New Year's Wish List

This idea is sort of taken from, but I thought it would be fun to see what the fans think their team needs in the New Year.

I’ll start with the Habs. Habs are playing well lately, except for the loss last night against the Islanders. Habs need more passionate players and tougher players. I wouldn’t do a major move right now, because the Habs are faring relatively well, but I think the best thing the Canadiens could do would be to get rid of Czerkawski. Since the Canadiens only traded Arron Asham for him, I think it wouldn’t be a big loss to trade Czerkawski for a tough veteran or just simply a tough player. A few names come to mind like Andre Roy, Jarko Ruutu. I’m not crazy about Ruutu, but Roy would be nice. I don’t know if Czerkawski is worth even that though. Getting a good defenseman would help. The rumoured Boris Mironov for Audette deal isn’t bad, but the Habs need a tougher d-man.

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  1. mikster says:

    Get rid of Dvorak, he is playing scared ever since his two knee injuries.

    Get rid of KRAPa, the guy falls every time and stands like a pole. Way to go on the Gomez goal, retard.

    Put Holik back with Barnaby and Lindros.

    Just want to see everyone do their job.

  2. Leaf_Expert says:

    The Habs need alot of things….they’ve had too much flukes in that organization….~COUGH~THEODORE!!!!

    All Hab greats are overrated!….

    Except Dryden,,,hes the best Hab there EVER WAS!!!!

    But hes a Leaf now…..

  3. titans says:

    Boston needs Samsonov to have a speedy recovery and come back healthy.

    Philadelphia needs a miracle.

  4. Leafanatic says:

    I thought we were supposed to address what OUR team needs. Regardless of their good play of late, making up for their terrible start, I think the Leafs could use a little bit of everything. Starting between the pipes, Kidd’s record isn’t quite reflective of his play but regardless of that he’s a step or two down from Schwab(sp?) Belfour however has been an upgrade for less money. He’s got better numbers than Joseph in just about everything and he’s not playing for one of the so called favourites to take the Cup. They always need defensemen but I’m not really up on who’s available. Most of their defensive problems early this year though could really be attributed to poor back checking by the forwards. They could definitely use another skilled forward like a Kovalev or Elias but they really don’t have much to offer for players of that caliber. As for centres, they have a lot of them just not quality. I don’t think Druken is the answer. I think Quinn will do something, but there’s no way all the Leafs’ needs are going to be addressed this season, they don’t have enough to offer by way of trade. Any good free agents coming up next season?

  5. SDG says:

    Buffalo: A little help from the state and city wouldn’t hurt. Fan support would go a long way. Even if your not a fan of the sabres, let’s not lose another franchise this way. This is starting to happen all to often in sports today.

  6. Leafanatic says:

    I think the Bruins will be alright without Samsonov for a while, but when he comes back, watch our for Boston (again). Good to see that the reality bug has finally taken a bite out of you Titans. Actually, they’re not doing so bad and they always have a better second half. There’s no way they’re finishing below anyone but Jersey in the Atlantic, but when round 2 of the playoffs rolls around again…let’s just say I hope the Flyers got some nice new golf clubs for Christmas.

  7. mikster says:

    You can say which Hab is overrated when another team reaches the same amount of Cups they won!!

  8. big_booty says:

    I wish that:

    1) Donald Brashear would drop the gloves more.

    2) John LeClair would come back a couple of weeks early and play like he did in the first month of the season.

    3) Justin Williams would finally learn how to skate.

    4) Keith Primeau, Mark Recchi, and Eric Desjardins would fill out change of address forms.

  9. Leaf_Expert says:


    Ray Whitney-a fast, high scoring LW

    Derian Hachter-Captain of Dallas(enough said)

    Sergei Federov-Unlikely he’ll leave Detriot..

    Bryan Marchment- A tough and dirty defensemen.

    These are the best names I think that will be available and that could help the Leafs….

    And about Kidd…hes just a one year wonder, next year you guys can hate on Tellqvist…

  10. amok says:

    Trust me, Druken is not the answer. He was handed the second line center job this training camp with the Canucks and gave it away with his uninspired play. He sure wore out his welcome with Carolina pretty quick, too. Look for Druken to do about the same with the Leafs as yet another overrated Canuck prospect: Josh Holden. The Leafs do need another decent forward, but maybe they don’t need to look much further than Roberts on the IR.

    I’m not a Leafs fan, but if I were my wish would be for the prospects on the Canadian WJC team to play in the NHL like they are against Sweden tonight…

  11. amok says:

    This one’s easy: a higher value for the Canadian dollar.

    But realistically, just good health for the Canucks and maybe a veteran with some playoff experience. But no injuries would be good enough.

  12. titans says:

    They’re not doing so bad??? They have the 25th worse offense in the NHL!! They haven’t scored more than three goals in 23 games! They ARE doing that bad!

  13. mikster says:

    Screw them all….

  14. TrojanMan says:


    1) A healthy Dick Tarnstrom

    2) Kovalev Re-signed

    3) A second line

  15. amok says:

    Don’t forget about continued health for Straka. It’s good to see him hold up this long without some crazy accident happening to him. If there’s one guy unlucky enough to have the scoreboard fall on him in the middle of a game, it’s probably Straka.

  16. NewYorkRangers says:

    Rangers: MIRACLE

    Thank god I don’t have a gun. Cause after watching the NYR-Pens, game I might have gone psycho.

  17. BabyLeaf says:

    are you crazy? the habs are arguably the greatest hockey hell sports franchise ever!



  18. BabyLeaf says:

    My wish for the Leafs…

    please please get rid of Lumme…replace him with Carlton the Bear!

    It hurts to watch him!


  19. NYIchooch75 says:

    New York Islanders:

    1) Kovalev next Yashin (It’s a wish list, dammit!)

    2) Consistency, consistency, consistency!

    3) Kvash gone (soon, very, very soon!)

    4) 2 Goalies, not 3 (see above)

    5) Isbister to finally live up to the hype. (?????)

    6) The Rangers to suck worse than the Isles..oh wait, don’t need to wish that now do I. HA HA!

    7) Jenna Jameson – Britney Spears “friendship” on DVD. Oops, wrong list…

  20. Leafanatic says:

    Well, they are still in 5th and are only 4 points out of 1st. They won’t continue like this all season. You know they always have a better second half.

  21. Nothingman says:

    1. A top-grade center to play alongside Amonte…I dunno Niewendyk or Damphousse maybe.

    2. Burke back, Kolanos back and Savage back

    3. Peter Bondra

    4. Consistency

    5. To start the season again and have a normal schedule, I mean 9 of the first 12 on the road…that’s ridicurous (sic, from Seinfeld).


    Ross Byrnes (Nothingman)

    Vice Admin of Wowhockey

  22. Nothingman says:

    Recchi can sign his to Phoenix if he wants.

    We don’t want the other two rejects though.

  23. nskerr says:

    Kvasha to be promoted to Zamboni driver.

    Another strong defenseman.

    Yashin to earn his 90 million.

    Either Satan or Kovalev through a trade.

    The Rangers to always suck. Oh wait, that is already the case.

    Michael Peca to return to last years form.

    A goalie tandem of Osgood and DiPietro.

    Ice girls to do a nude routine at Coliseum.

  24. pop0331 says:

    devils wish list: goals,goals, goals — we don’t need a big trade for kovalev or anything like that, just a decent pick up for a hard working lw or rw to throw the puck towards the net and get niewy and elias going in the new year. anyone want danton anymore??? we’ll give ya danton for a 12 pack of miller lite and 5 pucks! we devil fans out there – all 10 of us judging by the stands- will not stand for lou getting rid of berglund or bicek or elias or niewy or rafalski — hey pittsburgh, you want jim mckenzie and danton for kovalez? oh, and my wish for the entire league- please, please, please someone put a friggin check into LEMIEUX every now and then, all these people around the league just can’t figure out how he’s doing it!!! no one touches him! grow some cup protectors and hit him! come playoff time you will or you’ll be cryin while playing golf with the rangers

  25. Kingsfan1 says:

    Wow as a Kings fan i can go on for days.

    1 an owner willing to spend money to help the team win

    2 a solid goalie who will show up every night(if you saw Potvin and his 3 soft goals against Pheonix you’d understand)


    we have arguably one of the best lines in hockey with Alison, Deadmarsh and Palfy but after that? a whole lotta nothin. I love Frolov and Cammalleri but niether are NHL ready and should be in Manchester sharpening their game. DT trade for some offense PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  26. TheShack says:

    I wish for continued success in the New Year, more importantly…The Playoffs! I also wish for a hard-nosed left winger to play on one of the top two lines. Other than that all is well in Bytowne!

    Go SENS Go!

  27. MantaRay says:

    For the Devils:

    I wish that Joe Nieuwendyk and Patrik Elias regain thier scoring touches….preferably around April-May-June so the cup can return to the Garden State where it belongs.

    Wish #2: Satan becomes a Devil. Its just poetic justice.

  28. jammer21 says:

    that` is` why `martin` st. `louis` should` be` wearing` the` bluenote!`

  29. lovas84 says:

    Colorado Wishlist

    1. Alex Tanguay returning to Alex Tanguay of old

    2. Chris Drury

    3. Give Skoula More Ice Time

    4. Health

    5. Beat Detroit 7-0

  30. fleury14NYRCHI says:

    the real rangers list:

    1.) drop kasper, trade him now…id take anyone for him..terrible

    2.) karpa, waive him. cya

    3.) lundmark to finish in the NHL

    4.) bure to come back

    5.) holik to score

    6.) come back john vanbiesbrouck!

    7.) finally…my most prayed for wish. Fire Trottier, hire Hartley or Nolan.

  31. Rico71 says:

    The Habs.

    1- Anything close to a real defense.

    2- Give away Dykhuis & Rivet. Take them. Rivet managed to push Theo into the net and allowed the Sens to score…again. And Dykhuis scored 3 goals this year…in his net. Last one was against the Ranger$.

    3- Get rid of the excess baggage on the team. See #2 and add Lindsay (Looked so pathetic getting his ass kicked again tonight).

    4- Trade Czerkawski for something…anything. Having 2.6 million on the bench 10 games…is stupid.

    5- A team defense!!! Not even close to having an NHL level defense on this team.

    6- Shots on goal. The last 3 games…16 shots, 13 shots and 12 shots. Impressive. The other teams have outshot the Habs 108-40 in the last 3 games…no wonder they lost 2 out of 3.

    7- A real coach. Therrien needs to be fired, killed, released or slapped. In 2 years, no team defense, no consistency and no offensive system to speak of. Perreault is having a career year, Gilmour and Koivu are playing with heart and Zednik is becoming what Washington hoped he would be. An offensive threat. But after that…nada, zilch, rien, nothing. No offense from the blueline apart from Markov and a bit from Brisebois.

  32. Rico71 says:

    Damn it…

    108-41 SOG.


  33. Tradedude says:

    Carlton lmao. Why not just bring the Dryden back.

    Go Carlton!!!!

    #60 Rules!!

  34. Tradedude says:

    Quinn: Accept the trade Manson for Lumme was worthless. Don’t forget the Markov for Reichel and Green, or the Cross for Modin, or giving Jason Smith away, but I’m not sure Quinn did that, some other jack-ass before Quinn was hired.

    Svehla: Heads up and no using 2 sticks, lol.

    Sundin: Get healthy

    Trevor Kidd: Save puck(s)

    Calgary: Hire a coach, MacNeil couldn’t get you across a road bridge if your life depended on it.

    Nashville: Trade all your players for circus clowns and mascots, I don’t think trading Dunham for 2 mediocres and a prospect will get you anywhere in life.

    Philly: Score!

  35. Habfan1234 says:

    Agree with you 100%. How about the Canadiens fire Theridiot and getting Bob Hartley (far and away a better coach then Micheal).

  36. Habfan1234 says:


    1. Defense, Defense, and some more Defense.

    2. A new coach, preferrably Bob Hartley because the team has the offensive horses but it does not have a proper system in place for both the defensive and offensive sides of the game.

  37. Tradedude says:

    you mean used to be.

  38. Rico71 says:

    That would be my #1 choice.

    Bob would do a hell of a good job in Montreal.

    And to appease the french hockey fans, he speaks french. Never understood the need to have a french speaking coach in Montreal. It limits the choice of coaches the team can have and it doesn’t mean the coach is good.

    Look at the last 3 dummies we have had in Montreal. Tremblay, Vigneault and Therrien suck. Once they leave Montreal, they don’t coach anymore at the NHL level.

    Tremblay might be an assistant coach in Minnesota, but that’s mainly because he is buddy-buddy with Lemaire.

  39. guinsfan4life says:

    1. A new arena for the Penguins.

    2. A scoring title for Mario; has there EVER been a 37 yr. old dominate hockey like he is right now??

    3. A number one defenseman and/or some money to go out and trade for a number one or a number two guy.

    4. An MVP at the All-Star game for Mario. I’d like to see him drive away in the car.

    5. A decent Penguin playoff run.

    6. If Kovalev is traded at the deadline, which is a possibility, I’d like to see more than a bag of pucks and a few sticks in return–I want immediate impact player(s).

    7. One more offseason for GM Craig Patrick to clear up his obvious blunders of late; if they ain’t fixed he’s gotta hit the road, with or without Mario.

  40. Tradedude says:

    rangers are the king at pro golf. Tiger Woods should join the lot of them.

  41. Tradedude says:

    A healthy dick (tarnstrom, oh now i get it)

    i was going to say that that’s trojan man’s job.

  42. sterman says:

    bonk gone for some Grit… for a big tough young centerman who can score.

    he should change his name to radek bum

  43. freshprince says:


    1. Paul Kariya

    2. 2nd Line Center

    3. Jarko Ruutu gone

    4. Naslund MVP

    5. Healthy

    6. Stanley Cup

    7. Crawford, Jack Adams

    8. Morrison, Selke

    9. Ohlund, Norris

    10. Cloutier, Vezina

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