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The Edmonton Journal suggest that if the Edmonton Oilers were to fall out of playoff contention that star winger Ryan Smyth could be traded. Ryan Smyth who is turning 31 becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer and contract talks are still far apart for both the sides. Ryan Smyth is looking for a long term contract about 5 years and around 5 million a year.
The Oilers tho only want to give him around 4.25-4.50 million a year on a multi-year contract. Teams that are believed to be interested are Anaheim, Dallas, Detroit, San Jose, and Carolina. If Ryan Smyth were to be traded it is believed that Kevin Lowe would be looking for a puck moving defenseman in return.

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  1. avery_is_scared_o_fedoruk says:

    hey if smyth comes to anaheim, pronger can start railing his wife again.  that would be good

  2. 92-93 says:

    "The Oilers are reportedly offering Smyth between $4.25 million US and $4.5 million a season, which probably isn't enough for a player of his calibre.Smyth is looking for both a long-term contract and more money, quite possibly a five-year, $25-million deal. The Oilers may be willing to sign him for five years, but may not be willing to part with the cash. How about a four-year package?"

    If the Oilers cannot resign Smyth and they dont trade him, if i were JFJ i would jump at giving Smyth 5 years and $25 million. to have my two favourite players playing on the same line – Sundin and Smyth – … i would be in heaven and the Leafs would be playoff-bound guaranteed (plus, Smyth is the natural successor for the Leafs' captaincy).

  3. thegoalie1976 says:

    The papers in Edmonton are saying that the oilers offered around 4 to 4.5 for 6 years. Lowe is really pushing for 6 years, and won't consider less than 5.

    This deal will happen, the 2 sides aren't that far off at all.

    It is more likely that Sykora will be moved for a puck moving d-man.

  4. 92-93 says:

    the Oilers better get a deal done on this one. it would be a CRIME for them to let Smyth go to free agency. an absolute crime.

  5. thegoalie1976 says:

    The fans would call for Lowe to be fired for sure. Smyth is the most beloved current oiler.

  6. Tachmo says:

    I don't care what happens to him, but just don't invite him to play on anymore world Olympic teams. YUCK….
    It was like watching a new born calf on ice….

  7. sens_matt_83 says:

    If the leafs sign smyth,  they probably wont sign sundin back.  they are so far up against the cap, that sundin will have to take a pay cut to play there again, since the leafs will prolly not take the opition on his contract, in hopes of signing him as a free agent.  I love you leaf fans,  you always say the big stars are coming to toronto,  but they never do…..Luke Richardson oh yea.  

  8. Archion113 says:

    To bad Sundin blows.

  9. Archion113 says:

    Smyth is over rated.  Not worth 5 mil a year.

  10. Senatorsfan78 says:

    The Ottawa Senators should trade for Ryan Smyth and they should trade Joe Corvo for Ryan Smyth the Edmonton Oliers would get their puck moving defencemen and who has speed and the Ottawa Senators get their playoff vetern forward it would work out for both teams!!!!!

  11. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    If there is a GM in the league that doesn't call about Smyth, they should probably be fired.

  12. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Um…. EVERY *****ING TEAM DOES THAT! I was hearing the Sens get Pronger last year and I thought "these guys can't even *****ing afford Chara!" What a *****ing joke.

    By the way, the cap is going up $4 million, Sundin IS going to take a paycut, because he wants a Cup HERE, Tucker will take up an extra $2 million, Domi is no longer on the cap, there's about 500k for the guy Smyth would be replacing off the cap, and the Leafs would be about $41 million if it weren't for so many call ups/Tellqvist anyways!

  13. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I'd want more than Corvo.

  14. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    It's too bad you were dropped on your head as a child.

  15. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I hate you.

  16. Atomic_Wedgy says:

    It would not be the first or last time the Oil watched a valued member of the team walk away for nothing b/c of money.  There is a long history of EDM not paying out to players wanting a lot of money. 

  17. 92-93 says:

    once again i'll make it crystal clear for you:

    i refuse to be limited in my speculations about my favourite team in ways that other people are not limited … simply because i cheer for a much-hated (and much-loved) team.

    you can group me and categorize my opinions and call it 'typical' whatever. that is your way of communicating and its through disrespect and it reflects your mindset and maturity. fine.

    as for your hockey-related opinions, you have to do some research on cap space … this site is a good resource:
    check out the UFAs, factor in the rise in cap space to $47 million (projected).

    of course Smyth wont be available because Lowe isn't that dumb. of course the leafs wont be able to sign Smyth because JFJ is too worried about resigning Tucker to a very dumb and detrimental contract. BUT, if you read up on cap space … the possibility is there – unlike your opinion, which completely rules out that possibility.

    youre welcome.

  18. 92-93 says:

    thats just great. i dont even need to put you down, you just pretty much did it to yourself. lol.

  19. MogilnyFan1990 says:

    To Leafs: R. Smyth,
    To Oilers: Bell or White, Tucker,

    throw in a few picks to either team for your liking.*

    i'd rather see Bell go than White.  Leafs should for sure go for this guy!

  20. tacitus says:

    Smyth to Detroit for Hudler and a second rounder, if they can get Smyth to sign an extention have the second rounder bumped up to a 1st rounder. Not that i even heard the wings interested in him but thats the most i would offer, just dunno if they could get him under the cap for next season anyhow with Datsyuk becoming UFA and Lidstrom having next year at 7.5 mil.

    The reason i am against the cap is cuz teams like Detroit (Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Lidstrom, Kronwall, Holmstrom, Williams, Lebda, Hudler are all pure wings and they will never have the chance to keep there own drafted talent. Even guys like Maltby 11 seasons, Draper 13 seasons, Chelios 8 seasons then throw in prospects Filipula and Kopecky who were drafted and seen action, they dont get to keep all those guys and they didnt buy em, if anything they drafted in the 20ths usually not even having a 1st rounder and still got them. NJ is another team who was S.O.L. with Brodeur, Neidermayer, Rafalski, Gomez, Gionta, Martin, Brylin, Elias, Hale, Madden, Pandolfo, Parise, White, Zajac, and Langenbrunner has been there for 5 years yet they still cound not have a chance to keep Neidermayer without ruining there team.

  21. broc says:

    You'd have to give more than Hudler and a 2nd rounder for an impact player like Smyth. If Smyth was available, every team in the league would be interested in him- there'd be much better offers for him than Hudler + 2nd.

    EDM would probably want players instead of picks anyway.. they already have Anaheim best picks for 2 years.

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