New Scoring Title Award |||| HTR AWARD!!!!

rrud: We have a scoring title award for he who scores the most goals (the Maurice Richard), and one for he who scores the most total points (the Art Ross).

We also have a team award, essentially, for the goaltender(s) who allow the least goals over a season (the William M. Jennings).

Why not an award for the TEAM that scores the MOST goals over the course of a season? Sort of an anti-Jennings award.

Discussion here should be threefold:

1. is this award a good idea, or just contributing to an already bloated awards ceremony;

2. after whom should the award be named (insert your own columbus bluejackets joke here);

3. who are the likely winners of this award for this season? vancouver, colorado, detroit, dallas, rangers? another team?mikster: Adding to that…I just came up with a fun idea, for us fans. Thanks rrud.

It’s nothing big or very interesting, but it will be fun for some people. So here is my idea:


Now, I think the name of the award could be changed, depending on how you people react. Then, the staff will find some regulations on how the voting will be done.

Here is what you have to do. You have to decide on what the award is given for. Should it be given to a player, or a team? What is it given for? The team that scores the most goals, points, or….the best improved team by season’s end? You get the idea.

Start posting your opinions. After at least 5 days, then I will narrow the choices down and post a poll.

18 Responses to New Scoring Title Award |||| HTR AWARD!!!!

  1. Tony says:

    ok an award for the biggest surprise team of the regular season and the playoffs would be good. An iron man award for the toughest playoff player, for example someone like chelios or erick cole last year. How about a best game of the year during the regular season or playoffs too. Maybe a best fight of the year also.

  2. burky says:

    The Canucks will win easy, especially w/ Fedorov and Salo this year.

  3. freshprince says:

    The Stanley Cup is practically the only team award…you shouldn’t take that specialness away by making another team award…

    the stanley cup is fine on its own

  4. Rushing says:

    The “STANLEY CUP is an award for the all around team. That is eeeeeeeeeverything. Evidently their goalie did good enough, their scoring was great, and their defense did their share as well.

    I don’t see a prob with just putting a highest scoring team award. I mean they use this in case of ties at certain points for the playoffs do they not? That is to see who makes the playoffs.

    Isn’t this a tie breaker when two or more teams are tied with Pts, and tied with Wins and then it goes to the most goals scored?

  5. DG says: should hand out their own, informal awards sort of like how The Hockey News does. We’d have categories like the National Hockey League does- best forward, best defenceman, etc.- voted for by us. The fans don’t seem to have a way to decide who is truly the best right now, so this would fill that void admirably.

    This has been an idea I’ve been thinking about for some time but I’ve never really acted on it until now, so I thought I’d throw my two cents in here.


  6. freshprince says:

    Most goals does count for something but teams are not trying to always score goals…

    otherwise they would always dress the best player and not just the tough guy…

    its just not a good idea to make that an award..

    maybe just praise…but not a real trophy and all

  7. rrudd says:


    we see lots of evidence that the league is trying to downplay the value of a good grinder and really free up scorers. this might be a way they could further instill the idea that goals are highly regarded by the league.

  8. MossRocks says:

    Good idea. I would chip in some help for this.

  9. MossRocks says:

    I like this award and it’s definitely better than the Jennings. My award name nominations would be:

    1) The Wayne Gretzky Award – main cog of the greatest offensive machine in the history of the game. He’s got to get an award named after him sometime and this should be it.

    2) The Bobby Orr Award – the first serious offensive threat from the backline. He could dominate games. ‘Team defense’ has been a popular catch phrase, but Bobby Orr made ‘team offense’ a possibility and a reality. This could be choice 1B for me, he should have an award too.

    3) The Glen Sather Award – I’m going to take serious heat for this… only mikster can save me… The mind behind the greatest offensive machine ever – like it or not, he assembled the team and gave the Oilers their style which lead to a record 446 goals which will never be broken.

  10. freshprince says:

    Might aswell bring in an award for the lowest paid player because the league is trying to downplay high salaries

  11. Habfan1234 says:

    The name of the award would be:


  12. YingYan says:

    Keep it simple, it is 100% logical that the reverse of the Jennings trophy be attributed to the team that scored the most goals.

    Especially with this season’s implementation of a crackdown on certain types of obstruction/interference. We lost 2 friggin’ goals per game in a mere decade and we need the offense back. The goals in preseason games have been up by a bit more than half a goal, it’s not the 2 goals back but it’s a sart in the good direction.

    Also watch for very physical plays which will be refreshing from stoopid slooooooooow grab/drag/hack&slash. (or shall we say AXE & slash in Bill Guerin’s case?)

  13. rrudd says:

    i agree with you there.

    i, personally, like the tough, bloody game, and don’t mind a 2-1 game with great goaltending and a few broken ribs.

  14. mikster says:

    Danny!!!! You’re vice-admin! Hehe you have to tell me or Trademan about these things!

    Hehe, oh well….you deserve credit.

    Go Juve!

  15. mikster says:

    After a fun arguement about the Grier trade, hehe, i think you got some good ones in there.

    One thing i just want to clear on….

    Gretz Award= most points scored?

    Orr= most points scored by a d?

    Slats= bets GM of the year….???

    I just want some specifics. Slats brought the Oilers 5 Cups, one w.o Gretz too. He had the best team of the 80’s, besides the Isle’s. But, more hall of famers from him.

  16. DG says:

    I know: I just want to see what everyone’s reaction is before I move on.


  17. MossRocks says:

    No, actually I was thinking of names for the ‘most team goals scored in a season’ award. Your own suggestions for Orr and Gretzky are pretty good except I think Sather would be better suited for the most team goals than GM of the year. GM of the year is too hard – what works for one team is bad for another and vice versa. I don’t think you could name a GM of the year that I couldn’t disagree with and that includes Kevin Lowe.

    So based on your recommendations for an HTR award name, I would say…

    Most assists – Gretzky (I like the Art Ross the way it is, of course I would go back to the old division and conference names too)

    Most points for D-man – Orr (Although, the Norris kind of does this because it’s a stupid award)

    Most goals by a team – Sather

  18. Bigman says:

    first im lost because is this going to be a real NHL award, and i agree that there should be an assist gretzky award or a best offensive d-man, the orr or the coffey award

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