New Jerseys and Logos!

In order to stop the Articles about New jerseys and new logos I have wrote this Article with a URL to a great Website which is dedicated to new jerseys and logos.

By the way expect teams to alter their logos while making their new RBK Edge jerseys because fans will buy the new $200 RBK Edge jerseys to get the updated look, but for those fans who normally don’t care may be convinced to buy the new RBK Edge $200 jersey because of the new look. This will improve the revenue of the team and that will improve the interest in the team making the NHL more popular and have a larger fan base.


2 Responses to New Jerseys and Logos!

  1. wadeaminute says:

    why dont the teams just sick to the originals? Thats what most people want anyways.

  2. kamullia says:

    Very useful website. I was unaware the Bruins had modified their logo this year.

    By the way, merchandising profits are shared by all teams. It does not matter which jersey is sold, everyone benefits, therefore revenue for a team is only improves if the overall amount of merchandise sold league-wide is higher than the year before. And example to illustrate:

    If a specific team’s jersey is the most sold in the NHL and they are selling double the amount sold from the year before, if the amount of jerseys sold around the NHL declines from the previous year, then that team’s merchandising revenue from jerseys will decline (in fact, all 30 teams merchandising jersey revenue will decline).

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