New Plans for HTR

While the HTR staff should really give a lot of credit to titans for waking us up, TradeMan and I have come up with a few good plans for this summer with DG. I have a few good ideas for the site’s future, and I would appreciate it if HTR members would contribute to this and share opinions, suggestions, and comments. First of all, I would like to start of with the scoreboard. That was a great addition by TradeMan because i can finally use HTR more and not have another window.

Second, this leads to Glen’s idea of the AOL Instant Messanger (aka AIM titans; sorry I must pick on you sometimes, hehe). The idea is, an HTR Instant Messanger. TradeMan thinks it is a great idea, what do you people think? There is one problem to that idea that both TradeMan and I, maybe DG you could know, can’t resolve. How do we create an HTR Instant Messanger? What program(s) would we need in order to create one? Do any HTR members know, or have a friend or someone that would know? If so, contact the HTR staff immediately, thank you. We’re trying to get HTR to the next level, more advanced, more sefficient, more fun, and more interesting.

Third is TradeMan’s idea of creating an HTR internet browser. TradeMan states “The messanger could be integrated into it.” What do you people think of this? Any help or ideas that could be added to this, please do contact us or simply just post comments.

Fourth is my idea concentrating a lot on the HTR Chat, it is something I could not get off my mind today. Now, these are just the ideas with nothing solid enough to present with features. So, it might sound a bit confusing, I don’t think so, but bare with me here.

When I come in the HTR Chat, my first thought is “….what should I talk about? Just anything? Something?” I am sure that is a problem as to why not a whole lot of members come in the chat. So, my idea is to have a certain topic to be discussed on the chat so that an HTR member would say “I can’t miss this topic”. Now, since there are a lot of Flyers fans here, I’ll just choose a topic.

“The Flyers without Roenick, how far can this team go?” The topic would be from Monday through Wednesday, at 12 pm to 6 pm. Now, that is just a topic that I threw in with days that I threw in and times. Are you following what i am saying? This will also decrease the number of articles posted where some other fans are not interested in reading.

Following that idea, which i hoped many of you liked, is my other fun and crazy idea which I have no clue what the HTR members reaction would be. Many of you know me as the pro-Rangers who also says wild and crazy things to annoy readers. Some of you might plain out dislike me. A couple of you disagree with an estimated perctange, 90% on any topics. This is what i exactly wanted since joining this site, and many of you do like what I write, hehe sometimes.

Where am I getting at? I am sure most of you have seen, or do watch ESPN’s PTI (Pardon The Interruption). Am I scaring some of you a bit already? Hehe. I have something similar to that, very similar. Obviously, it would only be based on hockey. So, the main idea of it is that it is me and an HTR member who usually opposes my comments (i.e. big_booty & MantaRay). It would take place on the HTR Chat, and maybe TradeMan might make two seprate rooms for that. I am not yet sure how the choosing of topics will be, I am not sure who will be my opposing partner for the “show” (thinking about alternating with some HTR members), I am not sure the exact dates or times yet, but I do know that this could be fun. I am not really looking to have something strict or serious and professional. I want this site to be fun. I would love to challenge my HTR members, especially MantaRay big_booty, even titans, or Glen, Jonathane, and others. Why? Because it is fun. I still have to think of how the set up of the “show” would go as well.

I seriously want serious and pure honest opinions from you HTR members. You’ve all been a great part of this site, and I think it is our (HTR staff) duty to be a great part of this site to make it the best and most fun for you HTR members.

Opinions, suggestions, and comments may all be posted as comments to this post. You may also e-mail DG, TradeMan, or me (mikster) for any help on the HTR Instant Messanger, or anything else.

Thank you for the great support,



M. Peroni (mikster)

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