Next Year we will have a better chance….

This year I hope the Leafs can make the playoffs, if they do I’m still not convinced they belong though. The team is just way too inconsistent, their needs to be some changes. With the salary cap going up next season, and the Leafs with some excess spending money, they will definitely make some upgrades.

The Leafs need players that are willing to come hard to play every night, they need positive players, they need leadership, and last but not least a sniper. They must get rid of the dead weight that is holding them down.

Players to get rid of:

O’neill- way too inconsistant
Peca- what a waste, he sucks anyway
Aubin- wow what happened to last year
Belak, I like the guy but hes just not good at hockey

Players to acquire:

Kariya- Finally a player that can keep up with Sundin
Garon- A good goalie, getting better as time goes on, would do well sharing time with Raycroft.

Thats all!!!, thats the only moves.

Final Roster:

Kariya/Sundin/Tucker—-Great goal scoring line.
Poni/Wellwood/Antropov–Good goal scoring line.
Steen/Perrault/Devereaux-Average scoring line, good forechecking line.
Battaglia/Stajan/Kilger–hard working goal when you least expect it line.



I dont know what to do with Pohl so I just left him out, I’m sure he can be a fill in, unless he progresses much more.

Tell me what you think…

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  1. Aetherial says:

    yeah they are screwed against the cap.

    Even if they drop the deadweight, they *might* get one player to help up front. It would only keep them without any flexibility again, and they will struggle to squeak into the playoffs, or miss them again…

    Which, sadly, means that we will see the status quo until those horrible D contracts expire… a team that is life and death to make the playoffs, and just good enough to not get a franchise player in the draft.

    one bad contract can EASILY mess up your whole cap situation. The Leafs have nearly 11 million tied up in two D-men, neither of whom is a "franchise" type player. No matter how I do the math, I see them as screwed.

    The way Hal Gill has played this year and considering the price of D-men, I have no problem with his signing.

  2. 92-93 says:

    i just dont see that. not yet anyways.

    The way I look at it, this is the Leafs, they are going to be up against the cap one way or the other even if they dont need to be – i dont like that, but its expected they are near the cap ceiling every year.

    considering where they are now, a couple of points out of 6th, this team could vastly improve with just one signing – especially a solid back-up netminder.

    they one area i think they are screwed in is that they dont have a GM who can be creative or thoughtful enough in terms of finding ways to trade a mistake like Kubina (or even consider it a mistake). One person suggested trading Kubina for Theodore (whose contract is up next year). It sounds crazy but I would do that deal from a long-term perspective, even if your back up is making $5 million plus, its for one year only and you get the final 2 years off of the Kubina contract. that is a move a more experienced GM would seek out or fiddle around with or have the balls to consider.

    not JFJ.

    that is where they are screwed. the cap? no, they are in a tight squeeze, but lots of things can happen – especially with the Sundin situation about to change over the next couple of years.

  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Kubina is a 1st pair defenseman. He needs to go to a team that will play him on the PK, PP, and give him 25 min a game.

  4. kwels42 says:

    wow leafy you really dnt know anything about hockey, at least the leafs for that matter. wellwood is almost averaging a point a game and he was out for half the season.
    you are an idiot

  5. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Heres a new Idea:

    Trade Kubina, Raycroft, Suglobov, Harrison to LA for lumbering 6' 7" prospect Brian Boyle (a guy who could potentially play between Antropov and Poni), and a 3rd round pick.

    Sign Boucher to a two way deal, he can challange Pogge for the starting job with the Marlies.
    Sign Thibult 1 year 700K
    Sign Backstrom 1 year 4 mil
    Resign Williams at 500K (3 yrs)
    Resign Kulemin at 500K (3 yrs)
    Resign Colaiacovo at 0.9 mil (3 yrs)
    Resign White at 0.7 mil (2 yrs)
    Resign Poni at 1.5 mil (4 years)
    Resign Antropov at 1.5 mil (2 years)
    Resign Devereaux at 0.7 mil (1 year)
    Sign Morozov at 3 mil (1 year)
    Sign Drury at 5 mil (3 years)

    Total cap hit 46 mil




  6. mojo19 says:

    Agree with everything said.

    Poni – mats – Nik
    Tucker – Wellwood – UFA
    Steen – Stajan – Devereux
    Kilger – Pohl – Battaglia

    Kaberle – Colaiacovo
    Gill – McCabe
    Wozy – White

    Raycroft – UFA   have them somewhat split the games, Raycroft sucks as a workhorse

  7. mojo19 says:

    Poni because he's a RFA, Antropov would have to be resigned before trading him, so if you're thinking about a Draft day trade it would have to be Poni.

  8. mojo19 says:

    That would be an ideal offseason for the leafs. This post is perfection. Please apply at the Air Canada Centre tommorow afternoon with this proposal.

    Then after all that is done, let's get greedy, trade McCabe to the penguins with the promise of being a cup contender for years to come I believe this to be a team he'd waive his no trade thingy for. Just get a draft pick back. Then sign veteran Matt Schneider to a 1 year 3 million dollar deal and I would be in heaven. And the leafs would challenge for 1st in their division.

  9. leafsrbest2isaretard says:

    wow……  wowwwwwww……  dude…..  talk about living in a fantasy world…..  i mean its fun to speculate or list who we would liek to have but….. wow…..  wow

  10. mojo19 says:

    I like BLUE AND WHITE's big fantasy comments, so many people write them up, atleast his he crunch's the numbers realistically and tries to sign guys for what they're probably going to get. IE Backsrom 4 mil, not 1.5 mil etc.

  11. Toonces99 says:

    Briere makes 5 mill now…no chance he signs for the same money with a division rival……try 6.5-7 per.

  12. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    I've concluded that McCabe is immovable. he has a family in Toronto with a no trade clause. Kubina is a tough sell because he came to TO to play with Kaberle.

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