NHL Bargain Players (Part 1)

In the new NHL, bargain players can make or break a team. Who is the best bargain player today?

Here is a list of who, in my opinion is each team’s bargain player up to the mid-way point of the NHL season…Anaheim: Joffrey Lupul ($900,600) 15G, 16A for 31 Points, including 16 points in his last 16 games (2nd on the team in scoring behind Selanne). Establishing his first career year.

Atlanta: Marc Savard ($2,280,000) Given, his salary is up there, but he is payed way below his ability. 3rd in the league in points with 19G and 42A for 61Points, he could easily be a $5M man. Olympic team overlook?

Boston: Patrice Bergeron ($646,000) Leads the team in scoring with a mediocre 12G and 19A for 31 points, but has been thrust into a leadership role with the trading of Joe Thornton. The future of the Bruins rests on Bergeron’s shoulders.

Buffalo: Tim Connoly ($1,036,900) Leads team with 8 G, 25 A for 32 Points. His salary is getting up there, but it is well worth it considering his play this season.

Calgary: Dion Phaneuf ($942,900) This team is full of bargain players, but Phaneuf is by far giving his team the best production…and he is still a rookie, not to mention my pick for rookie of the year.

Carolina: Eric Staal ($942,400) Easily one of the most dominant forwards in the new NHL, he has 26G and 26A for 52 Points this season. Biggest surprise of the season for me.

Chicago: Tyler Arnason ($1,200,000) Not much of a bargain considering he only has 30 points this season, but Chicago has been a bust this year anyways.

Colorado: Marek Svatos ($450,000) 22G 14A, 36Points for this rookie who has really made a name for himself playing alongside guys like Sakic and Tanguay. who would have known it would take so little $ to help fill the whole left by Peter Forsberg?

More to Come Later…