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With approximately 10 games remaining for each team in the regular season, the race for the NHL’s Individual Awards will not change much. We can now make an educated guess on who the recipiants will be. Who do you think will take home the hardware?These are the players that I believe should win the awards. Now I remind you that this is only my opinion, so if you have a different view on things please post who your award winners are. However, base your decisions on the facts and don’t just select players from your favorite teams or bash my selections because you don’t like that player or their team.

Selke Trophy

Winner: Kris Draper

Kris Draper has been a solid player in the offensive and defensive zones this season. He has 24 goals and 40 points in 65 games this year and is a plus 22. He has also contributed on the penalty kill notching 5 short-handed goals.

Runner-ups: Kirk Maltby, Martin St.Louis

Lady Byng Trophy

Winner: Sergei Samsonov

Even though Samsonov has only played in 49 regular season games, he has only racked up 2 minutes in penalties. This guy is a gentleman on and off the ice, and he wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Runner-ups: Paul Martin, Sami Kapanen

Jack Adams Award

Winner: Claude Julien

The Montreal Canadiens were not expected to have any success this season, but Claude Julien has managed to get his team into the playoffs and challenging for the Northeast Division crown. He may not have many stars to work with, but Julien has done an outstanding job.

Runner-ups: John Tortorella, Darryl Sutter

Norris Trophy

Winner: Zdeno Chara

Chara has quietly turned into one of the league’s best defencemen. He plays over 24 minutes a night against the other teams best forwards, and has a plus 34 rating. Not only that, he has chipped in more than his fair share of goals, as he is tied for the league lead among defensemen with 15 goals.

Runner-ups: Scott Niedermayer, Rob Blake

Vezina Trophy

Winner: Roberto Luongo

What can you say about Luongo. If it wasn’t for him the Panthers would be in the basement of the NHL. However, even though he plays on a bad team, he has managed a 2.30 GA, a .933 SV% and 7 shutouts. I also remind you that this guy has faced more shots than any other goalie in the NHL.

Runner-ups: Martin Brodeur, Marty Turco

Hart Trophy

Winner: Martin St. Louis

Now I know this will make Leaf fans upset, but I did not pick Ed Belfour because he is no more valuable to his team than a Brodeur, St. Louis and Turco. The fact is, Belfour’s value was magnified because of his absence with injuries, however the other candidates should not be punished for playing all year not forcing their team to play without them. But if they were out, you can bet that their teams would struggle just as much as Toronto did without Belfour.

Moving on, what can you say about Martin St. Louis. He has put the Lightning on the map and is a huge factor in their success this year. He is leading the league in scoring with 85 points, he is a plus 35 and has 7 short-handed goals. This guy does it all.

Runner-ups: Martin Brodeur, Ed Belfour

Those are my picks for the 6 awards for which you can basically try and predict the winners.

Who are your picks?

The Coach

69 Responses to NHL Awards

  1. gobruins08 says:

    Its raycrofts to take home

  2. gobruins08 says:

    The west isnt any better then the east…and nobody has given rookie coach Mike Sullivan credit for the job that he has done…he should be nominated…

  3. gobruins08 says:

    Thats a reason why everybody hates leaf fans right there! Thats exactly what it said in the artical!

  4. matteo says:

    The forgotten Calder candidate…..Joni Pitkanen

  5. tmeyers says:

    Dont count Souray out just yet for the norris. If he goes on another tear..it could change the complection of the race.

  6. avsfan19-33 says:

    he wouldnt win…Liles is outscoring him…..

  7. Sunnyg says:

    pretty good article….i think most if not all of your predictions were reasonable…

    i think the award which will be the most affected by the final 10 games of the season is the Jack Adams award…if LA makes the playoffs, Andy Murray will be a nominee for sure. If S.J. manages to hold off Dallas and win the division, Ron Wilson will also get a lot of attention, Julien is also a possible winner…and his chances will be helped if montreal continues to make progress in the standings.

    tortorella in tampa bay is also a serious candidate if tampa bay wins the president’s trophy for 1st overall…the race is really wide open.

  8. Scott24 says:

    I am leaf fan but I don’t have anything against Chara. He is a good all around defence.

  9. LF2004 says:

    thought it was helairous seeing his toss around McCabe.

  10. MNWinger39 says:

    How about Mathiew Schnieder? Seriously he has had a great year also playing against top forwards, and as we all know the Norris also is factored in with Offense hes had a good offensive year also, Im not saying he would win, but I would put his name on a runner up also

  11. MAniac29 says:

    Agreed on all comments!

    Phoenix’s GM raved about him, and Hitchock mentioned something abouot him after the one game, they played philly really well this year going 1-2-2.

  12. Sepuku says:

    Joni is only 7 pts behind Liles in scoring and is 10 pts better in +/-. Also Liles has played 10 more games. Joni will have no problem catch up and passing Liles in points and his +/- will still be better.

  13. kovalev says:

    Don’t forget Theodore without him the Canadiens would not be in the playoffs or winning as many games.

    and I hink Vokoun could be a longshot because his play has improved the Predators

  14. kovalev says:

    I dont think so Ryder is closing up on 60 points, he will finish with close to 70 and Raycroft has what 25 wins, on a pretty solid team

  15. kingbobert says:

    SELKE: Draper…or Maltby…they’re both quite simmillar this year

    BYNG: Francis….this seems to be Francis’ trophy

    JACK ADAMS: Right now it’s either Julien/Sutter for me…the remaining games and playoffs will show us the winner but i mean look at what Julien has done…Made ribeiro and ryder into top nhl players they’re both going to hit 60 points as well as koivu it’s been forever that montreal has had steady production from several players…look what he did with begin and bouillon and even zednick he has helped them reach a new plateau for their performances

    NORRIS: Chara…if he doesnt win it there will be hell to pay…look at his stats…top +/-, is putting up good numbers, logs in a whole bunch of ice time…

    Runners up…Schneider, Mccabe, Nidermeyer…Souray might be one due to his comeback and the help he gave Montreal

    VEZINA: Brodeur or Theo…Both these goalies have been instrumental to their teams success…Marty might have more wins but Theo was a better save % and has helped the Habs more than Brodeur has NJ

    Runners up…Luongo jesus is he a machine, Belfour

    HART: Martin St. Louis or Luongo…although florida is not making the playoffs, Luongo has been the most valuable member to his team…Theodore runner up as well cause he is among 4 or 5 carrying Montreal right now

    CALDER: Mike Ryder or Raycroft…again the last games and playoffs will decide the winner…Without Ryder this year montreal would be in a pitt…maybe not out of the playoffs but in a pitt…without Raycroft however the Bruins would have gotten a playoff birth…Hunter of course the other runner-up

    PEARSON: St. Louis…i dont think any player can argue he does not diserve it

  16. afanofthelakings says:


    Jose Theodore could win the Vezina this year again,

    Compare his stats of this season and them of 2001-2002

    01-02 03-04

    GP 67 61

    W 30 31

    L 24 24

    T 10 5

    GAA 2,11 2,17

    SV% ,931 ,922

    SO 7 6

    PTS 2 3

    TP* 8th 7th

    *:(Team Position)

    And he still has 5-6 games left to play, so he must be in the TOP 3 contender

    I’ll have the best over Brodeur and Luongo

    CALDER :

    Winner : Ryder

    Contender : Hunter and Raycroft

    HART :

    Winner : St. Louis

    Contender : Brodeur and Tanguay


    Winner : Chara

    Contender : Blake and Souray


    Winner : Andy Murray

    Contender : Julien and Sutter

    Bill Masteron :

    Winner : Souray

    Contender : Gaborik and Heatley

  17. TheCoach says:

    If he hadn’t traded away all his young talent he would have had a cup ring by now.

    Examples: Chara, Luongo, Bertuzzi, McCabe, Redden, Brewer, Spezza (1st round pick), etc…

    This guy has jumped the gun on several trades and it has bit him in the ass. I mean, its ok to trade away some of your young guys to improve yourself, but to basically give all these guys away and really have not much to show for it??

  18. MODANOSTAR says:

    for norris, nobody has mentioned pavel kubina. He now leads all defenseman in goals, Is a solid defensemen and may have had a large part in why the bolts are on top right now.

    Turco should definately be nominated for the vezina. 2.03 gaa, .911 sv%, 2nd in league in so, 1st in wins. Its hard to argue luongo though.

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