New Updated….Hot Rumors

These are some new rumors that have hit the air waves. These rumors have been reported from many sites and newspapers.

This Post is not Opinion, strictly fact’s of what has really been said….Players moving players staying.

Shawn McEachern may be traded to the fishsticks, to go on a line with Yashin…..

Guerin has been said to have 2 places ready…. Dallas and the Rangers. While the Rangers will make an offer of 10 million, Dallas is a very good possibility, Although they say they are singing everyone every year.

Holik has been said to be interested in New York, and Philly. Philly got rid of Oates… and may now be looking to trade Primeau, if Holik is signed.

Kasparitis has been reportedly ready to take his first offer on July 1st from the Islanders.

CoJo will not go to Detroit, as stated…. Detroit won’t pay that much for an overrated goalie. Roy doesn’t even get that much. The only team to pay him that much would be the Rangers, but then again Chicago is reported to be ready to go after him strongly.

Dallas is going to make an offer for Amonte. most likely get him. (Again, they say this every year, Dallas will sign the world)

Fluery will talk to Gretzky and most likely go to Phoenix. That or Chicago.

Selanne had been reported of having Montreal as a strong contender to sign him.

Belfour could go to Philly because Cechmanek’s crying fit in the playoffs was out of hand.

Richter has been said to have another meeting with Sather Tuesday, June, 25th.

If nothing…. Detroit is a good fit.

Chelios…. The Rangers are interested, and so is Chelios, but Sather most likely won’t offer him the 13 mill for 2 years that he is looking for.