New Updated….Hot Rumors

These are some new rumors that have hit the air waves. These rumors have been reported from many sites and newspapers.

This Post is not Opinion, strictly fact’s of what has really been said….Players moving players staying.

Shawn McEachern may be traded to the fishsticks, to go on a line with Yashin…..

Guerin has been said to have 2 places ready…. Dallas and the Rangers. While the Rangers will make an offer of 10 million, Dallas is a very good possibility, Although they say they are singing everyone every year.

Holik has been said to be interested in New York, and Philly. Philly got rid of Oates… and may now be looking to trade Primeau, if Holik is signed.

Kasparitis has been reportedly ready to take his first offer on July 1st from the Islanders.

CoJo will not go to Detroit, as stated…. Detroit won’t pay that much for an overrated goalie. Roy doesn’t even get that much. The only team to pay him that much would be the Rangers, but then again Chicago is reported to be ready to go after him strongly.

Dallas is going to make an offer for Amonte. most likely get him. (Again, they say this every year, Dallas will sign the world)

Fluery will talk to Gretzky and most likely go to Phoenix. That or Chicago.

Selanne had been reported of having Montreal as a strong contender to sign him.

Belfour could go to Philly because Cechmanek’s crying fit in the playoffs was out of hand.

Richter has been said to have another meeting with Sather Tuesday, June, 25th.

If nothing…. Detroit is a good fit.

Chelios…. The Rangers are interested, and so is Chelios, but Sather most likely won’t offer him the 13 mill for 2 years that he is looking for.

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  1. TC_4 says:

    I’ve been thinking about this the last couple of days, and here is my theory. Guerin and Cujo will both be Rangers next season. Guerin because they’ll pay him the most and that’s the only reason he plays the game(and his past with Sather), and Cujo, because Sather is a guy that doesn’t forget. The year was 1998, the Edmonton Oilers were a Janne Niinimaa caugh up from going to the Western Conference finals, and all of a sudden, there rise to the top was stoped when Toronto signed Curtis Joseph away from them. Granted, the Oilers knew Cujo was gone anyways, but now Sather has a chance to do it back to the Leafs. He will not miss out on this one.

  2. Freezer says:

    Steve Yzerman was quoted in the Detroit Free Press as saying that if the Red Wing fans could fall in love with Chris Chelios, they can do the same with Ed Belfour. Hmmm. This, along with former team mates Hull (Dallas) and Chelios (Chicago) coaxing Belfour to become a Red Wing, has me believing that Belfour could be Detroit bound.

    Bowman could handle crazy Eddie Belfour. Can Bowman’s replacement do the same?

  3. fishlikeme says:

    Rumours have Belfour going to Detroit rather than Joseph. Yzerman is lobbying for him and Hull/Chelios as well.

    Joseph in NYR makes sense $ wise, but not when it comes to winning a Cup. Nyr spends tons of money every year and seem to never make the playoffs. Comes down to what Cujo wants, money or a winning team.

    As for Holik it’s known that he supports the hiring of Pat Burns as the new head coach but if the Devils can’t sign him (which if history gives us an insight they won’t – Mogilny) he supposedly has a short list of teams he’s interested in and no New York based team is on it. It rumoured that Toronto may be a favourite and with Joseph leaving would free up the $ needed to make a tempting offer.

  4. jtshade1977 says:

    I m sick and tired of people talking of Cechmanek’s “crying fit” in the playoffs. The way I see it, he was the only one acting as a leader for PHI. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Cechmanek go over to the bench and yell to be pulled because the guys weren’t playing D in front of him or scoring any goals? Isn’t that what Philly did? The way Cechmanek was playing, he had every right to say what he did. I know most of you PHI fans on here were huge Boucher fans. Well, guess what? He’s gone and not coming back. So live with the fact that the Flyers are “stuck” with the goalie with the 2nd highest GAA in the league last year (2.05 only Roy was better). Roman was also 3rd in the league in save % (.921, only Roy and Theodore were better). Do you really think goaltending is the problem?

  5. TC_4 says:

    He has a every right to pull himself from a 3-0 game??? A game that still had some time left in it, and Philly with a few good breaks, could still win. How do you condon that. I don’t see Philly play that often, but from what I understand they are a very defensive hockey club. Now if this is true, then the only reason Chechmanek’s putting up the good numbers is because of the team in front of him. But anyways, I hope you never coach if you were to favor your players like that. You would have one F*CKED up dressing room!

  6. Malurous says:

    But if Philly fans prefer Boucher to Cechmanek and think that Boucher’s better, how come his numbers suck compared to Cechmanek? I mean, if Cechmanek (note the spelling) “puts up good numbers because of the team in front of him” then how come Boucher doesn’t put up better numbers with the same defense? Check this out:

    Cechmanek: SV% 0.921 GAA 2.05

    Boucher: SV% 0.905 GAA 2.41

    So, do you suggest that Philly plays worse when Boucher is guarding the nets? In that case, they still shouldn’t have played him =)

    And about Belfour, yeah I know Dallas wasn’t very good last season, but I think they were a defensive team as well. Then how on Earth does Eddie the Eagle get a 0.895 SV% to go along with a 2.65 GAA? When young backup Turco has 0.921 and 2.09? By the way, Belfour had a winning percentage of 43.8 while Marty had 71.4. This means that the Stars were easily a winning team with Turco. Yeah, he might have played some of the easier games, but he was stellar, as Eddie sucked. Belfour wouldn’t be better for the Flyers than Cechmanek. I mean, Belfour might rebound from his horrific season, but in the last two seasons, Cechmanek has shown that he is one of the best goalies in the game today.


  7. TC_4 says:

    Yeah, I have to agree with you there my man. But I didn’t say they should get Belfour, I just stated that I don’t believe Chechmanek is the answer. But my main point wasn’t about that. It was more about what Chechmanek did should not have been condoned.

  8. Malurous says:

    Yeah, and I have to agree with you there. 😉

    Anyways, the Belfour stuff I said wasn’t directly to you, but this whole post…

  9. FlyersGoCupCrazy says:

    I agree with you about one thing. Belfour won’t be a Flyer next season, he’ll be a Red Wing. If any free agent goalie will be between the pipes for the orange and black, it’s Richter. Now that that’s out of the way, onto the Cechmanek vs. Boucher debate. Yes, Boucher has been less consistent than Cechmanek (which explains his worse statistics). When Boucher is on his game, though, he is a light’s out goaltender. He’s just dominant. Add this to the fact that Boucher is a young goalie that is only going to get better, compared to Cechmanek, who has just about topped off, and the choice should be obvious. Just in case it isn’t, I’ve got some more stats for you, playoff stats. You know the Flyers are going to put together team that’s going to the playoffs. The problem is getting past the first round (Boucher was the last Flyers goaltender to get the Flyers past the first round, by the way). So the key shouldn’t be overall statistics, but playoff stats, and here they are:

    Boucher (25):

    Wins: 11 (4th all-time, 1st active)

    Losses: 8

    Win %: 58%

    GAA: 2.07 (2nd all-time, 1st active)

    Shut Outs: 1 (5th all-time, 1st active)

    Save %: 92%

    Cechmanek (31)

    Record: 3 (11th all-time, 3rd active)

    Losses: 7

    Win %: 30%

    GAA: 2.62 (7th all-time, 2nd active)

    Shut Outs: 0

    Save %: 91%

    I’ve just a few more things before I sit back and let the numbers speak for themselves. All the ranks I’ve given are for the Flyer’s team history (I don’t want anybody posting that Roy is the active leader in playoff wins not Boucher). I didn’t post ranks for win% because the site I got these stats from didn’t have the all-time list for win %. It also only tracks save % since 1980, and since that leaves out Parent (probobly the best Flyers goalie ever), I didn’t think it was right to compare Boucher and Cechmanek to “Flyer’s goalies” and not include Parent on this list. I also skipped losses because goalie A could play 1 game and lose it, and goalie B could play 100 games and lose 5, and yet goalie A would be ranked higher. I didn’t think it was a fair statistic, so I skipped it (the fact that Cechmanek and Boucher would be ranked higher than Parent had a little to do with it too.) Now I will leave you to look over those statistics with two final thoughts.

    1) Boucher gets better (statistically, at any rate) in the playoffs. Cechmanek doesn’t. Don’t you want a goali that steps it up at crunch time?

    2) Boucher is 25! Cechmanek is 31.

  10. Malurous says:

    Boucher was 23 when he played his best (most consistent) season. Now he’s 25. Is he better? NO! Ok, that’s crap. Anyways, I know he can be dominant. But I’d rather take a goalie that’s very good every game than a goalie that is dominant one game, good another and sucks the third. Well, Boucher can get better, I guess. But why not Cechmanek? I knew him before he came to Flyers, and frankly wasn’t impressed. He plays better than he did on the bigger surface, but who knows whether he has completely adjusted to the NHL style of play or not? Just remember how long it took for Hasek… anyway, that’s speculation.

    And note, Cecho got this year’s losses not because of him. And if your team scores one goal and wins after overtime, and that’s your only win, and then you don’t score for 3 games, I suppose goaltending is not the problem. Oh, yeah, the skaters didn’t trust Cechmanek so they wouldn’t play proper offence. Right.

    Boucher was the last goalie to take Philly past the 1st round, that’s true. But Vanbiesbrouck used to be a playoff goalie before his Flyer days, so did Hextall, who actually didn’t play THAT bad in the playoffs, you fans just blame him, like you always blame the goalie, the same case with Cecho this year. Boucher just happened to be there the only year your team didn’t stop playing when the big dance begun, I don’t mean that he wasn’t spectacular then, though.

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