New Uniforms in Carolina, Dallas, Minnesota

The Canes, and Wild have unveiled their new uniforms while there are photos of Dallas’ apparent new is a link to the jerseys




What do you think about them?

6 Responses to New Uniforms in Carolina, Dallas, Minnesota

  1. Lint07 says:

    who said those were ''obviously fake'' again?

    seems like they were real alright.

  2. Kyleton says:

    Not a fan of the way the Numbers are on the back of the Canes jerseys but the rest looks good.

    Is it just me or does the logo on the front of the Wild Jersey's seem a tad bit small? I like that there are not much chances to it otherwise.

  3. tancred says:

    IMO, the Dallas jersey is yawn-inducing.  Not much color or contrast going on there.  Carolina's is pretty much the same.  Don't care too much for the sleeves, but its still a decent jersey.  And Minnesota's is awesome.  They didn't change too much either, it seems, and it works.  I really like the red and green.  

  4. leaflova says:

    love minny's  jersey's, but not so much dallas and carolina

  5. NHLman says:

    Dallas' jerseys look bad.

    Carolina is pretty much the same, except for those idiotic sleeve stripes that a lot of teams now have.

    The Wild jerseys are pretty much last years alternate as home and away remains virtually unchanged. I definitely see why they abandoned the original home jersey, because of the all green there's no contrast. The only problem I have is with the new home logo. First let me preface this by saying I don't mind different home and away logos necessarily. The thing is, it is retarded to have the home logo have the city name on it if the away does not. It's like saying the fans in Minnesota are too stupid to know what city the Wild play for, but elsewhere they know the Wild are from Minnesota. Essentially, what I'm saying stems from MLB's jersey convention: home jerseys have the team's name/nickname and away jerseys have the team's city. But overall I prefer no city names and the same logo for home and road. I think an alternate logo should be reserved for alternate jerseys.

  6. CaptainAvery says:

    I ain't wasting a dime on any of these new jerseys. Paying for the Center Ice Package is enough already, never mind spending more on what, the 8th *****ing jersey of my favourite team the Canadiens. NHL's a money grabber, is it not obvious. 

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