New Scoring Title Award |||| HTR AWARD!!!!

rrud: We have a scoring title award for he who scores the most goals (the Maurice Richard), and one for he who scores the most total points (the Art Ross).

We also have a team award, essentially, for the goaltender(s) who allow the least goals over a season (the William M. Jennings).

Why not an award for the TEAM that scores the MOST goals over the course of a season? Sort of an anti-Jennings award.

Discussion here should be threefold:

1. is this award a good idea, or just contributing to an already bloated awards ceremony;

2. after whom should the award be named (insert your own columbus bluejackets joke here);

3. who are the likely winners of this award for this season? vancouver, colorado, detroit, dallas, rangers? another team?mikster: Adding to that…I just came up with a fun idea, for us fans. Thanks rrud.

It’s nothing big or very interesting, but it will be fun for some people. So here is my idea:


Now, I think the name of the award could be changed, depending on how you people react. Then, the staff will find some regulations on how the voting will be done.

Here is what you have to do. You have to decide on what the award is given for. Should it be given to a player, or a team? What is it given for? The team that scores the most goals, points, or….the best improved team by season’s end? You get the idea.

Start posting your opinions. After at least 5 days, then I will narrow the choices down and post a poll.