NHL News and Rumor Roundup – August 15, 2009

Burke pulls Kaberle off the market

Kaberle’s no-trade clause in effect: Burke

Smid sticks around, ready to take on larger role

Burke pulls Kaberle off the market


Attention K-Mart shoppers, don’t bother looking for that last-second Tomas Kaberle deal.

Asked yesterday just what time today the defenceman’s trade window closes, general manager Brian Burke e-mailed: “It doesn’t matter when. We’re not moving him.”

A post-season opportunity to trade Kaberle opened in his contract when the Leafs missed the playoffs. But outside of discussions with Boston for Phil Kessel at the draft, nothing developed and Burke decided to see what Kaberle can do this year when protected by a tougher Toronto defence.

Burke’s hope to trade another defenceman for help at forward remain unfulfilled to date.

Peddie won’t talk

A slim hope that Jim Balsillie could get Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd. boss Richard Peddie in court to answer for allegedly blocking a move of the Phoenix Coyotes to Hamilton has turned to none.

In an effort to speed up the tangled proceedings in an Arizona bankruptcy court, Judge Redfield T. Baum limited the number of requested NHL depositions in the case to four; commissioner Gary Bettman, deputy Bill Daly and owners Jeremy Jacobs (Boston) and Craig Leipold (Minnesota).

Lawyers for Balsillie and Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes had sought Peddie’s deposition, but the request was officially denied by Baum.

Peddie had no comment when contacted yesterday.

Baum did order the league to show numerous do*****ents about the past relocation of its teams and its study of the Hamilton market, another key part of Balsillie’s attempt to have his $212.5-million US bid accepted as part of a Sept. 10 auction.


Kaberle’s no-trade clause in effect: Burke

Paul Hunter

The only move in Tomas Kaberle’s future will be a flight from his Czech Republic home to Toronto for training camp with the Leafs.

Yesterday was the last day that Toronto general manager Brian Burke could trade the veteran defenceman, but the GM reiterated that Kaberle was “not moving.”

Kaberle’s no-trade clause kicks back in today, but Burke has always maintained that it would take a sensational offer for him to part with the 31-year-old.

The Leafs came close to trading Kaberle at the June entry draft in a deal that would have brought Phil Kessel to Toronto from Boston. But that fell apart and Burke has received no offers substantial enough to tempt him since.


Smid sticks around, ready to take on larger role

Jim Matheson, Edmonton Journal

Ladislav Smid was frustrated with his lot in life last season when the defenceman found himself an aimless fourth-line forward for a few games, but time heals all wounds.

Now, Smid says he’s tickled to still be in the Edmonton Oilers picture with his new two-year contract for an estimated $1.3 million to $1.4 million a season.

The 23-year-old defender won’t say if he was so unhappy with where his three-year NHL career was going when he asked for a trade last season, but Ottawa wanted him badly as part of the package for Dany Heatley until the deal cratered because Heatley wants to play for Canada in the Olympics, but not play in Canada.

“We talked (agent Steve Kotlowitz and the Oilers) about all the options (last season),” said Smid, who didn’t let himself off the hook.

“I don’t want to criticize anybody. I made some mistakes.

“The Oilers told me they wanted me to stay and wanted to sign me. I wanted to stay there too…there are going to be new coaches (Pat Quinn and Tom Renney). The atmosphere in the locker-room is going to be different. I’m excited about the new season.”


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  1. daveski111 says:

    i was hoping 2 trade kaberle for an elite top 6 forward but im not so mad anymore. kaberle is a great puck moving defence man. however the blue line is still crowded with 2 many nhl ready defence men. idk y ppl want white to go? u kidding me? he was the most underated leaf dman on the team. hes not big but he plays big. hes got a nice shot if he chooses to use it. he sticks up 4 his team mates since he fought about 4 times this season. van ryn is another good d man. only if he can stay heathy, ive never seen some1s luck so bad as his lol! lets c he got smashed threw the glass by lucic, faceplanted head first in the boards by montreal, broke his nose an his finger, and many more. i lost count lol. however dispite all these injurys if he can stay heathy he will be a good dmen. over all i think frogren might go since his old swedish team mate is now gone ( stralman) but what can u get 4 frogen? lol a 6th round pick? lol not worth it. so thats y u gotta package him with a forward to clean up some space on the blueline an get another open spot on the top 2 lines. maybe trade stepniek, once again hes not worth taht much ether. have a good day guys

  2. the_word says:


  3. mojo19 says:

    Frogren played with Gustavsson and Wallin as well. Wallin was his captain and the Monster was his goalie, so he might just stick around as a #7, or maybe he'll be the #8 and go up and down. I dont know what the deal is with calling him up, if he'd need to clear waivers etc.

  4. HABSSTAR says:

    RDS reporting that the Rangers have signed Prospal…..


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