NFL Inks $10 Billion Deal With CBS, Fox and DirecTV For 6 Year Renewal

NFL Inks more than $10,000,000,000 With CBS, Fox and DirecTV For 6 Year Renewal

Way before the 2004 season is even close to being over, the NFL has announced a blockbuster deal for their US television rights. CBS, Fox and DirecTV will be paying in excess of 10 billion dollars for the rights to televise NFL games. Fox and CBS will take 2 ultra-lucrative Super Bowls each.

This deal should make hockey fans wonder if Gary Bettman and the league owners are watching? On your clock you took the NHL game from its peak of popularity with Wayne taking the Kings to the cup in 1993 and the Rangers winning in 1994 to a 20% drop in scoring and a commission deal with NBC that is no more powerful that what Arena Football could negotiate. This is a 10 year slide. There were many chances to fix the game along the way but they have been wasted resulting in a lockout that looks more and more like it will last an entire year thus damaging the game and the business of the game in ways it might take an entire generation to cure.

And Bob Goodenow and the NHLPA players – are you checking your news? Notice that a salary cap league like the NFL has EVERY team prospering? Notice that players aren’t starving? Their kids are being fed while their Lamborghinis are fueled?

The issue is a salary cap isn’t worth arguing over. The owners own the damn teams thus there should be no negotiation on the topic other than WHERE the cap is set. 31 million is too low. If small market teams can’t pay that much then they need to find investors, field a less expensive team, sell the franchise or FOLD. Why Gary Bettman has got owners who can afford to fund a team in his economic environment is beyond me.

The players need to get their heads out of their asses and realize that if they don’t start talking CAP that there will be a much SMALLER pie to divide when the NHL comes back to play. By playing “wait and see” they are guaranteeing themselves to lose in their negotiation.

My quick solution:

– 40 million cap

– revised each year for the next 3 based on an independent, 3rd party audit of the NHL finances. Not by Arthur Levitt – maybe Coopers and Lybrand or someone like that. Both sides will agree to the auditor.

– Cap moves UP or DOWN based on the leagues financial health.

– NHL and NHLPA agree to make the ice surface bigger to increase scoring and reduce injuries.

– New league officials (especially at the top) who are willing to call obstruction holding calls EVEN in the 3rd period.

– Smaller goalie pads, no-touch icings and other rules changes to help scoring.

– New standards for arbitration.

– End to guaranteed contracts like in NFL

– Larry Bird Clause to protect a franchise player.

– Lower rookie contracts.

– earlier free agency for players.

– HDTV broadcast facilities for every team subsidized by the NHL’s war chest as a loan to the TV networks that broadcast the NHL.

Both sides get what they want. The league gets a cap that protects them from losing too much money. The players get a taste of the upside of the league as it might grow but take part of the costs if they lose more money. The game gets healthy and hopefully regains new fans.



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  1. hockeyhead says:

    i agree…good point on rookie contracts. baseball players make very small salaries in their first few years in the league.

    i think that there should be a rule that if you take a hand of the stick it should be a penalty. you can bat a puck but that is it. you can only hit with a shoulder or hip. otherwise you get burned.

    of course you can skate with the puck with one hand and poke check but if you are in contact with a player you need both hands on the stick.

  2. habsoverserver says:

    In your scenario players get far less than what they want. No way they give up guaranteed contracts. New standards for arbitration is vague. Who would the new standards favor?

    Good luck on the obstruction calls.

    Make me an NHL coach and I will end the trap as a form of defense. I will rotate four lines, one of elite scorers and three of goons. The moment a team plays the trap against my scorers, my goons will come out and pound everyone including the goalie and opposing coach. The fans will love it. Each game will feature either goals or blood or both.

    The NHL needs a 30 second shot clock.

    You still planning to get Senator Kerry to fix this mess?

  3. Aetherial says:

    You are pretty much right on the money here.

    I don’t care if the players, coaches and fans ALL hate the obstruction calls. I don’t want to hear the whining about ruining the flow of the game.

    The ONLY rule change we need is to call the game as it is written in the rule book… sooner or later some bright team will have all speed players and will KILL everyone else by being on the powerplay all the time. They will score a boatload of goals and win it all…

    Other teams will follow, they will HAVE to follow if they want to compete when the rulebook is being followed properly…

    They will follow and the game will get MUCH better… just like how everyone followed the New Jersey Devils model into coma-inducing hockey.


  4. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    1. Players want a free market economy then that starts with non-guaranteed contracts. If I owned a team this would be NON-negotable.

    2. The NHLPA has offered revised standards for arbitration. These are likely agreeable. Simply put, a player who gets 90% of what they are asking for – isn’t acceptable.

    3. Bettman needs to admit the game is broken. the obscruction calls are one of the biggest problems. It has happened on HIS watch and HE needs to fix it.

    4. Your plan of one skill line and 3 lines of goons would win you 10 games per year total. It is about as smart as cutting the taxes on the rich and increasing spending.

    5. 30 second clock – right. Good luck on that one.

    6. George W. Bush – America deserves what America is going to get. Ohio will never have the jobs they once had. The dollar will continue to decline in value as the debt increases. Roe V Wade will be over turned as the ultra-concervative religious agenda in a 2nd term president’s run plays itself out. I will make good money and I would be one of the ones who Kerry would have taxed. Ultimately it will be the people of FLA and OH that will pay the price.

    To the rest of the world – I apologise. 49% of America wanted a new direction. Unfortuately Jesus Christ (and Karl Rove) were against us. That is a formidable match up. Hopefully, the Dems will work on support in the west with states like NV, CO, NM and AZ leaning to the center from the right.


  5. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    If the refs spent less time worrying about their $10,000 loan to Andy Van Helomond and more time about calling the clutching anbd grabbing in the 3rd period – there would be more exciting conclusions to NHL games.

    Look at the stats for how many good teams lose the lead in the 3rd. Over the last few years for the Flyers it has only happend a few times. As much as I like a Flyers win – this is BORING hockey and the reason why nobody watches…

  6. habsoverserver says:

    I’m hoping you realized that I am kidding when I talk about a 30 second clock or putting players on the ice to beat up an opposing coach.

    Use your share of the tax cut to create a new job for someone. The tax cuts – especially the new depreciation rates – make a huge difference in cash flows for small businesses.

    The dems can’t carry the South and the Midwest with an elitist New England senator. They can only win when they run someone who was a governor in a rural area who understands how that part of the country thinks. What did Carter and Clinton have in common that Kerry, Gore, Dukakis and Mondale did not?

    Bettman can’t fix obstruction. It is the natural outcome of less room on the ice and fewer skilled players.

    Don’t apologize for America. Kerry screwed the whole thing up and he still hasn’t said sorry for spending 18 months hanging with Cheryl Crowe, BonJovi, George Sorros and Streisand when he should have been knocking on doors in Midwest America.

    BTW – notice by how much oil has fallen since Sorros stopped messing with the market trying to get Kerry elected?

  7. rojoke says:

    Arbitration should be an either/or scenario. The arbitrator hears both sides, then picks the contract offered by the party who best proved their case. And teams should be able to initiate arbitration, not just players.

    I’m not certain of what comparable players are allowed to be presented in arbitration. I would like to see it limited to players of a similar age, with a similar length of service within the league. If a 10-year veteran making about the league average with consistent numbers is able to be compared to a guy with two or three years of service, that’s part of the problem with the arbitration process.

  8. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:


    I bought a trio of alterative fuel cell companies. For 6 weeks they went up 34 to 62% while oil went through the roof. I wish I had played with higher stakes. My mistake.

    Kerry’s mistake was simple. Unline JF Kenenedy – JF Kerry forgot that he needed an outsider to help him land a close state. NC was not that state. If it was – he would have WON. Kerry needed to pick Bob Grahm from FLA. Former govenor, popular senator – he would have been woth at least 300k votes in FLA alone thus the win. Another weakness was Kerry’s appeal to Jews. Bush’s one-sidedness to Isreal appeals to poorly informed Jews and that margin ALONE in FLA was the margin of vicotry. Don’t get me started about Ohio.

    the future of the democratic party is in the west. NV, AZ, NM, CO. Face it, CA, WA and ORE are as in the bag as the the north east and the Middle Atlantic states. The Dems need a mid-western candidate (think Evan Bayh) and a grass roots campaign in the southwest to get the displaced CA vote to come out for Dems in these “reverese manifest destiny” states. That alone is the difference.

    I renew my apology to the rest of the world. I tried. I donated moeny. I made phone calls but Jesus H. Christ beat me and the best candidate.

    Lastly, Kerry could have and would have sat Bettman and Goodenow down in the Oval Office and smaked their collective *****_ASSES together and made them make a deal. Bush is too busy finding ways to dig or oil in pristine alaska. AK voted for Bush – they will get what they deserve.


  9. Beckfan5 says:

    You forgot one important thing. Eliminate a bunch of teams!!

  10. ranger_fan says:

    Yeah isn’t it great, more lost jobs, less NHL cities, all for an increase of .1 goals a game. With less NHL cities, means less fans, less fans is bad.

  11. Beckfan5 says:

    Dude, people arent going to games in some of these citys anyway. Carolina? Atlanta? Miami? Pheonix? L.A.?

  12. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:


    Get your act right. People might not be going to Carolina games but the Staples Center is filled. Wayne made hockey a viable sport in LA – period. And I am not even a Kings fan.

    There will be NO contraction. Hear me – it isn’t going to happen. How do you tell Disney that they have to lose 50 million dollars + and not own anything. They would sell the team first EVEN at bargain prices. At some price – $30 mill perhaps – even I know people or groups that would consider buying in. Anaheim is a HUGE market lest us not forget. Southarn California has 14,000,000 total residents. Anaheim is a good 50 miles from LA. It is its own UNDER marketed, ultra-wealthy market. Wanna fix that team? Change the name – let them fight – get some new jersies – sign a few free agents and BAM you are in the running. In So Cal – we have MANY enertainment chioices. The hockey has to be GREAT for us to go. Wayne make a Kings ticket valuable. The ducks need a TEAM that can win consistantly for YEARS to build fan loyalty.

    As for contraction – Bettman has failed in his job to find GOOD new owners. If an owner is struggling – they need to replace him, find investors etc… They have done SOME of that but not to the level for which the teams have expanded. Bettman will have some tough calls when he has an owner looking to move a team to Kansas City (Harold Baldwin) when that city is not exactly a hockey hotbed. Winnepeg has many advantages on it but will a GOOD owner go there? Hard to say but you can easily see how owners with deeper pockets would help the league get out of its mess. Yes – there will be changes in the CBA (a cap etc…) but better owners will help too. The game is going to need BILLIONS of dollars to market in the areas where bettman has expanded.

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