News From All-Around The League…

Check out the latest NHL news… Just a little something to stir up some opinions.– Sportsnet reports that defensemen Rob Blake of the Colorado Avalanche will be sidelined indefinetely due to a broken leg. The team called up d-men Brett Clark to cover up for the loss.


– The New Jersey Devils will be relocated. No folks, not in Winnipeg but in Newark where they’ll have a new 18,000 seats arena ready for the year 2007. The arena would be part of a complex that would also include an office building, a parking garage for 1,340 vehicles and a 300-room hotel.


– Michael Kaplen, the president of the Brain Injury Association of New York, says Eric Lindros should not be allowed to play hockey again.

“How can I say… ‘Retire him?’ How do I have the nerve?” Kaplen tells the Daily News. “My answer is that I’ve seen thousands who have had the same injury and went back to play and had tragic consequences.”


Scott Stevens says he’s considered the possibility that he won’t be back in the New Jersey Devils lineup this season.

Stevens has been sidelined with post-concussion syndrome since January 9 and while his return to the lineup is still up in the air, the all-star says retirement is not an option at this time.


Ray Bourque admits a return to the game of hockey is possible for him.

“Somewhere down the road, when the time is right, yeah, it probably will be hockey in some way,” said Bourque. “I don’t know if it’s going to be a pro team, or if it will be working with kids.”

While working with players or evaluating talent interests Bourque, one thing he won’t do is return to the ice as a player.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen,” said Bourque.


– Red Wings GM Ken Holland wants to limit goalies playing the puck.

Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland has a clear vision of what would bring on more scoring, and that’s limiting how much goaltenders can play the puck. “The goaltenders are so good at handling the puck,” said the former minor-league netminder. “A lot of teams don’t go in to forecheck out of respect for their abilities. So how do we limit what they can do so teams are more encouraged to forecheck?

“With forecheck comes pressure, with pressure comes scoring chances and also odd-man rushes.”

The best example of what Holland means is the New Jersey Devils. They clog up the neutral zone and trap the opposing team, forcing the puck-carrier to dump it in instead of trying to stickhandle through a wall. But then Devils netminder Martin Brodeur scoops up the dump-in and fires it back out.

Boom, a turnover.

“I think limiting where they can go and what they can do with the puck would be an important change,” said Holland.


Patrick Roy favors thiner pads, fewer teams.

“I think to evolve the game you should have the goal post smaller to the outside and go back to the 10-inch pad, Roy stated. That will give three inches on each shot for every shooter, and that’s plenty for them.”

He also talked about how equipment in general has changed the game.

“There’s no more fear in goaltending anymore,” he said. “Now goalies (take) a slap shot in the mask, and they shake their head and they’re ready for the next shift. In the past, the guy was leaving the game with a lot of stitches in his face.

The 38-year old also caused a stir when he shared his thoughts on the number of teams in the NHL.

“I think 16 teams was probably best for this league,” he said. “If you take 10 teams out of there, I know the (players’ association) won’t like what I’m saying, but the talent will be better on the ice, too.”