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How could the NHL get humiliated? Ask the nearly half a million NHL fans who…. well, you’ll find out as soon as you click “Read More”.

Are bigger nets the answer? No. I am a traditionalist in a lot of things, and I am all for advancing NHL hockey to a new level, but let’s keep its infrastructure as is. Here are two proposals to add more scoring and speeding up the pace of the game. They could get a lot of “no’s” but I’d approve of them.

This is the one Original Sixer that barely gets any attention; how about a little Blackhawks talk?

The New York Rangers are snowballing; can they stop it and what could be the real problem? Rangers fans ought to read this one.

Check out what I got for Christmas; nothing really special but if you like SKA/Punk music (a la Sublime), check out these two bands.I hope you all had a great Christmas and that Santa Claus brought most of what you wanted. By the way, doesn’t our front page make you feel all Christmassy? Nothing like it for me to look at snow flakes on my screen and right behind my monitor is my big window and what do I see? One of my lit up palm trees! I must admit, though, that I do miss that one day of the year where I see a white Christmas day. Anyway. I hope you all enjoyed it!

So, how could the NHL get humiliated by fans? Nearly half a million fans have voted for Rory Fitzpatrick to make the All-Star team and I believe he is second; right? What a joke and that is pathetic. I laughed at it first. The idea was funny and when he was in fifth place, I did not mind it. But, to see nearly half a million vote him to second place? Stupid. Stupid and immature. And then hockey fans want their sport to get respect? How? Who started this anyway? It must be someone who cannot use his simple minded brain to work on something more important, I guess? If this guy had any respect to hockey, he would take his project down and end it. And furthermore he should tell the NHL to scratch Fitzpatrick off the All-Star roster.

The All-Star game does not mean much, I know. I don’t get upset if I miss it on TV. But, when you look at players’ profiles and see All-Star appearances, it is an honorable number and to have that title means the player is an all-star. All those great players that have earned that title now get to watch a 7th defenseman be an all-star player. How to hinder the value of that title; what a disgrace. No wonder why other sports fan kinda laugh at hockey; we got too many stupid fans that express their stupidity. And yes, I am being somewhat offensive, but I am p’d off at this. It’s not funny anymore so cut the crap. I’ll gladly miss out on the All-Star Game events this season. It just got too stupid to watch thanks to losers. And I won’t blame you (the reader) if you voted. You did it out of fun and if I voted as well it would have been for fun; with the concept that it won’t get serious. Well, it got serious and the idiots who keep pushing this and want to see it happen ought to be used as dummies for players, especially Rory Fitzpatrick, to practice their hits on.

Why increase the size of the net? That is the dumbest idea I ever heard. This is only going to make goalie stats pointless. What if Martin Brodeur cannot adapt to a bigger net and he becomes a lesser goalie? Way to kill his career. What about a goal scorer like Ilya Kovalchuk? If he breaks Brett Hull’s record of 86 goals? Or worse, Wayne Gretzky’s 92? How meaningful would that be? I am a traditional with certain aspects of the game. Keep the rink size the same. Keep the nets the same.

You want a faster paced game? You want more goals? Here are two of my ideas:

(1) Take away icing! I hate icings. I already love the rule that a line has to stay on the ice if it ices the puck. I just cannot stand icings. Players already get commercial breaks, and back in the day there was no such thing as a commercial break. These guys are trained to be fit physically and icings just gives them a break. Why not give them a Kit Kat bar while you’re at it! Ok, I apologize for the British humor. But for real, take away icings and you get to see the play continue and who knows, maybe more odd-man rushes and breakways since teams making line changes could be caught. What say you? I’d love it.

(2) This one is more of a long shot and very opposite of tradition. So, here it is. How about creating a movie where Rob Schneider becomes a hockey stick? That guy will make movies where he becomes anything possible until he retires. Seriously, though, let the play continue, that is the objective, right? So, let the puck stay in play even if it bounces off the back end nets that protect the crowd. It is a bit whacky, but if the puck lands on the ice, to me that puck is still playable. So, how could this hurt the game? Less whistles? Less stoppages of play? Wait….that is exactly what the NHL and fans want.

No icings and keep the puck playing even if it bounces off those nets and back on the ice. They are a bit whacky, but a heck of a lot better than increasing the size of the net, eh? I want you to do two things, picture in your mind how these two changes would take affect to the game. Imagine in your head how a play could look like if there was no icing. Imagine in your head how a play could look like with the puck still in action when bouncing off a net. The best way to do this is to watch a game and when you see an icing, try to create an image of how the play could have continued. Do the same with the puck bouncing off the net. You know what I actually noticed? Some players have that instinct to keep playing the puck when it lands from the ice after hitting the hanging net. Did you ever notice that? The mission is to create more speed and more goals. I believe these two ideas would create speed, guaranteed, to the game. Goals? Well, they do not guarantee more goals but the potential of more goals is there.

What say you? Let me know how these two ideas could benefit and/or hurt the game.

How about the Chicago Blackhawks? Some people said that GM Tallon made a wrong move by firing Trent Yawney and that it was not Yawney’s fault. In a way, I went on record stating that I agree that Yawney did not have full responsibility because of all the losses. But, the moment that Tallon said they did not agree on the style of play, I figured that Tallon had every right to fire Yawney. And guess what? He has been right so far. The team is only three points out of the playoff picture and they just added more competition to the WC. I actually started to watch more Hawks hockey lately and they are a good team. The Bulin wall is playing quite well and the real treat is Martin Havlat. Any team that was making offers to get this guy, but did not want to pay too much in return became a fool. He is just awsome and you enjoy Havlat’s talent more when he is on a team that has lesser talent. I really wish the best to Chicago and I’ll be rooting for them to make the playoffs. I miss this team and I’d love it if they do make the playoffs and they add more grit just in case they may end up playing against the Detroit Red Wings. Remember those great Hawks vs. Wings games on ESPN back in the 90’s? They need to come back. Kudos to Tallon for paying a price in getting Havlat, but he is worth every single penny.

My Hawks Hockey segmet relates a little bit to my Rangers Hockey part. How? Well, I am a believer that this current Rangers roster has some really nice ingredients. The youth is good (Fedor Tytutin took a major step forward), good veterans and their leadership (Shanny, Ward, Straka), the goaltending is inconsistent but Henruk Lundqvist has all the makings of a top NHL goalie. It is a good roster. Despite the roster’s recent illness with flu, the Rangers don’t seem to be making the right plays. In fact, it seems as if their kind of hockey is just not working. Geee, have you made the connection already? Let me propose this idea. What if Head Coach Tom Renney is just not getting it done? The guy is a good coach, don’t get me wrong, but if the Rangers cannot win with this roster because of wrong plays, too many penalties, and positional mistakes, then you cannot blame the players only. I believe that Tom Renney could be a significant part of the problem. But, I don’t think the guy should be fired just yet. First thing’s first, a roster change must happen. Give Renney a 2nd line player to work with, otherwise a stronger depth defenseman who makes the right plays and takes a lot of weight from the other defensemen. Rangers had keen interest in Derek Morris when he was a Flame. But, if adding a player via trade, or free agency (Jason Allison/Brian Leetch still avail.) does not work, then unfortunately Tom Renney should get fired. The problem with that is who would be the candidates to replace him? Uhmmmm…. Barry Melrose? Come on Blueshirts, figure something out!

Well folks, what did I get for Christmas? I got a personalised Florida Panthers practice jersey (blue) so I can finally go to games with a jersey. The only times I wore a jersey when going to the Panthers games were when the Rangers played and the other times I wore my Team Italy jersey. By the way, speaking of hockey and Italy. I wanted to check out some clips of the Italian league and I actually managed to find a few. I think Jamie Lundmark was correct when he said that the Italian league was way too physical and rough to play in, which is why he then left Bolzano during the lockout year. So, go to You Tube and search Italy Hockey and you’ll find three good clips. One is a pretty good old skool brawl with the Milano Vipers where at about 1 minute and 30 seconds into the clip you’ll see a great fight. The other two clips should be titled “hits” where one is a knee-on-knee check, and a darn nasty one, and the other is a goot sucker punch. I bet Don Cherry would have a different opinion of those Euro players than the usual softies!

I then got a bunch of other stuff, like two 1:18 scale Aston Martin models (I’m a big AM fan-and car enthusiast). But if you have interest in SKA/Punk music like Sublime had, check out Pepper and Slightly Stoopid. I think Pepper is the better of the two (album title: Kona Town) as they really remind me of Sublime and the vocals are quite similar to Brad Nowell. By the way, this year marks the tenth year since Brad’s unfortunate death. What a shame…..such a great talent. But, his style kept running as the band later formed the Long Beach Dub All-Stars. And after that, a very cool easy listening band called Long Beach Shortbus. Check them out, good music.

By the way, Happy New Year to you all! Make sure you make your resolutions. Supposedly I’d like to take it easier with beer but what am I nuts? I already suffer for 40 days without drinking for Lent during the year. Heck, I am about to make my own beer now that I have GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE! Yes folks, I am done with college. And what will I do now? Well, study more! Going for my MBA in 2007-2008. While I have my business background, I thought of following my passion and dream. And you already know what my passion is. It’s hockey and sports in general. So, I’m going to check in for Sports Administration. I hope that will go well. I will also be gone from Dec. 29 until January 2 as I will be watching beautiful fireworks from Epcot in Walt Disney World.

Thanks for reading as always, and Happy New Year!

Micki Peroni

Vice Administrator