New Rule

Hockey Trade Rumors announces a new rule.

Articles written by Anonymous writers will NOT be posted. Only the articles written by HTR members will be posted.


HTR Staff

15 Responses to New Rule

  1. slipnaughtyboy says:

    Makes sense.

    Too many bogus articles or articles that are completely errored.

  2. saksfan says:

    That it does. How can somebody Anonymous write anyway?

  3. Habsmtlrule says:

    For future reference Mikster, may I know why you did not post my article on the Habs signing the coaching staff last week ?

  4. UltimateB says:

    Hey, if I change my name to anonymous does that mean that I’ll never be able to submit news again?

  5. devilfan says:

    Thats fair.

  6. mikster says:

    That is correct. If you want, you can put yourself as anonymous and we will post it anonymous, but you have to put your name in the article…we will then take the name away and post your article.

  7. mikster says:

    Tell you what, give me something more about the Habs. An article including the coaching staff and how they would handle a new team with Koivu, Czerkawski, and if they would bring up a player. I’ll post it, but it needs to be…not too long but you know…..4,5 paragraphs. Deal?

  8. Kingsfan1 says:

    I agree, it’s not like it’s that difficult to sign up anyway.

  9. Habsmtlrule says:

    It’s a deal. Just BTW, I did not mean anything negative in my comment nor was it a rant. Just wanted to know what I could have done better. Thanx

  10. ProngerBlues44 says:

    Praise the lord! Hallejuah! I was getting worried on that Pronger article!! You rock!

    ~Jeff P.

    JFB DK57

  11. marcop says:

    hey mikstir, how come you never post any of the articles i wrote about the penguins?

  12. gprodent says:

    Yeah, definately a good idea…if you are too lazy to sign up, but are motivated enough to write an article, something’s wrong with the priorities…

  13. mikster says:

    No problem bud, and if you want some opinions….leave me a message on the HTR Inst. Mes or leave me a private message.

  14. mikster says:

    I don’t only post articles, Trademan, me, and DG do.

    Well, give me something good. I still have your Pens article but it’s only one paragraph. Let me give you my honest opinion. You had some good points, but make it longer…build around your points, and put something that will also satisfy Pens-haters. Make the article good enough for Pens fans, but the ones to read it will be other fans, you have to make it good for them. You shouldn’t ask people something in an article. Go to go to NHL>Teams>Pittsburgh>and then there is depth chart somewhere.

    You need help, i’ll help ya….leave me a message on the messages or HTR Inst.Mes.

  15. NewYorkRangers says:

    I sent in an article about Lindros, that I thought would stir up a lot of conversation, and fun. I thought it was pretty good. If you read it, is there anything that I could have done better? If you want to read it, it was posted on WowHockey, it’s called Lindros Is Not a Wuss.

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