o Stevens, but not playing Devils defense. Scotty is improving every day (the Devils org. keeps information IN the org. so its hard to really gauge his condition).It seems that with the Devils giving up more goals due to possible fatigue on Marty or the defense(someone has to pick up Stevens 23+minutes of ice a game) and since the offense is picking up the slack it seems that the problems are over. Luckily, the Elias-Gomez-Gionta line is scoring.

However, it saddens me to think players will be traded from this team. The Devils don’t have that much offense; yeah, sure they are scoring now, but when they aren’t is what im trying to get at. The Devils probably want a scorer like Jeff O’Neill and they’ll give up Jeff Friesen(most likely). Why does this sadden me? BECAUSE IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!!! Lamoriello can’t afford to take AWAY scoring(in Friesen) and add a scorer…its a total WASH and is a worthless trade. The only thing the Devils can do on the O-side of the puck is to get a center…but Brind’Amour is too old and expensive…maybe Yannic Perrault since he rarely loses a face-off anyway(he was relegated to 4th line in MTL but I think he has moved up…since MTL is looking playoff bound, this probably won’t happen). Zach Parise will NOT be included in any trade the Devils make.

Now on Defense. The Devils lost out on Boughner(he is now injured in COL so maybe it was a good thing)…a tough guy the Devils could use on D so that the other team may think twice in the corners. The Ducks are out of the playoffs so maybe Keith Carney might be decent(depending on his salary which could be overpriced). SHOULD Lamoriello make a trade for a Dman…he shouldn’t give up ANY current dman(Hale and Martin particularly). Hale is going to become a force to be reckoned with. He will replace Stevens as the devils toughest Dman(relatively speaking, of course!). Sean Brown has played FINE in his time replacing stevens…he is also pretty young and very tough.

Goaltending: Schwab may be hurt for the long run…Brodeur can handle the games, but maybe Burns should give him more practices off than normal…the Devils blew 2pts against WAS earlier, and with only 5pts back of PHI with 3games in hand…the Devils HAVE to win all 3 games. There is no problem in goal…like there has been since 1994!

Special Teams: The PK is struggling because other teams forwards are unafraid to cross the blueline because of Stevens absence. Plain and simple. I think it takes more for unfamiliar D-pairs to adjust on the PK…yes, I know its been about 7 weeks, but all we need is for them to gel together by the end of the regular season. The PP is going to do fine as long as Elias-Gomez-Gionta keep up the work…other lines such as the Friesen-Brylin-Langenbrunner line will chip in at opportune times. Martin, Neidermayer, and Rafalski are fine point-men…although a nice offensive-defenseman wouldn’t be a bad pickup, although I’m not too worried because Lou won’t deal any dmen and the Devils won the cup with the worst PP in the league last year!

My Thoughts: If the Devils play a big team in the playoffs, I believe Burns should put Rupp with Friesen and Langenbrunner…this would free up some room for Jeff and Jamie(you saw what they did in Game 7…enough said!). Elias-Gomez-Gionta shouldn’t be touched. Pandolfo-Madden-Stevenson will score timely goals as usual, Pando had 2 last game(v Buffalo) both from Madden…so maybe both of them are getting out of their slumps. Since 2000, I have yet to see anyone knock Turner Stevenson off the puck EVER, and he works well with both Pando and MadDog. The 4th line…Marshall-Brylin/Rupp/Larionov-Rasmussen(depending who is on what line or scratched) can score when they have the opportunity. Larionov is taking up a valuable roster spot and hasn’t done much lately, although that might be the multiple healthy-scratches showing in his game.

The Devils will do fine. The Devils will likely finish 1/2 or 6…which, considering how the East is this year are 3 DESIRABLE spots to finish(i’m not downgrading the Lightning…but I think the Devils can handle their offense). Montreal and the Islanders(likely 7/8) are teams the Devils can beat when they want to beat them. I think the Devils would have a better shot against MTL, although I will admit I do not know as much about MTL as I do about NYI(remember, Parrish is back and Yashin is returning…Peca got hurt lastnight[vNYR] and he wont miss the playoffs).

All the Devils must do is pick up 5-6 points in their 3 games in hand and beat Philly at least once(but picking up at least 3 of 4)…Lamoriello will do whats necessary but as long as he doesnt trade O-man for O-man, he will probably make the right deal. A scary S.O.B. on the blue-line would help the Devils give up a few less goals. Everything else will come around as the the team that has played the most games in the last 4 years(3 cup finals trips) uses their EXPERIENCE to their advantage.

Oh, and if you’ve read till this line…BRAVO!!!!

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  1. bamboo says:

    The loss of Stevens could be the hole in their armour that causes their ship to sink. I think they are still a great team and would still put them a few steps ahead of Philli.

  2. swedishvoice says:

    No the Devils will not trade players like Freezer…. Lou will look to the way below .500 teams that are desperate to unload players with salerys over a million $ and want’s to stock up there farm teams with prospect.

    You mentiond Carney, but unfortunatly we can forget about him… he will not be a devil. And Lou might be pretty fast to replace Schwab when his injuries might be carer ending…

    The players that the Devils might part with is almost only prospects…

    Grant Marshall, Adrian Foster, Jiri Bieck, Matt DeMarchi and picks…

    I strongly thinks that Lou is cooking up something with “Tricky” Dick Tärnström for defence…. He will probaby send Foster and Bieck to the pens…

    Then he will trade something in line of a 7th pic for Chris Gratton… the Youts will take anything to shead payroll.

    Lou will allso try to land a CHEAP 2nd goali some one like Brathweght or Passmore. maybe for Marshall.

  3. swedishvoice says:

    By the way…

    I don’t think Bergy will be delt… And his back…

    Why? In Swednen we have a show caled “NHL Action” and it contanes the latest from the NHL weakly and than an fifteen minuets intervju with a Swedish NHLer… Last week was Berglund week.

    Bergy sayed that he was coming out of the injury and with that Lou had caled him in for a talk… Bergy sayed that he thougt that he was to be sent down to the Rats again of being traded…. But Lou talked to him about his role for the team and that he would have some serious woork to do when he returned to the team.

    Apperently Lou wants Bergy as the teams aggitator and team pest in lthe same line as the bigger boy’s, Lou sayed that he needs to fill the spot that have bein missing sense Lemiux left the team…

    So I don’t thing Bergy wil get dealt…

    Sweden over and out…

  4. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    The Devs better make a push for it one last time this year, your boy Stevens isnt getting any younger, and you see what the team plays like without him……..but hey you just won the cup how much can you ask for? Marty will steal you a few games here and there in the playoffs, but I cant see this team making it past the second round. As a matter of fact I think they get beat by the Bolts if they play them in the first round.

  5. swedishvoice says:

    I’ve heard defferent….

    The devils may not be the graters contender right now (unless they pic up something good), Tampa is in alot of peoples mind the no1 contender in the east… allthow if Tampa is realy unfortunat they may stand befor the devils and get bumped out… I don’t know but I’ve heard it from different pages…

  6. cgolding says:

    god i hate the devils so much.

  7. cgolding says:

    friend of mine, who is a devil fan that i manage to tolerate, suggested that the new devs stadium in newark be named “hell.” this has to happen, it works on so many levels. not only is the stadium going to be in the $hit holes of $hit holes, but the name is just a fun play on the team name, similar to the “pond.” not gonna happen of course, cuz they will sell-out for corporate money like everyone else… but would be really fun.

    nevermind the bullox,


  8. wingerxx says:

    This is a very good article about the Devils…they are such an interesting team. As much as I don’t care for Chris Gratton, I’d take him over Yanic Perreault any day of the week. Brind’Amour is just too overpriced right now. I think that they could part with a draft pick to get Gratton, because they could use a good faceoff guy, and a big body up front. Gratton can also throw the occasional brain-splattering body check, and throw his weight around…although he’s never done that enough. Still…it would be worth it to get him, and be done with Larionov.

    Their defense is really suffering…if Stevens is going to be out for a very long time, I don’t think they’ll have any other choice but to acquire a good all-around defender ala Keith Carney to shore it up. Hale and Martin are really getting the trial by fire right now, and considering their games…it might be better to bring in a veteran to take some of the heat off of them.

  9. devfanman4 says:

    That would be amazing. I’ve heard from Devils fans that if and when they actually move to Newark, they won’t go to anymore games because it is as you said “the $hit holes of $hit holes.” I’ve been calling for Satan on this team for as long as I’ve heard he’s been on the block for almost the same reason.

  10. devfanman4 says:

    I agree with alot of what you said. However I think the Devils offense is fine as it is. No one is afraid to cross the blue line with Stevens out so if they get a physical defenseman (maybe bring Odelein back?) they’ll be ok although no one replaces Stevens and it shows. They’re going to need Stevens returning to the line up and another defenseman to play in front of the rookies in the playoffs. If those two things happen, they’ll go deep.

  11. dkball7 says:

    Great article man…

  12. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    I think the Devs are a great team, no question! however watching them this year without Stevens they look alot less intimidating thats all. They always have Marty B who is all world as well. As for the Bolts being the team to beat in the east, the only person I heard say that was that monkey Melrose (who also by the way has predicted the NYR would be in the cup finals the past 2 years) that guy should be ripped off the air….hes awful. Now that im thinking about it, theres no way the Bolts beat the Devs, it just doesnt sound right…….but the there was that Carolina incident a few years back, NAH no way on the Bolts ITS FLORIDA FOR CHRIST SAKE

  13. jerzjayme says:

    I heard the stadium was gonna be called KFC Center.

    tap tap tap – is this thing on?



  14. jerzjayme says:

    jesus and i hate you

  15. NjDEVSFN says:

    Thanks a lot for the compliments…I didn’t even think of Gratton as an available centermen, but of course, considering the Yotes have fallen out of the race, it is quite possible that a rebuilding(or money saving) team will accept a pick. I’m not sure if DeMarchi will be one of the prospects that Lou will trade…remember, he played with Martin in Minnesota, it is so rare that you can get a whole defensive pair from one team EVER, so Lou might not want to touch the possibilities. Foster is a good prospect to trade if he stays healthy(apparently he has been pretty healthy this year). I’m not Lou, and the deadline is in 11 days at 3pm…the afternoon of the Devils v Philly game! Since the Devils blew 2 pts lastnight against ATL, they need to win both of the games v Philly.

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