NHL News and Rumor Roundup – June 11, 2009

Rumours fly following Heatley’s alleged trade request

Pens will be in market for blueliner

Jacques Demers: selling a Vinny trade to fans would be difficult but doable

Rumours fly following Heatley’s alleged trade request

By Ken Warren, The Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa Senators fans are about to enter the rumour mill after Tuesday’s news that star winger Dany Heatley wants a trade out of the capital.

The list of who, potentially, could replace him in Ottawa is a long one.

Defenceman Dion Phaneuf, Robyn Regehr and soon to be unrestricted free agent forward Mike Cammalleri from the Calgary Flames? How about forwards Dustin Penner or Patrick O’Sullivan of the Edmonton Oilers? Centre Mason Raymond and pending unrestricted free agent defenceman Mattias Ohlund of the Vancouver Canucks?

Let’s discuss the possibilities of Los Angeles Kings left winger Alexander Frolov coming to town, along with the fifth overall selection, at the draft in two weeks. While we’re at it, we should also consider what Anaheim’s Corey Perry might bring to the Senators.

So much for the sleepy spring in Ottawa Senators land.


Pens will be in market for blueliner


The Penguins could be players on the NHL’s free-agent market this summer.

While they’d like to keep blueliner Rob Scuderi, 29, who made $725,000 (all terms US) this season, he’ll likely be off for greener pastures on July 1.

Sources say Penguins GM Ray Shero will try to sign another blueliner who can move the puck to take some of the pressure off Sergei Gonchar. The best blueliner available will be Florida’s Jay Bouwmeester, but he’s expected to sign in Western Canada.

Anaheim defenceman Francois Beachemin is a possibility. The Ducks would like to keep him, but the Penguins can sell free agents on the fact they’ve been to the final last two years and there’s a strong chance to win in Pittsburgh.


Jacques Demers: selling a Vinny trade to fans would be difficult but doable

Damian Cristodero:
Had a long talk the other day with former Lightning coach Jacques Demers, who is now a television analyst for Canada’s RDS network. Not surprising the discussion turned to Vinny Lecavalier and the rumors that we will hear perhaps all summer that he could be traded.

Again, just to lay the groundwork, there is no guarantee the star center will be dealt. I believe GM Brian Lawton when he says he is not calling around looking for takers, but I also believe given the Lightning’s financial situation and Lecavalier’s $10 million salary next season, it actually is prudent for Tampa Bay to listen to what teams have to offer.

There are other considerations, as well, beyond the consequences on the ice. And as we discussed in last week’s story, it is not lost on the Lightning brass that Lecavalier said he is planning to have a “great” season in 2009-10 and will begin workouts two weeks earlier than usual, with an emphasis on increasing leg strength and explosiveness, to make sure that happens.


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  1. intelligentscorpio says:

    Rob Scuderi has been in the Pens system and developed into a solid defenseman. Just because he is a free agent does not mean that he would boot. If Shero gives him a fair contract and term, say 5 years @2.5 per year, he will stay. If someone comes along and offers an over the top deal like Tampa offered Ryan Malone, then good for Scuderi.
    Beuchimin is a good possibility for the Pens as well.

  2. hockeylegend488 says:

    yeah the heatly to edmonton would be amazing, esp to sacrifice penner and o sullivan. also i think a guy like visnovsky to the pens would be a good trade both ways. pitsburgh could send like stall and edmonton sends a 2nd rounder and visnovsky mabye

  3. reinjosh says:

    the senators definitely would not be taking penner back in my opinion
    and no way the pens even think about that deal
    that gets offered to them and the phone is hung up the next second
    the point of moving staal is to free up salary and get a good young winger to play with malkin/crosby (though with kunitz and gurein likely to be resigned the winger would be for malkin) not take on more salary for a posistion that they could fill cheaper and more effectively in the free agent market
    Staal would be a great fit on the Leafs and the Penguins could get Kulemin (who has had chemistry with Malkin in the WJC tourneys), Stajan (a cheaper fringe second line center who could fit the third line need on this team) and a 3rd (or 2nd depending on what some here might think though i think Stajan and Kulemin would be enough).

    To Toronto – Jordan Staal

    To Pittsburgh – Matt Stajan, Nik Kulemin, 2009 5th Rounder

  4. 93killer93 says:

    1st(30th) 🙂

    New York:
    1st overall pick
    Josh Bailey
    1st 2010

  5. reinjosh says:

    Heatley to LA just makes a lot of sense
    they need wingers (particularly left wingers), and he would cost less than Vinny, they have the Cap room.

    To L.A. – Dany Heatley, Jason Smith, Christoph Schubert, Columbus's 2nd Rounder

    To Ottawa – Michael Handzus, Thomas Hickey/Colton Teubert, Tom Preissing, 35th Overall, Brian Boyle, Justin Azevedo

    Ottawa gets a great defensive prospect that can step in within 2 years to help, a dman that has had success with them in the past offensively, the 35th overall pick which in a deep draft in equal to a late first rounder, and two decent offensive prospects, one of which can jump in right away. Handzus helps to equal out the salary a little and gives the Sens offensive depth even if its only a little. The Sens clear 3.5 million in salary that can be used to fill the holes that need filling.

    L.A. gets a top left winger to play with Kopitar and Brown and also gives them the top offensive player they are rumored to be seeking. Smith is 150k cheaper than preissing but gives the team a seasoned veteran and proven leader for their back end who is very good defensively. Schubert gives them another true left winger to fill in the third or fourth line. They only take on 3.5 million which allows them to go after a top goaltender as a stopgap until Bernier or Quick develop as well as another top offensive player like Gaborik or Hossa or even the Sedins or go after a number 1 dman to further solidify a strong defense (god forbid any of these scenarios or else they could be a scary scary team).

    The trade works out to be Preissing for Smith, Schubert for Handzus, Heatley for Justin Azevedo, Brian Boyle and Thomas Hickey, and the 35th overall for Columbus's 2nd.

  6. jonnygf40 says:

    Ha. Ha. Ha.

  7. hockeylegend488 says:

    thats the worst post i ever read ha

  8. intelligentscorpio says:

    I guess you are living in la la land with your head in the clouds over NYC.

  9. jonnygf40 says:

    That would probably be the worst trade in Ottawa's history.  It was just a joke right?

    To Ott: Frolov, Hickey, Moller and 2009 2nd Round Pick
    To LA: Heatley
  10. 93killer93 says:

    My trade was obviously a joke

  11. cam7777 says:

    well, it's not as bad at the two idiots who just posted said it was.  problem with trying to get staal right now is that his value shoots through the roof around this time of year.  he's a horse in the playoffs.

    stajan is a great 3rd line center though, and a capable 2nd line center.  he could easily replace any offense that staal brings.  he also kills penalties, and is pretty solid defensively.  however, he lacks the grit and pure strength of staal.  the intangibles with staal are much greater

    kulemin is a friend of malkin's, and they will surely target him if there is a trade brewing with the leafs.  he was phenomenal with malkin when they played together in russia, and he would likely be the perfect permanent winger for malkin the nhl. 

    the problem comes when we only give a 5th rounder.  they will want at least a 2nd as well, and they will try to pry a 1st rounder from us.

    how about this instead:

    to the pittsburgh penguins:

    tomas kaberle, matt stajan, nikolai kulemin

    to the toronto maple leafs:

    jordan staal, eric tangradi, 2nd round pick 2009

    of course, i'm still in favor of tryng to trade kaberle, stajan and the 7th overall to tampa for the 2nd overall pick (if hedman goes first).  everything depends on what new york and tampa do….

  12. cam7777 says:

    says the guy who just suggested penner and o'sullivan for heatley, and then visnovsky and a 2nd for staal.  that's the pot calling the kettle black.

  13. FlamingHomer says:

    They should trade Heatley to Edmonton as a lesson to him and any other player who demands to be traded.

  14. pezzz123 says:

    to Ottawa : Frolov, JJ, Hickey/Teubert, 5th overall

    To LA : Heatley, Smith, 3rd rounder

  15. 93killer93 says:

    I'm hoping the leafs can get a mid 1st for Kubina and maybe tlusty/ponikarovsky.

    To Toronto
    Anaheim's 1st(15th)

    To Anaheim

    Anaheim could use a good defenceman with the possibility of losing Niedermeyer and Beauchemin. They also get a big forward in Ponikarovsy.

    To Toronto
    Nashville's 1st(11th)
    2nd(42nd form minnesota)

    To Nashville
    Anaheim's 1st(15th)
    New York's 2nd(50th)
    Toronto's 2nd 2010

    To Toronto
    tampa's 1st(2nd)
    tampa's 2nd(52nd)
    4th 2010

    To Tampa
    Toronto's 1st(7th)
    Toronto's 2nd(58th)

    We take Tavares(assuming the Isles take Hedman)


    To Toronto
    LA's 1st(5th)

    To Los Angeles
    Toronto's 1st(11th)

    Draft Brayden Schenn 5th
    Cowen 7th
    Doherty in the 2nd round

  16. cam7777 says:

    we lose a lot of those trades.  tavares is not worth an elite defensemen, a solid number 4 defensemen (at a very reasonable rate), a 2nd-3rd line center capable of 55-60 points, a very good prospect who could become toronto's bryan little, and a top 10 pick, plus a 2nd round pick.  that's brutal.  they get an entire team, and we get one guy.

    i think burke has made it pretty clear, that it will be kaberle and the 7th for the 2nd overall, or nothing at all.  in saying this, he will probably include more (like stajan), but is drawing the line at including any major prospects (schenn, kulemin, tlusty).

    it's so hard to predict what will happen because it all depends on what the islanders do.  and now, the heatley situation just further complicates things.  i'm not sure if all this commotion helps or hinders burke's ability to make a major play on draft day.  i suspect it helps, as everyone will be looking one way (at heatley or lecavalier), while Burke is focused on stealing top 10 picks. 

    I hope he is able to land a mid-first round pick between now and then draft though.  gives him a lot more to bargain with.

    to the panthers:
    stempniak, tlusty, 3rd in 2010
    to the leafs:
    campbell, 14th overall pick 2009

    then, at the draft –

    (but only if hedman is taken first)
    to the lightning:
    tomas kaberle, matt stajan, 7th overall
    to the leafs:
    2nd overall – john tavares


    to the kings:
    pavel kubina, 14th overall
    to the leafs:
    brian boyle, 5th overall – brayden schenn

    it's a big price to pay.  we give up kaberle, kubina, stempniak, stajan, tlusty and a 3rd for our future 1-2 centers, and a pair of bruising 4th liners.


    Although it would be terrible playing in Alberta, its unlikely for Heater cause hes got the NTC.

  18. d_only_Flames_Fan says:

    hard to tell around here, what with the trades a lot of these people think could seriously happen…

    i havent posted on this site for probably three or four years but i see toronto fans will never change ; )

  19. bleed_penguins says:

    0% chance Staal gets traded. Shero has said numerous times that they signed him for his potential. After playing the best 4 games of his life in games 4,5,6,7 and scoring 2 of the biggest goals in Penguins history why would they trade him. He'll be back next year and he'll only be better.

  20. 93killer93 says:

    In Toronto right now all we can do is dream.  We can't watch playoff hockey.

  21. rc21pa says:

    Let me sum up this trade in two words.

    your Nuts.

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