For the last two months, Jerome Iginla has been almost traded to Toronto, Colorado, NY Rangers, New Jersey…and the list goes on and on.
“My intention has not been to move Jarome Iginla,” says GM, Craig Button, who then maybe tips his hand in the opposite direction when he continues. “But given the druthers between being in last place in the conference and spending a lesser amount of money as opposed to more money, it’s just a straight business move” (

There really is no question that Iginla will be moved, it’s just a matter of when. The Flames could pull a deal at the trade deadline, or they could wait until this summer. It is no secret, whatever the deal is, the Flames want 2-3 game-ready players in return. Players that will make the Flames a better club. Iginla will not be traded just for the sake of making the trade.


It was said on the SCORE last week by their hockey analysts that the Vancouver Canucks are interesting in gritty sniper Jeff O’Neill. They think that O’Neill could be had for prospects and draft picks. Earlier this season, I do remember Burke saying that there was room in the budget to add another player. (

There have been a number of rumors going around lately that Eugene Melnyk is interested in purchasing the Vancouver Canucks. reports that Melnyk stated, in an e-mail, “(There is)No truth to this rumour,” he wrote, noting that he had previously said he was only interested in the Ottawa Senators. “As I had indicated in my statement, I don’t have any interest in other NHL franchises.”

John McCaw Jr., the Canucks owner, has said he wants to lessen his stake in the team and find local ownership. (Globe and Mail)


There have been rumours stated on TSN, Sportsnet, the SCORE, the Toronto Sun, and just about every other media source in North America that covers the NHL, since the Rangers traded for Kovalev, that the Leafs are aggressively pursuing the current Shark captain, Owen Nolan. It was also discussed, briefly, on Saturday’s Hot Stove on HNIC.

It was no secret that the Leafs tried to get Kovalev from the Pens. Now that he is a Ranger, is Nolan “Plan B”?

Other players on the block…

Miro Satan

Chris Gratton

Tony Amonte

Luc Robitaille

Chris Drury

Anson Carter

Dmitry Yushkevich

Matt Schnieder

I don’t suspect there will be a lot of action, as the hype usually outweighs the reality of most deals, however, due to a few teams’ circumstances: salary dumps, unexpected playoff contentions, and unrespect playoff miscontentions, there will be enough cause for a few hum-dingers before the deadline.




  1. burky says:

    I would love to see O’neill in a Canucks uni, he played great in the playoffs last year and would be the answer to the Canucks secondary scoring problem. If he does end up in Vancouver I hope it’s for prospects and picks, since chemistry can be fragile and the Canucks’ chemistry is the key to their success.

    Vancouver has picks, but not many prospects to offer the Canes.

  2. Tradedude says:

    same here, O’Neil would look great as a canuck.

  3. titans says:

    Iginla is the prize of the deadline, but O’Neill must be considered a close second. He’s a consistent scorer any team would love to have…Carolina and the Flyers are good trading buddies…I wouldn’t mind seeing Jeff O’Neill in Flyers Orange and Black, hell the way they’ve been scoring I wouldn’t mind seeing anyone in a Flyers jersey.

  4. TheMinister says:

    O’neill a Canuck!?! That’s a better name than I could have imagined. I thought Whitney was a little pie in the sky but Jeff O’neill? Man would that be great.

    How about Letowski, Kurtz, and a 2nd? Is that fair?

  5. titans says:

    “pie in the sky”???

  6. rooney says:

    how bout this 3 way deal with phoenix-devils-flames

    to nj: amonte drury

    to calgary: niewendyk, ahonen, sean burk

    to phoenix: berglund, turek, teverdosky

    this gives the devils a center and scorer gives calgary a goalie now and a goalie of the future and niewendyk who came up with calgary and will help them draw and gives phoenix a young player in berglund, a good scoring defensemen so if they trade their captain numunin they have someone to replace him and a goalie that would allow them to trade boucher. key rule in hockey for the most part. if the flyers want to get rid of the goalie dont take him

  7. amok says:

    Carolina might do that if they’re simply looking to dump salary. Kurtz is never going to be better than a fill-in seventh or eighth d-man… Letowski… I like him but Carolina could probably find something better. O’Neill’s contract is reasonable enough that there would be more than the usual suspects (Toronto, Rangers) bidding.

    Maybe Fedor Fedorov and Brent Sopel.

  8. WeStSiDe says:

    That deal makes no sense..

  9. amok says:

    Not sure how long Nieuwendyk is signed for, but his contract as it stands now is far too big for the Flames to take on ($5 million). Next year it’s probably at least $5 million, and if he isn’t signed for the upcoming season, why would a team that’s nowhere near the playoffs want a rent-a-player?

    Burke is a slight savings over Turek (looking at this season’s salary), but really, this deal would just add more to the payroll with limited gains.

  10. amok says:

    The way the Flyers have been playing lately I doubt any of them can even score with their wives.

  11. rooney says:

    niewendyk’s contract runs out after this year. it would benefit the flames becuase they could get rid of the salary

  12. rooney says:

    how does it make no sense

  13. wingerxx says:

    NJ won’t want a guy of Amonte’s salary. If Calgary supposedly doesn’t want to pay Iginla 7.5 mils, they’re not going to want to pay Niewendyk around 5. Phoenix will not want Turek, he makes way too much. Even so, that proposal is rather…..wild.

  14. jpmac says:

    What if Iginla went to Colorado in a deal that would involve Tanguay and Skoula…because Colorado is looking for a scorer and Calagry is lookin to cut payroll…obviously there would have to be other things involved…thought it might work…just a thought

  15. jpmac says:

    What if Iginla went to Colorado in a deal that would involve Tanguay and Skoula…because Colorado is looking for a scorer and Calagry is lookin to cut payroll…obviously there would have to be other things involved…thought it might work…just a thought

  16. TheMinister says:

    Actually take this back…. that was stupid of me. A little Leafitis I guess.

    Fedorov and a first is better. Or Ruutu, Fedorov, and a 2nd.

  17. TheMinister says:

    I dunno…like the Flying Balzari Sisters.

  18. chargematic says:

    no, the flyers couldn’t couldn’t score with their wives, now that lindros has left town…

  19. mikster says:

    The only pie i know is………….


  20. mikster says:

    Playoff performers: Drury, Nolan

    Scorers: Satan, Amonte

    Key d-men: Miller, Yushky

    Iginla is good for playoffs, but any team should acquire him regardless of its position.

    Gratton: fill in guy…size is helpfull.

    Robitaille: Let him rot in Detroit, or feel loved with Mario.

    Carter: not going anywhere.

    Schneider: not worth it.

    O’Neill: overrated, dork, a ghost when needed the most.

  21. wingsrock34 says:

    Luc sucks but I haven’t heard he is on the block except to Toronto but lets be realistic who don’t the leaf fans think there getting and anyway who would want him with all 6 goals he has this year and he did nothing in the playoffs last year

  22. Tony says:

    Nolan isn’t that great of a playoff performer, at least compared to Drury. Last year he looked like garbage in the playoffs.

  23. CanuckFan says:

    We can’t give up Sopel, that guy plays Hard. Ruutu, Kurtz and a second? Sound good to anyone?

  24. chaos83 says:

    The obvious problem is no one really wants him. He’s a scorer who’s nots scoring. He’s not great defensively, nor can he skate, plus he takes some stupid penalties. My only hope is that he is included in a package deal that brings in a second line scoring threat or a stay at home defense men.

  25. TheMinister says:

    Nah, that’s not enough, man. Not even close.

    We can’t go around being like Leafs fans here.

    Besides…Burke isn’t really a good trader. He can draft, though which makes him the exact opposite of Quinn. His best has been Aucoin and a 2nd for Cloutier … and that’s pretty close call still.

  26. TheMinister says:

    C’mon… Nolan is definitely a ‘plus’ playoff performer. No need to bash the guy because your comparing him to Drury.

  27. amok says:

    No worries. I hear Leafitis is contagious. Stay away from me!

  28. amok says:

    I like Sopel, too, but it’s Jeff O’Neill, a guy who has scored 30 goals last year and 41 the year before. He’ll get at least 30 again this year, despite playing for the Hurricanes. He’s not going to come too cheaply. His contract is manageable so even if he is available, there are a lot of teams that can afford to bid on him.

    It should take a better offer than Kurtz, Ruutu and a second. Kurtz is minor leaguer (and at 26 he’s not too young) and Ruutu is lucky to draw into the lineup.

  29. amok says:

    Burke’s strength seems to be character deals. The Brashear trade, the Hlavac/Druken trade, and the Berehowsky/Pederson deal. They didn’t exactly bring in guys loaded with talent, but the team responded positively each time.

    I think his best trade was Schaefer for Salo. Schaefer can’t even score playing for the NHL’s second-best offense and Salo is outscoring him 7-3.

  30. amok says:

    I’ve gotta disagree on O’Neill. His playoff stats aren’t great, but then again playing for his sad-sack franchise he hasn’t had much of a chance in the playoffs.

    He does have 24 GWG over the last four seasons.

    Schneider would be a benefit to any team with a struggling powerplay.

  31. amok says:

    Okay, so why bother acquiring Nieuwendyk at all? That’s what makes no sense about this. Unless someone abucts a few western conference teams the Flames are not going to the playoffs. Again. So why would they want to bring a guy to town who they wouldn’t be able to afford next season. It’s not like they need a rent-a-player. Burke and Turek are similar in salary, so they’d be dumping Drury’s salary, which seems silly since he’s only making something like $2.5 million and the Flames gave up their best d-man to get him in the first place.

  32. Slovakiaz says:

    If iginla will be moved then it will be Colorado.

    Remember that Forsberg and Roy will retire in 1-2 years. And Avs need another TopPlayer as a replacement. He’s the only excellent young player on the market !!! I’m sure 99% …

  33. Slovakiaz says:

    maybe as a playoff rental, it’s the only possibility …

  34. rooney says:

    niewendyk is a free agent after this year and the flames would be free of 5 million dollars that they could use to pay iginla plus burke is better than turek.

  35. rooney says:

    lamorillo loves amonte and always have. i think he would pay amonte the 6 million

  36. amok says:

    You just don’t get the main point of this: why take Nieuwendyk at all? I’m completely aware now that the Flames won’t have to pay him next season, but you have yet to come up with a reason why he’d be any good -this- season.

    Picking up players with huge contracts that expire at the end of the year is something that teams that are going to be in the playoffs consider. Not teams that are going golfing in mid April.

  37. BobClarkeRules says:

    If O’Neill is going to be a Flyer, don’t you think Carolina and the Flyers would have packaged him in the Kapanen deal? I seriously doubt he’ll get traded to Philly regardless of how good of trading buddies they are.

  38. mrpurple says:

    You mean just like Kovalev was going to the Lanche?

  39. BlueNBurgundy says:

    A) Colorado can’t afford Iginla and only give up Tanguay and Skoula B) Colorado doesn’t need a scorer, they need more grit to bolster their offense and defense. They also need better secondary scoring guys. Basically, they have big scorers in Hejduk and Forsberg(not too mention Sakic when he gets back). But McAmmond, Reinprecht, Vrbata and Tanguay aren’t really following up with much scoring. They need guys to take the pressure off the big players while letting the younger guys develop more. Here’s my idea: Colorado should ship Vrbata, Aubin/Shantz and a draft pick to Carolina for Jeff O’Neill. How does that sound?

  40. BlueNBurgundy says:

    Um, when was the last time you got a catscan man, Peter Forsberg isn’t going anywhere in 1-2 years, he’s 30 years old and arguably one of the hungriest skillful players in the game.Not too mention, you say TopPlayer as if it was a brand name. Get your head out of your a$$ and pay attention.

  41. jofa says:

    Ok, if O’Neill is available for picks and prospects, and Edmonton has said it is looking for a goalscorer for its playoff run and is looking to trade picks and prospects in return, am I not seeing a perfect fit?!?

    Yeah, probably wouldn’t happen, as I can’t imagine O’Neill could go that cheap, but it would definitely help spark the Oilers and bring them into the playoffs this year.

    Smyth Comrie O’Neill

    York Marchant Carter


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