Next Years Best Canadian Team?

The six Canadian teams are all looking fairly well, and we may see the first time in a while that all six make the playoffs. Most people see Edmonton as the best team next year, but will they really be?These are the top Canadian teams (in points) over the last 62 years

2004: Toronto Maple Leafs

2003: Ottawa Senators

2002: Toronto Maple Leafs

2001: Ottawa Senators

2000: Toronto Maple Leafs

1999: Ottawa Senators

1998: Montreal Canadiens

1997: Edmonton Oilers

1996: Montreal Canadiens

1995: Quebec Nordiques

1994: Toronto Maple Leafs

1993: Quebec Nordiques

1992: Vancouver Canucks

1991: Calgary Flames

1990: Calgary Flames

1989: Calgary Flames

1988: Calgary Flames

1987: Edmonton Oilers

1986: Edmonton Oilers

1985: Edmonton Oilers

1984: Edmonton Oilers

1983: Edmonton Oilers

1982: Edmonton Oilers

1981: Montreal Canadiens

1980: Toronto Maple Leafs

1979: Montreal Canadiens

1978: Montreal Canadiens

1977: Montreal Canadiens

1976: Montreal Canadiens

1975: Montreal Canadiens

1974: Montreal Canadiens

1973: Montreal Canadiens

1972: Montreal Canadiens

1971: Montreal Canadiens

1970: Montreal Canadiens

1969: Montreal Canadiens

1968: Montreal Canadiens

1967: Montreal Canadiens

1966: Montreal Canadiens

1965: Montreal Canadiens

1964: Montreal Canadiens

1963: Toronto Maple Leafs

1962: Montreal Canadiens

1961: Montreal Canadiens

1960: Montreal Canadiens

1959: Montreal Canadiens

1958: Montreal Canadiens

1957: Montreal Canadiens

1956: Montreal Canadiens

1955: Montreal Canadiens

1954: Montreal Canadiens

1953: Montreal Canadiens

1952: Montreal Canadiens

1951: Toronto Maple Leafs

1950: Montreal Canadiens

1949: Montreal Canadiens

1948: Toronto Maple Leafs

1947: Montreal Canadiens

1946: Montreal Canadiens

1945: Montreal Canadiens

1944: Montreal Canadiens

1943: Toronto Maple Leafs

As you can see, history heavily favours the Montreal Canadiens, although, the six Canadian teams weren’t all around till 1993, so what are the stats since that season?

Toronto Maple Leafs: 4

Ottawa Senators: 3

Montreal Canadiens: 2

Quebec Nordiques: 2

Edmonton Oilers: 1

Calgary Flames: 0

Vancouver Canucks: 0

Winnipeg Jets: 0

I added in Quebec and Winnipeg for fun, though if you counted the Avalanche and Coyotes, the Avalanche would be up there a head of Toronto.

So what does each team look like?

Ottawa Senators:

The Sens have been a pretty dominant team over the last few years. I doubt they’ll win the cup any time soon. They’re holes are, they have no centremen past Spezza, a goalie who’s played 15 games in the last 3 years, and the worst captain in the game. There defence is also the worst of any Canadian team for hooking.

Point Projection: 100-105 pts

Edmonton Oilers:

The Oilers were really close to making the playoffs last year, and they got Peca and Pronger, but those two don’t make a team, and they gave up two of their key players in Mike York and Eric Brewer to get them. Either way, Pronger and Peca are huge boons to this team. If they can get Messier, that’s another 15 goals Their biggest hole is in net. Conklin is ok, and Markannen is a great backup, but Conklin isn’t a top goalie, especially considering the other Canadian teams have Belfour, Theodore, Hasek, Kipprusoff, and Cloutier.

Point Projection: 95-100

Calgary Flames:

The Flames had a great run last year, and have improved their team since then, though they lost Niemenen, Conroy, and Gelinas, they added better players who fill those rolls, in Darren McCarty, Daymond Langkow, and Tony Amonte. Though Amonte’s goal production is going down a bit, he’ll be terriffic on a line with Jarome Iginla. The Flames biggest hole is on defense. Refehr is their best defenceman, which says alot about how good their goalie really was last year. The thing is, will the Flames pull an Anaheim? Will Kipprusoff become Giguere? I don’t think so. Kipprusoff had a great World Cup of hockey.

Point Projection: 90-95 points

Montreal Canadiens:

The Habs are in great shape. They got Kovey back, and signed Dandenault. Now they gotta re-sign Jose Theodore and I believe Saku Koivu is an RFA too. If they can land Lecavalier they’ll have a real shot at the cup this year. I have an issue with some of the diving they’ve been doing, alot of people get mad at me and say it was one dive, with Mike Ribeiro, but either they dive alot, or are really weak, cuz even though they won, they were just shoved around by the Bruins.

Point Projection: 100-105

Vancouver Canucks:

The teams are more even this year, yet the Canucks were a top team last year, and haven’t lost any key players, which means the Canucks are going to be very dominant this year. Naslund, Bertuzzi, and Morrison will be dynamite in the new wide open NHL. I could see them each hitting the 100 point plateau. Though Morrison won’t if something happens to keep him off the Bertuzzi and Naslund line. The real issue here is will Bertuzzi get reinstated? I say yes, Bettman was mad that he got charged cuz he felt that he had given out a good enough punishment.

Point Projection: 105-110

Toronto Maple Leafs:

This is hard to write, because you can’t say anything good about them without looking like another idiot Leaf fan, which really makes things frusturating on this site. I think the Leafs team for next year is under rated. They have as many star forwards as the Flyers. (Allison, O’neill, Sundin, vs Forsberg, Gagne, Primeau.) I don’t count Knuble as a Star forward for one good season, and one decent season, and if you do, then you can count Lindros for the Leafs. I don’t see defense as an issue, it’s pretty much the same as the defense from last year that scored the most points from a defense core in the NHL. Leetch isn’t a huge loss, because he only played 15 games, and we had the leagues most offensive defense before he left. Besides that, the likelihood is, we lose Martchment a non-offensive defenseman, for Carlo Coliacovo, who is very offensive minded, and similar to Tomas Kaberle, except a little stronger, maybe like Brian Leetch? Belfour is the biggest hole. He’s one of the best in the league when healthy, but rarely healthy. Though it was a question mark last year, and we got by it, so why not now? Telqvist is a good enough backup.

Point Projection: 100-105

So what does that round out too?

1. Vancouver Canucks

2. Toronto Maple Leafs

3. Ottawa Senators

4. Montreal Canadiens

5. Edmonton Oilers

6. Calgary Flames

Who has the best chance at a cup? I don’t think any of them really have much of a chance, as except the Leafs, they’ve all been slow in the playoffs. The Flames don’t count cuz they’ve only even made it once. But if I had to give it to anyone, it’s Vancouver or Montreal.


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  1. Aetherial says:

    The Sens have a great team.

    They have had great teams in the past also. It was not all Lalime’s fault, you cannot simgle out the goalie when a team that loaded with talent had problems scoring for a good part of what 4 playoff series so far against the Leafs.

    So, I would rate them #1 in Canada and a serious threat to win the cup (I thought they would in 04) BUT the game is played on the ice, not on this site…

    So we will see 🙂

  2. Aetherial says:

    I’ll go on record with







    Wish this was recorded somewhere 🙂

  3. gustabo says:

    Im a leaf fan and I have lived in toronto my whole life, but…I think the leafs will not have a great year

    my prediction

    the Canadain teams on the western Conferance will all make the playoffs, it seems that the west is not as strong as it used to be..remember DET, COL, DAL being the big 3..well those teams are not at that level anymore. EDM wil not get kicked out by Dallas anymore. This is a very WIDE OPEN West its never been like this before.

    The east is different many teams on the east are stacked and look for some up and coming teams to finally rise up like florida. I think Ottawa will do great with the new rules and as the season hits the trade deadline they will address their holes in the line up (back up goalie? 3rd line grit?). Many players will have to learn to play with each other on there new teams, but ottawa really does not have to do that.

    as for montreal its great to see KOVALEV back. he wil have a great seaon with them, they should make the playoffs , they have great offence and a great goalie. look for them to finish 6th or 7th

    My buds, the only way they wil have an good year is if all the players that are not signed at the end of the season play amazing. cause 80% of the team wil not be under contract so they play like hell so they get nice contracts next year. I really think thats not going to happen but, who knows? I think the leafs could just make the playoffs(8th) if Eddie does not get injured, but if the Eagle Is Not Flying then they are toast!!!!!!!


  4. muckies says:

    Hey dude, When you give up the first goal in every game in a series and then have the other team go into a trap with Belfour in Net, its hard to score. It isn’t all his fault but look at history, no team ever wins the cup unless they have a sick goalie.

    New Jersey-Marty

    Dallas-The Eagle


    Detroit-Vernon, (second cup and a conn smythe)



    It doesn’t happen, the team made him look good but when the heat gets turned up he chocked ***** and gave his team an inferiority complex.

  5. muckies says:

    Dude, no shit the game is played on the ice, this sid eis for hockey nerds like me, if you wanted to hear stupid phrases like that i would listen to the radio. stop with the lame sayings

  6. RangerSteve says:

    Mike York burns out 2/3s of the way thru the season. If anything, the Oilers needed a defensive guy like Peca that can play both ways even if he is older.

  7. Neely4Life says:

    lol, as evryone has noticed, a leafs fan must have written this, lol. Dumped all over ottawa, and put them 1st in their division, but of a brain cramp eh buddy

  8. Neely4Life says:

    and ill go on record saying







    And i dont mean to put the leafs there on purpose, just, everyone else has either stayed a good team, or improved a great amount. I’ll even go out on a limp and call it an all canadian stanley cup final.

    I pick Ottawa from the east, and i just cant choose from the west. That Northwest division is gonna be the best division this year. 4 teams from that division will make the playoffs. Man, Minnisota is just screwed! If im forced to choose, ill take Calgary for the finals. They were runner up the year before and obviously know what its all about!

  9. dcz28 says:

    just like toronto does with philly but ottawa beats philly…every team has at least one team even if its not a good team that they have a hard time beating and usually its one player who causes headachs for the other team like Roberts for the sens and Deadmarsh for the wings…it would be funny if the leafs buy out Nolan and he signs with the Sens for the minimum…that would take the rivalry of the battle of ontario to a new level but that will not happen cuz the sens need to start by signing their own players and prolly wouldnt have room for him but it would make it nasty games

  10. dave1979 says:

    yeah but scruffy …..wheres your view on our beloved canucks?????!!!!??!?!?!?!?!?

  11. AfroCon says:

    “Kovalev was a total bust last year, even in Montreal, and didn’t really have an outstanding playoffs.”


    How is 6 goals and 4 assists in 10 games a bust?

    He played 12 games during the season and you can’t ask a player to be productive in a different hockey system right away.

    It’s easy to see you only watch Leafs games to make such comments…

    Have a nice concussion and back problem season 😉

  12. Habfanforever says:

    First off, Leaf fans, it’s not because someone doesn’t agree with a leaf fan article that they’re automatically “leaf bashers”, quick playing the victim, it’s getting old. (yes as old as stupid leaf basher comments)

    Secondly, the only thing everyone can do now is ASSUME as we only have rosters of the Canadian teams that are not necessarily complete as more signings and trades might be expected. On paper RIGHT NOW, no, the leafs don’t look too good. As a Habs fan I am hoping it will stay the same but I am wise enough to know that it won’t. JFJ has done a sketchy job but he is a crafty GM and he’ll figure something out in order to put a well balanced team with a good core of veterans AND prospects all while remaining competitive. It’s time for leaf fans to cool down and TRY to be objective in their comments. In the end, it is safe to say that ON PAPER we can say what we want about the Canadian teams yet on the ice, with the new rules and everything, it will be a whole lot different. Having said all this, I decided to find the stong points and weak points of every Canadian team as they stand now.


    Strong points: Offence. Well balanced and very creative. They were dangerous before but now I can’t wait to see them with the rule changes.

    Weak points: Lack of leadership to go the extra mile. This is something that can easily be corrected via a trade. Also Hasek remains a question mark. He is 40 years old and has played what? 16 games over the past three years. We’ll see what happens.


    Strong points: A number of underrated prospects capable of making an impact. The underrated ones are the ones to watch out for. Michael Ryder worked his way back from the ECHL to finish as a Calder trophy finalist with 25 goals and 68 points. Steen, Stajan, Wellwood, Coliacovo and White will have a decent shot at a roster spot come opening night.

    Weak points: Salary cap room, or lack thereof. It will be difficult for JFJ to compose a full yet respectable roster with the room he’s got to work with. I see an improvement happening via trade.


    Strong points: Well balanced roster. Montreal have a good mix of veterans as well as decent prospects in order to continue their upward development. Guys like Perezhogin, Hossa, Higgins and Plekanec will be fighting for a spot on the 2nd and 3rd lines. Goalie remains reliable.

    Weak points: Questionable defence. Souray’s health needs to be at 100% in order to come up with another good season on the blueline. Markov is consistent but sometimes lacks the focus to take his game to another level. Komisarek is big, strong and reliable but he’s played so little at the NHL level that his overall confidence might be lacking. The rest of the d is marginal at best.


    Strong points: A combination of the right players along with coaching. Sutter knows how to get these guys going. Even with the losses of Niemenen and Gelinas, add Amonte and McCarty and you’ve got decent replacements. The core of the team remains otherwise untouched. Oh ya, some guy called Dion Phaneuf will come up on D and start a bashing.

    Weak points: Their western conference rivals. They might be in for a little ride given that the Western conference hasn’t really lost any of its luster even that division rivals, the Oilers have improved so it may be more difficult than last year to produce a spectacular cup run.

    Edmonton Oilers:

    Strong points: Defence. Added Mike Peca who is arguably the top defensive forward in the NHL along with Chris Pronger, a one man wrecking crew. They’ll come in handy in an offensive minded western conference.

    Weak points: Offence. With the new NHL rules, the advantage might lean towards the teams with good offensive upside. The Oilers haven’t really addressed this part of their game. Otherwise I hope Ryan Smyth will come up big as he’s one of my favorite players 🙂

    Vancouver Canucks:

    Strong points: The core of the team. The team they will ice this year will basically be the same. They have everything they need on forward. Well balanced defence too. They will be hard to contain. Coaching is also a good point as Crawford is one the best IMO.

    Weak points: Goaltending. I have no faith in Dan Cloutier come playoff time. Maybe he doesn’t have the mental toughness. Whatever the case may be. I see the Canucks giving him another shot. Otherwise, they may very well be buyers come trade deadline. Auld is decent but not ready to take the bulk of the work.

  13. AfroCon says:

    How do 3 teams in the same division get to 100-105 points seasons?

    Especially with the new system in which all of these teams will meet a total of 8 times during the season (all of them will also see Boston 8 times), just doesn’t seem like it adds up…

  14. Scruffy05 says:

    Click on “Read teh rest of this comment” at the end of my post…

  15. Neely4Life says:

    i cant believe u put edmonton behind toronto, and i hate the oilers. They will surprise a lot of people

  16. Neely4Life says:

    keep in mind there are no ties, so that could play in. Its possible, but not likely

  17. NemiNA says:

    You don’t need to include the Flyers in the Toronto part. We’re all putting way too much energy into this rivalry. Its crazier between the fans than it is the players.

    HONESTLY, I think the Flyers are better off. Depth at center, veterans and youth, leadership and speed, and they have a strong defense, regardless of the mobility issue. I like the way the team looks, and I do NOT doubt that they will finish first this year. Ottawa will be a close 2nd. Ottawa will be the best canadian team this year.

  18. marcs797 says:

    as of the sporting news, philadelphia is the best hockey town as of playoff berths, fans support ticket sales etc. and there a better team.

  19. marcs797 says:

    it kind of shows on these boards how ignorant people can be to there hated rivals, almost funny. i try not to be, but the fact is, the leafs show the least improvement, thus, the worst team in canada.

    eastern conf. will be a race, and end up like this:

    1. flyers – close race with pitt

    2. Boston – vlose with ottawa

    3. TB or florida, depending on team chemistry

    4. pitt

    5. ottawa

    6. florida or TB

    7. jersey

    8/9. atlanta/islanders not making it:

    rangers, toronto, montreal, buffalo, carolina, washington

    i think this may be posted twice, site is running slow, but feel free to challange me, its only my opinion, as un-biased as possible

  20. CaptainInsano says:

    I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if any one of those teams were Canada’s best team.

    The Sens have depth and have been at the top of the standings for several years now. They have proven stars at every position.

    The Oilers, Flames, Canucks, and Canadiens all have legit NHL MVP candidates on their team (Pronger, Iginla & Kiprusoff, Naslund & Bertuzzi, Theodore) and if those players put together MVP seasons AND get support from the rest of the squad, the sky is the limit.

    The Leafs seem to be hurting right now, but there is a lot of time to make trades and still some UFAs remaining. I know JFJ has been taking a lot of heat but he’s not sitting in his office picking his butt all day. (Well, I can’t be sure of that, you just have to take some things for granted I guess).

    Let’s be honest, not many people forecasted the Oilers landing Pronger and Peca or the Flyers landing Forsberg. The Leafs might do something surprising, too.

    Well at least it’s technically possible that they could …

  21. CaptainInsano says:

    Oops, didn’t mean to make it all bold like that, sorry.

  22. habs_punk says:

    So far Souray is a one-hit wonder, but this coming year, Montreal’s number one d-man could end up being Markov or Komisarek, who are both young and improving constantly. Zednik is inconsistent, but when he’s in a groove, he’s definately more underrated than overrated. Koivu, Zednik, and Kovalev had incredible chemistry in the playoffs, and if they find that chemistry again, they’re gonna be a hell of a lot more than “decent forwards”.

  23. habs_punk says:

    Philly isn’t all that much better than they were last year, I don’t think that they’re necessarily a lock to take the East at all. Tampa lost their goalie, I don’t think Grahame is quite that good, but then there’s really no one else in their division. Pittsburgh is still looking for a goalie, if they don’t get Cujo or Thibault or someone like that, they don’t have any chance of making the playoffs. Florida added a couple of injury prone old guys. They will be better, but I still can’t see them in the playoffs. Ottawa’s taking a gamble with Hasek, hopefully for the Sens, he can still hack it. Jersey’s defense took a huge hit with the loss of Niedermayer, they added a couple guys, but they’re gonna feel Scott’s absence. How in the world is Atlanta going to get a playoff spot?? They’re going to need about 150pts each from Kovalchuk and Heatley to have a prayer of making it. Belfour’s still got another year left in him, the Leafs will be there, unless Allison gets hurt and O’Neill continues his downward spiral. Montreal has the goaltending as well, and a potentially great number one line. With Ribs and Ryder on the second line, they’ve got good secondary scoring, they’ll make it too.

    1. Philadelphia (strong team nonetheless)

    2. Ottawa (Hasek is the X-factor)

    3. Tampa Bay (still best in a VERY weak division)

    4. New Jersey (best goalie in the NHL)

    5. Montreal (won’t be pushed around as much in ‘new’ NHL)

    6. Pittsburgh (assuming new goalie)

    7. Toronto (gotta keep the Battle of Ontario going)

    8. Washington (fast team, has a chance at the 8th spot)

    New York Islanders (on the bubble, DiPietro has to play very well)

    Florida (Luongo can’t do everything for this team)

    Buffalo (likely worst goaltending, worst offense, and worst defense in a strong division)

    Carolina (needs big seasons out of EVERYONE just to stay out of cellar)

    New York Rangers (rebuilding year)

    Atlanta (Heatley and Kovalchuk will be incredible in new NHL, but they’ve got nothing else)

    Boston (very controversial, but having 4 teams in one division make it to the playoffs will be very unlikely, I see Boston on the outside looking in)

  24. habs_punk says:

    1. Philadelphia

    2. Ottawa

    3. Tampa Bay

    4. New Jersey

    5. Montreal

    6. Pittsburgh

    7. Toronto

    8. Washington

    And there is NO chance that all 6 Canadian teams finish with over 90 pts. We’re going from a season with the occasional 3 pt game, to a season with no ties.

  25. Milohabs says:

    This is my first time writing on this site. I read your article and had to comment.

    First of all – I’m not saying this to shoot down the Leaf fans, but you guys have to be realistic. Sundin is a good player, but he is by no means a superstar. He also needs solid players with him in order to excel and he’ll be lacking that this. O’Neil is fine, but on many other teams he would not be a top 3 forward. Allison is the 2nd line center with NO ONE for him to play with….Antropov, he may even stay in Russia this year. Tucker should be a solid 3rd line winger, but Toronto will use him on the first line. The best Toronto can hope for is to give their young players an opportunity to get experience, consider the season a wash, and start fresh next season when they’ll have lote of room under the cap without Belfour & Nolan’s contracts weighing them down. On D, McCabe is solid, but after that they fall incredibly short. Kaberle can put up some points, but isn’t great in his own end. After that…again a HUGE gap to fill. Finally in nets is the biggest concern for Leaf fans. I actually like & support Belfour. I think his move to T.O. rejuvenated him a few years ago. The Leafs will NOT be able to rely on him as heavily as they have in past seasons. He’s way over the hill now, and I think the year off will do more harm than good for goaltenders (Hasek included). Calgary & MOntreal will fair better in that department ass Theodore & Kiprusoff both played last year, AND had great seasons. The Oilers & Canucks have NO goaltending so it’s irrelevant. I really think that Ferguson JR was caught off guard and had a hard time adjusting to the “new NHL world”. It will most likely take them many seasons before they are a contender again.

  26. Ruski says:

    Maybe philly sold more tickets, althought i havent seen that information. But, the leafs are still BY FAR the most profitable team in the NHL (means highest Net Income) and even top 3 in all Pro Sports.

  27. CBA says:

    Is that all you see Alfie doing? I watch him on the ice, playing his heart out, in the corner, scoring, doing what a captain on the ice does. Off the ice, yeah, he’s a button-pusher. He’s firing his team up. I think he’s a very good captain.

  28. CBA says:







  29. Aetherial says:

    The point is that whipping out your enormous e-peen is not going to make one rat’s ass bit of difference whether or not you win.

    It is also to take a look at history. In at least 3 of those series Ottawa was favored, and they lost.

    They you peabrains still have the cajones to come on here and trash talk. what a f*cking joke. What someone with an IQ over 30 would do instead is wear bag on their head and STFU.

  30. Aetherial says:

    number one center Shawn Horcroft? (sp?)

    Pronger is a great D-man but Peca was a so/so aquisition IMO.

    I look at that team and I still don’t see big-league goaltending or a lot of depth.

    Besides, this stuff is all just our guesses.

  31. Aetherial says:

    Ties will still be a 3-pt. game.

    The point totals for the original article are ridiculous though.

  32. Aetherial says:

    When I see the length of the contracts and the money being thrown around. I am starting to wonder if JFJ is one of the few GM’s who *does* get it.

    Kaberle is a bargain in light of the D-men salaries this off-season.

  33. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Hm… really? Cuz ussually when players come to the Leafs, they’re best right away.

    Brian Leetch scored 15 points in 15 games.

    Owen Nolan had twelve points in 14 games

    Ron Francis had ten points in twelve games.

    Glen Wesley scored three points in seven games. And Wesley only scored seven points in 76 games with the Canes the next season.

    I didn’t say the playoff stats were a bust, I said he wasn’t out standing in the playoffs. His playoffs sucked cuz of his fake injury, and the fact that he did almost nothing in the lightning series. I mean, who on the Habs did anything? They were totally dominated by Lecavalier.

  34. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Sundin not a super star? He’s one of the few players in the NHL who’s career still averages a point per game.

    In 14 NHL seasons he has missed the 30 goal mark three times, once in his rookie season(23), once in the year the lockout whiped out half the season (23) and in 2001 he missed it by 2 goals, and still had 76 points. He’s the first guy the Swedes ask to be their captain for anything. He battled through stupid Sens players hooking him on breakaways, and still scores.

    And this guy isn’t a super star?

  35. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    The Flyers comparison was because at the instant they signed Forsberg, everyone jumped and said “Cup champs”.

  36. raine_kalisz says:

    Montreal won the cup in 93, so them?

  37. goleafsgo1991 says:

    I ran the current rosters through NHL 2005 (only no Bertuzzi Crosby or Ovechkin 🙁 ) and I have all the results for what should be next season…I can say I’m humbled atleast. If anyone wants the results…send me a message

  38. Scruffy05 says:

    Why no Bertuzzi?

  39. habfan1160 says:

    Tampa had about 11 days rest before they played the Habs. The Habs just came off of a hard fought series win against the Bruins. The Bolts were consequently well rested and came out flying in the first games of the series. Moreover, the Habs lost to the eventual Stanley Cup winners. Kovalev was outstanding in the playoffs. If it were not for him, the Habs would not have defeated Boston.

    Kovalev had difficulty adjusting to the system in Montreal and was not utilized properly by Therrien. When he was, he showed what he is capable of. BTW, how productive were the players you mentioned against the Flyers? Not very because they lost in six.

    The Leafs, moreover, will be the worst team in Canada. After a few game belfour will be injured with only Tellqvist availible. They lack depth at every position and have a very, very poor prospect pool. So the next three years will be transition years where the Leafs will find it difficult in making it to the playoffs.

  40. JannettyTheRocker says:

    LeafyMcLeaf is an ABSOLUTE DREAMER. The Leafs are an old team which has been considered old since the mid to late 90’s. Yeah they make the playoffs each year and yeah they have decent regular seasons each year. But they haven’t won any cups since the 60’s. The reason for their consistency is due to their ballooned budget, outbidding all other Canadian teams for high-end players. Congradulations Leafs, you made the playoffs and had a better record by over-spending. WELL THAT IS NOW OVER, WE ARE ALL ON AN EVEN PLAYING FIELD. And with the changes made this off-season by the other Canadian teams, and the lack of change by the Leafs, you Leafs fans will now see what we have been going thru since the early 90’s with having other teams getting the high-end players…….So, here is how I see the six Canadian teams ending up……:

    1) Edmonton Oilers…..are an up and coming team who were on the brink of maturing into an annual playoff team, and competing for a stanley cup. With the addition of Chris Pronger and Mike Peca, the Oilers have solidified themselves as Stanley Cup contenders. (100-110 regular season points)

    2) Vancouver Canucks…..are pretty much the same team we have seen over the last few years. With Bertuzzi, Naslund, and Jovanoski on the roster, this team is looking to make a strong playoff run provided that Dan Cloutier can beat his playoff bug. (100-110 regular season points)

    3) Ottawa Senators…..are also pretty much the same team we have been watching for years. With the addition of Hasek in net, the Sens are looking for a strong Cup run as long as the netminder can find his stride. Also, look for a breakout season from Jason Spezza. ***Look for the Sens to dominate the Leafs all season*** (100-110 regular season points)

    4) Calgary Flames…..Look for the Flames to improve on their goal production this season with the addition of Tony Amonte, and leadership will improve with Darren McCarty. Jarome Iginla will have a great season. But the Flames are going to follow the footsteps of past underdog stanley cup finalists (ex. Carolina, Florida, Anaheim, Washington, Buffalo,…etc) Look for a strong regular season, but also look for an early exit from the playoffs this year.

    (90-100 regular season points)

    5) Montreal Canadiens…..are going to be a mid-level team this year. They will look to Kovalev, Koivu, and Ryder for goal-scoring, and Jose Theodore to provide a strong performance. But unfortunately, the Habs are too small for the Eastern Conference’s rough game. Look for the Habs to finish 7th or 8th in the eastern conference. (80-90 regular season points)

    6) Toronto Maple Leafs…..are an older team which is aging quickly. They were unprepared for the free-agent sweepstakes mean’t they missed the boat. The buds picked up Jeff O’Neill who is past his prime and Jason Allison who hasn’t played for a couple years, is injury prone, and is a huge question mark. And in goal, they have the ancient Ed Belfour who has a question mark with his back injury. What the Leafs were thinking this off-season is beyond me. Look for the Leafs to miss the playoffs this season, and start a rebuilding process next summer, causing the Leafs to miss the playoffs the next 3-4 seasons. Good luck keeping your job John Ferguson Jr. (75-85 regular season points)

    Now a little lesson for all you Leafs fans. Keep your eyes and ears open cause the other five Canadian teams are going to over-take you. Remember, there are other Canadian teams then the Leafs. You may want to jump on one of their band-wagons, cause the Toronto Maple Leafs are a sinking ship……….

  41. CaptainInsano says:

    Let me guess, the Leafs were last? 😉

  42. habs_punk says:

    I was sure I heard that there were no points for overtime or shootout losses.

  43. habs_punk says:

    Quit *****ing about Sens players hooking. The Leafs are just as bad.

  44. bujanx says:

    If were talking about whiners … Dont forget DOMI !

  45. turcotte88 says:

    1. Ottawa

    2. Montreal

    3. Vancouver

    4. Edmonton

    5. Toronto

    6. Calgary

  46. Desertdog17 says:

    I seem to be writng alot of Coyote articles, and i dont get based, and trust me, i am canadian, iam incredibly passionate about the sport, just the way canadians should be.

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