NHL lockout: KHL only taking ‘top-level’ talent

If the entirety of the NHLPA is looking for work in a few days, the KHL can afford to be picky—and that’s just what the Russian league will do.

Only “top-rated talent” is welcome, according to Sport-Express’ Slava Malamud, and that’s according to the league’s stated guidelines.

Alex Ovechkin has said that he’ll play in Russia during the NHL lockout. (AP Photo)

That means that if clubs are looking to sign non-Russian NHL players, they must have played in either 150 NHL games, on national teams, in the KHL previously or won a Stanley Cup or individual trophy.

The rules will go into effect the day the NHL announces the lockout and be enforced until the situation is resolved. Owners maintain that they’ll lock out the NHLPA on Sept. 15.

“Our clubs are getting an opportunity to enter into contracts and to put on their rosters no more than three NHL players, and these players can be included above the established limit of 25 players,” vice president Vladimir Shalaev said, according to a translation by Yahoo! Sports.


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  1. JoelLeafs says:

    Ha, so they don’t want Hall, RNH, Skinner, or any of the other great young players that haven’t played 150 NHL games. However, players like Shawn Thorton and Steven Kampfer will be eligible? Nice.

    Now this reads a bit awkwardly; does it have to be 150 NHL games, or one of the other criteria, or can it be a combination of 150 NHL games as well as national team games, etc.

    This impending lockout must really be pissing off all the mid range players in the European leagues. What a mess.

  2. JoelLeafs says:

    Okay, so here’s the whole story. Each team is only allowed 3 NHL players to be signed, none of which will count against the team max of 25 players; no more than one player they sign from the NHL can be foreign born; and the restriction seem to perhaps only apply to foreign born players, though that is not made explicitly clear.

    Also, NHL players become eligible if they meet just on of the criteria. Here is a more clear version of the criteria:

    “Must have played no less than 150 games in the NHL in the last three seasons;

    – Must have had experience playing in the KHL;

    – Must be a member of the national team of his country at one of the last two IIHF World Championships, World Junior Championships or the Olympic games;

    – Must be a winner or the finalist of the Stanley Cup or the winner of one of the individual prizes awarded by the National Hockey League at the end of the season.”

    There are also some more specific details regarding foreign born players and the amount they can be paid, and such, but these seem to be the main points.

    Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/khl-guidelines-signing-locked-nhl-players-mandatory-stanley-164245356–nhl.html (not, keep in mind that this comes from a Russian source that was translated, so there may be a few errors)

    • reinjosh says:

      The source is Chesnokov so it’s a solid source. PuckDaddy usually uses him for their Russian based news. He’s probably the best source out of Russia and on Russian hockey news. I wouldn’t be worried about Russian translation.

  3. mojo19 says:

    Ya but what do you guys think of how slowly the Evander Kane situation is coming along? I have to say, I’d probably give about a 1 in 4 chance that he is dealt. This is really dragging on and they seem to be far.

    Haven’t been able to find much on Jamie Benn. But imagine he ends up requesting a trade. There’s a possibility for that first line C we need.

    • Shoelesshobo says:

      I have talked to a few Dallas fans and the story on Benn is they don’t want to lock him in with a new CBA pending. It is not both sides can’t come to an agreement they do not want to lock him in and then realize the cap is falling making the Cap hit chastise them in the future. I assume the same applies to Kane.

    • Gambo says:

      I wish the Leafs could grab Benn. The dudes a beast.

      I’m guessing Grabovski, Franson and Frattin would be going the other way. If he asks for a trade and it goes publicly that could be enough, it would make sense for both sides.

      (Don’t know their 4th line players)



      ^Not a bad lineup.

  4. Gambo says:

    Kadri has spent his summer with Gary Roberts, I really believe he will be a difference maker next season(whenever that is).

    Carlyle liked what he saw from him last year, I can see Kadri being sort of like what Andy McDonald was for Carlyle. In 2006-07 McDonald put up 78 points and in 2005-06 he had 85 points.

    I just don’t know where Kadri will fit in the lineup, but to me, he’ll be a difference maker. He has that type of ability.

    Nothing against Colborne or anything, but if a trade were to happen I’d rather see Colborne go over Kadri.

    • reinjosh says:

      To be honest, I don’t want to see either of them go.

      Colborne showed incredible potential at the start of the AHL season last year and even showed good play up in the NHL (less skill play and better body game).

      I’d like to give him some more time. With the knowledge that he struggled through a wrist issue last year, I’d like to see what he can do fully healthy.

  5. I also agree that Colborne probably goes before Kadri. However, if the player coming back is Jamie Benn, you wave goodbye and help Kadri pack to get him out of there as quick as you can. Leafs adding Jamie Benn would be huge for them.

    • reinjosh says:

      I don’t think any Leaf would have any issue trading Kadri if Benn was coming back.

      • mojo19 says:

        If Benn were to be available I don’t think Nieuwy pulls the trigger without Kadri coming back as part of the package.

        I’m thinking Kadri, Kulemin and a 1st. Maybe a bit steep, especially if Kulemin’s offence comes back, and if we finish low enough in the stands, it could be another Kessel situation. But I think this would be what the Stars would be looking at for Benn.

        Or, because they’re not necessarily rebuilding, like Gambo was saying up there, they would probably want Grabovski back as part of the package. Maybe Grabovski, Kadri, and either Franson, Gunner, or Blacker

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