New Uniforms!

According to, its heard to me that on draft day coming up this friday, that the bluejackets will anounce their new team jerseys that will be worn on juring the 2007-2008 nhl season. This will be shown by a couple of jacket players just before the draft begins.

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  1. Kashin says:

    supposedly its going to be there current third jeresy with the ohio flag. I never new this but there team name was named after the soilders in the civil war from ohio called the blue jackets.

    Ive heard rumors the isles are getting their old pre fisherman jereseys back witht he lighter blue, look at their website and youll see theyve changed a lot of their pictures to reflect those potential changes.

  2. wayne2 says:

    For a new team they had one of the ugliest jersey in the NHL.

  3. rlhockey46 says:

    lint07  why would you even post this

  4. habsalicious says:

    I wouldn't call their jersey ugly. The logo is ordinary but the jersey is all right.

  5. Lint07 says:

    …and why would you even comment on this?

    you're wasting your time and mine.

    grow up, if you don't care about a news story you skip it and read one of the 10 other available on the page.

    this is news, whether you like it or not.

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