NHL Awards 2003

Here are the nominees for NHL Awards on Thursday and my predictions.

Hart Trophy:

Martin Brodeur NJ

Markus Naslund VAN

Peter Forsberg COL

Forsberg will win because of what he brings to his team. Another 100+ point season. He took part in the winning stretch without Joe Sakic. He helped Milan Hedjuk get 50 goal and he brings needed energy to his team. He had one of the best +/- in the league. And all this was after not playing until the playoffs this year. Forsberg is the choice.

Vezina Trophy

Martin Brodeur NJ

Ed Belfour TOR

Marty Turco DAL

Turco was 31-10-10 with a 1.72 GAA tops in the League and a .932 save percentage — also a League best and seven shutouts. Had he not missed several weeks with an ankle injury, Turco’s statistics would be all the more impressive. However this is the season for Brouder. He was there throughout for the entire season and his time has come. He kept his team into games and made key saves. I would say that if Turco was not injured then he would win. However he missed most of the second half of the year.

Norris Trophy

Nicklas Lidstrom DET

Al MacInnis STL

Derian Hatcher DAL

Face it the Blues goaltending was horrible this year. However, with and excellent defense they were able to make the playoffs. Without Chris Pronger, Al MacInnis stepped up along with Calder candidate Barret Jackman and created one of the best D combinations in the game. For this reason I think they will both win their respective awards. MacInnis also has amazing offensive skills.

Calder Trophy

Rick Nash CLU

Barret Jackman STL

Henrik Zetterberg DET

Out of all of these Nash will be the best five years down the line. He however has no previous experience in a real league. Zetterberg was great with Hull, however as I wrote by the Norris, Jackman was the best. He deserves it. He helped a bad goaltending team make the playoffs. He made everyone forgot that normally they would have this guy named Pronger.

Selke Trophy

John Madden NJ

Wes Walz MIN

Jere Lehtinen DAL

On a normal year there would be Michael Peca up here. However, he was injured. So this year I will give it to Madden. He was there throughout the playoffs to counter some of the best lines in hockey. This will be a close call though since everyone here could win it.

Jack Adams Trophy

Jacques Martin OTT

Jacques Lemaire MIN

John Tortorella TAM

The Jack Adams Award is awarded annually “to the NHL coach adjudged to have contributed the most to his team’s success.”

Ottowa’s success came from their talent. They could have been there with other coaches. Tortorella had the guys before. They got where they got from St. Louis and Prospal having amazing years. This will go to Lemaire. He has done the most for his team and took a 3rd year team to the Conference finals.

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  1. bruinfan37 says:

    I still stand by what I say about Forsberg winning the hart Trophy. I really don’t think he should get it. vazina-correct, brodeur hands down. norris- same deal, calder- probably jackman. selke- You say madden, but the biggest argument made for it was his work in the playoffs. These awards do NOT include playoffs. I’m gonna go for the underdog and say walz. Jack adams- correct

  2. defenestrate says:

    oops – pushed the wrong button before.

    Nice article, K. My votes:

    Hart – You know I’m going with Forsberg. Call me a “homer”. But he had the most “heart” (bad pun, I know).

    Vezina – Brodeur will get it, to sublimate the (unjust) furor over the Conn Smythe.

    Norris – Gotta be Al’s year. Score one for us old farts.

    Calder – I have to go with Nash, because I like the underdog, and the team could use the exposure.

    Selke – Up for grabs. I’m going with Walz, because I saw him do such a great job against us repeatedly.

    Adams – I would have picked “none of the above” and went with Babcock. But if I have to choose, it’s Lemaire, for doing the most with the least. Kind of like he does with his hair…

    Okay – it was a 99% sarcasm-free post. i couldn’t resist that one.

  3. Kashin says:

    What did he do so much to improve the team that no other coach could have done. Anyone who knew anything about hockey would have made kariya-oates-sykora. Giguire? For terms of awards for regular season he was an average goaltender. they had him already off a decent previous year so nothing genius playing him. They might be western conference champions but for the awards they are 7th seeded team. The wild who have had nothing for the past to years is more impressive then kariya playing like kariya

  4. defenestrate says:

    There were coaches before him that had Kariya and Selanne that couldn’t get past the first round. And he was younger than some of his players.

    Just my opinion. Your Lemaire reasoning makes sense as well.

  5. habs_for_the_cup says:

    u say that madden countered some of the best lines in hockey during the PLAYOFFS, what doesn’t count in the vote because they voted before the playoffs started…

  6. Kashin says:

    It was just an example to show what he can do. It obviously wont count for him. It shows what he can do. He did that also during the regular season.

  7. bender says:

    Shut up Beavis, don’t make me kick your ass!!!

  8. Pokecheck89 says:

    u missed out on a few

    Lady Bying Trohpy

    Alexander Moginly TOR

    Mike Modano DAL

    Nicklas Lidstorm DET

    I dont see Lidstorm winning it, so its a fight between Moginly and Modano. Modano had more points than Moginly, but Moginly had less penelty minutes, with only 12. Thats pretty impressive, I see Moginly winning this one, even though he might not be there to accept it.

    Lester B. Pearson Award

    Peter Forsberg COL

    Markus Naslund VAN

    Joe Thornton BOS

    This ones tough. It will be a race between Naslund and Forsberg. I dont see Thornton winning it, not only because he had the least amount of points outta the trio, but he didnt make as big of an impact to the league. Ill probably just say Naslund, dont know why.

    William Masterton Trophy

    Bryan Berard BOS

    Steve Rucchin ANA

    Steve Yzerman DET

    Steve Yzerman is one of the best in the league. He could have retired with the cup along with Dominik Hasek, but the love of the game made him stay longer. He underwent painful knee surgery and was out for a lot of this season. He didnt get alot of points when he came back, but he still showed hes dedicated to this game. Steve Rucchin was limited to 54 games over the previous two seasons. He toke a puck to the face and breaking his nose and cheekbone, and he suffered a stress fracture of his left tibia that required surgery. He also went through emotional distress when his big brother Larry Rucchin died. Bryan Berard overcame a life threatening injury that left him blind in one eye. He toke a stick to his left eye (i think) by Ottawas Marian Hossa. He left the NHL and returned after a few seasons. He came back to the New York Rangers and put up okay numbers, than the next year the Boston Bruins toke a try on him and it proved to be a success. Berard was one of the better Boston players.

    Even though Yzerman is one of the greatest of all times, just because he went through a painful knee surgery doesnt mean he should win. He has shown dedication to the game and is still on of the best. Look at Nik Antropov, he has two reconstructed knees and he still came back to play better than anyone expected, even though he wasnt as good as Stevie Y.

    Anahiem obviously plays better with Rucchin. Anahiem wasnt very good in the past two seasons when Rucchin was limited to only 54 games, and look at the Ducks in the playoffs, went to the finals beating Detroit, Dallas, and Minnisota. He also suffered the lose of a family member when his brother died. When I see Rucchin, it almost compares to his teammate Paul Kariya. Paul had a career threatening concussion in 1999. because of the concussion he was not able to play in the Olympics that year. He also suffered the death of his father earlier in the season.

    I do see Bryan Berard winning this one. He would have won it last year but nothing can beat Saku Koivu’s return to hockey after his battle with cancer. This is Bryans year. He’s blind in one eye but he still lead all Bruin defensemen in points.

  9. Kashin says:

    Lady Byng award is a dumb award. Has nothing to do with the game. I can be in the game with no skill and win it. They should have the Lady Bang award. The Pearson award isnt a popular award. It should be though but I only did the main ones though. It will be Forsberg again.

    I didnt do the Masterson since they had a post on it a week ago. Yzerman had his carrer already. almost everyone these days tear their knees. their would be less emotion then the other two. Berard could have won this a long time ago when the injury happened. Rucchin should win. In the next 3 years this guy who had eye problems too on the Islanders Weinhandl will win it. He is 90% blind in one eye.

  10. Hockeyman93 says:

    Zetterberg won’t win the Calder for one reason. He played pro hockey in Sweden before he came to the NHL. I think alot of the writers feel that Zetterberg isn’t really a rookie. Similar to last year with Iginla and Theodore, the favorite will be left hanging.

  11. JStatic87 says:

    I will agree with you except on two picks.

    Calder-Zetterberg will win. Highest scoring rookie who, along with Datsyuk, carried the Wings when they went on that huge run after their huge slump. I just don’t see a defensive d-man winning it.

    Norris- Big Al Mac could very well win, he had a great year. Lidstrom is the most consistent player in the league, he plays both ways and has been the anchor for the Wings game in game out. I wouldn’t mind seeing Al win, but Nick will get his third straight because he is that good.

    If Hatcher wins, score one for the Return of the “Camaro Cut” Mullet hairstyle. I’m predicting big things for this ‘do, I’m going to start growing mine now.

  12. defenestrate says:


  13. defenestrate says:

    Ahhh! Not the “guido” ‘do! Especially now that I’m “follically challenged”.

    Let’s all watch “Detroit Rock City” now, and remember how much fun those days were……

  14. JStatic87 says:

    Ah yes, the Camaro cut mullet, just a notch above the “Ape Drape” style.

    Just thinking of it makes me want to cruise in my ’88 IROC and pick up lost little boys………..

  15. wing25 says:

    Looking at your who you said would win the Calder and the Norris I think you are a Blues fan. Now i am a Red Wings fan and that might influence my decision a lot, but here are my picks for teh Calder and Norris.

    Calder- Henrick Zetterberg

    Henrick had an awsome year for a rookie i belive he had 22 goals and 22 assistt leading all rookies. Dave Lewis often used him in key situations like power plays, penalty kills, and so on. Zetterberg is great at defense I think one of the wing best defensive forwards. He reminds me a lot of a younger version of Fedorov. Many perople might bring up he point that he was on a line with Brett Hull and Pavel Datsuk making him a lot better, but he made them a lot better. Without Zetterberg i dont think Brett Hull would not be past career goal 700. Another point someone might bring up is that he did play pro hockey in Sweeden. There is one major differance to me. There is no HITTING in over there. Someone playing there is probubly used to just holding on to the puck untill the very last second and not getting derailed. But when you come to the nhl you have people like Scott Stevens who could probubly kill you with a clean check. Henrick fit right in to the different style of play. Now i didn’t mean to sound like i Henrick Zetterberg was god or anything but to me he is the best canidate for the calder. Altho any of them would be a good pick.

    Norris- Nick Lidstrom

    Without a doubt Nick Lidstrom get his hattrick of Norris tonight. He has won it the past 2 years and in my opinion is the best player in the game. As everybody knows it really should be his 6th norris in a row. But here are the resons he should win. his + – of 40 led the nhl among defensemen and left him 3rd in the nhl. I belive he led defensemen inn goals with 18. The detroit defense was in bad shape the whole year after Ficsher was injured and Chelios was out. Nick held the team together without him i don’t even want to know what detroit’s regular season would look like. Nick is also one of the players that make the people around him better. This year the Norris will go to Nick Lidstrom of the detroit red wings with out a doubt.

    Sorry for lack of real information…

  16. defenestrate says:

    “Don’t tell my heart

    my achey-breakey heart”

  17. JStatic87 says:

    “She thinks my tractor’s sexy” when I go on down to the “Chattahoochie”.

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