NHL lockout: No progress on money issues in talks

The NHLand the players’ association met for a third straight day Sunday, and again avoided the troublesome money issues that are behind the ongoing lockout.

“We did not discuss core economic issues, as was the plan,” NHLPA special counsel Steve Fehr said after meeting for five hours with the NHL. “We discussed health and safety, drug testing, including more discussion of drug testing, medical care, etc. Also a number of things in the CBA legal area of player movements.”

The drug policy was a key component of talks Friday when the sides got together for the first time since the NHL imposed the lockout on Sept. 16.

On Saturday, the sides focused on clarifications of definitions of what makes up hockey-related revenue — a pot that exceeded $3 billion.

“It was a productive day. We made some progress in some areas,” Fehr said Sunday. “I would say it’s good that we were talking. It’s true that we could’ve done this last week or a week before or a week before that, but it’s a lot better than doing it three weeks from now.”

Because of difficulty in finding common ground on how to split up that money, the league and union instead concentrated all weekend on secondary issues that will also be included in any new agreement.

“I hate to sound like a broken record, but we need some movement on the economic issues. We need some movement on the system issues,” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said. “We need them to be scheduled as the subject of a meeting, and right now the union is not prepared to do that.”


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  1. Some fantasy trades since this place is so dead.

    Toronto: Brian Boyle
    Rangers: Franson

    Dallas: Rick Nash
    Rangers: Jamie Benn

  2. ZillyHoo says:

    Well we all knew it was gonna happen…

    … Leafs for 1st Overall

  3. JoelLeafs says:

    I had a dream that the lockout was resolved last night. They agreed on a 50/50 revenue split and would negotiate the remaining terms of the CBA in good faith while the season proceeded. Everything rushed around to make it happen, but the season started on time. I was at a bar in Ottawa watching the Leafs play the Sens. Rivalries were set aside as we all held each other and rejoiced at the return of the game we loved. Beer mugs clinked and spilled as cheers echoed all around me. As the referee held the puck before the opening faceoff, players swirling around before taking their starting positions, everyone went silent. We all seemed to lean forward in anticipation, almost as though we expected the puck never to hit the ice. It was let go and seemed to fall in slow motion. The time it spent in the air seemed like a short eternity. And then, when it finally hit the ice and crashed between the battling blades awaiting it, we all jumped up and cheered, as though each of our favourite player had scored a game winning goal, or our country had just taken home gold. It seemed as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened, but our reaction was spectacular. The thing we loved so much was back and along with it the fellowship, competition, compassion, resentment, and glory that every season brings. Hockey was back and everyone was happy; everything was right again.

    I woke up.

  4. mojo19 says:

    I don’t really give a shit if they sit out the whole year, not like the Leafs had any chance to make the playoffs. Lets get some of the dead weight off the books and start to shape a real hockey team.

    Also, I think without their being a season it will be more likely that some of the high end free agents will hit free agency, differing from the recent trend of any half decent star signing an extension prior to July 1.

    Here are 40 interesting potential UFA’s –

    Forwards (20) –
    Centres (8)
    Elias (C/LW)
    Antropov (C/RW)

    Wingers (12)

    Defence (10)

    Goalies (10)

    • Shoelesshobo says:

      Man if Jimmy Howard leaves Detroit they are really up sh!t creek without a paddle.

      • leafs_wallace93 says:

        Yep, at this point in my life I’m more of a Leafs fan than hockey fan. I’m happy to sit a year rather than have to follow them fail from the gate to the deadline to year’s end. The lockout feels like being relived of a chore.

        If we lose another season at least the Leafs get a fair shake at a draft lottery.

        • Shoelesshobo says:

          I like my odds of walking away with more cash then I went in with in Vegas over Toronto winning a “Draft Lottery.”

          Seriously they should just rename it ” Rearrange the top 5 picks so the team who is losing the most money and has the best chance of pulling in more fans will be given the first pick lottery.” But then again I doubt they could fit all of that into a TSN headline.

    • dumbassdoorman says:

      The problem with this list is, will all the contracts lose a season of there value if it wasn’t played? I mean look at Radulov, his contract was held with the final year on it until he played. Will it be the same with current ones? it should be if they aren’t being paid. So I think unless they play, that list is the same as the one we were left with, like one long, long off-season.

      • mojo19 says:

        This does count as a year of their contracts, same as the previous lockout.

        Last time around we lost Nieuwy and Roberts to Florida, Leetch to Boston, Ron Francis retired, and to fit under the cap we had to buy out Owen Nolan, and didn’t tender offers to Renberg and Reichel who went to Europe.

        Foolishly we tied up our cap space in Allison, and a bit of money to Lindros and O’Neill. Alex Khavanov on the blueline was a bust, and we’ve just never been the same. We gave a big raise to Tie Domi who was hotly targeted by a few teams including Colorado, and we had to buy him out a year later. Then the following summer we signed Tucker to a 5-year deal which were still paying for…

        It’s been a mess. Skip the year, clear the Lombardi’s, Connolly’s, and Bozak’s off the books. Trim Komisarek’s contract down to the final year and pray for another amnesty period like last time around. Bye bye you dirty Komi.

        Then we can start a new. I’m cheering for Bettman to keep this lockout going. Go Leafs GO!

  5. mojo19 says:

    In the event of a full season lockout, I would do this –

    – Trade Lupul’s rights for an additional 1st at the draft
    – Let Connolly, Lombardi, Bozak, Steckel, MacArthur all walk as UFA’s.
    – Buy out Komisarek (with amnesty window, no cap hit!)
    – Re-sign Carl Gunnarsson, 3 years $8 million (2.5, 2.5, 3.0)
    – Trade Cody Franson and Nazem Kadri for picks/prospects
    – Re-sign Korbinian Holzer, 1 year $700K

    SIGN UFA’s –
    – Jarome Iginla – 4 years, $30 million (7.5 hit)
    – Stephen Weiss – 3 years, $18 million (6.0 hit)
    – Manny Malholtra – 2 years, $5 million (2.5 hit)
    – Brendan Morrow – 4 years, $12 million (3.0 hit)
    – Andrew Ferrence – 2 years, $5 million (2.5 hit)
    – Niklas Backstrom – 4 years, $20 million (5.0 hit)

    Phil Kessel – Stephen Weiss – Jarome Iginla
    J.V.R. – Mikhail Grabovski – Nikolai Kulemin
    Brendan Morrow – Manny Malholtra – Matt Frattin
    Mike Brown – Jay McClement – Tyler Biggs

    + Joe Colborne, Leo Komorov

    Dion Phaneuf – Jake Gardiner
    J.M. Liles – Morgan Rielly
    Carl Gunnarsson – Andrew Ferrence

    +Korbinian Holzer, Jesse Blacker, Stuart Percy

    Niklas Backstrom
    James Reimer

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