Hey Hockey Fans,

I recently bought NHL 2005 for my Xbox and will be starting a Sim League for it in a few days. I will run a fantasy draft for the League. If you are interested in joining the Sim League, you can send an email to:

The email must include your First Name and Last Intial, a list of preferences for the team you would like to be in the draft (a top 10 list should be good.) Later, for once the fantasy draft is set to begin, an email will be sent (at the beginning of each draft round) asking for you to send your Top 30 choices. Also, I find it best that only the first 12 rounds will be drafted manually by the Team GM users, and then the Computer (Xbox) can automatically sim the rest.

Please note that I think it would be best if users for the Sim League who plan to join have a Hotmail or MSN account to use with MSN Messenger.

Thank You.

Website Link: