NHL News and Notes – September 1, 2009

Heatley deadline on the way, Murray says

Oilers have plan for new rink but lack financial backing here

Mike Peca TalkHeatley deadline on the way, Murray says

Allen Panzeri

Since mid-June, when his demand for a trade was first revealed, the clock has been ticking on Dany Heatley.

Now, with a little more than one week before the start of training camp, Ottawa Senators general manager Bryan Murray is suggesting that the time is almost up. On Monday, he said he was ready to impose a drop-dead date to trade the disgruntled winger.

There is a lot at stake for the team, which is seeking to rebound from a terrible 2008-09 season that saw it miss the playoffs for the first time in 12 years.

In an economy that is just starting to emerge from a recession, the team can’t afford to begin the season with a cloud over its head. For better or worse, it needs some clarity, for its fans, coaches and players.

So Murray said Monday he’s on the verge of imposing a deadline to trade Heatley.

If Heatley is not traded by the designated date, he’d be expected in training camp.

What the date will be, Murray couldn’t say, though Saturday seems a logical spot on the calendar. It marks the start of rookie camp and is only one week away from the start of the main camp on Sept. 12. That would give Heatley plenty of time to pack and get his ticket back to Ottawa.

If that happens, Murray said it’s a given that Heatley would not be wearing the alternate captain’s “A” any longer. That would indicate he’s a team leader, said Murray, which he isn’t.


Oilers have plan for new rink but lack financial backing here

The Oilers are moving full-speed ahead with a half-billion-dollar downtown mega-rink to replace aging Rexall Place, even though it hasn’t been decided who will pay for it and who will own it.

“The development model for this has yet to be discovered,” Oilers president Patrick LaForge said at a news conference at Rexall Place yesterday.

He reiterated that Oilers owner Daryl Katz has promised $100 million toward a new rink, and that they’re looking at other private sources of income.

He said the City of Edmonton has not given them a financial commitment, and declined to say whether the Oilers would still build the arena if public cash — estimated at $300 million to $400 million — doesn’t come through.

“I’m not even going there,” LaForge said. “The idea is to get the design and the development put together, understand what is on the table, how much it costs and where it’s going to be. “

“Through the process we’ll be understanding what partnerships look like on the arena.”

The provincial government has previously said there will be no direct public funding for the rink.


Mike Peca Talk

Talked to Michael Peca today. He’s still unsigned, too, but said he’s had inquiries from a handful of clubs, all in the Eastern Conference. Nothing is close, he said, but it could happen at anytime. He has no plans to retire, he said. He fully expects to play in the NHL in 2009-10.

— You have to love hockey players. Peca and I had a good 10 minute conversation (his contract status, moving the family, drama at the NHLPA, etc.) before he asked if he could put the phone down for a moment. He had a golf ball to hit in a charity scramble in Buffalo. The conversation when he picked back up: Me: “Long and straight?” Peca: “It was an approach shot, but, yeah. Three feet from the pin. Looks like birdie.”


21 Responses to NHL News and Notes – September 1, 2009

  1. muckies says:

    Heatley deadline will be Friday or Saturday, hopefully Doug Wilson will feel the pressure and pull the trigger on the trade.

    Heatley he will really have to be on his best behaviour and earn everything he already had all over again. Might be good for Heatley to be taken down a notch.

    I'd say at this point if your looking at a Corey Perry, Marty St Louis or Milan Lucic or Heatley for Team Canada , I'd say Heatley's chances of being on a top 2 lines on Team Canada now are ZERO, and he doesn't fit in on the bottom 2 lines. I'd say he is left off Team Canada if the team was pciked today.

    If Heatley doesn;t make team Canada, he isn;t mature enough to bounce back from a slap like that. He'll sulk and be a big asshole, it will hurt the Sens post Olympics.

    Best he get traded before the weekend, I don;t think Melnyk ever wants to see Heatley in a Sens Jersey ever again, he's a fan first and I think he just won;t accept a selfish player like Heatley tarnishing the crest he saved.

  2. cam7777 says:

    I don't know what Murray hopes to gain from this.  If anything it puts the pressure onto himself.  Like you said, it's pretty clear the Sens, and Melnyk don't want Heatley around.  It's nice to set deadlines for the media, but Doug Wilson, Glen Sather and whoever else is interested, will know what's really going down.  They know Murray is pretty hand-cuffed here.

    I suppose the deadline was set as much for Heatley and his agents as for the rest of the GMs though.  This probably has subtext that says "if nothing better comes along by Friday, you're going to Edmonton, or playing here…".  Could work, but only if Heatley doesn't actually believe that crap he was spewing about being a good teammate and being able to return to the Sens if he had to.  If he really thinks that stuff, who knows what will happen….

    As far as Team Canada goes, I doubt that Yzerman would have had Heatley speak with the media if he hadn't seriously intended on putting him in the lineup.  It's nice to think that Lucic deserves a spot, but the reality is that Heatly is a far superior player.  Lucic will be one of the auxillay players, so that if someone gets injured, it's a feel good story with the hometown kid getting his shot at the Olympics.   

  3. KingHabs says:

    News FLASH! According to local sources in Montreal @ 12:15 today, Bob Gainey dropped a lucrative offer on Wilson's table for a non negotiable trade in order to acquire Patrick Marleau from the San Jose Sharks. Also….. Max Afinogenov is in Montreal ??? >>>>More to come!

  4. Kramer says:

    There's a conspiracy to get Heatley to a US team.

  5. Kyleton says:

    Your second paragraph hits the nail on the head.  Its mainly for Heatley. If he wants out he has to take a team he's been approached with so far.  (I'm guessing after the Edmonton thing they've learned to keep other potential deals hush hush.)

    It is also for his own team though.  This way they know what they are dealing with once training camp begins so its less of a distraction.

  6. reinjosh says:

    where did you get this?

  7. KingHabs says:


  8. KingHabs says:

    San Jose/Heatley deal; Heatley has 24hrs left to make a decision.

  9. mon167 says:

    I looked on the tricolore site and didnt see anything about marleau…its wouldn't surprise me if it were true but i think its stupid cuz the guy is gone (along with everything you trade for him) at the end of the season. And afinogenov? unless its for a "peanuts" salary i don't want to see him here. And they better not trade AK…he's going to be good very soon. They need to get rid of Gomez's salary to get any big named player..Gomez is making that kind of money but isn't that good. I WISH vinny woulda came here but guess not 🙁 i think signing lang for a low salary would do pretty well though..we'll see

  10. hockey_lover says:

    Just read that Jason Smith is retiring. Shame to see an old warrior go but if you dont feel it anymore, you dont feel it.

    The Sens caught a break in the way of $2.6mil off their books.

  11. reinjosh says:

    Cam, I remember seeing you post something a few days ago about how if a team put out an offer sheet for Kessel on the 29th or 30th of september (or maybe even the 1st of October), that Boston couldn't match it because of the requirement in the CBA to be below the cap by October 1st.
    Wouldn't it not matter because Kessel is injured and the contract wouldnt count on the cap. Besides if Kessel is set on getting his 5 million, I think he can say no to the offer sheet and the offer sheet would be made null and void.

  12. mojo19 says:

    I like Mike Peca.

    Maybe the Leafs should try to get him on a 1 year deal. Keep Tlusty down to make roster space for him, and use Peca as deadline bait. After the deadline call up Tlusty on a perminant basis, and call him throughout the year during injuries.

    Peca could be worth like a 2nd round pick or something if he has a solid year.

  13. reinjosh says:

    lets say, throughout this season Luke Schenn continues to prove he was a great choice at number 5 in the 2008 draft, and continues to play like last season with significant improvement. Lets say he earned recognition, and the team is considering giving him the captaincy. Do you think its possible to lock him up to a long term extension, something like a 10 year, 30 million dollar deal?

  14. cam7777 says:

    The problem with that is, that I'm pretty sure his cap hit would still count temporarily, as they would have to sign him before placing him on LTIR.  They would still technically be in breach of the salary cap.  Whether or not such a move would be tolerated, I can't say for sure.  But it would be terrible for Boston if the NHL decided to act by, oh, making Milan Lucic an UFA at the end of the year?  It's risky, because the NHL has the power to do basically whatever they want when someone breaches the cap.  Would they take such extremes?  Probably not, but it's still a risk.

    As for Kessel not taking a 4.5 million dollar deal, well first, whoever is willling to give up a 1st and a 3rd is probably not going to be shy about upping the offer and making it a 2nd as well.  That being said, Boston has reportedly only offered Kessel a similar package to what they offered Krejci.  We don't really know Kessel's demands, but for the extra 750K, he might elect to sign an offer sheet from a city like New York, or Los Angeles, or Toronto (though I don't want him).  In one of those cities, there would be the oppurtunity to make money elsewhere, and create an even bigger name for himself.  So it's not all dollars and cents. 

    It's probably irrelevent though, because I think if push came to shove, then in the window that Chiarelli would have to match the offer sheet, he would dump Bergeron for an Ehrhoff like package, and retain Kessel.

    Luke Schenn can be signed to an extension on July 1st, 2010 (though the details could be hammered out before then).  Unfortuneatly, Biran Burke does not believe in lenghty deals like the one you suggested.  It's more likely he extends Schenn 4 or 5 years like he did with Getzlaf and Perry.

  15. cam7777 says:

    I dunno, the guy has only scored 16 goals in the last three seasons.  I would rather take a shot on Jason Allison and see what happens there.  He would also be moveable a the deadline, to anyone looking for a powerplay specialist. 

    I would sign Mike Peca if Stajan went down right away with a serious injury.  Even then, Bozak might be the better option at this point. 

  16. reinjosh says:

    Good to know thanks. And that's one of the biggest reasons I have become a big fan of Burke. I am not a fan of the big contracts, because they not only could possibly screw a team over (say three years in) by hampering their ability to stay under the cap and other such reasons, but they also keep big stars from joining other teams, which I think is detrimental to the league. Regardless of my dislike for them, I would be open to offering someone like schenn one for a number of reasons.
    First he is still young and a ten year or 8 year deal would allow us to have him cheap in his prime as well as then sign another shorter deal as he gets older. It also makes sense in the fact that should he be given the captaincy (if he continues to grow) it would show long term stability for the team and show the player we intend to keep him in a stable and secure environment.

  17. reinjosh says:

    though i would still be ok with a 4 or 5 year extension.

  18. cam7777 says:

    And thinking about that further, even if a spot did open up for him via injuries, I would think that Burke would first pursue Dominic Moore, purely for the chemistry he and Blake had together…

  19. nordiques100 says:

    and there is wallin and primeau to handle checking roles

    and mayers can play centre as can mitchell

    so you have


    peca would be a waste

  20. mojo19 says:

    Good points. But I still think it would be smart to sign someone on a 1-year deal and move them at the deadline. Its like signing a draft pick.

  21. cam7777 says:

    This year will be really tough to get picks at the deadline.  I think there's going to be more parity this year than ever before in the West.  Even the Wings and Sharks experienced set-backs this off-season, while most teams improved quite significantly over the previous season.  The east is much the same, with only three teams, in my opinion, sure to be out of the playoffs, 12 and possibly 13 will be competing for 8 spots right to the bitter end. 

    In that kind of atmosphere, and with an impending cap crunch (probably made worse by all the melodrama and bad publicity in the NHL right now), most GMs are probably going to feel that it's better to keep those valuable picks and go into the playoffs with what they have (or attempt to).  Last year was probably just the tip of the iceberg as far as trade deadlines being boring. 

    In this, I think the Leafs are in a position of advantage as is though.  Burke will not be shy about jumping on getting a return for any of his UFA's.  I wouldn't be at all surprized to see Toskala and Stajan as the only Leafs regulars still in the lineup come deadline….

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