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Check out the latest NHL news… Just a little something to stir up some opinions.– Sportsnet reports that defensemen Rob Blake of the Colorado Avalanche will be sidelined indefinetely due to a broken leg. The team called up d-men Brett Clark to cover up for the loss.


– The New Jersey Devils will be relocated. No folks, not in Winnipeg but in Newark where they’ll have a new 18,000 seats arena ready for the year 2007. The arena would be part of a complex that would also include an office building, a parking garage for 1,340 vehicles and a 300-room hotel.


– Michael Kaplen, the president of the Brain Injury Association of New York, says Eric Lindros should not be allowed to play hockey again.

“How can I say… ‘Retire him?’ How do I have the nerve?” Kaplen tells the Daily News. “My answer is that I’ve seen thousands who have had the same injury and went back to play and had tragic consequences.”


Scott Stevens says he’s considered the possibility that he won’t be back in the New Jersey Devils lineup this season.

Stevens has been sidelined with post-concussion syndrome since January 9 and while his return to the lineup is still up in the air, the all-star says retirement is not an option at this time.


Ray Bourque admits a return to the game of hockey is possible for him.

“Somewhere down the road, when the time is right, yeah, it probably will be hockey in some way,” said Bourque. “I don’t know if it’s going to be a pro team, or if it will be working with kids.”

While working with players or evaluating talent interests Bourque, one thing he won’t do is return to the ice as a player.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen,” said Bourque.


– Red Wings GM Ken Holland wants to limit goalies playing the puck.

Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland has a clear vision of what would bring on more scoring, and that’s limiting how much goaltenders can play the puck. “The goaltenders are so good at handling the puck,” said the former minor-league netminder. “A lot of teams don’t go in to forecheck out of respect for their abilities. So how do we limit what they can do so teams are more encouraged to forecheck?

“With forecheck comes pressure, with pressure comes scoring chances and also odd-man rushes.”

The best example of what Holland means is the New Jersey Devils. They clog up the neutral zone and trap the opposing team, forcing the puck-carrier to dump it in instead of trying to stickhandle through a wall. But then Devils netminder Martin Brodeur scoops up the dump-in and fires it back out.

Boom, a turnover.

“I think limiting where they can go and what they can do with the puck would be an important change,” said Holland.


Patrick Roy favors thiner pads, fewer teams.

“I think to evolve the game you should have the goal post smaller to the outside and go back to the 10-inch pad, Roy stated. That will give three inches on each shot for every shooter, and that’s plenty for them.”

He also talked about how equipment in general has changed the game.

“There’s no more fear in goaltending anymore,” he said. “Now goalies (take) a slap shot in the mask, and they shake their head and they’re ready for the next shift. In the past, the guy was leaving the game with a lot of stitches in his face.

The 38-year old also caused a stir when he shared his thoughts on the number of teams in the NHL.

“I think 16 teams was probably best for this league,” he said. “If you take 10 teams out of there, I know the (players’ association) won’t like what I’m saying, but the talent will be better on the ice, too.”





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  1. Zamboni says:

    Patrick Roy calling for goalies to wear smaller equipment? Now I’ve heard it all… He of the XXXXXXXXXL sweater…

  2. opcTML says:

    it’s easy for roy to say that cause he’s not playing anymore.

  3. opcTML says:

    it’s easy for roy to say that cause he’s not playing anymore.

  4. DohCanada says:

    Rob Blake: That sucks for the Avs. Lacroix should just call Sather. He’ll tell him that buying a cup in the NHL isn’t as easy as you’d think.

    Eric Lindros: I saw a comedian who summed it up best. He said “Can you imagine what it must be like at the Lindros dinner table (with Eric and Bret)?” One would say, “I like soouup.” And the other would say, “Yah, I like soup too.” Except it was friggin hilarious with the facial expressions and slurred speech…

    Scott Stevens: Without him in the lineup, it certainly opens up the possibilities for a different team to take the east – Sens, Leafs, Philly, B’s, even (as a long shot) my Habs could all have a legitimate shot at it this year.

    Ray Bourque: Bruins ownership is worse off than I thought if they don’t get this guy on their payroll in some capacity! In reality he could probably still be one of their top d-men!

    Ken Holland: I think it’s ridiculous that the goalies can wander all over the ice wearing their invisible sheilds. They should still be able to wander beyond their crease, but as soon as they play that puck behind the goal line, they’re fair game!

    Patrick “the pot calling the kettle black” Roy: With technology the way it is, the composite sticks, harder shots (on average), the goalies need to stay protected. Increase the width of the nets by 2 inches and you have a happy medium.

    The league isn’t going to contract any teams. Some may fold with any prolonged work stoppage, but none will be contracted. I’d personally like to see it whittled down to about 20 teams, but IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

    …and please bring back the tag up off-side and introduce no-touch icing. Leave the rest alone. Oh, and get rid of the stupid overtime loss point!

  5. HC16 says:

    I can’t believe I have the same feelings as Patrick Roy on something. I’ve been thinking the league could lose a few teams lately. I really doubt if there’d be such a gap between first and last if the players from the teams removed were distributed via a wavier-style draft.

  6. KCMDux88 says:

    no, i say keep the touch up icing, but get rid of the two line pass rule, only have the red line there to determine an icing call.

  7. movingfire says:

    Wouldn’t you if the rules allowed it? (and they do/did)

  8. movingfire says:

    Probably will not happen. (unless a lock-out forces some team into bankruptcy) – which may happen.

  9. HC16 says:

    Let me go a little deeper. I figure that the worse of the remaining teams would get the first picks, therefore having the best chance to improve themselves. One would think that the better teams; teams with higher payrolls; wouldn’t necessarrily have to take anyone and add still more salary.

    For example, say six teams were dropped, for this case, I’ll use the bottom of each division. As of today, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Washington, Chicago, Edmonton, and Anaheim. Columbus would get the first pick if we went by points. They would then have the choice of:

    Fleury, Drury, Satan, Zhitnik, Briere, Afinogenov, McKee, Biron, Lang, Kolzig, Bondra, Gonchar, Carter, Daze, Zhamnov, Sullivan, Calder, Berard, Smyth, Salo, Smith, York, Brewer, Torres, Dvorak, Hemsky Fedorov, Prospal, Carney, Giguere, Havelid, and Ozolinsh

    Sure, no one player is going to turn a cellar-dweller into a playoff team, but if they choice wisely, they could make themselves much more competitive.

  10. LondonK says:

    While I agree that goalies should be limited on where they roam. He certainly wouldn’t be saying that if he got Eddie instead of Cujo last year. Joseph isn’t a good puck handler (he handles the puck about as well as he doesn’t give out big rebounds on long shots on 1 on 1’s)

  11. matteo says:

    If a goalie leaves the crease paste them.

    No instigator rule

    Move the nets back

    Touch up off sides

    No touch icing


    I think you can limit the goalies pads, but then you have to take away composite sticks from the players and make them go back to wood. I am a center and I despise goalies, but fair is fair. Going back to wood might even limit some of the high sticking incidents due to the “my stick is so light” phenomena that is all over the NHL. Those sticks suck.

  12. jacosta says:

    some of the dumbest comments on changing the game are these

    serve the full two or five minutes of a power play, and don’t let the defending team ice the puck. Even if you kept one of those it would be ridiculous. Could you imagine how pissed off home fans would be if their team in the first five minutes of a game had three goals scored on them after a full 2 minutes were served. Referees would be killed.

    The one problem with not letting the goalie play the puck is that you will only have a dump and chase type of game, and defenseman will get killed. Think about it if you were a forward and you had the choice of dumping it in and possibly driving a guy into the boards at the same time or carry it over the blue line. I go for the dump in.

    The rules I do like are the nets back, goalies pads smaller. (doesn’t necessarily mean less protection) No touch icing and the dotted line above the circles for the 100 feet pass that is not two line passing. (Scotty Bowman brought that one up, and he must know something about hockey right??)

  13. Kashin says:

    Even though I dont like them I am happy the devils are getting a new arena in Newark. It is only 15 minutes a way from where the current one is now.

    Roy is crazy for saying what he did. He was the pioneer of the goalie style that most goalies use and I think that is the reason of the decrease in scoring.

    By the way the new system of getting rid of ties and making 3 for win 2 for overtime win and 1 for overtime loss is crazy. The system they have now is not that bad. Its not great but its not that bad. I would say just implament a shootout and if no one scores after 3 fowards on each team then let there be a tie.

  14. HC16 says:

    The league I play in uses the automatic icing, and it drives me nuts. I think it tends to slow the game down. However, the rest of your ideas aren’t bad. The light sticks are a pain in the ass, but I don’t think that’ll be enough to cut down on high sticking. Players at every level-NHL to the shitty rec league I’m in-need to control their sticks better. I think injuries are going to keep piling up until we figure something up.

  15. jerzjayme says:

    “Even though I dont like them I am happy the devils are getting a new arena in Newark. It is only 15 minutes a way from where the current one is now.”

    ahh you are forgetting. this is new jersey, what takes 15 minutes to drive really equals 45 minutes


  16. flyersfan10897 says:

    You cant just assume the worst teams would be contracted. Every team has a few bad years. Its called rebuilding. Eliminating the bad teams doesn’t do anything. Any teams could be contracted, or its unfair. What if Buffalo or Pittsburgh were to become a powerhouse and the best team in the league 5 years from now? you would break that up just because they arent good now? That would be like contracting st louis if they didnt make the playoffs. 26 or so times in a row, and you contract when they miss?

  17. rojoke says:

    No such luck. In fact, they wanna go the other way with the 3-point win. So now, the standings will look like this: W-OTW-L-OTL-T. That extra win column will be because teams will only get two points for on overtime win, and they will still get a point for an overtime loss. Talk about screwed up.

  18. rojoke says:

    You already serve the full five minutes.

    I also wouldn’t stop at the goalie’s pads. I’d make the catching gloves smaller. Hell, you could hide the damn water bottle in there. They’re way too big, and probably too deep as well.

  19. nskerr says:

    I am not in favor of this goaltending change that says goalies can’t play the puck. Why waste the talent of people that have legally crafted a skill that can help their team? The Devils don’t win because Brodeur plays the puck. That is part of it. He is a tremendous goalie that has a great defense and system in place.

    If they want to reduce the width of the pads, fine. I agree that some of the equipment could become smaller without risking injury to the goalies.

    I think they should make the crease a little bigger, but then say the goalie can’t freeze the puck outside of the crease. If he does, delay of game. That will make teams shoot the puck on net more and make the goalies handle the puck in traffic. No goalie wants to handle the puck in traffic. Worst comes to worst, the goalie will freeze it in the crease and create an offensive zone faceoff.

    I don’t think the league necessarily needs more scoring. Anyone who saw the Isles-Avs game last night knows that it was one of the better games of the season to watch and the final score was 1-1. 73 shots on net in total. End to end action. Unbelievable goaltending..

    However if the league feels they need to increase scoring, why not make the neutral zone smaller? That will allow the offense more room to operate especially on the power play and give them a greater chance to keep the puck in the zone.

    How about this for a radical scoring change? 3 points for a regulation win. 2 for an OT win. 1 for an OT loss. NOTHING for a tie. That will force teams to go for the win.

  20. newnoiseimage says:

    Blake and Stevens are unfortunate.

    A Newark arena has the possibility to up Devils attendance significantly. The Meadowlands rocks, but has no public transportation, how do people get to Rangers games? the train, in newark, the Arena will be next to the train station, so this could be good.

    Bourque should be in hockey somehow, and a bruin not a lanche

    Holland is an ass, he should never talk about goalies, especially after how he handle the Hasek situation.

    Pads should be limited!!! Shave off a bit, just an inch or two, no injuries will come, but it will be fair.

    Remove the Red Line!

    Remove OT Loss Point, teams will play for wins not settle!

    Allow the puck to be put in however, except for high-stick and tossing, allow redirection off of the body. why not, whats the harm. I guarantee at least a 50 goal a year increase.

  21. Enigma says:

    The biggest problem I have with the Goalie rule is on the power-play. Nowadays teams are lucky to get it clicking at 20%, if the goalie can’t play the puck up ahead to teammates then it would be harder to set up a play. So I say that if a team is on the powerplay then the goalie (whose team has the P.P.) can play the puck.

  22. AxisofEvil says:

    1) I agree with thinner pads, and smaller chest protectors and catching mits for goalies too! Has anyone seen Garth Snow or Roberto Luongo in net lately? Their pads are enormous

    2) How about eliminating the two-line pass offsides call? Keep the redline for icing but don’t call two line passes to open up the game a little.

    3) The 3 point system-

    It could work….

    3 points for a win

    1 point for a tie

    2 points for a win in 4 on 4-five minute overtime

    and just maybe two points for a shootout victory after overtime, but i’m not sure if that could work in the NHL. I think the point is to try to put more emphasis on winning and less on ties, and the three point system would do that

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