NHL Fighters

I don’t know if you realised, but there were a lot of fights during the preseason games.

Love it or not, fights will always be part of hockey…

But who are they NHL fighters (GOONS) ????

Anaheim : Kip Brennan, not sure ?

Atlanta : Eric Boulton, Garnet Exelby

Boston : PJ Stock, I don’t know if he has a contract this year

Buffalo : Andrew Peters

Calgary : Chis Simon, Darren McCarthy(maybe)

Carolina : Jim *****mins, Gordie Dwyer

Chicago : Matthew Barnaby

Colorado : Ian Lapperiere, Peter Worrell (he’s not signed yet)

Columbus : Jody Shelley

Dallas : I really don’t know

Detroit : Jiri Fischer, Dan LaCouture

Edmonton : Georges Laraque

Florida : Eric Cairns

Los Angeles : Sean Avery, Ken Belanger (leads preseason in penalty minutes)

Minnesota : Matt Johnson

Montreal : Raitis Ivanans, Peter Vandermeer

Nashville : Jordin Tootoo, Darcy Hordichuk

New Jersey : Darren Langdon, Kryztof Oliwa

NY Islanders : Eric Godard

NY Rangers : Dairius Kasparaitis, Dale Purinton

Ottawa : Brian McGrattan (graet rookie)

Philadelphia : Donald Brashear

Phoenix : Chris McAllister, Sean O’Donnell

Pittsburgh : Andre Roy, Ryan VaddenBussche

St Louis : Reed Low, Mike Danton

San Jose : Scott Thornton

Tampa Bay : I really don’t know

Toronto : The king of all goons ; TIE DOMI

Vancouver : Wade Brookbank

Washington : Stephen Peat

What do you think of this list ??? Add players if it miss someone, delete players if you think he dosent fit in this list….

And now for my top 5 of the NHL fighters :

1- Tie Domi, of course

2- Donald Braesher

3- Jody Shelley

4- Sean Avery

5- Brian McGrattan

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  1. Canadiangold316 says:

    Sandy who??? this guys has been living under a bridge in Bean town the last I looked isn’t he? or better yet washing jock straps for the NY rangers now… he’s a has been.. was the best in the league at one point but he’s finished.. gonzo.. adios!

  2. Hollywood666 says:

    That’s a MUCH better list.

  3. TrueBlue0917 says:

    I don’t think the Rangers will have any fighters this season. Kasparaitis doesn’t drop gloves, he just takes out bodies. As for Purinton, he’ll be lucky to get a minute or two of playing time.

  4. hnm27 says:

    i just think the worst “tough” guy in the whole nhl has to be purinton…

    there is no respect for that guy and there shouldnt be any for him from anyone.

    hes dirty, i remember the last season played when the rangers played the islanders and when he tried to fight jason blake, then later on the next shift godard challenged him and he dropped to the ice and cowarded on his hands and knees… and now to add that he has a 10 game suspension for trying to rip out someones eye???

    and this guy is one of there assistant captins? wow this guy shouldnt even be in the nhl.

  5. habs_punk says:

    Great site, I didn’t realize some of the players that Quintal has fought against. Cairns and Worrell three times each, Chara, McCabe, McCarthy, Oliwa, Peters, Ray, Roy, Stock, and Wiemer. Some pretty big fighters in that list.

  6. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    Agree! Although he does not fight as much as he used to, when he dropes his gloves, someone is going to get hurt!

  7. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    Got to give Domi credit for moulding Belak into the fighter that he is!

  8. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    Tucker may be 100% heart, and a very good pest, but when he fights he’s usually on the losing side!

  9. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    He’s pretty good for smaller guy, and a crooket eye! ha!

  10. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    Ah ha ha ha ha!

  11. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    Awsome! Good find!

  12. CaptainInsano says:

    The only damage I can recall Lindros doing with his fists in the NHL is when he BROKE Joe Thornton’s face (broke his jaw, missed a few weeks and came back with a cage on his face) with a right bomb.

    He is very big and strong, but it’s one thing to do well in fights with Scott Stevens, Rob Niedermayer, Ed Jovanovski, Derian Hatcher, Alexander Karpovtsev, Joe Thornton (these are the only scraps I’ve seen him in), and another thing to fight an actual designated tough guy. I know the aforementioned players are pretty tough (except possibly Karpovtsev), but contrary to popular belief, they would all get their @ss handed to them if they fought a true NHL heavyweight.

    I’d expect to see Lindros in the odd spur of the moment scrap, but he simply can’t afford to risk taking a blow to the head by being in an unnecessary scrap. I’m sure that’s part of the reason he’s on a line with Domi and Kilger, so he can play a physical game without worrying about getting jumped (it also seemed like Belak was out on defense a lot when Lindros played in some pre-season games). Lindros needs to use his size and strength to be an effective player, but he will never, ever be an enforcer.

  13. garyroberts7 says:

    By looking at your name it seems that you like players up to your waist.

  14. leafs_r_a_joke says:

    Ray Emery is probably the best fighter of all the goalies in the league

  15. johnnymouthpiece says:

    I just had to finally sign up so I could post something for this article. Good choice of topics. Here’s my top 5:

    1. Georges Laraque

    2. Krzysztof Oliwa (‘Chrissie’ for short tee hee)

    3. Donald Brashear (I hate him, but…)

    4. Chris Simon

    5. Jody Shelley

    Laraque is hands down the most feared man in the NHL. Anyone remember his dismantling of Rob Ray in Buffalo? He effortlessly held Ray with one hand and landed blow after blow with the other. I could read Laraque’s lips on the TV and before he unloaded each punch he asked Ray ‘enough?’. This fight shows Laraque’s greatest strength and weakness in one episode. He is a great fighter but a poor enforcer. Too often retribution for a cheap hit or something of the like is left to guys like Smith or Staios. Granted, this is due in part to the fact that no one wants to fight him but it has a lot to do with his character. He’s a nice guy and I don’t believe he relishes his role as tough guy. He’d rather contribute through his play than his fists. He has the talent to this, to a certain extent, but he’s never going to be known for his playmaking.

    I also wanted to point out that Andrei Nazarov has replaced Matt Johnson in Minnesota. Johnson’s contract was bought out. Kind of surprising to me since he was their captain the last time they played a game. From what I’ve seen of Nazarov and looking at his stats, he’s huge and will take on all comers. CBS notes that he has apparently been banned from playing in Europe due to an incident with a referee after a playoff game. If he gets into enough games, he could lead the league in PIMs, easy as pie.

    The Blues gave Reed Low his walking papers today, I believe, so he’s out of work.

  16. Canadiangold316 says:

    what !? no Tie Domi on your list…. =) just kidding

  17. SabresFan220 says:

    I duuno, there are some fiesty goalies in the NHL. I still remember Dafoe beating the crap out of Lalime, and my personal favorite goalie fight ever Steve Shields and Garth Snow. But this comment reminded me of an AHL goalie fight I have on video, Andy Chiodo beating the crap out of Antero Nittymaki. That’s still a lot of fun to watch.

  18. FlyersFanForever says:

    Didn’t he just get his eye corkscrewed by Puriton the other night. From what I’m hearing he’s just a big wuss but I’ve never seen him play so I wouldn’t know. Hope he’s alright.

  19. nonhl2005 says:

    No way Oliwa is ahead of Brash, I have not seen Brash lose to him in a few years and just last week Oliwa got his clocked clean again by the big man in Philly.

  20. afanofthelakings says:

    I’ve already seen Jose Theodore have a fight with an Hurricanes PLAYER

    GREAT !!!!!

  21. wingerxxx says:

    Worrell is in the Rangers system as I understand, so they are covered. Kasparaitis has never been a fighter, you’re right. And I’ve never been big on Purinton.

  22. wingerxxx says:


    Trust me, you do NOT want Lindros scrapping with his head injuries. Not if you want him to have a productive season.

  23. bailerson says:

    man i cant believe this guy made the nhl i played hockey with him as i grew up he is terrible.

  24. johnnymouthpiece says:

    Fair enough.

    To be honest, aside from Laraque at #1, I didn’t really intend to rank the next four guys.

  25. Leaf_fans_can_blow_me says:

    That’s all the toronto maple laughs are good for is sucking.

  26. dcz28 says:

    I’m guessing your talking about Laraque…he is not a skilled guy but he is big and can kick butt in fights and that is why he made the NHL… just like any enforcer his fists got him there not his skating or puck skills

  27. quick_stick says:

    Nice that you didn’t argue the bias and stupid thing… at least your at peace with it.

    I guess if you being a mental deficient doesn’t bother you, why should it bother me? 🙂

  28. shuffleonin says:

    Tie Domi is more like a joke now. He runs from most real enforcers and picks on smaller guys. When he does get caught by a big guy he holds himself away and doesn’t trade punches, just absorbs them on the top of his dome. He rarely gets beat up and even more bizarre, the man doesn’t bleed. It helps to have a forehead that resembles a slab of bleached beef jerky. Don’t like him and don’t respect him anymore.

    Barnaby is just a mouthpiece and although he will take the dance he doesn’t often participate. I respect his abilities as a pest but doesn’t fit the true enforcer definition.

    Ivanins in Montreal is a monster but was fed his lunch last season in the AHL by McGrattan. In fact, most say when McGrattan pummeled Ivanins it represented a big turning point in his career as an enforcer. Their duel this year wasn’t really won by anyone.

    Anyone who enjoys a good hockey scrap should watch McGrattan as he doesn’t even flinch when he gets hit he just keeps hitting you back. Never seen this guy lose a fight.

  29. hockeyhead says:

    puriton was suspended 10 games for that cheap shot.

    i wouldnt say orr is a wuss. he has been pegged to be the goon for a few seasons now.

  30. hockeyhead says:

    anyone that puts on the black and gold and fights is one tough mother.

    cam neely

    lyndon byers

    ken belanger

    jay miller

    pj stock

    ken baumgartner

    joe thornton

    just to name a couple

  31. Mullet says:

    This could possibly be one of the worst articles ever written! First off I will name the #1 enforcer for all the teams. Ana: Kip Brennan

    ATL: Francis Lessard

    Bos: Doug Doull

    BUF: Andrew Peters

    Cal:Chris Simon

    Car: Gordie Dwyer

    CHI: Barnaby


    CLB: Shelley

    Dal: Aaron Downey

    DET: LaCouture

    Edm: Laraque




    MIN: Matt Johnson


    NJ: Oliwa





    Pit:Andre Roy

    Pho:Tyson Nash

    StL: Reed Low



    Tor: Domi


    Was: Peat

    and the TOP 5 Enforcers in the NHL are:

    1) Georges Laraque EDM

    2) Peter Worrell UFA

    3) Andrew Peters BUF

    4)Wade Brookbank VAN

    5) Chris Simon Cal

    Those are the top 5 enforcers in the NHL.

    Guys to look out for in the coming years.

    LW-Derek Boogaard- 6-7 270lbs is pretty intimidating

    Chris McGratton- Showed in Pre-season he knows how to drop the gloves.

    Colton Orr- looks like a good young scrapper

    This is what the article should have looked more like!

  32. Mullet says:

    He’s still a UFA

  33. Mullet says:

    Anyone heard of Derek Boogaard? This is an intimidating guy! At 6’7 and 270+lbs I know I would never even think og dropping the gloves against him. He’s a FRIGGIN MONSTER!

  34. Canadiangold316 says:

    The bigger they are the harder they fall….. he’s tough I can give you that, his fighting ability is obviousley above average but his balance will never get him past anything extrodinarey (sp?)

    His fight with Andrew Peters this preseason wasn’t anything special and his other with Shawn Thornton was nothing to write home about either a matter of fact with his extremley larger frame, I’d say Thornton came out the winner in that.. but thats my opinion, He’ll probabley be a career minor leaguer with his hidious playing ability, and be anything but average to good on most nights there but in the big leagues….. very slim chance

  35. Canadiangold316 says:

    This list is very outdated, instead of slamming peoples articles I’d have to rate this one of the worst rankings myself…. sorry man but I can’t lie about this…

    Anaheim – battle between Fedoruk and Brennan (4th line BASH BROTHERS ?)

    Atl- Eric Boulton & Francis Lessard

    Boston – Colton Orr

    Carlolina – Jesse Boulerice

    Not Doug Doull he is with the Coyotes and big Chris McAllister should fill that enforcer spot there .. or not

    Dallas – Garrett Burnett

    Aaron Downey is with the St. Louis Blues

    L.A – Ken Belanger

    Mon- Ivanans or Vandermeer

    Min – Andrei Nazarov

    Matt Johnson is UFA and was bought out by the Wild

    Nashville – Hordichuk is tougher, stronger and kicks more arse than than Tootoo can ever dream off

    NY R- Purinton

    Pho- Nash couldn’t even be considered a enforcer ever! agian… either McAllister or Doull

    San Jose- Thornton ??? he can fight yes but hardley considered an enforcer.. does more damage in front of the net and does even better scoring points …… Scott parker is they’re man

    St. Louis – agian.. Aaron Downey

    Tampa- Sarich ??? what ??? more like Dingman and the toughness stops there.. completley…. unless Eegner makes the cut somewhere along the lines

  36. awas15 says:

    real original idiot domi is on our 4th line




    stajan or wellwood-wellwood or stajan-domi

  37. dcz28 says:

    LaCouture was cut by the Wings so scratch him off the list…the Wings don’t have a clear cut enforcer and have not had one since Kocur and Probert…McCarty use to do after those two guys were gone but he wasn’t a heavyweight

  38. Nemix says:

    hope give tootoo more of a role on nashville, he was a power forward in jr

  39. igotnothin says:

    well first off peter worrell is in the rangers farm system playing for the hartford wolf pack. and i think mike danton is still in jail making him probably the most worthless goon on that list.

  40. SensfanVone says:

    Emery has a short fuse and has alot of agression he trash talks opposing players constantly and he isnt a bad goalie either!!

  41. hockeyhead says:

    you rip the article and then state that doug doull is on the bruins……get some transaction reports dude.

  42. tim95030 says:

    Just to let you all know your info for San jose couldn’t be more wrong. Scott Thornton hasn’t been a true fighter for at least 3 or 4 seasons now. The sharks picked up Scott parker for that 2 years ago, and he is also one of the best fighters in the league. Granted thats all he knows how to do really, but the point is you don’t even have him listed on your list.

  43. primflyer says:

    K seriously people, i know i am a flyer fan, but it is Brashear all the way, and also definately laroque, i want to see that fight. if i remember right, laroque said he does good cuz he is a lefty, so it is just open swings against all righties, making each puch deadly. and do you all know what BRASH did in the entire off season, he took BOXING lessons from JOE FRASIER. yes THE famous frasier(I think joe is the first name lol) he kept in shape by taking lessons from one of the best boxers in history

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