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How could the NHL get humiliated? Ask the nearly half a million NHL fans who…. well, you’ll find out as soon as you click “Read More”.

Are bigger nets the answer? No. I am a traditionalist in a lot of things, and I am all for advancing NHL hockey to a new level, but let’s keep its infrastructure as is. Here are two proposals to add more scoring and speeding up the pace of the game. They could get a lot of “no’s” but I’d approve of them.

This is the one Original Sixer that barely gets any attention; how about a little Blackhawks talk?

The New York Rangers are snowballing; can they stop it and what could be the real problem? Rangers fans ought to read this one.

Check out what I got for Christmas; nothing really special but if you like SKA/Punk music (a la Sublime), check out these two bands.I hope you all had a great Christmas and that Santa Claus brought most of what you wanted. By the way, doesn’t our front page make you feel all Christmassy? Nothing like it for me to look at snow flakes on my screen and right behind my monitor is my big window and what do I see? One of my lit up palm trees! I must admit, though, that I do miss that one day of the year where I see a white Christmas day. Anyway. I hope you all enjoyed it!

So, how could the NHL get humiliated by fans? Nearly half a million fans have voted for Rory Fitzpatrick to make the All-Star team and I believe he is second; right? What a joke and that is pathetic. I laughed at it first. The idea was funny and when he was in fifth place, I did not mind it. But, to see nearly half a million vote him to second place? Stupid. Stupid and immature. And then hockey fans want their sport to get respect? How? Who started this anyway? It must be someone who cannot use his simple minded brain to work on something more important, I guess? If this guy had any respect to hockey, he would take his project down and end it. And furthermore he should tell the NHL to scratch Fitzpatrick off the All-Star roster.

The All-Star game does not mean much, I know. I don’t get upset if I miss it on TV. But, when you look at players’ profiles and see All-Star appearances, it is an honorable number and to have that title means the player is an all-star. All those great players that have earned that title now get to watch a 7th defenseman be an all-star player. How to hinder the value of that title; what a disgrace. No wonder why other sports fan kinda laugh at hockey; we got too many stupid fans that express their stupidity. And yes, I am being somewhat offensive, but I am p’d off at this. It’s not funny anymore so cut the crap. I’ll gladly miss out on the All-Star Game events this season. It just got too stupid to watch thanks to losers. And I won’t blame you (the reader) if you voted. You did it out of fun and if I voted as well it would have been for fun; with the concept that it won’t get serious. Well, it got serious and the idiots who keep pushing this and want to see it happen ought to be used as dummies for players, especially Rory Fitzpatrick, to practice their hits on.

Why increase the size of the net? That is the dumbest idea I ever heard. This is only going to make goalie stats pointless. What if Martin Brodeur cannot adapt to a bigger net and he becomes a lesser goalie? Way to kill his career. What about a goal scorer like Ilya Kovalchuk? If he breaks Brett Hull’s record of 86 goals? Or worse, Wayne Gretzky’s 92? How meaningful would that be? I am a traditional with certain aspects of the game. Keep the rink size the same. Keep the nets the same.

You want a faster paced game? You want more goals? Here are two of my ideas:

(1) Take away icing! I hate icings. I already love the rule that a line has to stay on the ice if it ices the puck. I just cannot stand icings. Players already get commercial breaks, and back in the day there was no such thing as a commercial break. These guys are trained to be fit physically and icings just gives them a break. Why not give them a Kit Kat bar while you’re at it! Ok, I apologize for the British humor. But for real, take away icings and you get to see the play continue and who knows, maybe more odd-man rushes and breakways since teams making line changes could be caught. What say you? I’d love it.

(2) This one is more of a long shot and very opposite of tradition. So, here it is. How about creating a movie where Rob Schneider becomes a hockey stick? That guy will make movies where he becomes anything possible until he retires. Seriously, though, let the play continue, that is the objective, right? So, let the puck stay in play even if it bounces off the back end nets that protect the crowd. It is a bit whacky, but if the puck lands on the ice, to me that puck is still playable. So, how could this hurt the game? Less whistles? Less stoppages of play? Wait….that is exactly what the NHL and fans want.

No icings and keep the puck playing even if it bounces off those nets and back on the ice. They are a bit whacky, but a heck of a lot better than increasing the size of the net, eh? I want you to do two things, picture in your mind how these two changes would take affect to the game. Imagine in your head how a play could look like if there was no icing. Imagine in your head how a play could look like with the puck still in action when bouncing off a net. The best way to do this is to watch a game and when you see an icing, try to create an image of how the play could have continued. Do the same with the puck bouncing off the net. You know what I actually noticed? Some players have that instinct to keep playing the puck when it lands from the ice after hitting the hanging net. Did you ever notice that? The mission is to create more speed and more goals. I believe these two ideas would create speed, guaranteed, to the game. Goals? Well, they do not guarantee more goals but the potential of more goals is there.

What say you? Let me know how these two ideas could benefit and/or hurt the game.

How about the Chicago Blackhawks? Some people said that GM Tallon made a wrong move by firing Trent Yawney and that it was not Yawney’s fault. In a way, I went on record stating that I agree that Yawney did not have full responsibility because of all the losses. But, the moment that Tallon said they did not agree on the style of play, I figured that Tallon had every right to fire Yawney. And guess what? He has been right so far. The team is only three points out of the playoff picture and they just added more competition to the WC. I actually started to watch more Hawks hockey lately and they are a good team. The Bulin wall is playing quite well and the real treat is Martin Havlat. Any team that was making offers to get this guy, but did not want to pay too much in return became a fool. He is just awsome and you enjoy Havlat’s talent more when he is on a team that has lesser talent. I really wish the best to Chicago and I’ll be rooting for them to make the playoffs. I miss this team and I’d love it if they do make the playoffs and they add more grit just in case they may end up playing against the Detroit Red Wings. Remember those great Hawks vs. Wings games on ESPN back in the 90’s? They need to come back. Kudos to Tallon for paying a price in getting Havlat, but he is worth every single penny.

My Hawks Hockey segmet relates a little bit to my Rangers Hockey part. How? Well, I am a believer that this current Rangers roster has some really nice ingredients. The youth is good (Fedor Tytutin took a major step forward), good veterans and their leadership (Shanny, Ward, Straka), the goaltending is inconsistent but Henruk Lundqvist has all the makings of a top NHL goalie. It is a good roster. Despite the roster’s recent illness with flu, the Rangers don’t seem to be making the right plays. In fact, it seems as if their kind of hockey is just not working. Geee, have you made the connection already? Let me propose this idea. What if Head Coach Tom Renney is just not getting it done? The guy is a good coach, don’t get me wrong, but if the Rangers cannot win with this roster because of wrong plays, too many penalties, and positional mistakes, then you cannot blame the players only. I believe that Tom Renney could be a significant part of the problem. But, I don’t think the guy should be fired just yet. First thing’s first, a roster change must happen. Give Renney a 2nd line player to work with, otherwise a stronger depth defenseman who makes the right plays and takes a lot of weight from the other defensemen. Rangers had keen interest in Derek Morris when he was a Flame. But, if adding a player via trade, or free agency (Jason Allison/Brian Leetch still avail.) does not work, then unfortunately Tom Renney should get fired. The problem with that is who would be the candidates to replace him? Uhmmmm…. Barry Melrose? Come on Blueshirts, figure something out!

Well folks, what did I get for Christmas? I got a personalised Florida Panthers practice jersey (blue) so I can finally go to games with a jersey. The only times I wore a jersey when going to the Panthers games were when the Rangers played and the other times I wore my Team Italy jersey. By the way, speaking of hockey and Italy. I wanted to check out some clips of the Italian league and I actually managed to find a few. I think Jamie Lundmark was correct when he said that the Italian league was way too physical and rough to play in, which is why he then left Bolzano during the lockout year. So, go to You Tube and search Italy Hockey and you’ll find three good clips. One is a pretty good old skool brawl with the Milano Vipers where at about 1 minute and 30 seconds into the clip you’ll see a great fight. The other two clips should be titled “hits” where one is a knee-on-knee check, and a darn nasty one, and the other is a goot sucker punch. I bet Don Cherry would have a different opinion of those Euro players than the usual softies!

I then got a bunch of other stuff, like two 1:18 scale Aston Martin models (I’m a big AM fan-and car enthusiast). But if you have interest in SKA/Punk music like Sublime had, check out Pepper and Slightly Stoopid. I think Pepper is the better of the two (album title: Kona Town) as they really remind me of Sublime and the vocals are quite similar to Brad Nowell. By the way, this year marks the tenth year since Brad’s unfortunate death. What a shame…..such a great talent. But, his style kept running as the band later formed the Long Beach Dub All-Stars. And after that, a very cool easy listening band called Long Beach Shortbus. Check them out, good music.

By the way, Happy New Year to you all! Make sure you make your resolutions. Supposedly I’d like to take it easier with beer but what am I nuts? I already suffer for 40 days without drinking for Lent during the year. Heck, I am about to make my own beer now that I have GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE! Yes folks, I am done with college. And what will I do now? Well, study more! Going for my MBA in 2007-2008. While I have my business background, I thought of following my passion and dream. And you already know what my passion is. It’s hockey and sports in general. So, I’m going to check in for Sports Administration. I hope that will go well. I will also be gone from Dec. 29 until January 2 as I will be watching beautiful fireworks from Epcot in Walt Disney World.

Thanks for reading as always, and Happy New Year!

Micki Peroni

Vice Administrator

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  1. Jrugges2 says:

    Gosh Man, I love that someone says something about Blackhawk hockey. This team is about one goal scorer away from being a serious playoff team. They signed Bondra on a steal. Too bad Handzus is hurt. Lately though they have been playing some good hockey and Havlat has looked like a top 10 player in the nhl. (Which is he). One name that doesn't get alot of holla on the hawks is their captain Aucoin. Very underrated, a bit over paid. Still a solid number 1 guy for any team though.

  2. PaulK123 says:


  3. PastParticiple says:

    The "Vote for Rory" campaign was not only for fun man, the goal of this guy was to change the system of voting for the All-Star Game.  He is proving now that it has to be changed.  It is also a proof that fans can care about their sport, so before calling them idiot, you should try to understand the real meaning of this campaign before calling people who are voting idiots.  I agree with you that not ALL the voters are probably thinking like that, but I think a major part of them is thinking like that, I am voting for Rory for this and it is true that it is pretty funny tough.

  4. 2buxaslice says:

    Getting rid of icing will not help.  Teams will get a lead and then just wing the puck down the ice to kill time.  There will be less offense.

    I think they should change the rule so that if a team is killing a penalty they still get called for icing.  That way the team cannot clear the puck down the ice and they will have less chances to change lines.  It will allow better offensive chances on the PP and increase scoring, plus teams will really have to watch the stupid penalties.

  5. Freeze says:

    Right now, NHL hockey is boring. Adding more scoring isn't the answer. Add more toughness and fights to spur interest.

    1) Eliminate the instigater rule

    2) Eliminate the 3rd man in rule where I think it's an automatic 5 and a game.

    The NHL needs fighting desperately. The Atlanta Thrashers are marketing their team by showing fight after fight in their commercials. Have you ever seen a fight happen in the NHL where the fans all remained in their seats? I haven't either. Why are the fans out of their seats?

    Gary Bettman has controlled every aspect of hockey to the point where the game itself has no soul anymore. It's boring.

    More fancy Euros and higher scores isn't the answer. You need that mix of artistry and brutality which defines hockey. That will bring the fans back. 

  6. mikster says:

    I’d also wish for more Hawks fans on HTR.com, but i’ll gladly follow them as much as i can (though won’t be that much) and write up as many segments on them as i can. I liked the Hawks ever since becoming a hockey fan and to see them absent for so long was a disgrace becuase of the owner.

    I think they could still make a couple of more trades to “depthen” things up in most aspects of the game, but so far so good.

    And, i am veyr happy you appreciated it. It’s good feedback for me because i know that at least one reader will enjoy it and i try the best for all readers, not a majority/minority.

  7. mikster says:

    The system has been fine for years even if it had these apparent “flaw” or loophole, however you want to call it.

    All-Star rosters were fine before and now this guy exposed something that he saw as a problem that was not noticeable up until now. Who cares if the system was not perfect! The all-star rosters were always fine and now this idiot had to ruin it for this season.

    In the end, it was still stupid, regardless for what reason he did it for.

  8. mikster says:

    You are right, the icing thing could let teams just dump the puck in to kill time.

    But your proposal sound so-so as well 😉 In the 2nd period, the bench is further away for the teams to make a line change. With your rule, it would be way too hard for a PK unit to clear the puck without icing it.

    Good point though.

  9. mikster says:

    I don’t know. In a way you have a point, but i also tend to bring up to points.

    Are you speaking as a fan watching on TV or attending a game? Because whenever i went to a game and it was high scoring, the crowd goes nuts and the game is remembered as a great one. Maybe on TV it doesn’t have the same effect and actually, on TV a brawl is more interesting than two goals scored within 4 seconds apart.

    Tough to say that you want to add more violence to the game. Personally, i don’t mind it, but i know a lot of people do and sometimes the violence of hockey shies people away from the game.

    It’s a touchy issue. I’d love to see fights and brawls. It’s actually why i am starting to check out the Italian league more because apparently, the officials allow much more physical play. Lundmark used to complain about the uncalled slashing. That stuff hurts, yet that stuff starts $hit up too if you know what i mean!

  10. Sharkattack01 says:

    My sentiments exactly about Rory Fitzpatrick. Look back in previous years, and many of the players that deserved to make it in did so. The main flaw was that people could create an organization to vote in a 7th D-man into the All-Star game, but that could never happen right?…… Anyway next year when the fans have no say in the All-Star game and everybody is complaining about the coach/GM picks, all of the people who didn't vote for Rory will have a humongous collective "I told you so!" moment. I also agree with not making the nets any bigger, because then it wouls seen that goalies would not even be there anymore when they let in 6-7 goals a night (also irreparrably damagin the fantasy hockey system with GAA and save percentage), and shutouts would be a thing of the past. I hate changes in any aspect of the league, and the records that are held now are sacred and should not be obliterated by an outrageous rule change to pamper scorers into scoring more. Happy new year's, and congrats on your graduation!

  11. Freeze says:

    Hockey has become so non-physical that there isn't a price to pay to score goals. To me, what makes hockey so intriguing is this odd blend of physical violence and the great artistry that bundles skating, speed, stick handling, passing, shooting, and creative play making. But you have to pay a price to score. It's too easy today. Teams like Detroit carry zero guys on the roster who know how to fight. I remeber the days of Kocur and Probert and that was fun to watch. You knew who the tough guys were and which ones weren't. The tough guys fought the tough guys. It was fun for me to watch, whether it was live at a game, or on TV. 

    What I'm saying is you need that blend, which isn't there any more.

    IMO, Bettman has bleached the emotion out of the game with all of the rule changes and it's now a boring product. 

  12. Plebeian says:

    No icing on a PK would be brutal, but I like it. Thats the one thing I dislike about being on the PP, its so easy to wing the puck out and run time off the clock. But how about this?:

    1. Let all power plays run the full time, even if the team on the PP scores. If you score off the faceoff in the first 10 seconds, you still have 1:50 left of PP time to work with.

    2. If a team scores on a delayed call, they still earn the PP, instead of it getting negated.

    Not scoring related, but also an idea:

    3. When a defenseman shoots the puck over the glass, instead of 2 minutes,…treat it like an icing is now. Puck stays in the defensive zone, and the offending line cannot be changed. (2 minutes for something so trivial seems like a bit much to me, especially when those calls often result in 5 on 3's

    Also, if you allow play to continue after bouncing off the safety net, players might try to use that to their advantaqe by purposefully shooting off the net to confuse the netminder, Im not a fan of that one. ..too much mayhem.

  13. BurnabyJoe says:

    The All Star Game is supposed to be a bunch of players that the hockey fans voted for. For years the players attending the All Star games were the ones with the most points. People are doing this because they want to see the players who deserve to be there playing in the All Star Game, not because they put up a ton of points. Rory Fitzpatrick brings his best every game, he may not be as good as Pronger, but if the fans want Fitzpatrick then the fans should get him. It's a majority vote. I'd like to see Karlis Skrastins play, he leads all active players in consecutive games played and blocks a ton of shots.

  14. nonhl2005 says:

    How has the system been fine for years? I think that is the whole point of this backlash, the system is not fine. It's not the best players for this year it's the most popular. Plain and simple the most POPULAR players get voted in. You yourself said you don't mind if you miss the game. If it's that annoying to you that you don't care if you watch it or not then why complain that some people are trying to change the way it's voted upon. I think hockey fans should get credit for doing something about it, unlike baseball fans who sit there and ***** every year that it's unfair that JD DRew isn't starting because Barry Bonds got more votes. Just like the fans in Detroit with the walk out I think it's great that the fans are starting to think of ways to voice their displeasure instead of on sports talk radio that no Execs listen to. The only person this is hurting is Rory, I feel sorry for him. Then again, no I don't because he gets to play a game and get paid for it and I would love to be in skates any given day for that alone. To say this gives the NHL a black is a little mute given the crap that Betman has gotten all over the face of the league the last couple of years.

  15. habs_win_cup_2007 says:

    I dont care about the rangers or blackhawks, and as a soccer fan first and foremost where 1-0 is the most common score, so i see no problem with a game thats 1-0 or 2-1, lets face it most teams now play a more aggresive game and they are always entertaining, 6-5 games do suck sometimes when the golas are shitty.

    anyways my thoughts on the rory fitzpatrick senario ( by the way i didnt vote for anyone to get in the all-star game, i think its pointless, the skills in fun though), it that the nhl should have beatin things thing out when it started to take shape. I think the idea of rory being in the all-star game is a desgrace, but its something that was bound to happin in any of major sports that voting is alloweed. People have set this up before and nothing comes of it (even myself and some of my friends in grade 12 tried to get the imperial death march or war ensemble by slayer as our prom song, and we had 50-60 people vote or them, and they were discarded becuase it was stupid). This is what the nhl should have donw when this started to arise, but unfortunately they did nothing, and now they have to deal with the embaresement because of it. To me if the nhl were to tell rory he could not go, i think would be kicking shit in the fans faces. They never acted and anything less than rory playing in that game now would be horendous on the nhl's part.

    Will rory play?, who knows, i think no and if he doesnt than it should be his desicion, but if that many ppl voted (wheather for a joke or not), his refusal to play in the game would piis many fans who spent alot of time voting, and his career would thus be tainted.

    As well to the guy who set this up, what can we say about him, lots of ppl have tried this sort of thing befoire and nothing came of it, but this one took of, so……………………. He probally should have takin it down but this is what he ultmately wanted so he aint gonna do it. Unfortunately this is another black eye for the nhl, one that they never looked into in the past, and one that the nba, will defintly be watching very closely.

    Cheers to all, merry christmas 🙂

  16. mikster says:

    From what i heard, Fitz boy has not been favored that much even though he brings a lot of effort, and i know he does. I remember him in Buffalo.

    The all-star game is for all-star players, come on….. you know that. Fitzpatrick may be voted as player MVP by Canuck fans for their reasons. But, don’t disrespect the players who actually deserve to be there. Not that i said that directly to you, but to the one who pushed this way too far.

  17. mikster says:

    Because it’s a game that means little to the contention of teams. It’s a game where top NHL players get to play. Most popular? Yeah, that is part of it. But, i never really complained of previous all-star games because the players were worthy to wear the all-star jerseys and the skills competitions.

    I am getting upset about it because the only thing this does, despite its intention, is ruin the all-star game and humiliate the NHL. If that is what people want to do then they shouldn’t whine about hockey not getting enough respect. Well, this is why.

  18. mmatras says:

    I think many people have entirely missed the point behind the Vote for Rory campaign. The point is that the NHL All Star voting system is flawed, and this is an explicit attempt to make it obvious. Its that Cheechoo (and even Marleau, Sakic and Thornton to lesser extents) do not deserve to be in the top 4. How is Selanne left so far off the radar? How is Gaborik on there at all with only 7 games played? How are three Canucks in the top 10 forwards with an impotent offence? Because people vote on name recognition, that's why! Luongo ahead of Giguerre? The Vote for Rory campaign was meant to expose the lack of insight that goes in to the majority of voting. How is Forsberg ahead of St. Louis? Are you kidding me? Richards ahead of Nylander? 7 goalies ahead of Huet? Redden ahead of Boyle? That's the problem with the NHL voting system and the vote for Rory campaign is an attempt to exploit it and turn the name-recognition-voting on its ahead. If all goes right, the All Star line-ups will be picked by hockey writers, GMs, Coaches, and players. Not a hoard of Sharks fans!

  19. BurnabyJoe says:

    You are missing the big picture, it's not about Fitzpatrick, it could be any player out there that is underapreciated; there's tons of them. The point is that the FANS are NOT picking who goes to the All Star Game. The point of the All Star Game is to let the fans watch players play hockey whom they think deserve to play. Going by what you've said its the players who put up the most points that should be at the All Star Game. If you could make a team would it be of all guys whose entire purpose is to score? NO!!! Because who will play defense, spark the team, lead the team, kill penalties. I can hardly believe that a team full of players who have to be the best on their team would succeed. There are players out there who bleed for their teams and make hockey hockey and you don't think they should be recognized? There are a limited number of spots on the All Star team and I for one am sick of the same players being there every year because some "important" group of guys in Toronto wants them there.

  20. nonhl2005 says:

    The whole idea of an All-Star game is stupid in this day and age. They serve no purpose then to inflate players ego's ( and some fans ) and increase the players pockets with the stupid incentive in their salary. I would venture to say that this is only the first of such issues in the fan voted all-star games, wait until next MLB season. I think we will see the same type of thing.

  21. Komic-J says:

    Rory Fitzpatrick's Campaign…
    I'm with you on that one. I understand the idea, voting for a undeserving player to prove that the NHL All-Star selection system has to be changed…but what's the solution ? I mean, the NHL is trying to get the fans involved in the game, and that's how they react ? Alright, let's say it's not the way to go…then what should it be ? I've heard about the campaign, but didn't hear any solution…anything about what the NHL should do to please the fans.

    The argument seems to be that no matter how they perform that year, fans will always vote for either the players on their home team, or base their vote on the players reputation. Well, guess what ? No matter how they get picked, voted by the fans or not, there will always be somekind of controversy. Look in the NFL right now…a lot of fans can't understand how DeAngelo Hall made it to the Pro Bowl. Why Brian Westbrook isn't there ?

    There is no perfect way to do that…the NHL gave the fans somekind of authority by letting them choose the players they wanted to see in the All-Star game…and instead of using it, these fans are messing it up because, hey, that's a fun thing to do !

    I just hope that Fitzpatrick will do the right thing, stand-up, thank the fans who took the time to actually go on the website and vote for him, then announce that, while he understands the idea behind the campaign, he cannot take the place of someone else just because some fans wanted to point out a "weakness" in the selection process…

    Bigger Nets…Icing Or Not ?!?
    Like someone else said already, taking icing out of the game wouldn't help at all. In fact, it would slow the game down terribly. Think about it, your home team is playing St.Louis…the Blues take the lead, and spend the rest of the game dumping the puck to the other end.

    I think the icing rule is perfect the way it is…you get call for icing, you can't change your line.

    Changing the size of the nets…I hate that idea !!! I don't need 7-6 scores to enjoy a hockey game. True, watching your team beat the hell out of their opponents once in awhile in a 7-1 win can be fun. But I'd rather have close game ending 3-2 or 4-3 than an offensive extravagenza every night.

    The NHL needs to realize that offensive production isn't the problem. They need to stop making all these changes from one season to another, and pay attention to what goes down on the ice. Obstruction, High Sticking…things like that. And they also need to get rid of two things;

    a) Automatic Penalty if a player breaks another player's stick. That's not slashing in my book. Just get better sticks !

    b) Automatic Penalty if someone shots the puck in the stands. That's called judgement !!!

  22. bethin2998 says:

    The guy who started the Rory campaign did it to show how stupid the system was for the voting for the NHL all star game. He wanted to show how players that the fans love and know get in even if they aren't having all star worthy seasons meanwhile a well deserving however not well known player will not get in because a more popular player took his spot. Get to know stuff before you post becuase on this issue you are wrong.

  23. lordstanleyiscominghome says:

    I like your all your ideas but with the amount of calls in the game today most of the game would be played short handed.. maybe for 2 min minors the penalty is split in half for each scored? If there's 1:30 left in the penalty its now 45 seconds. I just think you'd see too many blow outs if they had to serve the full 2 minutes and how exciting is that?

    As far as the puck going over the glass in the defensive end I suggest the team gets the chance to exchange their timeout for delaying the game.. if it happens again then you get 2.

  24. caliplayr21 says:

    why not make it like USA roller hockey rules: no icing, no offsides.
    that would suck. they should keep icing.

    i like the "playing it off the neshing", i just played in a mark madden tourney and we played off the netting, players don't use it for any strategies.

    good ideas though. gotta start somewhere and negotiate

  25. gg_idiot says:

    Was it really half a million fans who voted for Rory? You can vote as many times as you want so in theory it could be like 6 fans who just spend all their time voting for him; I believe this scenario is more likely since I don't think there are a half a million people in the world stupid enough to vote for Rory.

    Keeping the puck in play…gross
    No icing…gross

    You say how meaningful would it be if a goal scorer broke the goals record if the nets were bigger. How about how meaningful it is for new goalies to have newer and bigger pads than those of the 70s and such. Better sticks and equipment in general. Should everything be the same forever?

    Was Tallon really a genius for firing Yawny? I guess the stats make it look like it. But take into consideration that Yawny was doing fine before Havlat, Khabi, and the entire city of Chicago got their career ending haircuts. Is it Savard that is making Chicago awesome or is it that they no longer have injuries?

    I do agree that perhaps Renney's time with the NYR is growing short. I still wonder how they did so well last year under him and now they are playing like crap. I also wonder how Pat Quinn would operate in New York.

    I'm still crossing my fingers for a blockbuster trade happening in the next month. The one thing Santa didn't deliver.

  26. my_sphincter says:

    The icing idea is a little ridiculous.  The game would look more like Pong.  The puck gets shot the length of the ice… the puck gets shot back the length of the ice… and so on.

    As for all the suggested rule changes, there should be only one in my opinion.  The puck being shot over the boards should be treated like an icing.  NO PENALTY.  The team shooting it cannot change, the other team can.

    The only other thing I might change is the "no kicking the puck in the net rule"  The players should be able to kick the puck in as long as they do not make contact with the goaltender with their skate.

    As for the rest, the hockey has been great this year.  Why mess with a good thing? 

  27. thegoalie1976 says:

    I will be the first to say "THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE NEW NHL."


  28. thegoalie1976 says:

    I totally agree. I am a goalie and I think players should be able to kick to puck into the net. Why not???? They can kick the puck up to their stick. It would make goalmouth scrambles more exciting.

    Good call on the over the beards call as well.

    A more strict enforcement on kneeing and hits to the head. Our star players are dropping like flies. The players have no respect for each other anymore.

  29. mikster says:

    I think there has to be at least one player from each team to play in the All-Star games. If the fans were to vote they would be biased towards their preferences.

  30. mikster says:

    Having goons on the ice is fun when they fight against other goons, but nowadays they are also used to purposefully injure point getters. I see your point, but don’t rule out the possible injuries.

  31. thegoalie1976 says:

    Here's an idea that might work. The over the boards penalty has to go. But to encourage players to keep the play alive, make it a no line change every time for the team in question. Even in the offensive zone, it a guy tips the puck over the net, no line change.

    Players would be a little more concerned about stopping the play, but then this rule wouldn't be deciding playoff games.

  32. mikster says:

    I agree with you 100%.

    And thanks! A Happy New Year to you too.

  33. mikster says:

    And i don’t care that you don’t care about the Rangers and Hawks! 😉 I’ll promise i’ll get a segment on the Habs soon so then you’ll care.

    I agree with your opinion on the Fitzpatrick issue and hope you had a great Christmas and enjoy your New Year’s Eve!

  34. mikster says:

    Flawed or not, this was a stupid and immature way of exposing the “flaw”. The majority of hockey fans probably don’t care much about the All-Star game anyway, and people just had fun watching the skills and check out the game if possible. Now we’re going to see Fitzpatrick trying to break the fastest skater time record.

    It’s pathetic. When Fitzpatrick was ranbked 5th, that was enough to make the point, but he is SECOND. Hockey fans shouldn’t demand respect for hockey when this is what they do.

  35. mikster says:

    Well said on Fitzpatrick.

    I agree on the icing, i missed that one detail.

    Good job evaluating the content of the subjects here. I hope i will keep seeing your comments in my articles.

  36. mikster says:

    But he showed his own stupidity by humiliating the sport. This is not going to change anything and all he did was cause something that disrespects the game and real all-star players.

    I understood why he did it, but it still looks ridiculous and no wonder why the game of hockey gets not respect. No system is perfect, he should have dealt with it and tried to make a difference to the system by doing something a bit more mature.

  37. mikster says:

    Yeah, i kinda screwed up with the icing rule but it sure would be nice to see less stoppages.

    I like the net idea. It’d be very tough for the players to use it as strategy because they cannot know how the puck will bounce and i’ve never seen the puck bounce far from the net. The back boards/glass would be more useful for players to use for rebounds.

  38. mikster says:

    Ahhh, good point about the voting. Could be. And if that was true, man….those six guys would worry me!

    How is the puck kept in play (off the net) gross? Icing i can understand now, but what is your full opinion of it?

    Back then, the sticks and the goalie techniques were different. The sticks and techniques (for goalies and d-men) evolved and the goalie equipment grew along with that. It was always somewhat balanced.

    If you put bigger nets with today’s sticks, better curved blades, then you’ll see way too many goals scored where the goalies would have lesser chances of saving. I think it would also spell the end of butterfly goalies if the net is increased in height with a curve.

    I remember i watched the videos of scenario games using the bigger nets and they looked way out of whack.

    Yeah, i think Tallon was right for firing Yawney; never called him a genius. Yawney was not doing THAt fine with the untalented team he had before the skilled players started rolling in. The guy was playing the team too defensive and that doesn’t work nowadays unless you are the Devils.

    Renney’s style does not seem to fit in anymore. He makes the team play too conservatively. The success last season was due because the players were more defensive minded with the exception of the first line. They had Steve Rucchin on the 2nd line and he was excellent when backchecking and on the PK. Ortmeyer was up there too and he made a difference. Now they added Shanny and Cullen and things changed a little.

    I don’t think Renney knows how to put the right tactics in place with a team that has more offensive upside. We’ll see what happens if the Rangers complete the second line; but, i don’t think that will fix all. The roster is good, the game play isn’t. Renney insists on playing Jason Ward with Jagr. He keeps applauding the young players yet gives little ice time. He FINALLY uses Pock who shows good potential.

    I don’t know, it’s tough because before this losing streak the Rangers were really kicking ass and doing the right things.

    Quinn on the Rangers? Interesting but totally chaotic for the youth as Quinn would rather play a 37 year old veteran 3rd liner than a 22 year old kid who does just as good.

    Any other candidates you can think of?

  39. mikster says:

    Yeah, i figured that out later. Jeezy Creezy man, i got bombarded with that idea!

    I like the puck over the glass idea; although i think it could still let players risk a face off in their own zone and just want to stop play so they “”””accidentally”””” flip the puck in the stands. Very tough to judge.

    I don’t agree with the kick rule. This is hockey, not soccer/football!

  40. gg_idiot says:

    I don't know I can just see some weird freaky goals happening if it were allowed to stay in play from the net. It would be really tough for the players and goalie to keep track of it.

    Yeah Yawny didn't do too well with the untalented team, but sometimes its hard to make an omelette without eggs. But I see your point.

    Possible candidates for replacing Renney.

    Granato if you could pry him from the Avs
    Bring back Keenan?
    What has been happening with Larry Robinson?

  41. Komic-J says:

    I kinda like that !!! Where do I sign ?

  42. Freeze says:

    You bring up a good point. However, if anyone touched Gretzky out on the ice, they'd have to answer to McSorely or Semenko or McClelland. The cops patrolled the ice to make sure the stars were protected. Today, the more physical players can take liberties with the stars and get away with it because most NHL teams won't roster a goon because the game has opened up and they feel they'll be at a disadvantage.

    As for fighting itself, there really aren't too many serious injuries coming out of the fights. Mostly cuts, bruises, and damaged pride. But, if you run the other teams' stars and get away with it, then injuries often follow.

    I watch Datsyuk and Zetterberg get man handled on a nightly basis with no one to come to their defense. It's pathetic.

    The goons make the game safer for the stars, and they earn their pay with the entertainment value of the fight itself.

    Today's NHL reminds me of the All-Star games – pretty wide open, lots of skating and passing and play making, and also a boring product that lacks soul and grit.

    It's unfortunate that Gary Bettman has turned his back on Canada and allowed the Europeans to dictate how the game of hockey will be played.

  43. mmatras says:

    I think the campaign will prove to be successful in its point. It will bring about change well before change would have come otherwise. It got the attention of everyone: Not by being immature, but by making an important point. If you don't like what has happened, then surely you will be another advocate for changing the system. The vote for Rory campaing is as 'immature' as having Thornton, Marleau and Cheechoo in the top 4 and Naslund Sedin and Sedin all in the top 10 for voting. You've misused the terms of mature/immature. A campaign like this is in fact a mature way of making the point. How else is a bunch of nobodies going to make sure their voice is heard? Its not a boycott of the game, its not a disruption of the festivities, its not voting in multiple questionable players. Its one player, a journeyman. You've repeatedly argued that it prevents the game from gaining respect from non-NHL fans: the fact of the matter is that NHL fans barely care about the all-star game because it rarely introduces the contemporary success stories and break-out seasons. If this campaign is successful, meaning that the manner in which the selction is revamped, then the All-star game, and by extension, the league and sport, gain respectablity by ensuring that its own institions (ie. All Star game) respect the sport, league, and spirit of said institutions. It may not be 'mature' enough for you, but perhaps you can recommend an equally successful way for fans to have their voices headed to. Its not a question of maturity of those who are voting for Rory, but rather, the maturity of those who are blindly voting for the regulars rather than those who deserve to be there. The Rory campaign is in fact an educated response to the entrenched uninformed and/or ignorant and/or immature practice of all-star voting that has bleed the institution of its spirit and legitimacy as a measuring stick.

  44. rojoke says:

    I think it's a good idea if they increase the net size, but not they way they proposed last fall, with the bloated frames.  It looks ridiculous.  If you kept the frame rectangular and made it four to six inches higher and two to three inches wider, the goalies would not have an easier time adapting.  They've adapted to the new pads, they'll adapt to larger nets if they're used.

  45. Downtown says:

    Actually fellas, the Vote for Rory Campaign was started by a guy in Buffalo who was a big fan of Fitzpatrick's. It was certainly NOT meant to expose flaws in the voting process (though it has).

    The resoning was players who give it their best go but may not be the most skilled shoud be rcognized as well. Not saying I agree the All-Star Game is the best forum for that, just telling the story.

    Some people, perhaps, have voted for Fitzpatrick as a sort of protest but the movement did not begin that way. It was an earnest attempt by a fan to get him recognized for shuttling between the minors and big leagues, doing whatever he could to help his team.

  46. Downtown says:

    By the way, Mikster, getting rid of icing would slow the game to a snails pace.

    As somone else pointed out, the hockey would be reduced to two teams dumping the puck the length of the ice for 65 mintues (most assuredly every game would go to overtime to break the 0-0 draw). Dumping the puck would be the coach's first choice on every play since it would be the safest one. Unfortunately, you cannot legislate offence.

    I do agree, however, that all attempted passes should be given the benefit of the doubt and have icing waived. I too hate the stoppage in play becasue one player misses another by a couple of inches on a pass.

  47. OneSharpMarble says:

    There is nothing wrong with the rory fitzpatrick situation, the idea of the voting is for people to vote for whomever they want to. If they don't want fans to vote then don't let them vote. if you don't like who they pick just get rid of the voting. People who complain aren't very intelligent at all. IE Don Cherry.

    As for your brilliant idea of removing the icing call that could be the single worst idea I have heard yet.

  48. Komic-J says:

    I have no problem with people voting for whoever they want…what I have a problem with is someone making a "campaign" to get an underserving player into the All-Star Game.

    You want to vote for Rory…Hey, it's your right as an NHL fan. Just don't go on a crusade against the All-Star voting system, asking people to support your cause. Rory wouldn't even be in the Top-20 defenseman if the guy just voted for him, and let everybody else vote for the players they wanted in the first place…which is the idea right, vote for whoever you want ?

    I'm not saying the system is perfect…it has flaws ! Right now, we could even see Eastern Conference vs. San Jose Sharks (Joe Thornton, Jonathan Cheechoo and Patrick Marleau are in the Top-4 apparently). But it's nothing the "Vote for Rory" campaign can solve…

  49. NjDEVSFN says:

    is there really anything wrong with the NHL? (i may do a bigger story later.)

    i can count on ONE hand the amount of times Scott Gomez took the puck from behind Brodeur into the offensive zone from 1999-2004.

    he does it at least 2 times a period now.

    skating up-and-down hockey is whats exciting.

    i agree that 6-5 isnt always exciting and it is exciting when its NOT expected. 1-0 with 30saves by each goalie is exciting stuff, because ONE shot changes the game, that keeps fans on the edge of the seat.

    is hitting REALLY gone? is fighting REALLY gone?

    i see plenty of hits. last season the Devils 4th line was called the "Dobermans" and they provided the energy in the form of hits (and a coupla goals).

    sure, fighting is well done. but in THIS "new" NHL, the only way players are going to willingly fight a lot more than they are now is if the instigator rule is dropped.

    i like the new NHL. i don't think there is a problem.

    i wouldnt be surprised if the people that have issues with the new NHL fit under the following:

    1) their favorite team has gone from pre-lockout winners to post-lockout losers.

    2) they don't have that "exciting" player. i really dont see people from Pittsburgh complaining about the new NHL.

    sports evolve and as fans we gotta evolve with it. do i like everything about the game now? i dont know, i do like fighting. but im just as big a fan now as i was 3 years ago.

    of course, if the NHL makes the nets bigger…i'll flip out like every other hockey fan on the planet!

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