Next Bruins Coach

OK…. why does Ftorek still have a job? Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy.

Here are the top candidates for the Head Coaching job in Boston:

1) Ray Bourque

2) Wayne Cashman

3) Gerry Cheevers

4) Mike O’Connell

First is #77 Ray Bourque. I have spoken with people with close ties to the team, and 2 sources are telling my snitch that no one in the innersancum knows if Ray has accepted the job or not, but they do know that he was offered the job, and that he is staying very close to the team right now. My take…. of coarse he is close to the team, he works at the friggin Fleet Center for Crissakes. He reportedly left the team for Colorado because he didn’t like the way Managment (O’Connell) was villifying Pat Burns. My snitch also tells me that Ftorek will be gone this week. Personally, I hope it is Bourque.

Wayne Cashman. Here is the reason I hope he gets the job, and also the reason he won’t get the job: he tried to kill Harry Sinden once by attempting to run him over with a car in the Boston Garden Parking Garage. Still he is the Asstant Coach, so it is somewhat possible.

Gerry Cheevers. He was the teams goalie coach for a while, and many of the Bruins faithful were upset when he lost that job to become the NESN TV guy. His job as TV guy might have made him popular with fans though. Barry Melrose on this evenings NHL 2Nite said that Al Morganti told him yesterday that Ftorek would be fired yesterday and that Cheesy would be behind the bench in tonites loss to Vancouver.

Mike O’Connell. Well he might be close to losing one job, he might as well be a man and take responsibility for his actions and lose two.

In any case, Robbie Ftorek gets an A in my book, and a good man is about to lose his job. Hey Robbie, there might be a job opening in Raleigh, if you make the trip tomarrow, you should have a beer with Jim Rutherford and if you need to buy a house in the area send me a e-mail.