Next Bruins Coach

OK…. why does Ftorek still have a job? Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy.

Here are the top candidates for the Head Coaching job in Boston:

1) Ray Bourque

2) Wayne Cashman

3) Gerry Cheevers

4) Mike O’Connell

First is #77 Ray Bourque. I have spoken with people with close ties to the team, and 2 sources are telling my snitch that no one in the innersancum knows if Ray has accepted the job or not, but they do know that he was offered the job, and that he is staying very close to the team right now. My take…. of coarse he is close to the team, he works at the friggin Fleet Center for Crissakes. He reportedly left the team for Colorado because he didn’t like the way Managment (O’Connell) was villifying Pat Burns. My snitch also tells me that Ftorek will be gone this week. Personally, I hope it is Bourque.

Wayne Cashman. Here is the reason I hope he gets the job, and also the reason he won’t get the job: he tried to kill Harry Sinden once by attempting to run him over with a car in the Boston Garden Parking Garage. Still he is the Asstant Coach, so it is somewhat possible.

Gerry Cheevers. He was the teams goalie coach for a while, and many of the Bruins faithful were upset when he lost that job to become the NESN TV guy. His job as TV guy might have made him popular with fans though. Barry Melrose on this evenings NHL 2Nite said that Al Morganti told him yesterday that Ftorek would be fired yesterday and that Cheesy would be behind the bench in tonites loss to Vancouver.

Mike O’Connell. Well he might be close to losing one job, he might as well be a man and take responsibility for his actions and lose two.

In any case, Robbie Ftorek gets an A in my book, and a good man is about to lose his job. Hey Robbie, there might be a job opening in Raleigh, if you make the trip tomarrow, you should have a beer with Jim Rutherford and if you need to buy a house in the area send me a e-mail.

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  1. mikster says:

    No!!! Keep Ftorek!!!

    This is a huge week for the B’s and Rangers, also Montreal (excuse me for my disliking for the Petrov trade, in the end….this team needs to dump the old players from the previous GM).

    This week and start of next week, the Bruins and Rangers will be par in Game Played. Bruins play the Hurricanes (should be a win), Isle’s (tough game, big “4” point game), Capitals (tough game), Hawks (pretty even but B’s should win), Sens (very difficult to win), and the Devils (pretty hard to beat them) by the 11th.

    Rangers play just two games before the 11th, and next one afterthe deadline is the 13th. They play against the Flyers (beatable, but very hard to beat…should at least try and get a point), and the Panthers (should be a win).

    As Sherry Ross (NYDailynews) said it best for the Boston Bruins…

    “Objects in the rearbview mirror may be closer than they appear”.

    I like Ftorek, he is a good coach but he never seems to complete much…he is like a 90% Head Coach. Just like Pat Burns, always starts great….yet never finishes and gets fired.

  2. titans says:

    It’s not Ftorek’s fault management is incompitent! It’s not Ftorek’s fault he was saddled with holdouts from major players. It’s not Ftorek’s fault the Bruins have had injuries to major players! Ftorek isn’t the problem!

  3. habsoverserver says:

    hey Mikster,

    Last night was the first time in about six years that the Rangers played a meaningful regular season game. The crowd actually made noise and stayed to the end of the game. Imagine that, there’s a hockey team on Broadway again. They better finish off what they started and get eighth place or they will fade into the background as soon as David Wells biography hits the stores.

  4. JoeSakic says:

    If Ftorek does get fired before the end of the year I think they will bring up their AHL coach. In my opinion I don’t think Ray Bourque should come back right now as a coach…I think he would do really well as a G.M.

  5. mikster says:

    Home game against the Panthers, fans always make noise, even if the Rangers are losing. They’ve been playing well since the win @ Minnesota.

    I am not taking this as seriously since it is still a long shot. Boston just has to keep losing, especially this week. This is the big week for Boston.

    If they make the playoffs, i’ll be very happy so the dorks who call this team “AHL talent” and say that no trade matters since they won’t make the playoffs right at the start of the season can shut the hell up.

  6. dix17 says:

    You failed to mention any names that are actually experienced NHL head coaches…..don’t you think they would want experience over popularity in Boston??

  7. pop0331 says:

    at least Ftorek hasn’t throen a bench on to the ice yet! I cannot beleive the Bruins have fallen this hard and are actually fighting the god damn rangers for the eigth spot! it’s actually unbeleivable if you think back a few months, even just weeks. Wow, it just goes to show you that nothing is a given in the NHL — except that if the Rangers do make the palyoffs they will still lose in the 1st rd and still be a laughing stock of the entire league. Only one player has earned my respect on the Rangers and that’s leetch, messier should die but leetch has been awesome lately and THE reason, along with Boston, that they are still in it. no matter how many games are in hand on the rangers – 3 points behind the eigth spot is very doable! those bastards, come on Boston, get it together! actually, I’d like to see the rangers get in and the Devils get 1st place, then we’ll have some revenge for those friggin wrap arounds!

  8. Rico71 says:

    The french media are reporting that Jacques Demers could be in the running for the Head Coaching job in Boston.

    Demers is a good coach, but his act gets boring after about 1 year. He’s a player’s coach and loves to be buddy-buddy with them. Problem is, the egomaniacs tens to zone him out after a while and he’s ignored. He’s maybe a quick answer to the team’s problems, but not long term.

  9. BlueNBurgundy says:

    Personally, I think Ftorek is a good fit for Boston. Not too mention the progress he has made with that team despite alot of problems (i.e. lack of defense + loss of Ray Bourque, loss of Guerin and Dafoe. Boston flopped this season because they lost too many guys. Samsonov is key to their offense, he needs to stay healthy. Several of their top d-men have been injured throughout the season and they have gone through 3 goalies. He should get the chance to lead the whole team through a regular season at least..

    On the other hand..

    I think Ray Bourque would be a great coach. I would like to see him coach in Colorado, but I think his loyalties lie in Beantown. Oh Well, if they do decide to can Ftorek, it’d be nice to see.

  10. BosBrn says:

    I agree that Boston should keep Ftorek as coach. The WHOLE team needs to start playing.

    And mikster…. Stop wishing hateful stuff on my team. I don’t do it to you!!!! LOL

    The Rangers are far from an AHL talent team. They have at least 5 forwards that would be on the 1st line on ANY other team. And 2 defensemen that anybody would love on their team!

    I think the B’s will pull it out. They will start winning and make the playoffs. The only way this will not happen? If the players are trying to get rid of Ftorek like the Devils players did!!??

    I also think the Rangers will make the playoffs. Too much talent not to. Islanders and Lightning will fall quickly. IMO.

  11. BosBrn says:

    I think the Bruins should keep Ftorek. They would be stupid to fire him. He has done more with this team then most could have done.

    As for Ray Bourque… I love him! I’d love to see him as head coach of the B’s….. BUT NOT YET!!! He is not ready…. See Trottier!!!!

    Cashman is not the man for the job. He is an assistant.

    Cheevers….. I don’t think he could do any better then Ftorek.

    O’Connell? HELL NO!!! And of statement!!

    The only guy who could do better then Ftorek, is Bowman! And he won’t coach the B’s….. or anyone else for that matter!!

  12. BosBrn says:

    If that happens, then Boston will do great…. in the DRAFT!!!!

  13. BosBrn says:

    Actually Boston has used 5 goalies this year.(Grahame, Shields, Thomas, Raycroft, and Hackett.)

    But you are absolutely right in your assessment. Who could have done better then what Ftorek has done this year? Melrose? No! Nolan? No! Cheevers? Yeah Right! This guy has done plenty with this team. He is making this team look better on the ice then they are on paper! Let him go with it! We have had Burns and Keenan in here, and what did they do? Could they have done better. I don’t think so!

    As for Ray. He WILL be a great coach. But he is NOT ready yet! Look at Trottier? Both HOFers, but where is Trottier now? And he had more talent on his team. The problem in NY is too many egos!! If they want to make the playoffs, they better open their eyes and take the “I”‘s out of team!!!

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