NHL Bargain Players (Part 1)

In the new NHL, bargain players can make or break a team. Who is the best bargain player today?

Here is a list of who, in my opinion is each team’s bargain player up to the mid-way point of the NHL season…Anaheim: Joffrey Lupul ($900,600) 15G, 16A for 31 Points, including 16 points in his last 16 games (2nd on the team in scoring behind Selanne). Establishing his first career year.

Atlanta: Marc Savard ($2,280,000) Given, his salary is up there, but he is payed way below his ability. 3rd in the league in points with 19G and 42A for 61Points, he could easily be a $5M man. Olympic team overlook?

Boston: Patrice Bergeron ($646,000) Leads the team in scoring with a mediocre 12G and 19A for 31 points, but has been thrust into a leadership role with the trading of Joe Thornton. The future of the Bruins rests on Bergeron’s shoulders.

Buffalo: Tim Connoly ($1,036,900) Leads team with 8 G, 25 A for 32 Points. His salary is getting up there, but it is well worth it considering his play this season.

Calgary: Dion Phaneuf ($942,900) This team is full of bargain players, but Phaneuf is by far giving his team the best production…and he is still a rookie, not to mention my pick for rookie of the year.

Carolina: Eric Staal ($942,400) Easily one of the most dominant forwards in the new NHL, he has 26G and 26A for 52 Points this season. Biggest surprise of the season for me.

Chicago: Tyler Arnason ($1,200,000) Not much of a bargain considering he only has 30 points this season, but Chicago has been a bust this year anyways.

Colorado: Marek Svatos ($450,000) 22G 14A, 36Points for this rookie who has really made a name for himself playing alongside guys like Sakic and Tanguay. who would have known it would take so little $ to help fill the whole left by Peter Forsberg?

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  1. my_sphincter says:

    Kipprisuck is not even the best goaltender in the league let alone the MVP! I have to say that Legace and Gerber have proven themselves. Turco is up there even though he has been shaky lately. But Fernandez is the most underrated goalie in the league.

    It’s too bad Minnesota doesn’t trade Rolonson while he’s still worth something and give Manny a real shot!

  2. muckies says:

    I only get to see a few Flames games per year, but on rthe highlites and throughout last years playoffs, kipper only got scored on with deflected shots and good screens.

    If kipper sees it, he’ll save it. He plays like Patrick Roy did, Big, Square and swallows shots.

  3. Hollywood666 says:

    Everyone knows that, it doesn’t mean they’re not a bargain.

  4. Gretzkin says:

    Me too. I agree.

    You said “Point Men”.

    Defensively, I would stand up for Kaberle, but not McCabe.

    There are better tandems defensively, for sure.

    Ottawa, Detroit, etc…

  5. Gretzkin says:

    Much, much worse.

    Those three guys are much better than McCabe defensively.

    McCabe is not a great defenseman. I won’t argue that.

    He and Kabby are just leading in points.

    He’d be nowwhere without Kaberle.

  6. Flyer_Dman says:

    I equate Therrien to the gum on the bottom of my shoe that I just can’t get to go away.

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