Hey Hockey Fans,

I recently bought NHL 2005 for my Xbox and will be starting a Sim League for it in a few days. I will run a fantasy draft for the League. If you are interested in joining the Sim League, you can send an email to:

The email must include your First Name and Last Intial, a list of preferences for the team you would like to be in the draft (a top 10 list should be good.) Later, for once the fantasy draft is set to begin, an email will be sent (at the beginning of each draft round) asking for you to send your Top 30 choices. Also, I find it best that only the first 12 rounds will be drafted manually by the Team GM users, and then the Computer (Xbox) can automatically sim the rest.

Please note that I think it would be best if users for the Sim League who plan to join have a Hotmail or MSN account to use with MSN Messenger.

Thank You.

Website Link:

23 Responses to NEW XBOX NHL 2005 SIM LEAGUE —> JOIN TODAY!!!

  1. Enigma says:

    This is one of those rare moments where I wish I had an X-box instead of Ps2.

  2. ranger_fan says:

    You bought NHL 2005. If you wanted to blow $50 you should have gone to a strip joint. You would have had a much better time. ESPN NHL 2K5 is by far better, yes i played both.

    You might want a backup plan with MSN Messenger. Not too many people use it.

  3. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Seems cool, hope I can join, is there a seperate draft for goalies or what?

    I know what I want my team to look like:

    Bertuzzi / Draper / Gaborik

    McCarty / Conroy / Maltby

    Domi / Tucker / Kilger

    Svatos / Green / May

    Aucoin / Martin

    D. Markov / Martchment

    B. Mironov / McGillis



    I know wishful thinking, I will never be able to get Belfour and if so not Schwab as well. But that would be an awesom team. I tried to put a goon, a grinder, and a skater, all on the first line.

    I am going to try putting together this team on my 2004 (sucks I don’t have 2005 yet.) and see how it does.

    If I am put in the league all user be aware depending on what team I get (I dont know why put certain kinds of players work well with certain jerseys.) I would need this kind of player:

    Philly: Flyers are a tough team so I need checkers on this team.

    Toronto: I would want all Anglo Canadians.

    Montreal: I would want all French Canadians.

    Edmonton, Tampa Bay, or Calgary: A young group of under rated players.

    I would love to get Toronto, Philly or the Habs.

    I think I am going to make Todd Berttuzi my first priority draft pick if I get a team. Just imagine guys the Leafymcshithead all stars. The team of players as chosen by the Don Cherry (most hated member) of HTR.

    I wonder what my team would be like if I had only French Canadians. I would try to get Lemieux, Gagne, and Broduer for sure.

    Does any one know if we can move our teams, just in name. If I get the Penguins which were third on my list, I would move them to Winnipeg.

      • So Cory please let me join, may the force be with you.

  • koolcory77 says:

    if any of u want to join email the account listed in the article

  • LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Thanks for the Flyers Cory. I now know what kind of team to build. Tough, hard hitting, and alot of fire power.

  • Minky says:

    i just thought i would post my Dynasty Rosters for fun

    i am first in the league by far (medium difficulty)







    Berehowsky (really good for some reason) – Coliacovo

    1. Belfour

    2. Tellqvist

    3. Kidd

  • koolcory77 says:

    hey i was just wonderign who u traded leetch for?

  • Minky says:

    leetch was having a horrible time, so i traded for Hannan, who has been amazing, almost a point per game since i got him. I was also able to get a 2nd rounder with Hannan.

    I traded Francis, who was also sucking, for Drury, who then i later traded for Afinogenov, then i traded Nolan, who was slumping, for Sullivan, but he was getting tossed around like salad, so i traded him for O’Neil.

  • Minky says:

    i cant remember who i traded for Ruchin.

    Oh right, i got some free agent who isnt real, but i didnt like him, so i traded for Rucchin.

  • ranger_fan says:

    That is why the game sucks. You like that unrealistic bulls hit?

  • Minky says:

    you can do this in ESPN easily.

    actually, this game is more realistic, becasue all of these trades were a product of two teams needing different types of players, so a trade was easy.

    i think my player salary is 70 mil, and i did alot of the trades to save money

  • ranger_fan says:

    I am not saying ESPN is perfect by any means. I definately prefer the gameplay, and for $30 less. May be you don’t like to save money, but I do. Why buy an item just because it cost more? Its like comparing two items that if anything, ESPN is better, the skybox is pushes it over the top. If you are just doing a game for a franchise mode, then you will be bored in 2 weeks. I love EAs 70-0 victories, and I’m not talking football, although that happens too.

    And 70 million dollars Minky? I hope you didn’t bash the Rangers for having a payroll like that, if you had a control of doing the same via a videogame. Try being like Calgary or Tampa, simulating.

  • Minky says:

    actually, this year, they toned down scoring alot, its tough to score, and you gotta be a bit crative, or just really lucky 🙂

    and ea was 20 bucks more, fyi.

    and the franchise mode in 2005 is creatly improved and really well done, and its a whole sh it load of fun.

    i just dont like how in EA they dont have mini games like in ESPN, thats my major compaint.

    there a good an bad aspects of each game, and for me, i like EA alot better

  • N25philly says:

    Crap game on a crap system. I am so going to pass on this.

  • Minky says:

    Pros and cons of PS2 and Xbox

    PS2 – Pros: Lots of games (only becasue it has been out longer)

    and really thats about it

    Cons: Shitty horrible controler, only contoler even not to use XYAB, not as good gfx as Xbox (because technology is older) no hard drive, slow frame rate in some games.

    Xbox Pros: Powerful good technology(becasue it is newer), hard drive, which *****ing rocks, controler doesnt suck, alot of awsome franchise games (Halo etc, well, ps2 has them too) online play is better, although it costs money

    Cons: big, bulky, heavy, not as many games (becasue its a year newer)

  • LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I am ok with the PS2 controler. I don’t really like X-box. It is the only one of the “Big three”, I don’t have. (Game Cube, Play Station 2, and X-Box.)

  • Beckfan5 says:


    Theres nothing to talk about.

  • bpanther83 says:

    y wouldn’t u like the xbox but like those systems unlessu play games like pockeyman or however that thing is spelt. X-box has MUCH better grafix and technology tqice that of the Ps2…and Gamecubes games are MOSTLY not all but MOSTLY designed for kids (as nitendo is known for).

  • bpanther83 says:

    sry i gotta stick up for 2K5…people dont even give it a chance…I talked to many MANY people in the gamming industry and they all say Sega makes the best sports games (especially in football). Their hockey was lacking for a whole, but 2K5 they said was better when they played it. These were not articles they were conversations I had. And 2K5 is much cheaper then EA. I never liked the gameplay of EA its WAY 2 unrealistic and ESPN has really made their game more realistic.

  • N25philly says:

    Yeah, put putting a pretty face on a bunch of crappy games doesn’t make a better system. Other than the rediculously over rated Halo, what good game is on X-Box that can’t be found elsewhere? X-Box is for people who are superficial and have no clue about gaming. The only thing they did right was their online set up.

  • LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Well I am a kid. And I do play Pokeman. I like the games, and it has the simplest controller. Super Smash Bro’s Melee is awesome. I wanna try that PS2 game Socom 2.

  • leafstopgun says:

    Already made my team










  • dave1979 says:



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