NHL Cancels Most Anticipated Player Draft In Sport's History


Man, I didn’t see this one coming. The NHL, claiming an unwillingness to block out hotel rooms in Ottawa despite having a $300,000,000 war chest of funds, said that they will cancel this year’s entry draft.

This puts the idea of landing the highly hyped Sid Crosby on hold and perhaps more pressure on the NHLPA to make a deal. Although if fear of ruining the game was to be a motivator for the NHLPA, they could have signed on to a better deal this winter.

Don’t think for a second that the owners haven’t been discussing what to do with Crosby, Brule and the other kids in this draft for many months now. With no season this year, there is going to have to be a new system that the owners agree on in order to determining the order a team picks in the draft whenever that draft may be. Bettman could really use Sid Crosby in a major American market like LA, Detroit or New York as to resuscitate the TV interest in the game. As much as Leafs and Habs fans will be outraged, Crosby would help the game best if he can get Americans watching it on TV in record numbers.

I would guess there is going to be some sort of random system chosen such as the NBA style ping pong balls and the a reverse order where whoever gets the number one pick goes at the end of the second round. In the event the owners are thinking about an impasse and redrafting all the players (including the kids) there is an interesting new question – where would you take Crosby? No. 1 overall? Not me but perhaps I am crazy. I would look to Iginla or Lecaviler before Crosby because they are young and proven. Crosby wouldn’t be too far behind on my list however.

Who would you pick first in an overall draft with prospects and players to rebuild your team? What will happen with the draft and the CBA?


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  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    It will be like a draft with all those free agents out there. By the way, this didn’t get posted so I’ll put it here.

    In An Eklund chat, Eklund says this:

    Leclaire and Zhamnov away from Philly, Zhamnov prolly to Pitts.

    The Rangers are also in the hunt for Kariya, but Philly is the fron runner.

    Eklund is good friend’s with Eric Lindros, and says Eric wants to go to the west coast (sounds like he wants a not as tough game.) and Eklund has told him that Toronto would be the best place for him. I told Eklund to pass on the word that everyone in Toronto that I know would love to have him, and we’d welcome him with Flyers hating arms.

  2. wingedim says:

    I’ve wondered about that myself as to how they are going to do the draft. A combination lottery/reverse draft would be interesting. Being #15 wouldn’t necessarily be bad as you know you are always getting the middle pick. I’d also consider no trading of picks for this draft. Everyone is starting from scratch so there isn’t really a need to trade up or down. This would also allow some of the small market teams to get some quality players who would bring in more fans and potentially local or more TV time.

    Who would I draft first? I think I’d start in net with Luongo that way I get a quality YOUNG tender who I could build a team around and try and round the team with a mix of young guys and a few vets. Would I go for Crosby right away? Like you, as foolish as it may seem, no. I’d much rather get some young talent who’s got a couple of years experience. Yeah I could miss out, but look at all the #1 picks that have been duds….

  3. wingedim says:

    West coast can have him as far as I’m concerned. He’s not the impact guy he used to be. I’d rather see Bertuzzi in Toronto over Lindros.

  4. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I forget what I heard from Eklund on Bertuzzi, I will ask him later.

  5. hockeyhead says:

    you didn’t see this coming? you should have read my article on losing the draft.

    no CBA no draft

  6. kicksave856 says:

    As a Flyer fan, I think we’d all rather see Lindros in Toronto than Bertuzzi. Lindros’ brain is jello. We kinda laugh about it now because people were so upset when he left. If we’re going to play the Leafs every spring (we DO need a surrogate rival right now until the Rangers get good again, and I guess the Leafs have been fitting that bill lately), then let ’em have Lindros. I think any Flyer fan in their right mind would rather see Lindros on the other team than Bertuzzi (besides, if you tap Lindros on the helmet he falls down and falls asleep, if you tap Bertuzzi on the helmet he is liable to try to kill you).

    I still like Lindros and wish things had gone differently for him, but no one fears Eric Lindros anymore. Bertuzzi can be a difference maker, Lindros used to be a difference maker.

    As far as LeClair and Zhamnov, LeClair’s time is up. He was a warrior for the Flyers, but it’s just over (and has been for a couple of years). I’ll miss Zhamnov though. I really liked what he did with the Flyers.

    Kariya seems like a nice dream to have because speedy guys are always welcome with Philly. Is he still as fast as he was before? And was it Kariya who got knocked out a little in the playoffs and then got up to score a big goal to force OT or win the game or something? Flyer fans can respect that, especially coming from a little guy. Can he still score like he used to though?

    And who knows what’s going on with the draft? These people are so ridiculous. You can never tell what’s posturing and what isn’t and you can never tell what the motives really are.

    PS- I don’t think I’ll be home for the quiz. Don’t let a Devils fan win!! Just kidding. Good luck, everyone.

  7. Lint07 says:

    The Quiz will be up for 24 hours, there will also be participation prizes, that way everyone can enter.

  8. PayUpSucka says:

    (besides if you tap Lindros on the helmet he falls asleep) LMFAO, good job bro!

  9. 19Yzerman says:

    “In the event the owners are thinking about an impasse and redrafting all the players (including the kids) there is an interesting new question – where would you take Crosby?”

    My face just turned fire engine red and stream is blasting out of my ears like a fog horn. like Elmer Fudd!!!Now that bugs bunny plugged the end of my shot gun and it went off in my face. I am now soot covered and I am angry!!!

    Top three picks in a redraft would be Guerin, Holik and Pronger. Call them the CMB line. I know the initials don’t match but, since no one cares anyway CMB is the Cash Money Brothers from the movie New Jack City.

  10. LeafyMcLeaf says:


  11. Serdy says:

    I wouldnt be welcoming him, what a waste

  12. Serdy says:

    oh ya, for sure Guerin #1, hes the man, hes plays for the love of the game too, thats what I love about him…

  13. 19Yzerman says:

    Cach Money Brothers!!!

    I am I my brothers keeper?(Nino Brown)

    Yes I am!!!!!!!!!!!(G Money)

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