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The Sun Sentinel is speculating that with the recent losses in Florida, the interest in Olli Jokinen is continuing to grow.

Apparently one of the problems with moving Jokinen is that the Panthers majority owner has been very reluctant to move Jokinen however the paper is reporting that there is speculation that no player is untouchable on the roster.

It is highly speculated that the Panthers are in need of a shakeup as at the present time the players are playing like they are afraid to win games. If they continue to lose many more games the panthers could quickly put them selves in a position to miss the playoffs for the third year in row.

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  1. BruMagnus says:

    Old news.

    This is the 12th such article in 12 days.

    Let's please wait until he is traded to talk about it.

    The strange this is, it seems this site is more interested in lunatical speculations, than the ACTUAL REAL trades that happen… makes one wonder if most people on here are just insane…

  2. Kramer says:


    The Florida panther is in danger of becoming an extrinct species.  See the link below for details.

    If this happens, it raises the question, will the Panther hockey team change it's name?

    I think so.  The new name would have to capture the essence or spirit of Florida.  I was thinking, the "Florida Oranges".  How's that?

  3. Rico420 says:

    Best post ever!

    I don't think we have to worry though as the Predators logo is of course the extinct Sabre Tooth Tiger..

    Interesting post though I think the Florida Oranges might be a big seller and it's possible that you got this information off the desk of one Gary Bettman? Interesting…very interesting..

    I believe that the conspiracy is now this – is Kramer and Gary Bettman the same person? Food for though..

  4. leafy says:

    Well, an Orange won't exactly intimidate the opposition compared to a Panther, Coyote, Predator, etc.

    On the other hand, you may have something there.  Why is it that teams choose a savage beast as their name?  Why not a colorful fruit?

  5. SensShark says:

    Hey man a Senator isn't exactly a savage beast…..or are they?

  6. ZeroX93 says:

    or a stupid blue leaf lmao!

  7. Elcabongo5684 says:

    Well Bru, seeing as how this site is dominated by mostly Toronto Maple Leafs fans, I would say yes that people on here are insane. Show me one day that goes by that someone new gets traded from the Leafs to a contender for WAY TOO MUCH>

  8. redlight2424 says:

    People that start these rumour on this site are a bunch of *****ing retards

  9. Radio says:

    Lol….Allow me to summarize the last 3 months at HTR:


    DIS JUS' IN GUISE!!!!!!!!!

    To Montreal:

    Top 6 Forward

    To Wherever Else:

    2nd Round Pick


    To Toronto:

    3 Big Name Players and a 2009 1st Rounder

    To Wherever Else:


    The End.

  10. jonnygf40 says:

    Don't be surprised to see:

    To Vancouver:
    2nd round pick
    To Florida:
    3rd round pick
    Good deal for both teams?  Probably.  They both get what they want, Canucks get a 2nd line threat and Florida gets a boat load of youth not to mention one of the best young two way centers in the league.
  11. BruMagnus says:

    Don't be surpised? I'd be very surprised to see such a huge trade!

    1) Nonis has himself stated that the Canucks lack depth to make a big trade.

    2) I doubt Florida would want to get raped by the Canucks again.

    3) Switch the 3rd round pick for a 1st, and then maybe… Jokinen is 100 point guy with real wingers.

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